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  1. Cut to a mysterious small island with two small trees and a small hut made out of drift wood, greyclock (with a beard) steps out of his hut to see if anything new has changed. Nothing has changed. He brings out a suitcase and opens it up, inside being a flare gun and 1 more flare (out of like 30 or something). Grey loads the flaregun and aims it for the sky. He pauses and starts to tear up, and then places the flare gun against his head and prepares to pull the trigger. Just then, with flaregun against his head, he's sees a boat approaching.  Grey gets excited momentarly before looking harder. The ship's only occupant is BB10, and BB10 is waving at grey as he gets closer. Cut back to Grey, who is smiling and crying tears before raising the flare gun back to his head.
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