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  1. --r51 Settings file driven approach
  2. local this={
  3.     --Yes this is a Lua file instead of a settings text file, I am just too lazy to write a Lua I/O read - does that make me a bad programmer? Well that's up for debate but this method saves unnecessary processing to read variables and assign them to a table
  5.     --:READ THIS FIRST!
  7.     --Deleting entries will have the same effect as disabling that feature or may break the game+mod combo
  8.     --To disable a feature, set the toggle to false
  9.     --Variables have to be comma separated! No double commas after the last variable!
  10.     --Adding brand new entries will not do anything at all - they are custom conditions defined by me
  11.     --Multipliers are number based and will have a VANILLA game value of 1, unless specified
  12.     --For multipliers, do not use negative numbers or very large numbers that may result in Lua going over the 16 bit limit. Do not use anything other than a number
  13.     --For all variables, type checks have not been setup so changing to non-number or non-boolean values will definitely break the game+mod combo
  17.     _debug_ENABLE=false, --DEFAULT: false --Enable or disable debug mode. Leads to logging under TUPPM folder in game directory. Hold <DASH> and <RELOAD> at any time to enable debug mode
  18.     _debug_ENABLE_forcePrintLogs=false, --DEFAULT: false --Enables forced logging to work. This is purely for my testing/debugging purposes when I don't want all logs to print i.e. when _debug_ENABLE is false
  19.     _debug_ENABLE_skipMissionAndGoToACC=false, --DEFAULT: false --This will return you to the ACC if you are stuck/facing loading issues in any mission. Use this only if its a game breaking/loading bug
  23.     newGamePlus_ENABLE=true, --DEFAULT: false --Switches the mod to New Game+ mode. *BACKUP YOUR SAVE* before you switch this on! There are no issues but your save state will never be the same!
  26.     --:HELI SETTINGS
  27.     heli_ENABLE_skipRides=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enable to skip heli rides completely
  28.     heli_ENABLE_forceSearchLightAlwaysOn=true, --DEFAULT: true --Force the heli search light to always ON
  29.     heli_ENABLE_heroicMusicOnLeaveMotherbase=false, --DEFAULT: true --Plays the awesome BGM from M2 every time you leave MB via heli
  30.     heli_ENABLE_customLife=true, --DEFAULT: false --Enable to set custom heli health
  31.     heli_lifePoints=9999999, --Set heli health points. heli_ENABLE_customLife has to be true. No idea about vanilla heli life points but less than 8,000 and the heli starts smoking. Min 1
  35.     time_ENABLE_customScale=true, --DEFAULT: false --Enable to allow changing of time scale
  36.     time_clockScale=1, --VANILLA: 20 --Set to 1 to have real time scale. time_ENABLE_customScale has to be true. Set to large values to view a time lapse. Does not time lapse soldiers like the Phantom Cigar however
  37.     time_ENABLE_localComputerTime=false, --DEFAULT: false --time_ENABLE_customScale has to be true. When true, the game's clock will sync with your computer clock. As soon as the Phantom Cigar is finished, time of day will sync to system time so day will turn to night and vice versa!
  41.     hardcore_ENABLE_useCustomSoldierParams=false, --DEFAULT: false --Enable to set custom soldier parameters below. Does not affect FOBs. Below values will only be used when this is true. Will override Hardcore mod settings
  42.     hardcore_maxLife=2600, --VANILLA: 2600 --Soldier torso life. Less than 530 will instant kill. Min 0
  43.     hardcore_maxStamina=3000, --VANILLA: 3000 --Soldier stamina. Min 0
  44.     hardcore_maxLimbLife=1500, --VANILLA: 1500 --Soldier limb life. Less than 530 will instant kill. Min 0
  45.     hardcore_maxArmorLife=7500, --VANILLA: 7500 --ARMOR life. Min 0 --This decides only torso health for ARMORed soldiers, limbs and helmet life for ARMOR is not set via ReloadSoldier2ParameterTables
  46.     hardcore_maxHelmetLife=500, --VANILLA: 500 --Helmet life. Min 0
  47.     hardcore_sleepRecoverSec=300, --VANILLA: 300 --Sleep recovery time. Set to 0 to never wake up
  48.     --NOT USED --hardcore_faintRecoverSec=50, --VANILLA: 50 --Faint recovery time. Does not seem to have any effect sadly :/ STN knockout time seems to be very different for different damage types. Also, a Grade 8 STN shotgun causes much longer KO times than tranq! Did not test thoroughly with other STN weapons. My guess is that STN KO times are longer cause enemies go on alert when they wake up
  49.     hardcore_dyingSec=60, --VANILLA: 60 --Dying time for soldiers when injured. Set to 0 to never die
  50.     hardcore_enemySightScale=0, --VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for soldier sight. Value of 1.5 means 150%. Set to 0 to never be seen, except when using Phantom Cigar
  51.     hardcore_enemySoundScale=0, --VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for soldier noise hearing. Value of 1.5 means 150%. Set to 0 to never be heard
  55.     weapons_ENABLE_useCustomWeaponsSettings=true, --DEFAULT: false --Enable to use custom weapon settings below. Will override Hardcore mod settings
  56.     weapons_infiniteSuppressorsValue=-1, --VANILLA: -1 --When -1 suppressors are infinite. Set to 60 to change all vanilla infinite suppressors to break after 60 shots. If you are setting this to 0, you would want to set weapons_normalSuppressorMultiplier to 0 as well. Changes may not be reflected mid mission. Min -1
  57.     weapons_normalSuppressorMultiplier=-1, --VANILLA: 1 --Set to -1 to set infinite suppressors(very huge values have the same effect). Set to 0 to remove suppressors. Set to 2 to have two times stronger suppressors and so on. Changes may not be reflected mid mission. Min -1
  58.     weapons_totalAmmoMultiplier=0,  --VANILLA: 1 --Set to 0 for infinite ammo(very huge values have the same effect). Set to 2 to double the total weapon ammo. Set to the value 0.71428571428571428571428571428571 for best effect. Changes may not be reflected mid mission. Min 0
  59.     weapons_supportAmmoMultiplier=0, --VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for support weapons and items ammo. Best value is 0.4. Set to 0 for infinite(large values have same effect). Min 0
  60.     weapons_supportMagazineValue=-1, --VANILLA: -1 --Set the amount of spare magazines you want. -1 or 0 means infinite. Affects FOBs! Min -1
  61.     weapons_damageMultiplier=999, --VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for all kinds of damage! Set to 999 to max all weapon damage. Set to 0 to remove all bullet damage(Lethal headshots no longer work, Non lethal headshots still work though). A fail safe has been added to ensure damage lies between 0 and 65535. Min 0
  62.     weapons_weaponSwayMultiplier=0.1, --VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for weapons sway/accuracy in Third person/ADS mode. Best value to remove sway(max accuracy) is 0.1. When set to 0, bullet drop effect of lethal weapons is not shown but still exists. Set to more than 1 to increase sway(or decrease accuracy). Min 0
  65.     --CAMO SETTINGS
  66.     camo_ENABLE_useCustomCamoSettings=true, --DEFAULT: false --Enable to use custom camo settings below. Will override Hardcore mod settings
  67.     camo_camoIndexValue=2000, --VANILLA: 50 --Camouflage index. TBH changing this seems to have little to no effect if the value is between 0 and 100. A value like 1000 will hide u in plain sight provided u have the right camo! But if they hear you, they will eventually see you. 2000 will ensure they do not even see u sprinting. Min 0
  71.     res_gmpSmallDiamondMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 3, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for small diamonds GMP
  72.     res_gmpLargeDiamondMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 3, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for large diamonds GMP
  73.     res_gmpMissionsMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 2, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for missions GMP
  74.     res_gmpSideOpsMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 2, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for side-ops GMP
  75.     res_gmpPostersMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 5, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for posters GMP
  76.     --NOT USED --res_BaseExtractingTimeMinuteMultiplier=1, --DEFAULT: 1, VANILLA: 1 --THIS IS UNUSED. It should reduce the resource mining time but any value less than 1 seems to stops resource mining entirely! Min 0. Feel free to test!
  77.     res_fuelResourceMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 10, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for fuel collectibles
  78.     res_minorMetalMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 20, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for minor metal collectibles
  79.     res_parasitesMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 100, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for parasites secured from each SKULLS
  80.     res_plantResourceMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 25, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for plant collectibles
  81.     res_preciousMetalMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 100, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for precious metal collectibles
  82.     res_autoMiningAmountsMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 5, VANILLA: 1 --Automatic resource mining reward multiplier. Min 0
  83.     res_bioticResourceMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 10, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for biotic collectibles
  84.     res_containerRedMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 10, VANILLA: 1 --Resource multiplier for red containers. Min 0
  85.     res_containerWhiteMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 10, VANILLA: 1 --Resource multiplier for white containers. Min 0
  86.     res_containerYellowMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 10, VANILLA: 1 --Resource multiplier for yellow containers. FOBs only(I think, maybe wrong) but you are not supposed to play online with mods anyway! Min 0
  87.     res_combatSectionAutoGmpMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 2, VANILLA: 1 --Automatic combat deployment GMP reward multiplier. Min 0
  88.     res_commonMetalMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 100, VANILLA: 1 --Multiplier for common metal collectibles
  89.     res_containerProcessingAmountsMultiplier=5000, --DEFAULT: 10, VANILLA: 1 --Container resource reward multiplier. Min 0
  90.     res_containerProcessingTimeMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 0.2, VANILLA: 1 --Container processing time multiplier. Min 0
  91.     res_ENABLE_additionalMissionCompletionRewards=true, --DEFAULT: true --Receive a fixed amount of resources based on mission clear rank
  92.     res_ENABLE_doNotReduceFultonedContainerResources=true, --DEFAULT: true --Containers fultoned repeatedly in certain missions do not give reduced resources. Seems to be for mission specific containers only like in M12
  93.     res_ENABLE_doNotReduceMissionGMPReward=true, --DEFAULT: true --Mission GMP reward is not reduced upon completing a mission multiple times
  94.     res_ENABLE_instantRepopOfCollectibles=true, --DEFAULT: true --Instantly repopulate collectibles in the game world. This includes diamonds, processed resources and plants
  98.     mtbs_ENABLE_randomMBStaffOutfits=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allow MB staff to use different outfits from Tiger stripe camo, Sneaking Suit and BattleDress
  99.     mtbs_ENABLE_alwaysUseSwimsuitsOnMB=false, --DEFAULT: false --Always use swimsuit on MB for Staff. mtbs_ENABLE_randomMBStaffOutfits has to be true
  100.     mtbs_ENABLE_outfitRandomizationOnCheckpointReload=true, --DEFAULT: true --Randomizes DD Outfits on checkpoint reloads to be in sync with faces, names and guns. mtbs_ENABLE_randomMBStaffOutfits has to be true
  101.     mtbs_ENABLE_extraSoldiersOnMB=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allow extra soldiers on MB
  102.     mtbs_totalStaffCountOnEachMBCluster=36, --DEFAULT: 36, VANILLA: 18 --Sets the total staff per MB cluster. Min 18(vanilla), Max 36. mtbs_ENABLE_extraSoldiersOnMB has to be true
  103.     mtbs_ENABLE_moreFemalesOnMB=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allows more females on MB cluster. Min will always be 2(vanilla)
  104.     mtbs_ENABLE_staffOnMBQFAfterCapture=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allows staff to show up on Quarantine platform after SKULLS/MOF have been captured
  105.     mtbs_ENABLE_mixedStaffForMBQF=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allow staff from all units on Quarantine platform and allow females as well. Vanilla game only uses staff from Security team
  106.     mtbs_ENABLE_lethalWeaponsOnMB=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allows lethal weapons on MB and Quarantine platform
  107.     mtbs_ENABLE_moreSaluteDialogue=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables more salute dialogue by not disabling salutes due to story progress
  108.     mtbs_ENABLE_randomShifts=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables frequent staff patrol shifts on MB
  109.     mtbs_ENABLE_unlockFOBGoalDoors=true, --DEFAULT: true --Unlocks FOB Goal Doors on MB
  110.     mtbs_ENABLE_theBratDidntReallyStealSahelan=true, --DEFAULT: true --Always show Sahelanthropus
  111.     mtbs_ENABLE_bbPostersOnMB=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enable BB Posters on MB even after beating M43
  112.     mtbs_bbPostersChance=1, --DEFAULT: 0.15 --Percentage(%) chance for BB posters to show up even after beating M43. Fractional value between 0 and 1. Min 0(vanilla), Max 1. mtbs_ENABLE_bbPostersOnMB has to be true
  113.     mtbs_dDogMovementRadius=3000, --DEFAULT: 3000, VANILLA: 45 --Set how far DD can follow you on MB. Min 45(vanilla), Max 3000(enough to cover all 7 clusters)
  114.     mtbs_ENABLE_maxStaffMorale=true, --DEFAULT: false --When enabled staff morale will always be maxed out. Never be bothered by dropping morale :)
  118.     rev_ENABLE_maxRevengeAlways=true, --DEFAULT: true --Max all revenge levels always. If rev_ENABLE_maxRevengeLvlLimitFromStart is true then all revenge levels will be maxed out irrespective of story sequence. If rev_ENABLE_maxRevengeLvlLimitFromStart is false then revenge levels will be maxed as much as the current story sequence allows
  119.     rev_ENABLE_maxRevengeLvlLimitFromStart=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enable max revenge level(6 - this is an index! Each revenge type has varying number of levels) irrespective of story progress
  120.     rev_ENABLE_customModRevengeProfile=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enable custom mod based revenge profile. This changes the vanilla revenge settings and also adds a lot of randomization
  121.     rev_ENABLE_customModAbilitiesProfile=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enable custom mod based abilities profile. All soldier attack and defense abilities are maxed out. Fulton shooting ability is varied from soldier to soldier for better balance, instead of having them always shoot down the balloon. If rev_ENABLE_maxRevengeAlways is true, then I suggest to make this true as well
  122.     rev_ENABLE_powersForLRRPAndGuardposts=true, --DEFAULT: true --LRRP and Guardpost soldiers have revenge applied to them as well. rev_ENABLE_customModRevengeProfile has to be true
  123.     rev_ENABLE_weaponCombos=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables new weapon combos. Allows weapon combos not available in vanilla game
  124.     rev_ENABLE_weaponsVariety=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables weapon variety. Allows different weapons for each weapon type
  125.     rev_ENABLE_allWeaponsInRestrictedMissions=true, --DEFAULT: true --Removes weapon restrictions from certain missions
  126.     rev_ENABLE_ARMORInExtraMissions=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allow use of ARMORed soldiers in free roam and certain missions
  127.     rev_freeMissionARMORCountPerOutpost=2, --DEFAULT: 2 --Min 0(vanilla), Max 4. Is slightly buggy when playing around in free roam for long periods of time. Quit to title screen and continue to fix missing ARMOR/collision issues. rev_ENABLE_ARMORInExtraMissions has to be true
  128.     rev_ENABLE_allMinefields=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enable all mine fields around an outpost
  129.     rev_ENABLE_2ndStrongestMines=true, --DEFAULT: true --All mine fields have the 2nd strongest mines. Strongest mines cannot be marked by D-Dog
  130.     rev_ENABLE_strongerGrenades=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables strongest grenade type to be used by enemy soldiers
  131.     rev_ENABLE_moreChatDialogue=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables more chat dialogue by not disabling chats due to story progress
  132.     rev_ENABLE_minOutRevengePoints=false, --DEFAULT: false --Reset revenge points to 0. This is a one time setting and you do not want it enabled all the time!
  133.     rev_ENABLE_maxOutRevengePoints=false, --DEFAULT: false --Max out all revenge points. This is a one time setting and you do not want it enabled all the time!
  134.     rev_ENABLE_maxReinforceCalls=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables 99 reinforcement calls during combat alert. 99 calls will never really be hit as the game has some check to prevent unlimited reinforcement calls. Does not require any other revenge settings to work
  138.     reinforce_ENABLE_customModRevengeProfile=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enable custom mod based revenge for reinforcements
  139.     reinforce_ENABLE_redReinforceHeli=false, --DEFAULT: true --Reinforce heli is RED - strongest heli type
  140.     reinforce_ENABLE_reinforcementsWithHeli=false, --DEFAULT: true --Will spawn reinforcements with the reinforce heli call
  141.     reinforce_ENABLE_ARMORedReinforcements=false, --DEFAULT: true --Allows reinforcements to be ARMORed. reinforce_ENABLE_customModRevengeProfile has to be true
  145.     phase_ENABLE_alwaysAlertCPs=false, --DEFAULT: false --When true combat alerts will be triggered constantly for nearby CPs.
  149.     wildcard_ENABLE=false, --DEFAULT: true --Use wild card soldiers in missions and free roam. May separate the two at a later time
  153.     routes_ENABLE_shuffle=true, --DEFAULT: true --Shuffles routes for enemies soldiers as well as MB staff. No more 'sniper-here-ARMOR-there' on playing a mission at the same time of day. Also sends the base into disarray when a caution alert is triggered
  157.     game_DISABLE_missionRankRestrictions=true, --DEFAULT: true --Disables rank being restricted on the use of Stealth Camo, Fulton Launcher, Parasites, Infinity Bandanna, High Grade Sneaking Suit/Battledress, Heli support, Fire support
  158.     game_ENABLE_autoMarking=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables auto marking. Auto marking increments mark counter for all objects except animals and except the in mission re-marking counter for disappearing SKULLS snipers/Quiet
  159.     game_ENABLE_autoMarkWithoutSRank=true, --DEFAULT: false --Enables auto marking even if Intel Unit Scouting Function is not S rank. game_ENABLE_autoMarking has to be true
  160.     game_ENABLE_armoredVehiclesAndTanksInFreeRoam=true, --DEFAULT: true --APCs and Tanks are seen in free roam
  161.     game_ENABLE_hideCredits=true, --DEFAULT: true --In game credits are not shown. Removes cutscene credits as well. May separate the two later
  162.     game_ENABLE_highRankingSoldiersInTheField=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables S++ and S+ soldiers in the field as average base unit level increases
  163.     game_ENABLE_clearCompletedTasksDuringMission=true, --DEFAULT: true --Clears mission tasks during a mission so they do not appear grayed out. They will look like incompleted onjectives.
  164.     game_ENABLE_mbMoraleBoost=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allow MB morale boost from time to time
  165.     game_ENABLE_noWaitAfterLoadingScreen=true, --DEFAULT: true --No need to hit SPACE to start a mission after loading. _debug_ENABLE will override this however
  166.     game_ENABLE_awardHonorMedalToStaff=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allow Honor Medal to be awarded to DD staff if a mission is S ranked with no kills and no alerts when playing as a staff member
  167.     game_ENABLE_fastHeliPulloutDuringFreeRoamAlert=true, --DEFAULT: true --If an alert has been triggered during free roam, the heli will pull out with a 1 second(minimum possible) delay as you get into it
  168.     game_ENABLE_realTimeSpySearch=true,  --DEFAULT: true --Enable real time, highly accurate spy search for Intel A/S Rank Scouting Unit Function for Intel Unit. game_ENABLE_autoMarking should be false for effect to be seen on iDroid map
  169.     game_ENABLE_repopRadioCassettesInGameWorld=true, --DEFAULT: true --All radios in the game world are repopulated with cassette tapes so that the world feels a bit more lively. This seems a little off and may not always work for a reason I haven't tracked down yet
  170.     game_ENABLE_resetAllGimmicks=true, --DEFAULT: true --Gimmicks like cargo containers, guard towers, AA guns, mortars, machine guns etc etc are reset between missions. May separate this into individual categories in the future
  171.     game_timeToLittleChickenHatReuse=(24*60)*60, --DEFAULT: (24*60)*60 --Decides time(in seconds) before little chicken hat can be used again. Min 1 second, Max 1 day(vanilla). Current value is 1 day
  172.     game_ENABLE_missionFailureOnCombatAlert=false, --DEFAULT: false --Enables instant mission failure on combat alert
  173.     game_ENABLE_ignoreFreePlayForMissionFailureOnCombatAlert=true, --DEFAULT: true --When set to true, ignore free play from instant mission failure when game_ENABLE_missionFailureOnCombatAlert is set to true
  176.     --:UI SETTINGS
  177.     ui_disableHeadMarkers=false, --DEFAULT: false --Disables head markers for soldiers etc
  178.     ui_disableXrayMarkers=false, --DEFAULT: false --Disables X-Ray effect for soldiers so you cannot sense them through solid objects. Changing this effect requires a checkpoint reload
  179.     ui_disableWorldMarkers=false, --DEFAULT: false --Disables world markers etc
  180.     ui_disableAnnounceLog=false, --DEFAULT: false --Disables announce log completely. While re-enabling this, the message for TUPPM settings being reloaded will not appear
  184.     mbBaseDev_gmpMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 1, VANILLA: 1  --Base dev GMP multiplier
  185.     mbBaseDev_resourceMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 1, VANILLA: 1  --Base dev resources multiplier
  186.     mbBaseDev_ENABLE_buildTimeOverride=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allow changing base dev time
  187.     mbBaseDev_fixedBuildTime=0, --DEFAULT: 10 --Set a fixed time for base platform development. mbBaseDev_ENABLE_buildTimeOverride has to be true. Min 0
  188.   mbBaseDev_ENABLE_maxOfflineMBStafflimits=true, --DEFAULT: false --Set to true to exceed offline MB unit limits to accommodate 700 staff under each unit for a fully built MB. Should be used only if you are playing offline and do not own FOBs at all
  191.     mbSup_enemySoldierEnmityMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 0, VANILLA:1 --This sets the multiplier for the brig time it takes for captured soldiers to convert to DD Staff. Anything higher than 1 will increase the vanilla game brig time significantly! Safe values are between 0 and 1. Min 0
  192.     mbSup_medBayTreatmentTimeMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 0.5, VANILLA:1 --Med bay treatment time multiplier. Min 0
  193.     mbSup_supportAttackGmpMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 0.25, VANILLA:1 --Support strike GMP multiplier. Min 0
  196.     --:EQUIP DEV SETTINGS
  197.     development_gmpMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 1, VANILLA: 1 --Dev GMP multiplier
  198.     development_resourceMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 1, VANILLA: 1  --Dev resources multiplier
  199.     development_timeMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 0, VANILLA:1 --Multiplier for equipment development time. Anything higher than 1 will increase the vanilla game development time significantly! Safe values are between 0 and 1. Min 0
  200.     development_ENABLE_reduceUnitLvlReq=true, --DEFAULT: false --Reduce dev unit level requirements to 1
  201.     development_ENABLE_removeSpecialEquipDevReq=true, --DEFAULT: false --Removes special requirements from equip dev like Tranq Specialist etc
  205.     deployment_gmpMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 0.25, VANILLA:1 --Multiplier for deployment GMP costs. Anything higher than 1 will increase the vanilla game deployment GMP costs significantly! Safe values are between 0 and 1. Min 0
  206.     deployment_resourceMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 0.25, VANILLA:1 --Multiplier for deployment resource costs. Anything higher than 1 will increase the vanilla game deployment resource costs significantly! Safe values are between 0 and 1. Min 0
  210.     dispatch_ENABLE_highRankStaffRewards=true, --DEFAULT: true --Dispatch missions will give S++, S+ staff as reward
  211.     dispatch_ENABLE_ignoreBlockedForRevengeDispatchMissions=true, --DEFAULT: true --Ignores that a revenge type is blocked and still shows it's dispatch mission
  212.     dispatch_missionsGmpMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 2, VANILLA:1 --Dispatch mission GMP reward multiplier. Min 0
  213.     dispatch_resourceDrawCountMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 2, VANILLA:1 --Dispatch mission resource amount multiplier. Min 0
  214.     dispatch_staffDrawCountMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 2, VANILLA:1 --Dispatch mission staff amount multiplier. Min 0
  215.     dispatch_staffHitRateMultiplier=0, --DEFAULT: 2, VANILLA:1 --Dispatch mission staff % chance multiplier. Min 0
  216.     dispatch_ENABLE_customNormalMissionsTimes=true, --DEFAULT: true --If true, normal dispatch mission times can be controlled below
  217.     dispatch_normalMissionsTimeFixed=0, --DEFAULT: 1 -- Min 0
  218.     dispatch_normalMissionsTimeRandom=0, --DEFAULT: 19 -- Min 0
  219.     dispatch_ENABLE_customRevengeMissionsTimes=true, --DEFAULT: true --If true, revenge blocking dispatch mission times can be controlled below
  220.     dispatch_revengeMissionsTimeFixed=0, --DEFAULT: 0 -- Min 0
  221.     dispatch_revengeMissionsTimeRandom=0, --DEFAULT: 0 -- Min 0
  225.     player_ENABLE_avatarWithoutBeatingM46=true, --DEFAULT: true --Unlocks Avatar from the start without having to complete M46
  226.     player_ENABLE_avatarInM1WhenPlayingNewGame=false, --DEFAULT: false --When playing a new game, start M1 with Avatar instead of Snake
  227.     player_ENABLE_disablingFultonOption=true, --DEFAULT: true --Fulton disabling device is optional. When 'No Fulton Device' is equipped you cannot fulton anything. If set to true and playing a new game, remember to switch to the Grade 1 Balloon Fulton at least once to enable fultoning
  228.     player_ENABLE_additionalNoneWeaponSlots=true, --DEFAULT: true --Adds NONE slots for Primary Hip and Secondary weapons. Do not use these NONE slots on FOBs!
  229.     player_ENABLE_ddSoldiersInCutscenes=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allows use of DD soldiers and Avatar in all cutscenes
  230.     player_ENABLE_ddSoldiersForM2andM43=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allows use of DD soldiers and Avatar for M2 and M43
  231.     player_ENABLE_autoAcquirePerishableCassettes=true, --DEFAULT: true --Perishable tapes will be automatically added to your cassette player between missions provided M31 has been completed
  232.     player_ENABLE_equipmentDropping=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allows dropping of weapons and support items. Hold <AIM> + <TOGGLE FLASHLIGHT> for 2 seconds
  233.     player_ENABLE_keepWeaponsBetweenFreeMissionTransitions=true, --DEFAULT: true --Keep weapons between free roam to missions and vice versa
  234.     player_ENABLE_missionPrepForMoreMissions=true, --DEFAULT: true --Allows sortie prep for all missions except M0 and M46. Enables buddy, vehicle and time selection for certain missions
  235.     player_ENABLE_refreshBloodyEffectBetweenMissions=true, --DEFAULT: false --Refreshes the player between missions to easily get rid of bloody effect.  Does not remove flies effect though!
  236.     player_ENABLE_refreshFliesBetweenMissions=true, --DEFAULT: true --Refreshes the player between missions to easily get rid of flies. Does not remove blood effect though! Also removes player health penalty
  237.     player_ENABLE_stopRadioWhenPlayingCassette=true, --DEFAULT: true --Stops all radio calls when playing a cassette tape
  238.     player_ENABLE_demonPointsManipViaZoo=true, --DEFAULT: true --Kill animals at the Zoo to gain 86,000 demon points each. Fulton a single animal at the Zoo to reset demon points to 0
  239.     player_ENABLE_customHealth=true, --DEFAULT: false --Enable to change player health. Works even when disabling cheat mode. Does not affect FOBs
  240.     player_customHealthPoints=50410, --VANILLA: 6000 --Min 1(LOL - have fun), Max 50410(max possible without breaking 16 bit overflow with the game's health modifiers). player_ENABLE_customHealth has to be true. Does not affect FOBs
  244.     tool_bioArm_activeSonar=3, --DEFAULT: 3 --Change the active sonar arm upgrade levels. Range 0-3. Hand upgrades must be developed or will not equip
  245.     tool_bioArm_mobility=3, --DEFAULT: 3 --Change the mobility arm upgrade levels. Range 0-3. Hand upgrades must be developed or will not equip
  246.     tool_bioArm_precision=3, --DEFAULT: 3 --Change the precision arm upgrade levels. Range 0-3. Hand upgrades must be developed or will not equip
  247.     tool_bioArm_medical=3, --DEFAULT: 3 --Change the medical arm upgrade levels. Range 0-3. Hand upgrades must be developed or will not equip
  248.     tool_intScope=4, --DEFAULT: 4 --Change the intScope upgrade levels. Range 1-4. IntScope upgrades must be developed or will not equip
  249.     tool_iDroid=4, --DEFAULT: 4 --Change the iDroid upgrade levels. Range 1-4. iDroid upgrades must be developed or will not equip
  252.     --:BUDDY SETTINGS
  253.     buddy_ENABLE_setCustomPoints=true, --DEFAULT: false --Enable to set buddy points from below. Range 0 to 100. Negative or values over 100 will max bond
  254.     buddy_ddBondPoints=999, --Set D-Dog's bond points
  255.     buddy_dHorseBondPoints=999, --Set D-Horse's bond points
  256.     buddy_quietBondPoints=999, --Set Quiet's bond points
  259.     --:CAMERA SETTINGS
  260.     camera_ENABLE_customSettings=false, --DEFAULT: false --Enables customized camera. Has to be true if you want to enable custom camera settings via camera_settingsTable
  261.     camera_settingsTable={
  262.         offset=Vector3(-0.3,0.7,0), --VANILLA: Vector3(-0.3,0.7,0) --Camera offset from Snake. (X,Y,Z) --X: +ve moves horizontally left, -ve moves horizontally right. Default is negative value(-0.65 I think) --Y is height: +ve moves vertically up, -ve moves vertically down(but will never go below the floor) --Z: +ve moves horizontally up, -ve moves horizontally down
  263.         distance=5.1, --VANILLA: 5.1 --Camera distance from Snake
  264.         focalLength=21, --VANILLA: 21 --Should not be zero! How much to focus in on the target point
  265.         focusDistance=8.75, --VANILLA: 8.75 --If 0, blur is removed. Higher values set blur distance farther from the screen
  266.         aperture = 1.6, --VANILLA: 1.6 --If 0, blur is removed. Higher values reduce blur
  267.         targetInterpTime=0, --VANILLA: 0 --Time taken for camera to acquire new pos
  268.         targetIsPlayer=true, --VANILLA: true --Sets whether camera target is player or not
  269.         target=Vector3(2,10,10), --VANILLA: Vector3(2,10,10) --When targetIsPlayer is false, the camera targets these co-ords. Diving breaks this camera as focus goes back to Snake. Can be set to Vector3(vars.playerPosX,vars.playerPosY,vars.playerPosZ)
  270.         ignoreCollisionGameObjectName="Player", --No idea what this does
  271.         rotationLimitMinX=-60, --VANILLA: -60 --Lower vertical rotation, Min should ideally be -90. Lower values will rotate camera further
  272.         rotationLimitMaxX=80, --VANILLA: 80 --Upper vertical rotation, Max should ideally be +90. Higher values will rotate camera further
  273.         alphaDistance=.5, --VANILLA: .5 --Distance from cam Snake starts to disappear. This is not in meters unlike all other distance/offset values
  274.     },
  278.     startup_ENABLE_autoSavePopUpSkip=true, --DEFAULT: true --Skip the auto save pop-up during game startup
  279.     startup_ENABLE_loginSkip=true, --DEFAULT: true --Skip the login during game startup
  280.     startup_ENABLE_reattempLogin=false, --DEFAULT: false --Re-attempt login during startup till logged into servers
  281.     startup_maxReloginAttempts=5, --DEFAULT: 5 --Number of tries to re-attempt login
  282.     startup_ENABLE_logosSkip=true, --DEFAULT: true --Skip logos during game startup
  286.     menu_DISABLE_checkpointReloadOption=true, --DEFAULT: true --Disable checkpoint option in pause menu
  287.     menu_ENABLE_restartOptionForFreeRoam=false, --DEFAULT: false --Add restart option to free roam pause menu. Not very useful unless debugging
  288.     menu_ENABLE_restartOptionForZooAndMBQF=true, --DEFAULT: true --Add restart option to Zoo and MBQF pause menu. Not very useful unless debugging
  291.     --:CHEATS SETTINGS
  292.     cheats_ENABLE=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enables cheat mode. Super Health(plus removes damage and damage collision completely), Infinite ammo, Infinite suppressors, Infinite fultons and Player Warping. Hold <AIM>, <RADIO CALL> and <QUICK DIVE> for 2 seconds to activate cheat mode - hold again to deactivate. Remember to reactivate after loading checkpoints/missions
  293.     cheats_ENABLE_cheatsAlwaysOn=true, --DEFAULT: false --Always start the game with cheats already enabled. cheats_ENABLE has to be true. This setting makes my life easier when debugging/testing
  294.     cheats_DISABLE_godMode=false, --DEFAULT: false --Disable God mode settings if you do not want them - this includes infinite health, no damage reaction and infinite ammo
  295.     cheats_ENABLE_wormholeWarping=false, --DEFAULT: true --Hold <CALL> + <ACTION> for 0.25 seconds to warp to last placed marker. If set to true, warping will use the wormhole effect. When false warping will be instantaneous
  296.     cheats_wormholeWarpOutHeight=3, --DEFAULT: 3 --Set the height for wormhole warp-out. 3 is a decent number and ensures you do not clip through the floor. Min 0
  297.     cheats_ENABLE_quickSaveAnywhere=false, --DEFAULT: false --Hold <CALL> + <RELOAD> for 0.25 seconds to save the game anywhere while in game. BACKUP your save before you try this everywhere as it may cause issues.  Cannot save during cutscenes or certain missions. This is for my debugging. cheats_ENABLE has to be true
  300.     --:WEATHER SETTINGS
  301.     weather_ENABLE_customSettings=true, --DEFAULT: true --Enable setting custom weather, like rain in Afghanistan and sandstorms in Africa. Does not affect FOBs. This has to be true for ALL of the duration/probability settings to take effect
  302.     weather_ENABLE_keepCurrentWeatherBetweenTransitions=true, --DEFAULT: true --Sandstorm or Fog is not cleared between mission transitions. Does not affect FOBs
  303.     weather_ENABLE_randomDurations=true, --DEFAULT: true --Randomize weather durations to mod's settings. Has to be false for custom weather durations below to take effect
  304.     weather_ENABLE_randomProbabilities=true, --DEFAULT: true --Randomize weather probabilities to mod's settings. Has to be false for custom weather probabilities below to take effect
  305.     weather_ENABLE_wildWeatherMode=false, --DEFAULT: false --Enables wild weather! weather_ENABLE_customSettings has to be true. This settings allows for slightly more control over special weather types. Basically, special weather types can be made to start a little after or as the mission starts. Ignores weather_ENABLE_randomDurations and weather_ENABLE_randomProbabilities
  306.     weather_ENABLE_startMissionWithWildWeather=false, --DEFAULT: false --Start the mission/demo with preferred weather type. weather_ENABLE_customSettings and weather_ENABLE_wildWeatherMode have to be true. Set custom durations and probabilities to have it always rain for example. Some missions/demos force weather types at certain times/events
  309.     --These are time values, min is 0
  310.     weatherDur_sunnyMIN = 0, --hours. VANILLA: 8
  311.     weatherDur_sunnyMAX = 0, --hours. VANILLA: 5
  312.     weatherDur_cloudyMIN = 0, --hours. VANILLA: 3
  313.     weatherDur_cloudyMAX = 0, --hours. VANILLA: 5
  314.     weatherDur_sandstormMIN = 0, --minutes. VANILLA: 13
  315.     weatherDur_sandstormMAX = 0, --minutes. VANILLA: 20
  316.     weatherDur_rainyMIN = 0, --hours. VANILLA: 1
  317.     weatherDur_rainyMAX = 0, --hours. VANILLA: 2
  318.     weatherDur_foggyMIN = 0, --minutes. VANILLA: 13
  319.     weatherDur_foggyMAX = 0, --minutes. VANILLA: 20
  322.     --These are percentage(%) values and for an area should equate to 100 for best balance, min is 0
  323.     --Normal weather types and special weather types are grouped separately for each area
  324.     --Normal weather types
  325.     weatherProb_afghSunny = 0, --VANILLA: 80
  326.     weatherProb_afghCloudy = 0, --VANILLA: 20
  327.     weatherProb_mafrSunny = 0, --VANILLA: 70
  328.     weatherProb_mafrCloudy = 0, --VANILLA: 30
  329.     weatherProb_mtbsSunny = 0, --VANILLA: 80
  330.     weatherProb_mtbsCloudy = 0, --VANILLA: 20
  331.     --Special weather types
  332.     weatherProb_afghSandstorm = 0, --VANILLA: 100
  333.     weatherProb_afghRainy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  334.     weatherProb_afghFoggy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  335.     weatherProb_mafrSandstorm = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  336.     weatherProb_mafrRainy = 0, --VANILLA: 100
  337.     weatherProb_mafrFoggy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  338.     weatherProb_mtbsSandstorm = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  339.     weatherProb_mtbsRainy = 0, --VANILLA: 50
  340.     weatherProb_mtbsFoggy = 0, --VANILLA: 50
  341.     --Helispace
  342.     weatherProb_afghHeliSandstorm = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  343.     weatherProb_afghHeliRainy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  344.     weatherProb_afghHeliFoggy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  345.     weatherProb_mafrHeliSandstorm = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  346.     weatherProb_mafrHeliRainy = 0, --VANILLA: 100
  347.     weatherProb_mafrHeliFoggy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  348.     weatherProb_mtbsHeliSandstorm = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  349.     weatherProb_mtbsHeliRainy = 0, --VANILLA: 100
  350.     weatherProb_mtbsHeliFoggy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  351.     --Afgh No Sandstorm specially handled
  352.     weatherProb_afghNOSANDSTORMSandstorm = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  353.     weatherProb_afghNOSANDSTORMRainy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  354.     weatherProb_afghNOSANDSTORMFoggy = 0, --VANILLA: 0
  357. --:NEW
  359. }
  360. return this
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