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Nov 20th, 2016
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  2. full name — Haru Fuyukiku
  3. nicknames —
  4. —hikaru ; friends, being a big anime fanatic & Japanese made him earn this
  5. —fuyu ; friends, hates being teased though others like his reaction
  6. —kiku ; family & rarely friends, was born with the name, because that's what he introduced himself
  8. birthday — July 4, 1996
  9. age — 20
  11. height — 180 cm | 5'11
  12. weight — 50 kg | 110 lbs
  13. blood type — O
  16. birthplace — Tokyo, Japan
  17. hometown — Osaka, Japan
  19. nationality — Japanese
  20. ethnicity — Asian
  22. languages spoken —
  23. —Japanese (100%)
  24. —Korean (100%)
  25. —Spanish (78%)
  28. personality — People aren't completely sure about the boy because he seems to have two completely different personalities. If you're liked by Haru, he'll be honest, joyful, smiley and possibly even touchy around you. But, if you're disliked by the boy, he'll practically be a complete asshole towards you. Short answers, sharp gazes, annoyed sighs and sarcasm are the top things he'll do. He could go to the point of even doing something rude, something that he would never seem to do with such a face like his. Though he's a complete asshole with anyone else, if you're favored, he'll treat you to anything, take care of you, tell you grandpa jokes, compliment you on everything possible & will be the sweetest thing ever. Just...don't get on his bad side. He's very blunt and serious when angry or just around those specific people.
  31. —dark, neutral colors
  32. —American Horror Story
  33. —small cactuses
  34. —cheesy romantic as fuck dramas
  35. —video games
  36. —photography
  37. —tattoos
  38. —cold weather / rainy days
  39. —strawberry milk
  40. —monster energy drink
  42. dislikes —
  43. —neon, bright colors
  44. —porcelain dolls
  45. —going to sleep too early
  46. —when the first kiss in dramas don't happen when wanted
  47. —poor writing
  48. —poor graphics
  49. —people with high egos / conceited people
  50. —too oblivious people
  51. —banana milk
  52. —grape & apple juice
  54. hobbies —
  55. —skateboarding
  56. —learning different languages
  57. —vlogging
  58. —watching American tv shows
  60. trivia —
  61. —acts like a tough guy who doesn't fall for cuteness, but he's a sucker for it
  62. —owns a big amount of small cactuses and takes care of them himself
  63. —says "chogiwa" on a daily because he likes how it sounds
  64. —highly afraid of chihuahuas but has a pet German Shepard named Solar
  65. —also has a pet cat named Luna
  66. —was / is an ulzzang and was well known on the Internet for it
  67. —knows the whole Sailor Moon intro
  68. —listens to american rock
  69. —all his social media is @/hahaharu
  70. —took Spanish in high school because he thought he could "pick up hot Latinas & call them mami" with his great knowledge
  71. —is really cheesy and catches feelings really quickly
  72. —though he's only been with girls, he can be hella gay sometimes
  73. —says "I'm daddy" in English on a daily basis and earns disgusted & weirded out faces
  74. —also says "I'm a cute princess, treat me right" and gets innocently teased for it
  77. family —
  78. —Sakura Fuyukiku ; mother ; female ; 43 ; 10/10 ; Market Owner
  79. —Hachiro Fuyukiku ; father ; male ; 46 ; 7/10 ; Hospital Owner
  80. —Akane Fuyukkiku ; sister ; female ; 18 ; 9/10 ; student
  82. background — Haru was born in Tokyo, Japan and shortly moved to Osaka afterwards. He was taken care by bother his parents, and was very glad that he had such a normal family. He was raised to be a great male, supportive to everyone, respectful, helpful, and just overal a tolerable human. Though he was brought up greatly, he had many girlfriends and even one time things with guys, of course he was never like whatever. He was respectful towards the person but he was always seen as an asshole because of his way of working with people. Haru was known for the playboy at school, but he had very amazing grades, and he had a respectful personality towards the adults though his parents were still disappointed in how he worked his private life. To become more of an adult, he moved to Korea, living on his own and trying to get himself together.
  85. slot — DATE DRUG
  86. backup slot — ARSON
  88. face claim — Bobby (iKON)
  89. backup face claim — @knockout.kid (Instagram ulzzang)
  92. stage name — Kino
  93. trainee years — 3 years
  95. fan service —
  96. —everyday posts
  97. —extra long videos
  98. —talking to the fans
  100. fanbase color — Burgundy
  101. fanbase name — x-rays (???omfg so bad)
  103. SEX WITH ME
  104. date of crime — February 14, 2015 (like exact date?)
  106. crime backstory — as usual, Haru wouldn't be spending Valentine's Day with anyone, so like every other year, he'd take an offer. A job is given to him every year and payed him well, so he took it. This time, his job was to empty a pill into someone's drink when they made their way to the restroom, it being a girl. Haru being the innocent young boy, he wasn't completely sure what it meant, but since he needed the money, he did it. Though, he was seen, and taken pictures from others and as soon as the cops came, he was taken and put into custody for a while once evidence was shown.
  108. victim of crime — his sister, since she was the one he was meant to empty the pill in the drink. Though, she was only emotionally hurt to know that it was her brother that did so, she was completely healthy and safe physically.
  110. YEAH, I SAID IT
  111. note to author — yo yo, those apply fic seems so freaking lit, I ain't playing, hopefully I'm chosen for either of the spots because I seriously really enjoy this concept and you seem like a really great writer. notice me pls. lolol, I'm sorry, : ) hopefully you do great with this, and I bet you are. good luck!!
  113. anything extra — nope! nothing! but, still very much good luck!
  115. password — PRETTY BOY TAEKAI (omg)
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