Harpy Daughteru

Jan 9th, 2014
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  1. >Be alone in your apartment minding your own business
  2. >playing vidya games and what not, not a care in the world
  3. >Suddenly hear a knocking upon your door
  4. > Quoth the raven?
  5. >Get up and investigate source of the disturbance
  6. >Open your door only to find nobody there
  7. >damn kids from down the hall must be running wild again
  8. >About to slam door shut when you notice something odd on the floor
  9. >its an egg
  10. >a really big multi colored egg, bigger than a basketball
  11. >notice a note taped to the top of it
  12. >”Keep her warm”
  13. >whatisthisIdonteven
  14. >Bring it in for some reason, immediately ask the almighty god google for answers
  15. >Find out it’s a monster girl egg
  16. >Extremely odd, seeing as there are very few monster girls in your city
  17. >Unable to identify what kind
  18. > hopefully you get cool moster girl dragon daughtaru
  19. >Hatch cunning plan to raise cock loving dragon daughteru to service you everyday
  20. >Gather blankets and scarves and make an impromptu nest for egg
  21. >Get your only lamp and shine it directly on the egg
  22. >hopefully this works
  23. >Days pass
  24. >wake up to hear the distinct sound of a shell cracking
  25. >its time
  26. >dash to the impromptu nest you made in your living to find mass of feathers and mewling baby
  27. >feathers?
  28. >that aint no dragon
  29. >that’s a harpy
  31. >Panic attack
  32. >Didn’t prepare for a harpy baby
  33. >harpy breaks its way out of shell, falls out and rolls to the floor, flopping its wings widely and floundering and on the floor
  34. >looks confused and scared, searches room for anything recognizable
  35. >Suddenly spots you, only other occupant in the room
  36. >lock eyes
  37. >immediately starts crying
  38. >ohshit
  39. >Rush over and gingerly pick her up, cradling her in your arms
  40. > Harpy baby monster girl latches onto to you, trying to bury its face into your chest
  41. >she’s shivering
  42. >Finally get the hint and get a towel from the bathroom and wrap her up burrito style
  43. > Bueno
  44. >Harpy baby starts to calm down, only sniffles and whimpers now
  45. >She’s got green eyes, brown hair, and brown feathers, and huge ass black talons that stick out from towel
  46. >totally unprepared for this
  47. >Harpy daughteru eyes get heavier, falls asleep in your arms
  48. >Better think of a name for new Harpy msg Daughteru
  50. >Months pass
  51. >Harpy daughteru spends time flapping its wings about and trying to fly across rooms
  52. >Can only manage to flutter or glide for a bit before getting tired
  53. >Give words of encouragement to her
  54. >She gives a determined expression, redoubles her efforts
  55. >meanwhile do background research on harpies
  56. >They mature fast, defensive mechanism out in the wild
  57. >Brittle bones but super light, good for flying
  58. >Air heads
  59. >Consider enrolling her into school
  60. >She’s technically already eligible
  61. >Only human schools available though
  62. >Hopefully she doesn’t get picked on
  63. >Call up elementary school and tell them the situation
  64. >School seems hesitant, “not the right environment, not the right facilities, blah blah blah”
  65. >Spout some bullshit about no child left behind whatever
  66. >Seems to work, school says she can start on Monday
  67. >thanksobama
  68. >Go to Harpy daughteru
  69. >Shes busy on the couch prepping for take off
  70. >Tell her that she’ll be going to school
  71. >Harpy daughteru gives look of shock before suddenly launching herself into your face
  72. >Wraps wings around your neck, feathers and hair in your mouth
  73. >She’s beyond estatic, wants a pretty backpack and not the shitty rose-art crayons
  74. >Promise to go shopping for her tomorrow
  75. >Harpy daughteru squeezes tighter, squealing with excitement
  76. >”You’re the best Daddy!”
  77. >Gently pat her head
  78. >awshuckskidyourmakingmeblush
  81. >More months pass
  82. >pick her up from school
  83. >she could fly home but you don’t like the idea of her flying across town
  84. >She says your car and says goodbye to her friends as she flutters over to you
  85. >you open the door for her as she hops in
  86. >She’s still wobbly walking on her own two talons so she flops into the car seat, folding her wings in as you buckle her up
  87. >She seems quite today
  88. >Drive home in silence, radio playing reruns again
  89. >”Daddy, do I have a mommy?”
  90. >panic sweat, knuckles go whites
  91. >oh shit shes asking the big questions now
  92. >ask her why she wants to know
  93. >She stares out car window, watching the people go by
  94. >”All the other kids at school have their mommys pick them up. And you never talk about mommy and I’ve never seen a picture of mommy. Does that mean I don’t have a mommy?”
  95. >Panic more, shes way too young to know about the truth
  96. >white lie time
  97. >You tell her that mommy is away on a long trip, and it might be a while before she finally gets back home
  98. >Harpy Daugtheru suddenly perks up, looks at you with hopeful expression
  99. >”Does that mean that mommy will come home soon?”
  100. >Feel a lump in your throat as you answer back
  101. >You don’t know when mommy will be home
  102. >Harpy dautheru’s expression slowly drains as she continues staring out the window
  103. >”Oh…okay”
  104. >The ride home is even more silent save for the reruns on the radio
  106. >Years pass
  107. >Get a call from school at your work
  108. >”Excuse me sir, theres no need for alarm, but your daughter appears to be ill…
  109. >gointoalarmmode
  110. >clock out early and sprint to car
  111. >need for speed into traffic, flicking off old laides as you pass them
  112. >Arrive at middle school, drift into parallel parking spot and dash into building and find main office
  113. >Find harpy daughteru with sick expression on her face, slumped in chair clutching her stomach
  114. >One of the staff walks up to you and explains the situation
  115. >She just started having cramps in class and then hyperventilating
  116. >Feel a talon tug on your pants leg
  117. >Turn around to see Harpy Daughteru, looks like shes about to throw up
  118. >”Dad, I just want to go home”
  119. >Dad mode initiate
  120. >Sign her out of school, pick her up princess style and carry her to your car
  121. >Can feel her breathing heavily on your neck
  122. >Strap her into car and bolt home, ask her whats wrong,
  123. >”My stomach feels really funny”
  124. >Start freaking out, ask her what she ate, if she had an allergy attack, drank the milk in the back of the fridge
  125. >”No dad!” She says with a irritated expression. “It hurts…down there.”
  126. >She points with her wing nub to her hips, you notice a slight blush on her face as she points it out
  127. >Oh god no
  128. >Pedal to the medal now
  130. >Park the car and princess carry her inside your house
  131. >Gently place her on the bed, propping pillows up behind her
  132. >”Dad, whats happening to me?” she asks in a light head tone
  133. >Her body is shaking now, slight convulsions as she breaths heavily, groaning loudly
  134. >Get a cloth and wet it, place it on her head, it’s the least you can do
  135. >panic panic panic panic panic
  136. >Brilliant idea pops into your head
  137. >youtube
  138. >hope onto computer and type into youtube
  139. >’how to lay harpy egg’
  140. >Watch first video in play list, skip through some bits but get a general idea
  141. >Return back to harpy daughteru an educated man, tell her that you’re going to help
  142. >She merely nods as her body convulses again
  143. >You pray to every god or demon out there to forgive you for what your about to do next
  144. >You unbutton her jeans and tug them off, pulling her underwear off as well
  145. >Shes panicking, madly blushing and fluttering her wings in your face
  146. >”What the hell are you doing Dad!?”
  147. >Tell her to relax and let whats happening happen
  148. >Get behind her and hug her from behind, one arm wrapped around her while the other massages her pelvis dowands
  149. >Harpy daughter stops struggling and gasps loudly, before relaxing in her arms, her body goes limp as her breathing staggers
  150. >ask her if that helps
  151. >”Y-yeah…working” harpy daughter replies with a hushed tone, her eyes in haze
  152. > Her body suddenly convulses again, she gasps for air
  153. >here it comes
  154. >Pray to the various lords to forgive as you as you spread your own daughter
  155. >egg comes out and plops onto the bed
  156. >the first time is always the hardest, but your harpy daughter is finally growing up
  157. >You’ll have to teach her about her own body and what she needs to do when this happens
  158. >Harpy Daughteru relaxes in your arms, her breathing growing softer
  159. >”Thanks dad…”she whispers as she snuggles up to you
  160. >Make a quip about having scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow
  161. >She elbows you in the stomach
  163. >Some more years pass
  164. >Harpy Daughteru is doing fine in high school
  165. >You try not to pry into her social life but you still worry about her
  166. >Harpy Daughteru comes home with black hair now
  167. >father mode kicks in
  168. >Ask her why she did it and who talked her into it
  169. >Harpy daughter yells at you to mind your own business
  170. >She flutters past you and locks herself in her own room
  171. >let out a heavy sigh
  172. >Harpy daughter is much more distant with you, don’t hang out like you normally did
  173. >kidsgrowup
  174. >Give up and start making dinner, set out an extra plate for her
  175. >sit at the table and patiently wait for her to come out
  176. >an hour passes before you hear a distant rumbling emitting from her room, she finally comes out and sees you sitting at the table with food
  177. >she sits down, you smile at her and prepare to reheat the food again
  178. >She dosnt say anything as you put her plate into the microwave first
  179. >suddenly blurts out
  180. >”I want a dress!” she exclaims loudly at you
  181. >that shocks you
  182. >You ask her why with a bewildered look
  183. >She blushes suddenly, look away as she explains
  184. >”I got invited to prom” she says as a matter of factly
  185. >Did a boy invite you? Begin to wonder where the nearest gun store is
  186. >She looks at you, blushing even more
  187. >”No! My friends invited me! And…I…wanna look pretty…” she says looking solemn tone
  188. >chuckle as you set her plate down before her
  189. >Of course she can have a dress
  190. >Her eyes light up with happiness, tackle hugs into you in an explosion of feathers
  191. >”Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!” she says giddly.
  192. >Make an effort to go dress shopping tomorrow
  193. >Incredibly hard to go find dress for harpy
  194. >Eventually settle on a white knee length party dress, strapless so she can use her wings
  195. >Sets you back but you’d do anything to make your daughteru happy
  196. >Big day finally comes
  197. >She promises to be home by midnight as she flies off to the school
  198. >cant help but have this worrying feeling in your gut
  201. >Only an hour passes
  202. >Get a cell phone call
  203. >Its from Harpy Daughteru
  204. >Answer it and ask her if shes having fun
  205. >”Pick me up now.” She says in an expressionless tone
  206. >Worried, you ask her whats wrong
  207. >”Nothing…I just want to go home now”
  208. >Immediately go into dad mode, hop into car and drive to school
  209. >Find Harpy daughteru sitting on the curb in front of the school , she dosnt say anything as she gets inside the car
  210. >You don’t say anything either, wouldn’t be right to ask
  211. >The two of you eventually arrive home
  212. >She wordly gets out and flutters inside, you can hear her lock the door to her room
  213. >But its impossible not to hear the soft sobbing coming from within
  214. >Decide its necessary break the ultimate taboo
  215. >You pull out a screwdriver from the cupboard and use it to pry open the lock to her door
  216. >You find her curled on her bed, crying softly, the tears already staining her dress
  217. >You sit down next to her quietly, the bed squeaking as you place a hand on her feather wing
  218. >In a whisper you ask what was wrong
  219. >She fights back tears as she answers
  220. >”Nobody would dance with me…I kept falling over….my talons and…nobody would dance with me”
  221. >shes whimpering now
  222. >She never was good at walking on her own two talons, no harpy ever is
  223. >Dad mode still initiated
  224. >You pick up harpy daughteru
  225. >she dosnt fight back as you carry her into the living room
  226. >Shes getting big now
  227. >Gently place her down, put one of her wings your left shoulder and the other in your right hand
  228. >She looks teary eyed at you
  229. >”What are you doing dad?” she asks confused
  230. >You begin to waltz around the room, leading her, the sudden movement suprises her and she clings to you as she tries to keep up
  231. >You don’t utter a sound as you dance with your daughteru, just letting the moment guide you
  232. >Shes stopped crying now, sniffling as she tries to keep up with you, her sharp talons barely missing your legs as you continue to waltz
  233. >You don’t know how long it continues but the two of you eventually begin to slow dance, she seems to be exhausted now and your shirt is covered in tears and snot
  234. >She buries her face into your chest wiping her nose
  235. >”I love you dad…” she says muffled, by your shirt
  236. >You hug her tightly and tell her that you love her too
  237. >She suddenly looks up at you, a panicked expression in her eyes
  238. >”No, I mean I…nevermind” she says changing her mind at the last minute
  239. >You continue to slow dance with her into the night before she finally falls asleep in your arms
  240. >You gingerly tuck her into bed
  241. >If only days like these could last
  245. >Some weeks pass
  246. >Harpy daughteru recovered from prom episode
  247. >She seems distant now, always catch her looking at you from the corner of your eye
  248. >She always pretends that she wasn’t looking at you
  249. >Harpy daughteru a young woman now, adult by harpy standards
  250. >Long black hair, child bearing hips, sizable bust, and wings that would put an eagle to shame
  251. >She hangs around the house now but your beginning to worry about her future
  252. >On your salary, she’d never afford to get into a good college
  253. >it was already hard enough brining her up on your paycheck
  254. >Consider taking out a bank loan for her
  255. >Harpy daughteru comes up to you and asks if she can fly across town to check out a new music store
  256. >You say its fine, that she dosnt even need to ask permission
  257. >She looks at you awkwardly before asking to borrow your credit card so she can buy an animu or whatever she calls it
  258. >think nothing of it and hand her your credit card
  259. >She thanks you before flying out through the window, leaving behind a flurry of feathers, you wish she’d leave through the door like a normal person
  260. >Sweep up the feathers and put them in a box, great way to save on swifter dusters
  261. >Hours pass, eventually you hear the flutter of wings enter you house
  262. >Guess shes home
  263. >Get the wind knocked out of you as you fly across the room, slamming into the wall behind you
  264. >You suddenly find a black talon at your throat
  265. >Its harpy daughteru, the look on her face is a mixture of fear and rage
  266. >”Who the hell are you?! Who do you think you are!?” she says screeching at you, her wings flapping in a fury
  267. >Have no idea whats shes talking about
  268. > the talon goes away so that she can pull out a paper stick out of her jeans, she shoves it into you face
  269. >The words “Paternity Test” are bolded at the very top
  270. >Ohgodshefoundout
  271. >”Who are you!? Did you abduct me from my real family?!” she yells at you
  272. >You try to explain but she keeps going
  273. >”All these years…all these feelings…I thought I was weird. I thought something was wrong with me. That I shouldn’t feel this way towards my own dad. But now I know why it feels like this. It wasn’t even my own fault, you weren’t related to me to begin with.”
  274. >A look of utter horror appears on her face as you digest what shes talking about.
  275. >She picks you up and throws you across the room again as she darts out the window flying into the night
  276. >You don’t waste anytime as you pick yourself up and grab two coats on the way out
  279. >Hop into your car and being to zig zag across the city, keeping one eye on the sky and the other on the road
  280. >a place suddenly comes up in your mind, it’s a long shot but it might work
  281. >turn the car around and begin to head to the heart of the city
  282. >You hope this was a good hunch
  283. >You arrive
  284. >It’s the park
  285. >You used to come here with your harpy daughteru when you were teaching her how to fly
  286. >You’d perch her on your shoulders, talons digging into you skin as she practiced flapping her wings while you ran around like a mad fool making airplane noises
  287. >You still remember the day she first took off on her own
  288. >It was a happy memory
  289. >You hunch pays off, you find a lone figure circling above the park, it hangs lazily in the air riding the cool air currents
  290. >Theres no way she wouldn’t have noticed you
  291. >You park the car and put it in idle, sitting on the hood of your car as wait for her to come down
  292. >It takes a while, but she eventually does, landing some twenty feet away from you
  293. >The headlights cast a fearsome shadow behind her but you keep a calm demeanor
  294. >You have no excuse for yourself, but this wasn’t the place to talk about it
  295. >You calmly proclaim that you could explain everything, but there was no way that you would be able to sleep tonight because you would be spending every waking moment for the rest of your life trying to look for her
  296. >You see her visibly twitch at your bold statement
  297. >You place one of the coats on the ground and tell that that you’d have hot cocoa for when she got home, if she chose to come home
  298. >She dosnt move as she stands there in the cold, watching your car leave
  299. >You don’t take your eyes form your review mirror as you pull away
  300. >You heart feels heavy as you loose sight of her her
  301. >the drive is long back to your house
  302. >no radio, only the sound of an engine
  303. >arrive back home
  304. >Park the car and go inside
  305. >Find Harpy daughteru holding a picture frame
  306. >She looks at you with empty eyes
  307. >"I want to hear everything"
  310. >You nod, keeping a solemn expression as you stride past her
  311. >Part of you is happy that shes home, part of you is still uneasy about revealing the past
  312. >You delve into an unused box, opening up the lid to reveal another box, which you pull out
  313. >You sit down on the couch and motion for harpy daughteru to sit as well
  314. >She hesitates a pained look on her face, but she finally relents and sits on the opposite side of the couch
  315. >You take note of that, and begin opening the box, and pull out its contents
  316. >A collection of blankets and scarfs, molted baby feathers, and cracked egg shells
  317. >Its been ears since you’ve seen this, but Harpy Daughteru seems enthralled by the sight of it
  318. >You hand her one of the larger pieces, harpy daughteru takes it with her talon and carefully inspects it, lost in the mulit colored surface
  319. >You pull out the note, old, faded, but the disctinct handwriting was still there
  320. >messy and scraggly, as if someone had tried to write the message with their feet.
  321. >”Keep her warm”
  322. >Harpy daughteru gasps, dosnt even try to pick up the note, only stares at it
  323. >You begin to explain how you found an egg on your doorstep years ago, with that note attached to it
  324. >You jokingly thought that it was a dragon egg but you were pleasantly surprised when she hatched out of it, at least that’s how you recalled it
  325. >But you always considered her your daughter
  326. >Harpy daughter looks up at you suddenly
  327. >”That’s not the problem” she explains.
  328. >Her feathers of ruffled, shes clearly distressed
  329. >”Ive always had these…feelings about you. Ever since middle school. I thought I was weird. But then I found out you weren’t…my biological dad and the world suddenly became clear.”
  330. >She begins to slide over to you, close, you can feel her feathers tickle your arm now
  331. >”Ever since I found out, I see you more a dad now…I see you as a…man” she says barely getting the words out of her mouth
  332. >Her face is visibly red now, her chest heaving as she tries to control her breathing
  333. >You can feel your own face ridden
  334. >She suddenly turns towards you, looking you dead in the eyes
  335. >You can see the fear in her eyes
  336. >in a shakey voice she asks:
  337. >”So…do you view me as a daughter…or a woman?” she asks hesitantly
  341. >Thousands of thoughts go through your head
  342. >You raised
  343. >You clothed her
  344. >You fed and played with her
  345. >You mind flashes back to the time you first help her lay her egg
  346. >The warm sticky sensation your fingers felt when you parted her
  347. >Why are these memories coming back now?
  348. >She’s still waiting for an answer
  349. >You feel your face move closer to hers
  350. >She inches closer as well, her eyes closing as you feel her warm breath on your lips
  351. >Your lips bush against each others at first, and the two of you begin to kiss softly with each other
  352. >You hear her moan softly as she begins to push against you, trying to devour more of your lips
  353. >You push back, pushing her down on the couch, she dosnt fight back as your tongue licks her lips seeking entrance
  354. >She responds in kind, allowing your tongue to explore her mouth, feeling her teeth and caressing her tongue
  355. >She suddenly breaks away from you, gasping for breath, a pained expression on her face
  356. >You must have done something wrong
  357. >She looks over to her wing, pinned against the couch cushion
  358. >You understand and pick yourself off form her and scoop your arms beneath her, carrying her princess style once again like you did in the old days
  359. >The beaming smile on her face is enough to almost make you burst through the wall to your bedroom room but you opt through the door instead
  360. >All the while she gently nibbles and suckles on your neck
  361. >You place her down on the bed and remount her, straddling her hips as you begin to remove her clothes
  362. >The tank top is pulled easily enough, leaving a trail of feathers behind that drifts slowly in the air ans settling on her nude upper body
  363. >Perfectly rounded peaks greet you, the soft pale flesh is almost luminescent in the dark room
  364. >In the right light she almost looks like an angel
  365. >you begin to feel her writhe between your legs, her back arching as she stares you with lust filled eyes
  366. >”More…please…”She whispers to you in a haze
  367. >You agree to your request, and begin to pull off her jeans, unbuttoning them in quick fashion and pulling them off in one tug
  368. >Shes wearing a black and blue laced thong
  369. >Funny, you never saw those before in the laundry
  370. >”I’ve always had this fantasy…”you hear her say while staring at you
  371. >”That you’d barge into my room one night and just ravage me over and over again…It’ scared me…I thought I was a pervert.” She says, her face flushed red admitting that to you
  372. >Its too much now, you begin to rip your own clothes off and throw them across the room
  373. >Your hardon pops free from your boxers, Harpy daughter gazes at it in awe, could her small framed body take it?
  374. >You pull off her thong off with both hands, rough but not too hard, making sure to avoid tangling them in her talons
  375. >You climb back atop of her, shes shaking beneath you, the adrenaline coursing through her body
  376. >Shes positively soaked, you find it relatively to thrust into enter her
  377. >She lets out loud groan as her body suddenly convulses
  378. >she just came? You havnt even gotten started
  379. >her tongue lolls out of her mouth as she tries to catch her breath from her sudden orgasm but you give no rest
  380. >You begin to thrust into her, hard, each new thrust sending a shock of pleasure through her body
  381. >the sound of her loud moans rivals the sound of you hammering into relentlessly, she wraps her wings around your body, holding onto dear life
  382. >You bite her neck, dragging your tongue across her soft flesh as you continue to pound into her
  383. >She suddenly convulses again, her walls closing hard around your dick, the sudden pressure becomes even too much for you as you release your seed into her
  384. >She throws her head back, a wordless moan escaping her mouth as she shivers beneath you
  385. >You continue pumping you seed into her, powerfully thrusting into her just to hear her moan even more
  386. >”I need….more…please….do me more.” You hear her whisper into her ear, her voice still shaky from her still ongoing orgasm
  387. >You indulge her, long into the night
  388. >By the time you wake up in the morning, it looks like you’d have to replace even the mattress
  389. >You awake to find harpy daughter spooning in your arms, your awkward morning boner planted firmly between her butt cheeks
  390. >You slowly drag your dick across the surface of her skin, but harpy daughteru suddenly clamps her butt around your dick
  391. >She shivers in your arms before turning around to look you in your eyes, her lustful expression still there, clearly still hungry for more
  392. >She leans in close to kiss you again
  393. >”I love you…”
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