[Updated 12-12]Undine and Sylph side-stories MGQ

RSanon Nov 15th, 2013 2,200 Never
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  1. These are a side stories for Monster Girl Quest involving Undine and Luka/Sylph and Luka. Yes, there is smut.
  3. You will NEED part 3 to play this! If you don't have part 3, your game will crash horribly and I will laugh.
  5. Undine:!4EgymCiD!UDRMfB30Kr3psMMLmKa-hDieOzMcm8_xgJcPQPVGpLo
  7. Sylph:!gYpnkAJC!WYlooW6R1fMS0HD-lidcHX5xMY0srYqvYTHCSLZOplY
  9. 1. Download the file.
  10. 2. Extract to the 'mod' folder.
  11. 3. Run 'monadd.exe' in the 'mod' folder.
  12. 4. Click the checkbox next to Undine (for the Undine story) or Sylph (for the Sylph story) and then click the top-left button. Close monadd.exe.
  13. 5. Run MGQ and go to Extras then Side-Stories. Click on 'Undine'sSerenity' or 'SecretSylph' to begin the story.
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