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  1. Small History of KKK in USA:
  2. The Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist organization. When it started 150 years ago it was a club, funded by the rich free masons. They believe in the purity of the Aryan race. During the 1920's the depression hit and as peoples money dried up so did the Klan. It surged up again, as they are trying to do now, in 1960s during our Civil Rights Movement (getting rid of segregation between blacks and whites). During this time the Black Panthers rose up and fought KKK. It was very violent. The uprising of KKK in the 1960s was different however. David Duke brought it back to life by bringing it into politics. He formed a political party FOR the KKK and ran for various government positions: Senator, Congressman. Instantly, in the 110 groups of KKK across the USA, they started rapidly infiltrating police and political areas. Since then, the violence has been left to those in law enforcement, protection given by members who were governors, mayors, judges, and all other levels. There are estimated 5,000 members. This does not include the "sub-klan organizations" like SCV, Flaggers, NeoNazis, and other white supremest groups. This is a terrorist group as well as a political group in order to remain in existence and they are still active.
  4. Event leading to #OpKKK #OpHoodsOff:
  5. In August protesting the killing of Mike Brown. He stole some cigarettes and tried to run away from arrest. The cop shot him once and he stopped running immediately, and put his hands up in surrender. As he was walking back, hands raised, to be arrested by the police the cop opened fire emptying his clip killing him. Protests increased as months went on. The police did nothing at all about the murder. This has happened time and time again increasingly over the last few years in the US and tension is strong on this topic. The police weren't going to file charges or have a trial or anything, the police officer was given a few days off to rest and back to work as usual. This is why people were upset and peacefully protesting.
  7. Nov 15, 2014 Mike Brown the killing of black man by a police officer who ended up being a member of the KKK
  8. Nov 16. Anonymous response to KKK threats against protesters lives and rights to freedom of speech.
  9. Nov 17 update
  10. Nov 20 update OpKKK
  11. Nov 21 news about KKK flyers at protests .40-4.00
  12. Nov 24 Anonymous interview with frank.
  13. Jan 6, 2015 KKK Recruitment 0.00-2.00 (they only started actively recruiting around november. to build "protection")
  14. March 2, KKK police brutality in LA
  15. April 9, Anon msg to KKK again
  16. April 11, OpKKK update
  17. July 15, KKK in police.
  20. Extra backround info:
  21. what Anonymous believes also see my vids.
  22. KKK 2014 Good History.
  23. KKK murders Berg
  24. Tom Metzger at trial.
  25. Jason Smith 2012 murdered by KKK
  26. Aug 2014 KKK states they should kill immigrant children
  27. March 5 KKK racist in florida, accepted gladly. in society
  30. April 2014 KKK kill 3
  31. several articles on KKK activities in the last year.
  32. Presidents that are KKK
  33. prison employees members of kkk plot to kill black inmate
  34. The change in the KKK during the Civil Movement
  35. About the FBI but a big section on KKK as most are members.
  36. Frank Ancona, the Klan starting "neighborhood watch"
  37. After threats Anonymous fights back.
  38. paper on kkk in law enforcement 2006
  39. neighborhood watch
  40. UN general Assembly report on Racial groups April 30, 2015
  41. KKK recruiting 2014
  42. the way the kkk talks is purposefully done to create confusion and divert attention.
  43. paper o white supremacy in usa 2013
  44. double standards in police (and honestly every american) regarding white supremacy
  45. history of KKK
  46. raising the question of why nothing has every been done about the KKK
  47. Klansman Kreed
  48. kkk court case...
  49. training for cops what to do when you meet a klansman.
  50. racial killings out of control in USA.
  51. congress release on who is considered terrorist
  54. usa considered "journalist":
  55. who is considered a terrorist in the USA. ??
  57. US kills journalists
  59. whistleblowers
  60. freedom of speech illegal (journalism illegal)
  61. journalism illegal
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