HOMM3 snowflake btfo'd

Mar 27th, 2019
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  1. caravan
  2. mass slow is not 'cheese'
  3. fire wall is cheese
  4. mass slow is basic
  5. essential part of current version of heroes
  7. Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist
  8. It's hard to determine what is cheese in H3
  9. When the gameplay is pretty much full of it
  11. caravan
  12. cheese always mean non standard strategies
  14. Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist
  15. Cheese means cheap strategies
  17. caravan
  18. i dont subscribe to that definition
  19. cheese = power but gimmicky
  20. like firewall, harpy hag abuse, etc
  21. if we go by ur definition then cheese just means powerful
  23. Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist
  24. Huh, urban dictionary takes your side, and exemplifies the high risk high reward part
  26. caravan
  27. eh i used to play a lot of dota, in that game its very clear what is cheese and what isnt
  29. Fleischy
  30. now we know where his competitive tryhard soullessness comes from
  32. caravan
  33. made the mistake of peeking at a blocked message.. whoops
  34. @Discord Moderator no rule against this kind of talk?
  35. guy contributes literally nothing to this discord
  37. Panzer Doge <---- mod
  38. keep him blocked
  40. caravan
  41. i had him blocked, thought his msg was about server status
  42. but obviously not cos he doesnt play multiplayer
  43. anyway he already got off scot free last time, surely not again?
  45. murka
  46. don't be such a weakling haha
  47. tryhards go in pillards
  49. caravan
  50. i can just insult u guys right back but apparently thats not allowed
  51. so rules should work both ways?
  53. murka
  54. or not work at all
  55. but seriously he is not saying anything really offensive
  57. caravan
  58. mosquitoes can still be annoying
  59. anyway if mods dont do their job im out tbh
  60. see whether they value actively contributing members or useless who posts nothing except insults
  62. Fleischy
  63. idk why you get triggered so hard whenever I talk about anything soul or competiton related but ok
  65. murka
  66. some folk are like that
  68. Makiki🐑, Eagle Eye specialist
  69. >checks blocked message
  70. Well, I'm not sure if I should explain how I see you Fleischy, but well
  71. You are at the very least annoying. Your unquenched hate of people who dare to even attempt to improve at the game is sad. You see your way to play H3 as the only true way to play the game, where the beauty of H3 lies in the multitude of ways to play it.
  72. at least that is the vibe you give off to me.
  73. as for caravan... well, you do seem really impulsive. Just keep him blocked. Don't feed the troll. When the time comes and he forks stuff up enough, I am sure the server staff will set the ban.
  75. zelii
  76. hi
  77. what would you say about maining crag for rampart?\
  79. Fleischy
  80. honestly if i was someone else spectating this i wouldn't even be able to tell who's the troll
  82. zelii
  83. I chose ivor but got craig in the tavern
  85. murka
  86. Go for it @zelii
  87. rampart doesn't even rely on shooters much
  89. zelii
  90. my main problem with craig is the lack of earth magic
  92. murka
  93. yeah, that's a problem
  95. Fleischy
  96. craig sounds like such an american dude
  98. murka
  99. find a conflux or an university
  101. zelii
  102. best thing in this game is getting conflux as a second or third town
  104. murka
  105. or a witchhut
  107. caravan
  108. so mods refuse to take action? sad
  109. imagine if my 'contribution' to the server comes in the form of popping up whenever people discuss single player
  110. and saying 'haha u guys low skilled can't learn multiplayer'
  111. (which is kinda what happened last time and some people seemed triggered enough by it)
  112. bye bois
  114. *leaves server*
  116. murka
  117. how weak
  119. rainwilds
  120. :trident~1:
  122. Fleischy
  123. imagine being this insecure
  125. poutchouli
  126. wait
  127. did he leave because the he unblocked messages from someone that he blocked before because he didn't like them and found out he still didn't like them
  129. Fleischy
  130. you got it
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