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  1. <Tiyuri> Some time soon im going to put up something like
  2. <Tiyuri> a development roadmap
  3. <Tiyuri> that maps out the major features of the game
  4. <Tiyuri> up until beta
  5. <Tiyuri> and what exactly we're working on
  6. <Tiyuri> I really want people to understand how the development process works on a game like this
  7. <Tiyuri> its very different to the usual development process
  8. <Tiyuri> for example
  9. <Tiyuri> we can add
  10. <Tiyuri> every armor in the game
  11. <Tiyuri> in.. maybe 2 weeks, 1 week even if we all work on it?
  12. <Tiyuri> but
  13. <Tiyuri> the reason we do it so fast
  14. <Tiyuri> is because we have a special armor system
  15. <Tiyuri> and that SYSTEM
  16. <Tiyuri> can take a month if its very complex
  17. <Tiyuri> the entire game is made up of systems like that
  18. <Tiyuri> content is kind of secondary
  19. <Tiyuri> and happens extremely quickly when the system are done
  20. <Aesthetic-Defile> So most of what is in the game is a unique bit from aforementioned system?
  21. <Tiyuri> right
  22. <Aesthetic-Defile> I like that.=D
  23. <Tiyuri> but its problematic
  24. <Tiyuri> for us as developers
  25. <Tiyuri> because the time line looks like this
  26. <Tiyuri> work 1 or 2 months with zero armors to show you > work 1 week more and it's possible to show you all the armors
  27. <Tiyuri> it's not like we put out 1 armor per week
  28. <tramsan> /\/\/\/\?
  29. <Tiyuri> where i can show you a new one each week
  30. <Tiyuri> right tramsan
  31. <Tiyuri> exactly
  32. <sny^> many interconnected systems in a simulation take a long time to balance, as I've learned from Warren Spector's excellent manifesto of Deus Ex
  33. <tramsan> Leaning toothpicks \o/
  34. <Tiyuri> im going to keep using armor as an example, because its a good one
  35. <Tiyuri> then the problem is
  36. <Tiyuri> we have all this content come at once
  37. <Tiyuri> and it would be a major spoiler to show everyone all the armors in the game
  38. <Aesthetic-Defile> Right.
  39. <sny^> but since this isn't a game that requires heavy balancing and will be open for modding, I'm all for making the systems as intricate and polished as need be for content added later to fit in seamlessly
  40. <Tiyuri> right sny^ we agree
  41. <Tiyuri> we're working realllly hard on making these systems really easy for everyone to use
  42. <Aesthetic-Defile> For the API?
  43. <Tiyuri> this isnt really an api
  44. <Tiyuri> its just the way the game works
  45. <Tiyuri> An api would be something that lets you design NEW systems
  46. <Tiyuri> not use the existing ones
  47. <Aesthetic-Defile> Oh. Gotcha.
  48. <Tiyuri> but the whole game is modular like this
  49. <Tiyuri> for example
  50. <Thieffi> That's how a good programmer works :P
  51. <Tiyuri> we have the falling sand now right?
  52. <Aesthetic-Defile> Right.
  53. <Tiyuri> well its not just falling sand
  54. <Auxilium> how will modifications done? dll? xml+lua? or..
  55. <Thieffi> Do a lot of work to avoid a lot of work in the future.
  56. <Tiyuri> i can apply that to any block
  57. <Tiyuri> with all kinds of settings
  58. <Tiyuri> in 2 seconds
  59. <Aesthetic-Defile> Oh damn.
  60. <Tiyuri> the ocean biome
  61. <Tiyuri> took me about
  62. <Tiyuri> 20 minutes
  63. <Tiyuri> to make
  64. <Aesthetic-Defile> o_o
  65. <Tiyuri> using our systems
  66. <Tiyuri> but before i could make it
  67. <Tiyuri> we needed our systems to be ready
  68. <Tiyuri> and for example, now that the system IS ready
  69. <Tiyuri> i could easily make a lava ocean
  70. <Tiyuri> and acid ocean
  71. <Tiyuri> again, in 20 minutes
  72. <Tiyuri> but its tough to share content this way
  73. <Tiyuri> I could just show everyone nothing for months and then show them tons of stuff at once
  74. <Aesthetic-Defile> So that's why the roadmap?
  75. <Tiyuri> we kind of tried that for a while but people were a bit upset by it, radio quiet + then a big exciting update, followed by tons more radio silence
  76. <Tiyuri> so yeah
  77. <Tiyuri> the roadmap
  78. <Tiyuri> I want something super user friendly
  79. <Tiyuri> like an actual map, with points on it you can mouse over and get more information on what we're working on
  80. <Tiyuri> sorry this isnt much of an announcement
  81. <Tiyuri> im just talking
  82. <Tiyuri> getting ideas straight in my head
  83. <ThatMrT> its awesome that you share it with us!
  84. <Verbruiik> -casually stalks the chat while sitting in french class-
  85. * photostyle wonders who will be the one to pastebin all this and dump it on reddit...
  86. <Tiyuri> it also makes things very hard to stream also
  87. <Tiyuri> A good example of that is npcs
  88. <Tiyuri> npcs have a behaviour system, each npc piece can have a unique behaviour attached to it
  89. <Tiyuri> and then it mixes and matches them
  90. <Tiyuri> to get a unique npc
  91. <Tiyuri> but of course, every npc behaviour we create (which are written in lua files, for the interested)
  92. <Tiyuri> needs to be tested
  93. <Tiyuri> and testing a new behaviour when there are tons of possible combinations is.. well.. not doable
  94. <Tiyuri> honestly
  95. <Tiyuri> so what we do is disable everything
  96. <Tiyuri> and enable one behaviour at a time
  97. <Tiyuri> but when i stream
  98. <Tiyuri> people (reasonably) assume
  99. <Tiyuri> that npcs only have one behaviour
  100. <Tiyuri> and are dumb and boring
  101. <tramsan> Are these compile time directives, or config flags, Tiy?
  102. <tramsan> Disabling parts, that is.
  103. <Tiyuri> config flags tramsan
  104. <Tiyuri> dont need to compile
  105. <Tiyuri> Also there are systems that are major components of the game that are not finished yet
  106. <Tiyuri> so its hard to show gameplay
  107. <Tiyuri> for example
  108. <Tiyuri> spawning chests and items to find. It's actually a pretty complex thing to do well
  109. <Tiyuri> and its a HUGE component to the gameplay
  110. <Tiyuri> so we want to do it perfectly
  111. <Tiyuri> but when that single system is missing, the game is entirely different
  112. <Auxilium> containers are always not simple
  113. <Tiyuri> oh containers work
  114. <Tiyuri> perfectly :)
  115. <Tiyuri> and again!
  116. <Tiyuri> if anyone is interested
  117. <Tiyuri> containers are another modular system
  118. <Tiyuri> when we make a cupboard
  119. <Aesthetic-Defile> Sweet.
  120. <Tiyuri> we dont PROGRAM a cupboard
  121. <Tiyuri> all i do is add the word "container"
  122. <Tiyuri> in a config file for the cupboard
  123. <Tiyuri> and its a container
  124. <Tiyuri> and i can change the number of slots, etc
  125. <Tiyuri> a result of us doing it that way is that pretty much everything you can see, that you would expect to be able to put things into
  126. <Tiyuri> you can
  127. <Aesthetic-Defile> You guys really have been busting your asses making the system easy to use.
  128. <Tiyuri> its kind of required Aesthetic-Defile
  129. <Tiyuri> because theres so much content
  130. <Tiyuri> we need the programmers to be able to add it
  131. <Tiyuri> err
  132. <Tiyuri> artists*
  133. <Tiyuri> without the programmers help
  134. <Tiyuri> ok let me tell you guys what we're aiming for
  135. <Tiyuri> for the beta
  136. <Tiyuri> this might change
  137. <Tiyuri> so dont take it as set in stone
  138. <sny^> maybe you should let artists take the spotlight for content while you're busy hammering away at the plumbing (i.e. systems) in the background
  139. <Tiyuri> sny^: that's exactly how it works :)
  140. <Tiyuri> ok so the beta
  141. <Tiyuri> it works like this
  142. <Tiyuri> the game is divided up into 10 tiers
  143. <Tiyuri> each tier has a range of 10 planet levels in it
  144. <Tiyuri> tier 1 is level 1 - 10 planets
  145. <Tiyuri> and so on
  146. <Tiyuri> The planet level dictates the stats of npcs, guns, what kind of drops youll get, etc etc etc
  147. <Tiyuri> the goal of each of the 10 tiers is two fold
  148. <Tiyuri> 1. to complete the premade mission at the end of a tier (full release, not beta)
  149. <Tiyuri> and 2. get the items and equipment you need to be able to do that
  150. <Tiyuri> Every time you beat a tier, youll unlock new gameplay elements
  151. <sny^> so they kind of serve as checkpoints for story/item progression
  152. <Tiyuri> or fun bits and bobs
  153. <Tiyuri> for example, dungeons arent presented straight away, they start appearing in tier 2
  154. <Tiyuri> you can get "tech", which are kind of like passive spells
  155. <Tiyuri> each tier has different tech available on it
  156. <Tiyuri> ores change
  157. <Tiyuri> monsters change
  158. <Tiyuri> the ship gets upgraded in certain tiers
  159. <Tiyuri> unlocking new features
  160. <Tiyuri> this is essentially how the game progresses
  161. <Tiyuri> play sandbox in the tier, gain the equipment you need to beat the tier's end mission > advance to next tier
  162. <Tiyuri> you also need to craft certain items to activate the mission
  163. <Tiyuri> so i guess without the missions being present in the beta, your goal will be to obtain that item
  164. <sny^> does this also imply that we won't have access (or won't stand a chance) on planets with higher tier/level than our current progress?
  165. <Tiyuri> you will, but only up to a point
  166. <Aesthetic-Defile> Or, can the missions be disregarded all together by a player?
  167. <Tiyuri> accessing the entire universe is the end game
  168. <agni> Tiy how much of the game is actually ready ? What do you consider not finished yet?
  169. <Tiyuri> the missions cant be disregarded the first time
  170. <Tiyuri> lotsssss of things are not ready
  171. <Tiyuri> but like i said its periods of what APPEARS to be little progress
  172. <Tiyuri> as the systems behind everything are produced
  173. <Tiyuri> and then we USE that system to *very* quickly create content
  174. <aidey> Tiyuri, are you still confident in a first quarter release of any kind?
  175. <agni> Have you shown any missions or these would be spoilers?
  176. <Tiyuri> aidey: honestly im not sure, we try to predict because people.. want us to
  177. <Tiyuri> I mean, we're asked for a guess a LOT
  178. <Tiyuri> but it's really really hard for us to know how long everything will take to produce
  179. <Tiyuri> sometimes we assume a feature is going to take a month and it takes a week
  180. <Tiyuri> other times, we think something is going to be a single days work, and it spirals into a fortnight
  181. <Tiyuri> its all putting a puzzle together, and you never really know whats going to happen until you start fixing it up
  182. <Tiyuri> and problems pop up you have to solve
  183. <Tiyuri> and sometimes you implement something and it's just.. not good
  184. <Tiyuri> so you redo it
  185. <tramsan> Time permitting, Tiy, maybe you could make a video where you highlight a few different kinds of NPC behaviours. Just to show what kind of variety there can be, since all(?) of the streams have been showing the basic beeline-for-player behaviour.
  186. <Tiyuri> oops im running out of battery
  187. <Tiyuri> let me grab a cable, hold on a sec
  189. ...
  191. <Tiyuri> so
  192. <Tiyuri> current progress lets see
  193. <Tiyuri> world generation is basically complete, we're still adding content because.. the more the better, honestly. But its there and ready to rock. Content wise too, we have lots of biomes with tons of content
  194. <Tiyuri> Dungeon generation is complete system wise. We have lots of dungeons done, not all of them yet, but getting there. There are going to be 2 hostile dungeons and 1 friendly dungeon (village) per race
  195. <Tiyuri> Crafting works, but it's a little ugly at the moment because it doesnt contain all the info its going to contain. So i dont show it off much
  196. <Tiyuri> Multiplayer is near flawless
  197. <Tiyuri> we have a navigation system in but its a bit basic, we want to put in a full star map
  198. <Tiyuri> vehicles arent in yet but we've found a way to do it that makes it very fast and easy
  199. <Tiyuri> npc quests arent in yet, those are going to be quite a big one, take us a while to complete
  200. <Tiyuri> i want to make sure theyre interested quests
  202. <Tiyuri> and not just walk 5 meters and hit 10 things
  203. <Tiyuri> the wiring system is in
  204. <Tiyuri> we have generators forrrr
  205. <Tiyuri> 4 legged npcs, 2 legged npcs, small npcs, flying npcs, small flying npcs, bugs, fish, some other stuff
  206. <dark_hawke> Tiyuri, I assume this will pop up, but given how Starbound seems to be system based, how many systems have yet to be started on? Are all systems at least partially complete?
  207. <Tiyuri> all the big ones are partially or mostly complete
  208. <Tiyuri> there are others like quests etc that we havent quite started on yet
  209. <Tiyuri> and we add more to the systems over time
  210. <Tiyuri> ike right now we have a system that generates guns with varying stats and behaviours
  211. <Tiyuri> but its going to get spruced up by a projectile modding system
  212. <Tiyuri> another system we havent started on yet is creature capturing
  213. <Tiyuri> but thats actually probably a very easy one
  214. <Tiyuri> probably
  215. <dark_hawke> Tiyuri, So post release, I assume updates might be New system + new content for existing
  216. <Tiyuri> right post release the artists and I will work on new content using existing systems
  217. <Tiyuri> the programmers will probably work on new features
  218. <dark_hawke> Tiyuri, could you add new Tiers as sort of expansions post release?
  219. <Tiyuri> we could do
  220. <Tiyuri> but tier 10 is being built as an end game
  221. <Tiyuri> not just a regular tier that will leave you with nothing to do afterwards
  222. <Tiyuri> its a LOT of content
  223. <Tiyuri> with not much to DO just yet
  224. <Tiyuri> if that makes sense
  225. <Tiyuri> but that will be fixed very soon
  226. <Tiyuri> when we throw in a couple of the cornerstones to all the gameplay
  227. <Aesthetic-Defile> Tiyuri: Wait, so Tier 10 is endgame. Which means
  228. <Aesthetic-Defile> Playability after main progression.
  229. <Tiyuri> yeah thats the idea
  230. <Aesthetic-Defile> So it doesn't just drop off with only buiilding left to do.
  231. <Tiyuri> we're trying to craft a sort of.. day Z like experience in end game
  232. <Tiyuri> and after release we want a level editor for missions
  233. <Tiyuri> Day Z experience in the sense that, the player has a very large world to play in, a ton of tools to play with, needs that they're required to tend to (hunger, etc), and the ability (should the server allow for it) to fight other players, or ally with them
  234. <Tiyuri> but with no mechanics forcing them to do one thing or the other
  235. <Tiyuri> so you could decide to be a bandit, or form a group of space pirates
  236. <Tiyuri> flying from planet to planet robbing other players
  237. <Darkman802> Tiyuri: How do the size of the planets compare to worlds in Terraria?
  238. <Tiyuri> or you could try to be peaceful, work together, help eachother out
  239. <Tiyuri> Darkman802: our engine handles infinite sizes
  240. <Tiyuri> buttt
  241. <Tiyuri> they are capped at the moment
  242. <Tiyuri> because we want to encourage people to visit others
  243. <Tiyuri> and not just get lost in one
  244. <dark_hawke> Do you always beam down to the same place on a planet?
  245. <Tiyuri> within the same area
  246. <Tiyuri> we're looking at whether we should change that up or not
  247. <Seria-Myouna> It makes beaming down with friends less confusing :3
  248. <Tiyuri> lots of people seem to like the consistancy
  249. <Darthkitten> How do you spawn, in an ocean planet?
  250. <Wuzhles> I suspect Ocean planets have small islands
  251. <Tiyuri> haha right now you acn sometimes end up warping to the bottom of the ocean
  252. <Tiyuri> when its finished, youll always spawn on an island
  253. <Blazerer> Tiyuri, couldn't it be an option to build landing platforms which you can choose from when beaming down? This way you could combine consistency with early game randomness.
  254. <Tiyuri> yeah thats a possibility
  255. <Elisa> is there an air meter?
  256. <Elisa> or some other kind of drowning mechanism
  257. <Tiyuri> Elisa: there will be, we havent thrown it in yet, but its very easy
  258. <Tiyuri> its designed too
  259. <Seria-Myouna> Moonsorrow was asking about fishing, Tiyuri
  260. <Tiyuri> ahhh fishing
  261. <Tiyuri> fishing is one of those things thats really nice but might take more time to do that its worth
  262. <Tiyuri> post release
  263. <Tiyuri> though
  264. <Tiyuri> we might throw it in
  265. <Tiyuri> the problem with fishign in a game like this is that you can see into the water :P
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