Scp server info

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  1. 1. You are a welcome dude as long as you speak English or German
  2. 2. My friends and I play regularly on this server if you hear us speaking German, don't be scared. We won't bite if you hail us in English. We are nice dudes we will understand you.
  3. 3. Be nice to the other dudes
  4. 4. Have fun with the dudes. Roleplay, Meme or do whatever amuses the dudes.
  5. 5. That's it dudes
  6. Infos:
  7. -SCP173 door opens after 60sec.
  8. -handcuffed d-class become ntf!
  9. -Warhead goes of after 60sec
  10. -Join our discord to get the badge of the dudes:
  12. The server resets at:
  13. Zulu:                 : 03:00am
  14. MESZ (utc+2)[Germany] : 05:00am
  15. EDT (utc-4) [US-East] : 11:00pm
  16. PDT (UTC-7) [US-West] : 08:00pm
  17. MSK (UTC+3) [RU-West] : 06:00am
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