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  1. (5:27:14 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny continues to walk with Ruin following behind him and waits until she catches until she catches up to start talking
  2. (5:27:24 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Soooooo"
  3. (5:27:48 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny wonders how to explain to Ruin the fact that he got her a flower as a present without making it weird
  4. (5:27:57 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hmph"
  5. (5:28:01 PM) DarkenedHG: "Where'd you leave my treasure?"
  6. (5:29:01 PM) DarkenedHG: "Gimme~!"
  7. (5:29:13 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Wait what"
  8. (5:29:46 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny stares at Ruin for a moment
  9. (5:30:11 PM) DarkenedHG: "Gimme!"
  10. (5:30:12 PM) DarkenedHG: "Stuff"
  11. (5:30:14 PM) DarkenedHG: "you got.'"
  12. (5:30:16 PM) DarkenedHG: "GImme"
  13. (5:30:21 PM) DarkenedHG: "This is not a complicated concept sir."
  14. (5:30:26 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Well~"
  15. (5:30:47 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny sighs and pulls out the flower from Nowhere and places it into Ruin's hair
  16. (5:31:07 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Something totally unique in all of reality"
  17. (5:31:14 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "A flower made of Nothing, from Nowhere"
  18. (5:31:52 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "There's also the second gift which is uh, a bit different"
  19. (5:32:23 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny looks at Ruin to see how she reacts to this
  20. (5:33:27 PM) DarkenedHG: She smells it.
  21. (5:33:30 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hmm..."
  22. (5:33:42 PM) DarkenedHG: Acceptable."
  23. (5:33:47 PM) DarkenedHG: And smiles at Johnny.
  24. (5:34:27 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny smiles back
  25. (5:34:53 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "I thought you would like it, it looks quite nice on you"
  26. (5:35:00 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Anyway, we're almost there"
  27. (5:35:16 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny turns the last corner and reveals the hoard of treasure where he left it
  28. (5:35:43 PM) DarkenedHG: There's a collapsed building!
  29. (5:35:45 PM) DarkenedHG: Instead of a street.
  30. (5:36:58 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "There it is~"
  31. (5:36:59 PM) DarkenedHG: "..."
  32. (5:37:02 PM) DarkenedHG: BITE
  33. (5:37:04 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Right under that building"
  34. (5:37:06 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hmph"
  35. (5:37:09 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny looks at Ruin
  36. (5:37:13 PM) DarkenedHG: "Say so in the first place."
  37. (5:37:17 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "What, did you think I was going to leave it out in the open?"
  38. (5:37:24 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "With all this shit going on?"
  39. (5:37:52 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny uses Risk Divination to find the best path to get the treasure out
  40. (5:39:34 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny walks over and starts to dig the wreckage out of the way with Ruin beside him helping out
  41. (5:44:11 PM) DarkenedHG: There eventually find treasure!
  42. (5:44:19 PM) DarkenedHG: Ruin grins cheerfully and starts bagging it!
  43. (5:46:13 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Told you so~"
  44. (5:46:29 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "And I also got us a guardian for it, juuuust to be safe"
  45. (5:47:01 PM) DarkenedHG: "Where's the rest?"
  46. (5:48:16 PM) DarkenedHG: STAAAARREEE
  47. (5:48:22 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "hmmm"
  48. (5:48:33 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Apparently this is all that I could get back"
  49. (5:48:45 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Not all that sure why only some of it came back to be honest"
  50. (5:48:51 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny stops
  51. (5:48:57 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "what"
  52. (5:49:13 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny stares at Ruin
  53. (5:49:25 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "I appear to have lost the ability to lie"
  54. (5:49:32 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny screams internally
  55. (5:49:36 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hmph"
  56. (5:49:45 PM) DarkenedHG: "Fine then,"
  57. (5:49:48 PM) DarkenedHG: She mumbles something.
  58. (5:49:58 PM) DarkenedHG: JOhnny can sense her embarassment.
  59. (5:50:27 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny shuffles awkwardly
  60. (5:51:04 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Look, like I said before, I'm pretty good at getting things, if you want I can well..."
  61. (5:51:12 PM) DarkenedHG: "I said that I get you to make up for the rest!"
  62. (5:51:14 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hmph"
  63. (5:51:19 PM) DarkenedHG: "How rude, ignoring me."
  64. (5:51:33 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Hey look, I'm trying to be nice about this"
  65. (5:52:38 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Look, I'm not sure if you noticed but most of the City got wrecked due to events that are kinda almost entirely my fault"
  66. (5:52:47 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "But I'm pretty sure that I had good reasons for them"
  67. (5:53:10 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "But anyway, I'm going to be rebuilding my place and well, I guess I could set aside a place for you to keep your treasure and all that..."
  68. (5:53:16 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Y'know, if you want"
  69. (5:54:30 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny shuffles around awkward, trying to pretend that he doesn't really care about what happens to Ruin
  70. (5:55:42 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hmph"
  71. (5:55:45 PM) DarkenedHG: She looks aside.
  72. (5:56:07 PM) DarkenedHG: So much blushing mentally!
  73. (5:56:36 PM) Mishie|Johnny: Johnny for some reason starts to feel even more awkward, thus causing a feedback loop!
  74. (5:57:21 PM) DarkenedHG: "I'm saying you have to be mine, OKAY?"
  75. (5:58:41 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Well that's going to make things awkward since you're already my adorable little Ruin~"
  76. (5:58:47 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny pats Ruin on the head
  77. (6:05:06 PM) DarkenedHG: "Fine then."
  78. (6:05:10 PM) DarkenedHG: "Let's settle this!"
  79. (6:07:50 PM) DarkenedHG: "One competition, if I win, then you're mine!"
  80. (6:07:55 PM) DarkenedHG: "And if you win then..."
  81. (6:07:57 PM) DarkenedHG: BLUSH
  82. (6:08:26 PM) DarkenedHG: "State your terms."
  83. (6:08:43 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny looks at Ruin
  84. (6:09:33 PM) DarkenedHG: "What do you want if you win?"
  85. (6:09:36 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Hmmmm~"
  86. (6:10:22 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Well, seems only fair that if you want something as amazing as myself, then you'll have to put up something just as incredible, you~"
  87. (6:10:41 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "But first, why don't you say what kind of competition you're interested in"
  88. (6:11:04 PM) DarkenedHG: "Arm wrestling!"
  89. (6:11:11 PM) DarkenedHG: "It's how everyone decides everything important."
  90. (6:12:37 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny smiles and crouches down to look Ruin right in the eyes "My my my, you must really want my body badly to set something so biased in your favor~"
  91. (6:16:49 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hmph"
  92. (6:17:04 PM) DarkenedHG: "It's just the way everything is decided."
  93. (6:17:11 PM) DarkenedHG: "World leaders armswrestle all the time"!
  94. (6:17:18 PM) DarkenedHG: Clearly Johnny is correct.
  95. (6:17:30 PM) DarkenedHG: Though something feels a bit different in her version.
  96. (6:17:39 PM) Mishie|Johnny: Johnny's smile somehow grows even larger
  97. (6:17:45 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Well I guess I've got no choice then~"
  98. (6:17:53 PM) DarkenedHG: \"And if you win, not that you will?|
  99. (6:17:54 PM) DarkenedHG: "*
  100. (6:19:43 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Like I said, I get you~"
  101. (6:20:08 PM) DarkenedHG: "Fine," She sticks out her arm, as it grows claws and scales.
  102. (6:20:26 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny sets out his arm as well
  103. (6:21:13 PM) DarkenedHG: She grabs it.
  104. (6:21:16 PM) DarkenedHG: "3,"
  105. (6:22:13 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "2"
  106. (6:23:49 PM) DarkenedHG: "1"
  107. (6:25:48 PM) DarkenedHG: She slips as it starts, then promptly exudes spikes of bone and scale, locking her arm to the table and making it rather tricky for Johnny to pull it back his way.
  108. (6:26:41 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Going all out then?  Well then, I guess I better do the same~"
  109. (6:27:43 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny slowly starts to push her back
  110. (6:27:57 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "I'm stronger than I look you know"
  111. (6:28:18 PM) DarkenedHG: It's like lifting a mountain
  112. (6:28:27 PM) DarkenedHG: When one hasn't brought a mountain-lifting cyber-arm.
  113. (6:56:31 PM) Mishie|Johnny: Johnny knows that she's stronger than he is, and that moving her arm is almost impossible for him, as such he just moves something else, the wreckage that they're arm-wrestling on
  114. (7:00:42 PM) DarkenedHG: The bone she has injected into the rubble twists with it, pulling her arm perpendicular to the table as it shifts as she tries to use it to press Johnny into the stone!
  115. (7:19:09 PM) Mishie|Johnny: Johnny decides to go at things from a different angle, by making a slight change to Ruin to make this easier for him to win
  116. (7:24:08 PM) Mishie|Johnny: First of all, Johnny makes it so that Ruin is easier to be manipulated by those that know how to, and as such, it's as if he suddenly knows how to position himself to be able to manipulate her arm despite it weighing so much
  117. (7:25:02 PM) Mishie|Johnny: Then to make things even worse for her, he alters her slightly so that like risk itself, Ruin rewards those that liver dangerously, and he knows exactly how to take advantage of this
  118. (7:25:16 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "So, I can't help but wonder what you were planning to do to me if you had won"
  119. (7:25:33 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "What kind of things you had planned to use my body for"
  120. (7:25:44 PM) DarkenedHG: "Obviously I'd lock you in a tower forever."
  121. (7:26:08 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Although, now that I think about it, it's interesting that this is taking so long, shouldn't you be trying harder?"
  122. (7:26:19 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Maybe you just want me to win~"
  123. (7:26:34 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Such a naughty girl Ruin, trying to trick me into winning you~"
  124. (7:27:08 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Why, you probably expect me to do all kiiiiiinds of things to you once I win"
  125. (7:29:45 PM) Mishie|Johnny: Johnny notices that the more he talks, the more and more her arm starts to waver, and for some reason he can't help but feel a surge of embarrassment from her
  126. (7:30:30 PM) DarkenedHG: And she slams his arm down!@
  127. (8:04:19 PM) DarkenedHG: "Hah, I win so..."
  128. (8:04:22 PM) DarkenedHG: She blinks,
  129. (8:04:26 PM) DarkenedHG: "I'm yours?"
  130. (8:04:26 PM) Mishie|Johnny: (sec)
  131. (8:04:28 PM) Mishie|Johnny: (posting)
  132. (8:04:32 PM) DarkenedHG: "No, that's..."
  133. (8:04:34 PM) Mishie|Johnny: Just as Johnny's arm hits the table, he unleashes his final gambit!  He uses his powers of Risk to swap around the terms of the bet!
  134. (8:04:35 PM) DarkenedHG: (Ah, sorry)
  135. (8:04:47 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Well yeah, that's what we agreed to"
  136. (8:05:07 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "It was quite flattering that you worked so hard for the chance to belong to me~"
  137. (8:06:04 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny tugs at the golden chain around his neck "Guess that means that it's your turn to wear this~"
  138. (8:10:10 PM) DarkenedHG: "B-but..."
  139. (8:10:14 PM) DarkenedHG: "That doesn't make any sense!"
  140. (8:10:18 PM) DarkenedHG: "Why would I agree to this?"
  141. (8:10:25 PM) DarkenedHG: She's collared!
  142. (8:10:28 PM) DarkenedHG: And fade to black here.
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