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Dec 12th, 2019
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  1. [b][u]Left as is:[/u][/b][size=11]
  2. @7273863 - Bubamg#0000 - The top left platform is quite hard to reach as it requires a corner-jump from the platform to its right or a lucky jump from the ground below. If a lower skilled player is a vampire, it would be almost impossible for them to get to the mice. Overall, the map just requires a lot of running and a few simple jumps, making it really hard for the vampires to infect anyone.
  3. @7132150 - Pacisus#0000 - Firstly, scroll maps are highly not recommended because the map becomes significantly bigger which makes it harder for the vampires to infect the mice. As the mice are provided more space to move around. Secondly, the map itself is quite hard and tedious for the vampires as there are too many platforms and easier evasions due to the water grounds, resulting in minimal/no wall-jumping. Overall, the map would not work in survivor.
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  6. [b][u]Will be discussed:[/u][/b][size=11]
  7. None
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  10. [b][u]Ignored:[/u][/b][size=11]
  11. @7619276 - Trexexjc#0000 - Posted more than 2 maps ([url=]#4568[/url])
  12. @7518278 - Trexexjc#0000 - Posted more than 2 maps ([url=]#4568[/url])
  13. @7518299 - Trexexjc#0000 - Posted more than 2 maps ([url=]#4568[/url])
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