Amethyst's Animation (Rarity's Regret, Pt. 3) (unofficial)

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  1. The artist's paste:
  3. >You stand up and smile at Twilight.
  4. "Thank you for being so reasonable."
  5. >Twilight sighs.
  6. >"Let's just get this over with before I come to my senses."
  7. >You nod.
  8. "Okay, what's the first step?"
  9. >Twilight bites her lip.
  10. >"Well, first, we'll need to get Rarity and what's left of your foal back together."
  11. "And how do you suggest doing that?"
  12. >Twilight pauses for a moment to think.
  13. >"It would probably be best if you spoke with her first; if I confronted her, she might panic knowing that a government official knows what she did."
  14. "Do I have to? I'd really rather not see… her… for a while."
  15. >Twilight sighs and nods her head.
  16. >"You shouldn't avoid her. If this all goes according to plan, she'll be carrying your foal soon."
  17. >You sigh.
  18. "Okay, fine. And the foal?"
  19. >Twilight nods.
  20. >"I performed a couple of exams on her when she was alive, so I should be able to locate the body by its genetic signature. I'll meet you back here once you've gotten Rarity."
  21. >You nod, standing up straight and turning towards the door.
  22. "Okay. If we're not back in an hour, come and get us."
  23. >"Will do!"
  24. >You wave goodbye and head out the door.
  25. >The cool, fresh air has a much more significant calming effect now that you know not all is lost.
  26. >You just hope you can convince Rarity to go along with your crazy scheme.
  27. >You've calmed down some, but ponies are still staying out of the way, because you've slowly been gaining speed and are now running at full speed towards the Boutique.
  28. >Your legs are literally spinning underneath you. Fucking cartoons.
  29. >Before too long, you arrive at Rarity's front door, screeching to a halt.
  30. >Again literally.
  31. >Way to ruin the mood, cartoon physics.
  32. >You knock on the door, careful not to bang too loudly and startle her.
  33. >After several seconds pass.
  34. >No answer.
  35. >You knock again, slightly louder.
  36. >You drop your bag on the ground and pat your pockets.
  37. >You find your key in your back pocket and proceed to pull it out and unlock the door.
  38. >Picking up your bag, you pull your key out and open the door, cautiously stepping inside.
  39. "Hello? Rarity?"
  40. >You can faintly hear somepony sobbing.
  41. >You set your bag on the floor and close the door behind you.
  42. >Slipping your key back into your pocket, you follow the sound to Rarity's bedroom, where you find her on her bed with her head buried into a pillow.
  43. "Rarity?"
  44. >You take a few steps closer.
  45. "Rarity, can you hear me?"
  46. >You slowly sit next to her on the bed.
  47. >You gently rest a hoof on her shoulder, and she flinches slightly.
  48. "I–I'm sorry! I'm so sorry; I didn't…"
  49. >You shake your head and rub her shoulder slowly.
  50. "It's okay, Rarity."
  51. >She shakes her head.
  52. >"No, it's not. What I did was horrible. I don't deserve to live."
  53. >You pull her head off the pillow and look her directly in the eyes.
  54. "Don't say that. Rarity, it's going to be okay. I'm here to make things right."
  55. >Rarity wipes her eyes and sniffles.
  56. >"Really? Are you here to forgive me?"
  57. >You sigh and shake your head.
  58. "I'm not sure I'll ever forgive you. No, I'm here to make things right. To fix what you did."
  59. >"Wh–What do you mean?"
  60. >You smile.
  61. "I have a surprise for you."
  62. >You look around the room and find her sleep mask, which you tie around her head.
  63. >Rarity sighs. "Is this really necessary?"
  64. >You're not sure it is, but after hearing what Twilight said, you don't want to take any risks.
  65. "Mm-hmm."
  66. >You lift her off the bed and carry her towards the front door.
  67. >She's not exactly light, but you've had enough practice and exercise lifting her in the past that it's not too difficult.
  68. >Rarity huffs.
  69. >"I can still walk, you know."
  70. >You grunt, pushing the door open with a foot.
  71. "Can't ruin the surprise by letting you know which direction we're going."
  72. >She grumbles. "Anonymous, please. You're being ridiculous."
  73. >You sigh, spin the two of you around a few times, and place her back on the ground.
  74. "Fine, but no peeking!"
  75. >Rarity nods.
  76. >You place a hand on the back of her neck and gently guide her on where to walk as you head towards the library.
  77. >"You're not usually this enigmatic, Anon."
  78. >You only have to nudge her every so often on the straightaways, to prevent her from walking in one big circle.
  79. "I thought you wanted more mystery in our relationship, Rarity!"
  80. >She sighs and resigns herself to follow your lead.
  81. >When you arrive at the library, the door is wide open, so you lead Rarity inside and shut the door behind the two of you.
  82. "Okay, Rarity, you can look now."
  83. >She removes the blindfold and blinks, looking around before turning to you.
  84. >"Anonymous, you're turning me in? How could you‽ I said I was sorry!"
  85. >She turns towards the door before it's suddenly surrounded by a magenta aura.
  86. >"Rarity, he's not turning you in. Anon brought you to me because I promised him I'd bring his foal back."
  87. >Twilight is standing at the top of the basement stairs, holding a small box.
  88. >Rarity's eyes go wide and she sputters for a few seconds.
  89. >She shakes her head.
  90. >"Oh, no. No no no. Absolutely not. There is no way I'm carrying some sort of undead… zombie… fetus… THING inside my body! Uh-uh. I refuse!"
  91. >Twilight rolls her eyes.
  92. >"Rarity, a zombie is a dead body that's kept animate with a continuous input of magical energy. If I wanted to that, I could do it with a lot less energy, and I wouldn't need you here."
  93. >Rarity seems to calm down somewhat.
  94. >"Wh–What do you mean?"
  95. >Twilight sighs.
  96. >"I'm not just reanimating the foal; I'm resurrecting her. She'll be alive, not undead."
  97. >Rarity nods slowly.
  98. >"If you say so, Twilight. I guess this gives me a way to atone for my crime. Let's get started."
  99. >Twilight smiles.
  100. >"Good, let's go down to the lab."
  101. >She carries the box down the stairs, and you and Rarity follow close behind.
  102. >Twilight helps Rarity up onto a table and books some monitoring equipment onto her belly.
  103. >She sets the box on a nearby table.
  104. >Up close, you notice it's tattered and somewhat dirty.
  105. >"I found the body pretty quickly; it was buried in Rarity's garden. Fortu–"
  106. "What?"
  107. >You turn to Rarity.
  108. >She nods.
  109. >"I thought she deserved a dignified burial; it was the least I could do."
  110. >Her tone is defensive, and somewhat indignant.
  111. "'Dignified'? You buried her in your yard, in a shoebox! That's how you bury a hamster, not your daughter!"
  112. >"What was I supposed to do? I had to keep it a secret. You're lucky I didn't throw her in a dumpster, or flush her down the toilet! And for your information, it was the garden, not the yard, and that's not 'a shoebox'; it's–"
  113. >"Shut up, both of you!"
  114. >Twilight growls.
  115. >"We're moving forwards, not looking back. Now, as I was saying, the body was in one piece. A few bones were broken, probably in the process of being expelled from your uterus, but I've repaired those already, and what little decomposition there was was also easily reversed."
  116. >You take a deep breath to calm yourself back down.
  117. >Rarity does have something of a point, and she's regretful enough to be willing to do this.
  118. >You nod.
  119. "Let's begin."
  120. >Twilight lights her horn and the lid of the box begins to glow a moment later.
  121. >You turn away as Twilight lifts the lid off the box, not wanting to see what's inside.
  122. "Just… Just tell me when you're done, okay?"
  123. >You hear the hum of magic, followed by some unsettling grunts and squeals from Rarity, finally turning into light pants.
  124. >"Okay, I'm done. You can turn back now."
  125. >You turn back around to see Rarity lying on the table, the familiar bump back in its rightful place.
  126. >You know the job hasn't been completed yet, but you can't help but smile a little.
  127. >Twilight takes a deep breath.
  128. >"Now I need to reconnect Rarity and the foal, or else she won't be able to survive for long after I resurrect her."
  129. >Rarity nods.
  130. >"Just make it quick; I'm not too comfortable carrying a dead body in my womb."
  131. >Twilight smiles.
  132. >"Don't worry. It'll be a little tricky, but I should be able to trigger regenerative cell growth prior to the full resurrection."
  133. >She approaches Rarity and points her horn at her belly.
  134. >"I'll need to concentrate, so stay still and keep quiet.
  135. >Her horn begins to glow, and so does Rarity, but the aura can't be seen on her belly, the glow instead radiating through it.
  136. >Twilight begins to sweat slightly, her breathing growing faster, as she repeatedly checks a small screen on a nearby cart.
  137. >After a minute or two, she pants and extinguishes her horn.
  138. >"Okay, that's… that's Step 2."
  139. >She summons a glass of water and drinks it in two large gulps.
  140. >"Time for Step 3. Anon, come over here."
  141. >You raise an eyebrow and walk over to where Twilight and Rarity are.
  142. >Twilight lights her horn again and there's a bright flash of light.
  143. >You feel a light breeze, and once the afterimage disappears you find yourself standing in a field outside of town.
  144. "Twilight, I told you I don't like to be teleported! It makes me feel like I'm being pulled through a tube by belly button!"
  145. >Twilight rolls her eyes.
  146. >"And I told you that was 100% psychosomatic, caused by expectations from human culture. I even explained in detail how there's nothing in the process that would cause that. With diagrams!"
  147. >"Uh, could you two wait to have this fight until AFTER we're done? Because I've got a corpse inside of me!"
  148. >Rarity is still lying on the table, hooked up to the machines.
  149. >Twilight blushes and nods.
  150. >"Oh, yes, of course. Anon, could you stand back."
  151. >You start to back away.
  152. >Twilight shakes her head.
  153. >"No, just… out of the way. Don't back up too far."
  154. >You nod, standing about as far behind Twilight as she is standing from Rarity.
  155. >Twilight's horn begins to glow.
  156. >She points it at Rarity's belly.
  157. >Magic starts to flow in an arc from her horn into Rarity's belly.
  158. >It starts to glow brighter.
  159. >She unfurls her wings.
  160. >Wincing, she increases the intensity of her magic, the light starting to seem more white than magenta.
  161. >Her eyes begin to glow.
  162. >There's a gust of wind, but you're not sure if that's connected to the spell.
  163. >She begins to lift off the ground, though she isn't flapping her wings at all.
  164. >There's a crackling in the air and the hairs on your arm start to stand on end.
  165. >Squinting, you can see in silhouette her wings seem to shred into thin air, forming a cloud of magic.
  166. >The clouds sparkle, slowly joining the stream of magic flowing into Rarity.
  167. >Twilight grunts and takes several deep breaths.
  168. >A mist seems to form around her and she starts to shrink slightly.
  169. >The stream of magic dramatically increases in intensity as the alicorn magic joins it, and the increase in brightness finally forces you to look away.
  170. >The hum of magic grows very loud, but not loud enough to cause discomfort.
  171. >The crackling in the air becomes more tangible, and you can feel it through more than just your hairs standing on end.
  172. >You close your eyes.
  173. >The humming and buzzing sounds grow to a crescendo and there's a blinding flash of light, followed by a soft thud.
  174. >You open your eyes and blink a few times to clear your vision.
  175. >Your ears are still ringing.
  176. >You spot Twilight collapsed on the ground next to the table.
  177. >You rush over to her.
  178. >She's still breathing.
  179. >Breathing a sigh of relief, you stand back up and rush over to Rarity.
  180. >Looking around, you see that the grass has been scorched in a large, thick annulus, centered around Rarity.
  181. >Inside the inner circle, however, the grass has grown significantly longer, several blades even sporting seeds at their tops.
  182. >Rarity looks over to you, clearly slightly dazed as well.
  183. >You look into her eyes.
  184. >As the ringing in your ears dies down, hear what is possibly the most beautiful sound you've ever heard.
  185. >Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
  186. >A big, stupid grin forms on your face.
  187. >Beep. Beep. Beep.
  188. >Rarity sees your smile and begins to smile herself.
  189. >Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
  190. >You yank the electrodes off of Rarity's belly and pull her into a tight hug.
  191. >She smiles, tears in her eyes.
  192. >"Looks like we got the family back together."
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