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  1. Store problems
  2. **----------------------------------------------------**
  3. hangyul2008: Hey so
  4. hangyul2008: I have talked ab this before
  5. hangyul2008: And it got fixed but it isn’t working again ::
  6. hangyul2008: When I try getting 2 of 1 item ex: 2 legends there is no tab to add more then 1 item
  7. tar: <@140557250526707712>
  8. hangyul2008: Well f
  9. hangyul2008: I guess he’s afk
  10. Gold_grilz7: Lemme look
  11. Gold_grilz7: Yeah we have 1x, 3x and 5x, for each one as separate items
  12. _Who: yeah, that’s why we do money in specific amounts
  13. _Who: as well as legendaries
  14. _Who: you pretty much have the option of 1, 3 or 5
  15. _Who: or combinations of the following
  16. _Who: are you trying to purchase two 2 one legendary packages?
  17. hangyul2008: Yep
  18. hangyul2008: I do rly want to buy 50 but I buy 40 for the extra
  19. hangyul2008: I just don’t want to spend another 18 for the extra legend and to make them all shiny
  20. hangyul2008: It would be much more accessible
  21. hangyul2008: If you can add this for all the items it would be a good QOL
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