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  1. ☄ Antigone ☄
  3. password: Comets
  5. full name: Min Eunji
  7. birthdate: December 25th 1993
  8. age: 21 years old
  10. nationality: Welsh
  11. ethnicity: Korean
  13. height: 169 cm
  14. weight: 50 kg
  15. blood type: A
  17. ☄ Pandora ☄
  19. background: Eunji lived in the average run of the mill Korean family. She had 2 younger siblings, a sister and a brother, leading to her adopting motherly characteristics. Her being the oldest siblings with so many responsibilities and having to look after the younger when her mother was depending on her, made her develop a nurturing and patient personality. She was a well behaved child and disciplined so she carried that on from her childhood. She got along with her siblings and respected her parents and elders and did average in class, not too well not too bad.  She never had anything to herself, but she didn't mind. What she did have, was the dreaded gymnastic lessons and dancing studio. Every afternoon on a Sunday evening she would go over while her parents were nursing the kids. No responsibilities and no worries. Dancing made her feel free and she desired the feeling of freedom so very much. Since she grew up in Wales, a very small settlement, she of course had to move out to elsewhere for college. When she finally turned eighteen a couple of years ago, her family let her move out for college and for once she felt as if she was unconstrained. The strict rules of her family could bound her no more. Despite not being controlled, she still kept the habits of ordering around members, tidying and giving advise randomly.
  21. friends: a couple of best friends from Wales and she enjoys hanging out with Iris and Athena.
  23. ☄ Andromeda ☄
  25. personality:  Eunji absolutely loves helping other people. She can control her impassivity well and is very patient. Her main goal is to at least make everyone she meets smile whether that be through advise, corny dad jokes or a derp face, in summary her happiness lies within others. If a friend is in dire need of emergency cuddles, she won't sleep for days until they're okay, she values this. She enjoys a few good cuddles and is also supposedly the best cuddlier of the group. She doesn't yearn attention from the others but when she likes cooing over others and giving others attention. She'll always be the one to resolve the matter in an argument, though she never gets in any. She's quiet most of the time so you will not notice her. She treats everyone the same and respects privacy. This does however lead her to be always blaming herself and being guilty if someone is hurt. She tends to over analyse everything and questions every move she makes, making her cautious. Someone always has to attend to her when shes crying but she gets over it quickly as she focuses on improving than fault. She overall is a very steady and stable person or so she thinks.
  28. + green tea
  29. + peaceful hikes
  30. + mints
  31. + netball
  32. + making friends
  33. + going outside
  34. + sports attire
  35. + inspiring children
  36. + daydreaming
  37. + wild life
  38. + dogs
  39. + helping elderly
  41. dislikes:
  42. + coconut
  43. + unhealthy food
  44. + coffee
  45. + bad breath
  46. + loud noises
  47. + sirens
  48. + being told what to do
  49. + obnoxious people
  50. + people with no remorse
  51. + cats
  52. + disorganisation
  54. fears:
  55. + fear of enclosure - claustrophobia
  56. + fear of loud noise - acousticophobia
  57. + fear of crowds - enochlophobia
  58. + gelotophobia – fear of being laughed at
  60. facts:
  61. + helps out with fundraisers
  62. + sings at pensioner homes
  63. + dyed her hair multiple colours before
  64. + always seeking approval
  65. + will go into styling or modelling career if the idol idea doesn't cut it
  66. + trying to learn Korean as she is a foreigner with very little knowledge ( she lived in Wales most of her life )
  67. + always tidies the beds in the morning
  68. + is quite skilled in cooking and will cook for members
  69. + has the worst and best dad jokes in the group
  71. ☄ Polyxena ☄
  73. faceclaim: F(x) Victoria
  74. backup faceclaim: Mamamoo Solar
  76. slot: Hera
  77. backup slot: Athena
  78. stage name: Heather - A mix of her name and the greek godess' symbol, a peacocks feather.
  80. years training: 2 and a half years
  81. predebut activities:
  82. + Gymnastics
  83. + Dance
  84. + Choir
  86. onstage persona: Very sweet and simple (winks, blowing kisses) that has a mass effect, she stays away from being charismatic.
  88. talent twins -
  89. raps like: Jennie - Blackpink
  90. sings like: Wendy - Red Velvet
  91. dances like: Momo - Twice
  93. ☄ Ismene ☄
  95. username: -tytrash
  96. message to fans: (GREETING) 1, 2 ,3 Delicate as a feather, Heather imnida!
  97. message to author (me): I love this concept idea and I'm glad I found it last minute! Please consider my form!
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