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Jul 8th, 2020
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  1. "The MSM and the sheep that watch it do not know that BLM is a Marxist organization in cahoots with Islam and pseudo-Islamic ”religions” such as NOI. The defund-the-police campaign does not define what comes next but Islam is ready to offer an alternative: Sharia law. Sharia law is not democratic law nor is it implemented by any democracy."
  3. This is, to be quite blunt, utter hogwash. First and foremost, while the cause of socialism and the liberation of people of color have historically been quite strongly intertwined (there are some amusingly anti-communist KKK posters out there, it's quite funny), they are not identical. While there are certainly members of BLM who can be described as Marxists (indeed, the co-founder of the organization allegedly describes herself as one!), it would be erroneous to conflate the movement as a whole with Marxism. (Though I must admit, were the movement an overtly Marxist one, I would not see a problem with that.)
  5. To address your point of BLM being in "cahoots with Islam", no. No, that simply is not a thing, unless you define "being in cahoots" as "has members of a given affiliation". Are some members Muslims? I would imagine so. Is the movement fundamentally controlled by religious interests, of any particular faith? Doubtful, and given the demographics of the United States, it would be far more likely to be controlled by some variety of Christianity. (As an aside, were they a "Marxist organization", as you put it, they would be even less likely to be strongly influenced by a religious group. With the exception of largely just South America, Marxist and Communist organizations in general tend to be quite staunchly secular, if not outright atheistic in nature!)
  7. Finally, with regards to the defunding of police forces and the supposed replacement of American law with Sharia law, it must first be noted that the defunding of police forces just isn't what you seem to think it is. I am admittedly quite poor at explaining this particular topic, but there are a multitude of excellent writers who have clarified the topic beautifully, and I'm sure that a dedicated seeker of truth can doubtless find these works for themselves. My focus, instead, will be on the concepts you seem to imply herein, the abolition of "democratic law" and the supposed ascension of sharia law in its place.
  9. Firstly, the legal systems of north america (and indeed much of the world!) are fundamentally undemocratic. They ultimately place a greater weight on the defense of the property of the wealthy than the protection of the citizenry, or the preservation of liberty. Note, for example, how many fines for minor offenses (such as parking tickets) are a relatively set value, which does not take into account the wealth of the perpetrator. It can thrust a working-class citizen into further poverty, whilst being mere pocket change for the rich. In the United States, privatized prisons statistically keep prisoners in longer then their public counterparts, the rights of the prisoner (and educational resources available to him) are steadily eroded, as prison populations consider to rise. The United States has more prisoners per capita than any nation on the planet, even those it condemns as undemocratic. (Let us not even touch upon how having a high prison population actually adversely effects their elections, by giving states more electoral college votes and reducing the number of actual voters.)
  11. Let it also be noted that the vast majority of Muslims in North America wholly reject sharia law as a system of justice, and even if this were not the case, they would be hard-pressed to enforce it upon a wholly unwilling populace.
  13. In summary: your argument that BLM is somehow a marxist, islamic organization that seeks to overthrow "democratic law" is not merely misinformed and erroneous, but wholly absurd.
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