HM:StH Dog testing

Apr 14th, 2020
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Dog Testing
  3. [Updated 14 Apr 2020]
  6. - Feeding the dog for the same number of days does not always allow you to obtain him. Each dog (red and blue) appears to be affected differently (meaning one may be obtainable, while the other still isn't), but vary even for just themself.
  7. - When first picking up the dog to obtain it, AP gets +2 (like it always does once you own the dog as well). Upon confirming the dog, it usually receives a considerable AP boost, sometimes as much as 30AP or more. This boost is inconsistent though, as it doesn't appear to follow a perfect pattern (it can even be an affection loss).
  8. - Early testing (2+ years ago) resulted in one instance where the blue dog was obtained after very few feeds (I believe <5, possibly even zero). This has yet to be reproduced.
  9. - Despite the above, there do not appear to be any other memory addresses containing values that would account for this variance. That is, dog AP and this so-called "feed count" address appear to be the only addresses involved, and proposed causes of variance (listed below) show no effect on them.
  12. - Television
  13. > Horoscope: This doesn't appear to be the case. When locked with cheat engine, # of feeds to obtain dog was still variable.
  14. > Lucky item/color: Same as horoscope.
  15. > Weather prediction: This goes hand-in-hand with actual weather. It's not clear how this would play a role.
  16. - Overworld
  17. > Weather: Four states are Fair, Cloudy, Rain, and Heavy Rain. This could mean "state of weather upon feeding" or even just weather in general.
  18. > Location: The dog(s) appear(s) in several possible locations. They are Farm, Villa, Carpenter's, Lake, Pond.
  19. - Type of food: Proper food items increment two values, dog AP and "feed count". Items like moondrop flowers increment the latter but not the former; however, they still will eventually allow you to obtain the dog. Even keeping food items consistent, # of feeds has been variable.
  21. TO-DO
  22. - Find the dog's location byte.
  23. - Test weather patterns, using the dry season to confine possible weather to just Fair and Cloudy. Count cloudy days and see if this captures any of the variance (food item remaining equal).
  24. - Try and find other addresses that change based on the possible causes of variance above (perhaps a "sunny day counter"? or similar). Change them manually to test for effects.
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