Anon - Pat pat pat

May 14th, 2014
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  1. >Be asleep
  2. >Wake up because you feel tapping on your sides
  3. >You also hear a weird muffled squeaking noise from your apparently not-asleep waifu who seems to be fixated on the lamp beside your bed which was currently off.
  4. >"Anon, hey Anon"
  5. >She taps you more, alternating her hooves back and forth.
  6. >Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat
  7. "It's 3am ... what do you want?"
  8. >You grumble and let your eyes adjust to the darkness.
  9. >"Turn on the lamp"
  10. >Your moth waifu stares intently into your eyes.
  11. "I'm not turning on the lamp. Go to sleep."
  12. >You try to go back to sleep and you roll over.
  13. >Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat
  14. "Ugh, fine"
  15. >You reach over and turn on the lamp beside you, with which your moth waifu promptly crawls on your head and stares at the lamp with intense focus.
  16. >So much for sleep.
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