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Jun 3rd, 2018
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  1. Q: Why is this thread here instead of /tv/?
  2. A: A Couple reasons:
  3. -this kind of thread would not survive on /tv/ - people are too few and post too rare. /jp/ has a more suitable tempo for this.
  4. -this thread fits the theme of otaku culture
  5. -If you have something that can have its own successful thread, go and make it (there are Gaki threads from time to time, you could make a Kurosawa thread on /tv/ etc.)
  6. -If your post would fit some other thread (idol shows for example) you can post it there.
  8. Q: Is 'x' subbed?
  9. A: First google it yourself and check here and on
  11. Q: Where do you download your series with subs?
  12. A: kissasian - all subbed,
  13. - stream and download, both eng sub and raw, so you gotta check beforehand,
  14. - also both sub and raw,
  15. - site has most of the newer dramas subbed that kissasian, etc doesn't have,
  16. - collection of mostly older stuff,
  17. - if you are looking for softsubs,
  19. Additonally look here:
  20. It's old, but most of it is still relevant and should get you started.
  22. Q: Is there some kind of list of recommendations?
  23. A: We are working on it, recommendations are welcome. Current state of events:
  25. Q: Any links or streams where I can watch Japanese channels?
  26. A: Sites are going down one after the other. You can try or fujitv (If you create an acc you can watch 1 day for free and you can keep making infinite accounts or you could just use the script which removes the warning message to pay for the subscription and keep watching without making any accounts for free as much as you want.)
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