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  1. -------- Original Message --------
  2. Subject: False Accusations & FD
  3. Date: Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:39 pm
  4. From: [url=]Bruno.[/url]
  5. To: Surreal
  7. [quote=Bruno.]
  8. Hello Surreal,
  10. I’m writing to you as some avoidable drama has ignited between me and Amy Codsworth, upon submitting my FD reinstatement on the date of September 15. Please note that the intention of this private message is not to instigate any more drama. I’m writing this in good faith to clear my Good name along with my Reputation, considering lies have been recently spread from 2 staff members of yours about me, them being Baker and Codsworth.  Additionally, I hope this message serves as an eye-opener for anyone who reads this message and reflects upon the words stated below (if you’d like to show any of the screenshots depicted to a third party, please contact me so I can obtain permission from all the people involved, as they only agreed to me posting them in this private message).
  12. Should you have heard, I was the Deputy Chief of the LSFD for a while – about 5 months ago to be more precise – and upon attempting to reinstate back into the department 4 days ago with great plans in mind, I was offered the rank of Firefighter II. I’m going to be frank with you; it definitely felt like a slap in the face after all the hours I devoted to the continuous development of the LSFD with the undoubtedly great support of some of my colleagues back then. As a whole, I dedicated over 1000 hours to the LSFD, as my tenure lasted about 1 year and a half.
  14. The reason why I’m reaching out to you is because I do not entirely agree with the reasons Codsworth provided for the offer of such a position. While I realize that I shouldn’t have spoken to Codsworth the way I did upon confronting her about the incident, her robotic answers have always managed to irritate me whenever I try to obtain any information from her at any circumstance. I fully understand that I may have pushed the buttons there, but the minute you take a look at the counter-arguments I have to provide you for the false accusations of hers & Flemwad’s as she claims, you’ll understand why I reacted the way I did. Below are the screenshots of our conversation:
  16. [img][/img]
  17. [img][/img]
  18. [img][/img]
  19. [img][/img]
  21. Counter-arguments:
  23. 1)  I never once bullied the person whom I once was in a joint leadership with. Contrary to Flemwad’s & Codsworth’s beliefs, Misuzu and I worked along fairly well from the beginning, which resulted in an atmosphere greatly appreciated by many which, consequently, led to a peak of in-game activity, motivation and cooperation between each department member.
  25.  It is true that at some point we started exhibiting some discrepancies when it came to work-related things, but we ultimately ironed them out for the sake of stability. It’s ok to have opposing views on certain matters, obviously, and each one of us fought for what we believed was best at certain instances. When this kind of situations arose, however, we always tried to find the middle ground.
  27. Not long after, though, I noticed that Misuzu wasn’t mentally in the right place to lead a faction, as she vanished completely at certain times without notifying anyone, leaving everything onto me without any sort of warning, then came back unexpectedly, re-claiming all of the tasks she had been tackling before, etc (e.g. She removed herself from FD discord; wouldn’t respond to anyone’s PMs; once told a friend to contact me saying that she wasn’t going to be around for a “while” with no exact date as to when she would be back, et cetera). Basically, mood swings that I didn’t think were healthy neither for her as a person nor for a faction leader. So I was blunt with her one day and told her that I didn’t think she was the most suitable person for the job and that she needed to focus on herself more and she agreed with what I said but I could still see that she wasn’t mentally ok a few days after our talk.
  29. People then started DMing me when they saw that I was the one who was most active in-game from the High Command team and started asking me about Misuzu. I told them she wasn’t mentally ok at the time to tackle any duties for a while, so it would be me and the then Command team sorting things out until everything was running smoothly again and Misuzu was back from her unexpected break. However, it seems that a faction member informed Misuzu about what I’d said with regard to her mental health and she didn’t take it the way I expected. She over exaggerated things to a great extent and she told me yesterday she had informed Flemwad about it all when all I was trying to do was promote transparency and not drama at all.
  31. Here are some screenshots of a conversation I had with her just hours ago about me allegedly bullying her according to Codsworth/Flemwad:
  33. [img][/img]
  34. [img][/img]
  35. [img][/img]
  37. Note: My forum tags were revoked as well and we both believe there was no reason for that. (Quixotic and Codsworth either did it deliberately or there has been a purposeful spread of incorrect information like Misuzu suggested or Flemwad twisted some kind of story to them which led to them doing it).
  40. 2)  At the time, it was only me and Misuzu in HC + 1 more person in Command (Richard Caldwell), which undoubtedly made tackling all of the plans we had in mind a bit more difficult. So we needed to promote people to the Captain position. Which we did. 3 people were bumped up but upon evaluation of their knowledge + ability to conduct certain tasks, we didn’t deem them fit for the position. We obviously had a talk with them on TeamSpeak3 explaining that we needed people with a bit more experience in the Command team, as it was crucial to raise the department back to a high standard and they were surprisingly receptive to the fact that we wanted to offer them some more time for them to perfect their skillset and allow more experienced people to fill in their positions, while obviously providing training to them at the same time (CPR classes were held by me along with private sessions for many individuals).
  42. For this reason, we had Bella Romano, Kieran Dyer and Frank Timber in consideration for their positions instead. While Bella was a current FD member at the time with previous experience in the same faction years before, Kieran and Frank did yet have to reinstate into the department. The only reason why we were thinking about bumping up these people was because they were actual real-life paramedics (Bella and Timber) and combat medical technicians (Kieran) who were also FD members at some point. We believed that experience was what FD needed the most to be able to raise FD back from the dead.
  44. When Codsworth accuses me of giving a Command position to my “friends” – I, by all means, would never have considered hiring them for said positions unless they were going to bring about any advantages to FD, even though I spoke on a personal level with them. Contrary to her, the LSFD has always been a great family and, as such, I've always preferred to develop bonds with people and so does Misuzu, as people, in general, appreciate friendly personalities a lot more than robotic and blank ones. In a nutshell, talent, experience and a sense of discipline were the values that Misuzu and I thought were needed for the Command team at the time and so we deemed it beneficial for these 3 people to aid us with running the LSFD. However, we did not go through with our plan as Misuzu resigned not long after and so did I.
  46. 3)  I never once took credit for any Patient Credit Reports that were sitting in the Fire Officer’s section on FD forums. Bella Romano wasn’t involved in these either, as she didn’t have access to those (she was a mere Firefighter I), despite Codsworth accusing her of so. As proven on this screenshot, I was completely unaware of who made it, even contacted Grant Greggs to ask for perms from him to release the document, as Misuzu and I thought it was his, but he said he wasn't the author. Soon after the PCRs were released with no mention of any credits, OBrien sends me this:
  48. [img][/img]
  51. For all the aforementioned reasons, I believe that Flemwad misinterpreted things to a great extent. It’s a fact that I did not wish to work with Codsworth as I never liked her work etiquette greatly based on forum work and no in-game activity, and as such, I resigned from the faction and was not removed or instilled by anyone into resigning like Baker has been saying to people. However, I wasn’t given any perms to post screenshots here that corroborate Baker's wrongdoings, as the people who he spoke to are in fear that they will be targeted by FD HC. I also did not have a chance to defend myself from the accusations Codsworth quoted from Flemwad (or so I imply) up until now because I was simply not provided with the reasons for my demotion back then. I thought that Flemwad simply wanted new faces in and that nothing would change his mind, despite Misuzu, Richard Caldwell and I had told him how people disliked Codsworth and Quixotic in their past run around 2017 if I'm not mistaken.
  53. [img] [/img]
  54. [img][/img]
  57. I would, therefore, kindly appreciate it if these people would send me a message retracting their accusations and apologizing for what they have been saying. Spreading lies deliberately is not the best course of action, in my view, from two faction leaders representing an official faction.
  60. Owing to all of this, I will not be rejoining the LSFD until new suitable leaders are appointed. I will only offer my experience, knowledge and guidance to the LSFD when new leaders wish to improve medical roleplay and, in that case, I will gladly support them if so they wish. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people are upset about this whole incident and have, in fact, been ever since Codsworth was appointed back to a leadership position. I’m not going to keep this away from you either: to this day, I still get complaints from several people about the current leadership, these people being ex FD and current FD, when I have nothing to do with the LSFD anymore nor do I want to have. Here you can see how there is people that make it explicit that they do not wish to reinstate into FD despite Cods being constantly nagging people to do it on the retired staff section. Once again, they won't say it's because of her so they aren't targeted by her.
  62. [img][/img]
  63. [img][/img]
  65. I made sure to forward the complaints I got to FD Command over the last few months & ultimately to Amy, but little has been done about it, as they keep saying that they want people to approach them, but these people do not find them approachable at all, hence why they do not want to risk losing their ranks in FD or ranks in alternative characters employed by other factions as Codsworth and Baker are apart of the admin team. (Not adding screenshots corroborating this specifically because they're scared that you'll talk to Baker and Codsworth and they will then hold a grudge against current FD members).
  67. People have also confided in me that they’re afraid they’ve already been targeted by Amy when they suggest any changes to the department and feel like she’s a dictator, not being receptive to change at all. I don’t have permission to include any screenshots here as they requested me not to, once again.
  69. In the past, any suggestions/recommendations I made were also most of the time ignored:
  71. [img][/img]
  72. [img][/img]
  73. [img][/img]
  74. [img][/img]
  77. To conclude, I hope my words in this PM aren’t in vain. I always went above and beyond for this faction either by creating new guides, offering assistance or by contributing with tremendous in-game activity. In my honest opinion, the LSFD needs a new mindset and not people who are “temporarily” assigned to fix the state of the faction, who ironically or not, stay in a HC position for months without bringing about any outstanding results for the faction. As far as I know, there have been several reports submitted against Codsworth and there will likely be more, unless somebody gets a grip on this side of medical roleplay and I believe that person is you.
  80. I appreciate your time reading this and hope you will take some measures,
  82. Bruno.
  83. [/quote]
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