auto load last save for Fallout New Vegas with Wine at Linux

Gussak Dec 24th, 2012 119 Never
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  1. #this is the name of the window when you use virtual desktop emulation
  2. windowId=`xdotool search --name "Default - Wine desktop"`
  3. #to find the correct window name, run Fallout New Vegas and use this commented command below to browse the list for it!
  4. #list=(`xdotool search --name ".*"`);for id in ${list[@]}; do xdotool getwindowname $id; done |sort -u
  6. #time enough to main menu be accessible after game is started, your system may require more time, adjust it properly
  7. sleep 30
  9. echo '(SayText "auto-load")' |festival --pipe #audio feedback
  11. # this will select the top menu item "continue", hit enter, select "yes" and hit enter!
  12. for((i=0;i<10;i++));do
  13.         xdotool key --delay 250 --window $windowId Up Up Up Return
  14. done
  16. echo '(SayText "END auto-load")' |festival --pipe #audio feedback
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