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cryptic exchange

Tetrikitty Jan 21st, 2018 67 Never
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  1. NautieWabbit tells you: the silence gives you away just saying.
  2. You ask NautieWabbit: ?
  3. You ask NautieWabbit: are you the one who made those characters with the insulting names?
  4. NautieWabbit tells you: Not at all the same person doing that has been doing the same to me as well little miss.
  5. You tell NautieWabbit: ah
  6. You ask NautieWabbit: gives what away?
  7. NautieWabbit tells you: silence and lack of music.
  8. NautieWabbit tells you: I noticed the name that someone made I tried to get ahold of a liaison with no luck of them being on.
  9. You tell NautieWabbit: I'm not sure what you mean
  10. You tell NautieWabbit: yeah I told a liaison too
  11. You tell NautieWabbit: they said they're working on it
  12. You ask NautieWabbit: what do you mean by music?
  13. NautieWabbit tells you: Well when you figure it maybe we can talk again. Who knows maybe next week or several weeks.
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