Sollo Wolo Retirement

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  1. Estimated Gamer and, in particular, TF2 addict; I hereby state that I'm personally QUITTING Team Fortress 2 in all its marvellous forms for an undefined period. It's been 9 years of amazing people and games and THIS is the very first time in that stretch of time that I actually quit playing VOLUNTARILY. I've come up to this decision after a few days of thinking. You may ask for the reasons behind it in private if you wish; but my feeling is that, throughout the almost 8000 hours playing basically Demo/Medic/Soldier, I no longer enjoy playing. Nevertheless; I was already concerned that quitting would happen in 2018 as I end my degree (N.B: Playing TF2 hasnt diminshed my amount of study; but it forced me to organize better) and my goal from last summer was to at least play in Prem (& LAN) before quitting. I dont think I'll find motivation in the sooner future as much as I had in S26 (as i consider that was my best TF2 ever played). So what's happening with me? I'll be playing and/or doing other things in general. Sorry for the long post, I had (and still have) so much things going on in my head, as per usual in me; but leading to this decision was one of the hardest things to take. Who knows what can happen in the future.
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