KH1 Leaderboard Idea

Apr 20th, 2019
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  1. For a while we used to have Ps2, Ps2 HDD (Reffered to as HDD from now on) and BC Ps3 (Reffered to as BC from now on) on the leaderboards. All these versions were listed as their own subcategories with Ps2 being the main category and having only one runner on the leaderboards. There have been other people who have done runs in the past but these weren't submitted to the leaderboards before.
  2. Now that we know more about how src we have come up with a new idea on how to include both of them back to the leaderboards in a way that might sound interesting to some of you:
  3. The idea we had is to have Ps2, HDD and BC as variables that can be chosen just like HDD and SDD on Ps4 games (For example 0.2 and KH3) in a drop down menu on the top right of the boards. Bboth HDD and BC will be deactivated so that these runs won't be seen by default. For you to be able to see any HDD or BC run you would have to activate the filter yourself making it less confusing on which of these runs seems to be the most optimized one and it puts emphasis on Ps2 being the main competitive category. Other games have done similar things with emulators as well and I personally believe it is a great idea to include both HDD and BC to the boards.
  4. The only thing this would remove is the option of specifying which Ps2 model you are using but if you want to include your version you can write that in the description. A lot of runners just added Ps2 instead of the exact model so it wouldn't be a big difference either way.
  5. Salyanz and I went ahead and added a fake BC run to the leaderboards to show how this would look like. This will be reverted if this idea will not be accepted so don't worry about that. It is a 6 hour run by FakeSubmission.
  6. However I know this idea probably causes a lot of controversy to some people so here are some arguments on why I personally would want to include it:
  8. Pro:
  9. - Accurate listing of all possible console modification not restricting people who want to run on different hardware
  10. - Having these options deactivated by default puts emphasis that the competition mainly takes place on original Ps2 hardware
  11. - On other games console modifications have been featured on the leaderboards as well, in this case adding an SSD harddrive to your Ps4 console
  12. - HDD and BC are still considered official hardware. They are just more expensive and harder to come by.
  14. And as a final note I would like to ask everyone to look at this point without any personal bias as I know (and heard) from some people that this would probably influence their decision. Please try to look at this topic from an unbiased point of view.
  16. This is also just an idea and we'll not include this if you the majority of people are against this. I look forward to see some discussions on this.
  18. -desa
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