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Nicola Parrino

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  1. > Be the cowardly chick.
  3. [color=#FFAE00] Hmph. I… I don’t think I’m that cowardly.  Well, not all the time! There’s nothing wrong with being cautious. I think. [/color]
  5. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/bC1Ki.png[/IMG]
  7. Your name is NICOLA PARRINO, or at least it used to be that. Since orphans don’t really have much of a name to them you simply go by NICO, which actually works!
  8. You’re one of a medium-sized group of sad little homeless kids that work in SERENITY, an airship that functions as a supply transport and a cruise ship.
  9. Though “work” really isn’t the right word for it – more like being forced to live there and do everything the ENGINEER says, because if not, well…
  11. Anyway! You are a simple FIREMAN – the only one in the ship, actually. You shovel coals and wood into the fire to keep the ship going. You even live in the boiler room, with all the soot and smoke and dirt and extreme heat and other things harmful to your health but you don’t mind even if the ENGINEER has ordered you to live there. They have also forbidden you to ever leave the ship with some rare exceptions, which obviously means you don’t get out much.
  13. You’ve only actually left the ship two times, both times having required some super secret mission in which you had to sneak out. Within those two times you managed to get your dirty hands on a cool new STEAMPUTER through various shenanigans. You don’t remember how exactly, but it probably isn’t anything too important.
  14. … erm, hopefully.
  16. But after that incident, you’ve become much more compliant to your guardian’s wishes… or anyone else’s wishes, really. With your shift in personality came the shift in your schedule as well: your time in the boiler room increased, and less time being a simple MAID when there were actual people aboard the ship. Do you mind? Not really, as long as you’re not out there.
  18. Despite your newly obtained wimpy personality, you have a taste of adventure that almost makes you want to sneak out the airship again. [i]Almost.[/i] Instead, you simply PRETEND TO HAVE FUN ADVENTURES by yourself in your room, beating up imaginary monsters with your SHOVELKIND strife specibus. You’re rather fond of this, mainly because it’s both fun and safe. When it’s imaginary, at least you’re guaranteed a win.
  19. … well, you’d hope so, anyway.
  21. Maybe it’s because you’ve worn the same outfit for a very, very long time or because you’re a FEMALE, you really like to PLAY DRESS UP when you have the clothes for it. It goes hand in hand with the whole ‘adventure’ thing. It ENHANCES the experience, or so you believe.
  22. … not to mention that you also kind of like to feel pretty.
  23. Kind of.
  25. Your modus is the STEAM ENGINE, which requires you to incinerate an object to take out another. At the moment, it’s pretty useful since you have a near infinite amount of coal nearby and can just burn those instead of anything actually important. It violently launches the object desired outwards, though, so it requires some careful handling.
  27. Your chaphandle is [color=#FFAE00]sootstainedStoker[/color] and you [color=#FFAE00] don’t really have much confidence in what you say. Sometimes. You think so, anyway. [/color]
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