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  1. Guest_QueenMkBunny has joined the chat
  2. Guest_Taco20171 has joined the chat
  3. Guest_Taco20171: hi
  4. Guest_Taco20171: how ya doin?
  5. Guest_QueenMkBunny: hi im doing ok
  6. Guest_Taco20171: looking good ;)
  7. Guest_QueenMkBunny: ok :/
  8. Guest_Taco20171: like my room?
  9. Guest_QueenMkBunny: no
  10. Guest_Taco20171: you can switch to yours if you rather
  11. Guest_QueenMkBunny: nah im god
  12. Guest_QueenMkBunny: good*
  13. Guest_QueenMkBunny: bye im leaving
  14. Guest_Taco20171: hi MarziaKarasu
  15. Guest_QueenMkBunny has left the chat
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