Traps and Bases

Jul 31st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Trap Progression Guide:
  3. This was written to be a companion for my other guides
  4. (Lord)
  5. (Baron & above)
  6. Refer to the MHBasics guide ( for anything lower than Lord.
  8. V1.1 - Updated for FI 11/5/2021
  9. V1.2 - Updated for CSOS/SSDB 29/7/2021
  11. This guides includes only standard traps and bases. If you have better Limited Edition gear, use those instead.
  13. Physical:
  14. Mouse Hot Tub/High Tension Spring (Novice) -> SAMT/NVMRC/Shrink Ray (Journeyman) -> Digby DrillBot (Legendary) -> Rhinobot (Legendary) -> Enraged Rhinobot (Legendary/Hero) -> Sandstorm Monstrobot/Smoldering Stone Sentinel (anytime after Count) -> [optional Chrome Monstrobot]
  16. Notes: You start the game with a Physical weapon. This power type is mostly used in the earlier areas up to Baron. Pick up 1 of the 3 upgrades at Journeyman. The next major upgrade would be the RhinoBot family acquired at the Tribal Isles. The Enraged RhinoBot would be used for your first Warpath clear. After that, upgrading Physical should be a low priority and not touched until you have plenty of gold to spare or when you have reached FI. When picking between the SSST and CMB, the rule is that the SSST works better on bosses (Digby/Limelight, Derr/Crunchy, MM, FW Wave 4) while the CMB works better everywhere else.
  19. Tactical:
  20. Either:
  21. Venus Mouse Trap (Master) -> Mutated VMT (Master) -> Ambush (Grandmaster) -> Thorned VMT (Legendary) -> Horrific VMT (Legendary)
  22. or
  23. Zugzwang's Last Move (Grandmaster) -> Ambush (Grandmaster) -> Zugzwang's First Move (Lord)
  24. then
  25. -> Sphynx Wrath (Baron) -> Gouging Geyserite Trap/Chrome Sphynx Wrath (anytime after Count) -> Sleeping Stone Trap (Archduke) -> Slumbering Boulder Trap (???)
  27. Notes: As with Physical, Tactical weapons are mostly used in earlier areas. You may take either the VMT route (recommended if you don't already own ZLM) ending with a HVMT or ZLM route ending with ZFM. Either way, the next upgrade (Sphynx Wrath) may be acquired anytime from Baron and above. GGT/CSW are not priority upgrades and may be safely left untouched unless you plan to do many Tower runs or when you have reached FI. The GGT and CSW perform similarly and costs around the same, so pick whichever you prefer. (GGT works better in ZT and Pinnacle Chamber, CSW works better everywhere else). Once you're at FI, get the Sleeping Stone Trap (aka Tactical Tier 1, T1) after Circlet of Seeking Trap (A1); and the Slumbering Boulder Trap (T2) only if you think you can afford the 115(!) Adorned Empyrean Jewels needed for it.
  30. Hydro:
  31. Net Cannon (Legendary) -> Ancient Spear Gun (Legendary) -> Steam Laser Mk I (Lord) -> SLM2 (Lord)-> SLM3 (Lord) -> Queso Fount Trap (Count) -> Rune Shark Trap (anytime after Count, usually Archduke) -> School of Sharks -> Chrome School of Sharks
  33. Notes: Hydro weapons are first seen on the S.S. Huntington IV and are used pretty frequently even in the late game. Start with the Net Cannon over the Harpoon Gun as the extra luck is more helpful. Grab the ASG in the Tribal Isles and use it to acquire the Steam Laser family. The Queso Fount Trap is the joint second-best Hydro weapon in the game and will assist you greatly in multiple areas if you get it early. After the QFT has been obtained, the final trap to work towards is the CSoS. It is recommended to send GWH golems to Sunken City for the Shark traps to save the many, many hunts you will need in the region for these traps.
  35. Shadow:
  36. Bottomless Grave (Master) -> [optionally get Creepy Coffin Trap (Master) -> Clockapult of Time (Legendary)] -> Interdimensional Crossbow Trap (Baron) -> Temporal Turbine (Duke) -> Chrome Temporal Turbine (anytime after Duke)
  38. Arcane:
  39. Obelisk of Slumber (Legendary) -> ACRONYM (Legendary) -> Droid Archmagus Trap (Baron) -> Event Horizon Trap (Duke) -> Circlet of Seeking Trap (Archduke) -> Circlet of Pursuing Trap (???)
  41. Notes: Shadow and Arcane weapons come in a package - most areas using one type will often have the other work somewhat less effectively as well. You will need the Bottomless Grave to farm for gold at the Laboratory & Mousoleum. CCT & CoT are decent upgrades to help you farm gold faster but are not required. The OoS is only used to build the ACRONYM - this weapon will bring you through to Baron. At Fort Rox, upgrade to Droid Archmagus first before the Interdimensional Crossbow Trap for better effectiveness. The best weapons of each class pre-FI are located in the Labyrinth & Zokor - the Event Horizon Trap is recommended while the Temporal Turbine and its chromed version may be put off until FI due to the huge amount of resources needed to build it. At FI, make the Circlet of Seeking (A1) the first trap to obtain unless you own a Golem Guardian Arcane (LE), in which case you should go for T1 first. Circlet of Pursuing (A2) will either be your first (not buying Tact 2) or second (buying Tact 2) Tier 2 trap.
  43. Forgotten:
  44. Forgotten: Ancient Box Trap (Hero) -> Scarlet Ember Root Trap (Count) -> Endless Labyrinth Trap (Duke) -> Infinite Labyrinth Trap (Duke) -> Thought Manipulator Trap (Archduke) -> Thought Obliterator Trap (???)
  46. Notes: Forgotten traps have mostly been obsoleted by Forgotten Charms - these turn any other weapon into Forgotten weapons for 1 hunt per charm. They are used when the cost is a concern or when you are required to arm specific charms. The Ancient Box Trap is built throughout the Tribal Isles adventure and may be used to capture the Acolyte or in the Fungal Caverns. Buy the Scarlet Ember Root Trap if you don't see yourself using Forgotten Charms in Labyrinth. The Labyrinth traps are should be built while unlocking Moussu Picchu and are good enough for most Forgotten areas. They will save you a nice chunk of Forgotten Charms. At FI, Thought Manipulator Trap (F1) should be purchased after A1 and T1 and Thought Obliterator Trap (F2) after L2.
  49. Draconic:
  50. Ice Maiden (Knight) -> Blazing Ember Spear Trap (Count) -> Dragonvine Ballista (Grand Duke) -> Storm Wrought Ballista Trap (Grand Duke) -> Chrome Storm Wrought Ballista Trap (Grand Duke) -> Dragon Slayer Cannon (anytime after Grand Duke)
  52. Notes: Draconic traps have a linear progression & are only used in 4 areas: Dracano, Queso Geyser, Moussu Picchu and Floating Islands. The Ice Maiden is required to complete the Dracano adventure and may be used in the Fiery Warpath. Upgrade to the BEST in Queso Geyser and use it in eruptions except for Epic. The DVB family usually ends with the CSWBT, which is the minimum recommended for Epic eruptions. This is 1 of the 2 weapons where it is highly recommended to get the chromed version as soon as possible. Extremely rich or lucky players may find themselves with a Kalor'ignis's Rib which is used to craft the DSC. The rule of thumb for the Geyser is that to farm ribs, you first need to buy a rib (build the DSC).
  55. Law:
  56. SLAC (Lord) -> Judge Droid Trap (Count) or Meteoric Prison Core Trap (Baron) -> Ember Prison Core Trap (Count) -> S.T.I.N.G (???) -> S.T.I.N.G.E.R (???)
  58. Notes: Law traps are only used in the Varmint Valley region, Queso River and Floating Islands. The SLAC family is considered by many to be worthless and may be skipped entirely. However, the SLAC may be of use during the day in FRox if you have Chrome Charms and a Lucky Golden Shield. The MPCT outperforms the JDT but is much harder to get. Seeing as how Law traps are not required much, most people opt for a JDT first and pick up the MPCT and EPCT later. However, if you managed to get a portal set for Fort Rox early it is recommended to skip JDT entirely. Make sure to pick up the EPCT before entering FI as S.T.I.N.G (L1) has lower catch rates than EPCT and is only bought as a pre-requisite to S.T.I.N.G.E.R (L2), which should be bought after A2.
  61. Rift:
  62. Crystal Tower (Count) -> Multi-Crystal Laser (Duke/with LGS) or MYNORCA (Grand Duke) -> Timesplit Dissonance Trap (Grand Duke) -> Celestial Dissonance Trap (Archduke) -> Chrome Celestial Dissonance Trap (Archduke)
  64. Notes: The Crystal Tower is a very basic rift trap acquired in the Gnawnia Rift if you do not have any LE Rift weapons. This is upgraded to either the Laser, which requires many difficult hunts in the Burroughs Rift or to the MYNORCA, which also requires many difficult hunts in the Furoma Rift. The next upgrade (TDT) is unique in that it is the only weapon requiring a minimum point count of 1 billion. Most people use the time getting to 1 billion points by farming gold and Timesplit Runes to pay for the weapon costs. The CDT can only be obtained in the Valour Rift during an Ultimate Umbra run. Upgrade the CDT to the CCDT as soon as possible.
  67. Skipped weapons: Weapons that were not listed are mostly those that will only be used for a short period before being superseded (e.g Crystal Crucible, Dimensional Chest Trap) or weapons that require too much effort to obtain for the period that they will be used (e.g Clockwork Portal Trap, Reaper's Perch)
  69. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. Standard Bases:
  71. Fan Base (Novice) -> Dehydration Base (Journeyman) -> Aqua Base (Legendary) -> Overgrown Ember Stone Base (Count) -> Fracture Base (Duke) -> Enerchi Induction Base (Grand Duke) -> Attuned Enerchi Induction Base (Grand Duke) -> [optional Adorned Empyrean Refractor Base (Archduke)] -> Prestige Base (Archduke)
  74. Notes: The Fan Base is obtained for free by liking the Mousehunt FB page or by claiming it through the MH website. The Dehydration Base provides decent luck and helps keep precious bait fresh in the early game. On the SS Huntington IV, the Aqua Base will bring you all the way to Count provided you do not have any LE bases. It is replaced by the OESB which is used until you buy an AERB or when the Prestige Base is sufficiently upgraded in non-rift areas. The Fracture Base provides a basic bonus for early Rift Areas before being replaced by the EIB family with better stats. The Prestige Base is unique in that it can be upgraded by hunting in VRift and is considered to be the best base in-game. If you don't see yourself doing Ultimate Umbra runs anytime soon, you may consider getting the AERB from FI to tide you over until you manage to upgrade your PB to at least TE8.
  76. Skipped bases: Similarly to weapons, some bases are skipped as they either will only be used for a short period before being superseded (e.g Bamboozler, Explosive) or require too much effort to obtain (e.g Papyrus, Spellbook, Molten Shrapnel)
  79. Other bases: Many bases have specialized functions in certain areas and should be used where possible. Examples include the Iceberg bases and the Living Base. The Signature Series Denture Base (SSDB) is a base obtained yearly from Ronza and is the best base in the game by far. However, it is not recommended for normal use as it consumes a toothlet every hunt (obtained by smashing Ful'Mina's Tooth for 15x toothlets or by exchanging Chrome Bits from Ronza). Usually, this base is only used in Valour Rift Ultimate Umbra runs.
  81. Addendums:
  83. Mino Base?: Don't get it, you could have converted the materials for it into Lantern Oil Charms instead which can be sold for a nice chunk of money. This base is superseded by AERB.
  85. Clockwork Base?: The rule of thumb for this base is to get it if and only if you already have the Rift Base (from LG) sitting in your inventory (old player/somehow you got yourself a rift base before reading my guides). Otherwise, follow the standard order above.
  87. FI traps upgrade order?: Generally, A1 > T1 > F1 > A2/T2 > T2/A2 > L1 > L2 > F2 should work, however you may adjust Tier 2 traps depending on where you're hunting (up to personal preference).
  89. For any further questions on this guide please feel free to ping/tag Zafiast#0327 on Discord or leave a message on my corkboard (8084385).
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