Ugly Rainbow Dash Thread

Apr 2nd, 2017
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  1. Disclaimer that personally I think this is a piece of shit and not worth the read. Also its unfinished and ends right when it gets to the main part of the story, but go ahead and read it if you want to.
  3. >You awoke in a white room to the sound of rhythmic beeping
  4. >The brightness hurt your eyes and you screwed them shut, trying to adjust to the light
  5. >Trying to rub them, you feel yourself unable to move your arms
  6. >In a panic, your eyes shoot open and you try to sit bolt upright, only to find your torso also held in place
  7. >Looking down, you see that you were securely strapped to a bed
  8. >As your heart begins racing, the pace of the beeping increases
  9. >You glance around and see a heart rate monitor, and quickly realise that you must be in some sort of hospital bed
  10. >There are also various tubes and wires connected to your body, probably pumping you with hydrating fluids and various drugs
  11. >As your panic begins to subside somewhat, the door at the end of the room is pushed open
  12. >Craning your neck to look past your feet, you see... a pony?
  13. >It's eyes go wide and it gasps before rapidly backing out of the room and slamming the door
  14. >You hear muffled voices from outside
  15. >"It's woken up, go and get the princess... and nurse Redheart
  16. >You hear hoofsteps and several minutes later two ponies burst into the room, chatting excitedly
  17. >One of them you recognised as the pony who came in earlier, with a white coat and long blue mane that was tied back
  18. >The other also had a white coat, however her mane was a light pink colour
  19. >She climbed up onto a stool next to your head and looked into your eyes
  20. >"Lets take a look at you then" She murmured
  21. >This situation was absolutely surreal
  22. >Brightly coloured ponies that could talk and supposedly had medical qualifications
  23. >"What the fuck..." You muttered, as your mind struggled to comprehend
  24. >The mare jumped slightly, surprised at what you just said
  25. >"O-oh goodness, you can talk?"
  26. >She looked at you expectantly as you still stared in confusion
  27. >"Is this real? Where the hell am I?"
  28. >"Of course its real silly, you're in the Ponyville hospital"
  29. >"B-but you're a talking pony" You stammered
  30. >"Yeah and you're a talking ape" She casually replied
  31. >Touche
  32. >The nurse pony quickly checked over your body with a medical examination while here blue maned companion just seemed to stand in the corner and gawk at you, making you feel rather uncomfortable
  33. >"So uuhhhh, do you reckon you can untie me now?" You asked, flexing your strapped down arms for emphasis
  34. >The nurse looked at you with a slight frown of suspicion
  35. >"I'm not sure if that's safe yet, or if I'm allowed to"
  36. >Well, that's probably the first time you had ever been considered "unsafe" or threatening
  37. >You were fairly average build, slightly skinny and fairly tall
  38. >You generally considered yourself to be friendly and good natured, even if you weren't the most outgoing person
  39. >"Why what am I gonna do? Eat you?" You laughed
  40. >The nurse's face took on a sickly expression as she attempted to stammer back a response
  41. >Thankfully, you were spared from the awkwardness of the predicament as the door suddenly burst open
  42. >An entourage of vibrantly coloured ponies came rushing through the door, babbling excitedly
  43. >They surrounded the bed, all eyes fixed on you
  44. >You stared back in bewilderment
  45. >You noticed the two medical ponies quickly depart, closing the door behind them
  46. >"Greetings, I am Twilight Sparkle" Said the purple one, who was stood at the foot of the bed
  47. >Her voice was authoritative, yet friendly
  48. >You presumed she was the ringleader of the group
  49. >She introduced her friends one by one, each one giving you their own greeting
  50. >We don't know if you can understand us, but i assumed from your clothing and items that you are an intelligent species"
  51. >"Y-yeah I understand you just fine. I'm Anonymous" You reply
  52. >The ponies gasp and murmur happily
  53. >Then the questions started
  54. >An endless barrage of questions fired off you so fast it made your mind hurt
  55. >"What are you?"
  56. >"Where are you from?"
  57. >"Where are your friends?"
  58. >"What do you eat?"
  59. >"What are you wearing?"
  60. >You wanted to put your hands over your ears but you were still immobilised
  61. >"One at a time, please!" You shouted
  62. >The group shrunk back slightly at your loud voice, but at least the questioning stopped
  63. >Wanting to lighten things back up, you also remarked
  64. >"And can someone please untie me? I've been wanting to itch my ass since I woke up"
  65. >That earned a few giggles, and you saw the horn thing on Twilight's head light up and glow
  66. >Before you could question what was happening, Rainbow Dash was suddenly hovering right in front of your face, nose to nose
  67. >"One wrong move..." She threatened, waving a hoof in front of your face
  68. >The orange mare- Applejack- pulled her back to the ground by her multicoloured tail, telling her to calm down
  69. >You saw a purple glow around the straps keeping you secured to the bed before they came undone with a soft "Snap"
  70. >Sitting upright, you finally stretched your aching limbs and itched all over your body, groaning in relief
  71. >"Uugh God, how long have I been out?" You moaned
  72. >"About 3 days now, you're the talk of the town already. Maybe even all of Equestria"
  73. >You could barely remember the events that led you to waking up here
  74. >Something about scrambling through a forest being chased by wolves that looked as if they were made of wood
  75. >According to Twilight, you had staggered into the town almost dead, your clothes torn, your body starving and dehydrated and with numerous cuts, bruises and gashes all over your body
  76. >Apparently you had given the townsfolk quite a scare when they saw you, and as Pinkie happily remarked, they had dubbed you the "Zombie Monkey"
  77. >Rainbow also interjected adding that she had come to fight you, however you had just passed out right in front of her
  78. >She had immediately flown you to the Ponyville hospital, somehow being strong enough to carry you in the air despite you being easily twice her size
  79. >She puffed her chest out as she told that part, no doubt proud that she saved your life, as well as her own strength and bravery that she had displayed
  80. >Despite her obvious bragging, you found yourself grinning at her, drawn to her personality and liveliness
  81. >You thought it was kinda cute, and to be fair she did have bragging rights on this one
  82. >"So..." Twilight started, trying to bring the conversation back on topic, before Pinkie interrupted
  83. >"Oooh I know!" She squealed, bouncing excitedly
  84. >"Why don't we show Anon around Ponyville, that way we can show him our home and culture while he tells us about his!"
  85. >The ponies all agreed merrily, and you had to agree too
  86. >Your legs were dying to be stretched, and you needed some fresh air
  87. >You swung your legs over the side of the bed, noticing that you were still wearing your boots and tattered clothes
  88. >Your feet probably stunk worse than death
  89. >As you made contact with the ground, your legs buckled under your weight
  90. >You collapsed on the floor, gripping the side of the bed for dear life
  91. >Shakily, you tried to climb back to your feet, the two pegasi gripping you under each arm and giving you support
  92. >This time you focused a lot harder, letting your feet slowly take the weight
  93. >Once you were stood unsupported on your own two feet, you took a hesitant step forwards
  94. >Slowly your legs re-accustomed to bearing your weight after several stumbles for which Rainbow and Fluttershy occasionally had to catch you
  95. >Finally, you felt confident enough to walk properly, and you made your way out of the hospital to explore the town, thanking the nurses as you went, and greeting several patients who wanted to meet you
  96. >Already, you could feel all eyes glued to you, watching your every move with a mix of wonder, awe and suspicion
  97. >Even ponies who looked to be coughing up a lung or overcome with pain managed to come to their senses long enough to stare at you and gawk, if only briefly
  98. >All this staring made you shift about uncomfortably, you felt like some sort of zoo exhibit
  99. >You knew it was only gonna get a lot worse once you stepped outside
  100. >As you left the building, you felt the warm embrace of the sun and a pleasant breeze
  101. >Taking in the sight before you, you saw all sorts of ponies going about their daily business
  102. >There was a range of market stalls mainly selling fruit and vegetables, though some sold candy and pastries which was mostly evident from the crowds of young ponies surrounding them
  103. >There was a fountain in the middle of the forum that you found yourself in with some fillies playing in it, and a few ponies sat on the edge chatting
  104. >Everyone there seemed to be smiling and chatting happily with each other
  105. >The whole scene was so vibrant and full of energy that you found yourself smiling without really knowing why
  106. >You thought of the stark contrast to the towns and cities in your world which seemed so dull and depressing compared to this place, even with their glaring neon lights everywhere
  107. >Everyone walking with their heads down, glaring at the floor and shoving past each other on congested pavements
  108. >The constant sound of traffic crawling along and car horns blaring creating a constant cacophony of irritating noise
  109. >Nobody ever smiled or spoke to you unless they were trying to sell you something, and people always clutched their bags for fear of being mugged
  110. >Here you saw the complete polar opposite
  111. >There was no traffic or congestion, and the background noise was simply that of the ponies happily socialising
  112. >It gave you a sense of belonging, making you feel welcome even though you didn't know anyone and you were a completely different species
  113. >As you made your first steps out into the square, you saw a couple of glances come your way
  114. >The glances turned into murmurs as more heads began to turn, and soon enough all eyes were on you and a small crowd was encircling you
  115. >On their faces you saw wonder and apprehension, though you could also make out fear and suspicion
  116. >Twilight started giving an introduction to the gathered townsponies and you figured she was going to try and put their minds at ease about you and your intentions
  117. >"Hello everypony!" She yelled
  118. >"This is Anonymous, who I'm sure you're all aware stumbled into town a few days ago and has been staying in the hospital"
  119. >"He can speak fluent Equestrian and seems to be friendly, although as I think you'll understand he is still quit confused about this place and is not familiar with our culture and customs"
  120. >"We will be showing him around town today so feel free to say hi and make him feel welcome, after all he is now our guest"
  121. >Twilight turned to look up at you and said gently "Anonymous, would you like to introduce yourself?"
  122. >You had never really been one for public speaking, especially in front of large crowds so you felt very nervous, though you guessed you were obliged to introduce yourself
  123. >Clearing your throat you tried to make your voice loud as you made up an introduction on the spot
  124. >"Hey everybody.. uhhh.. pony" you started
  125. >"I'm Anonymous"
  126. >"I don't really know how I got here or where 'here' even is and I'm sorry if i scared you all when I stumbled in here the other day"
  127. >I guess I'll be staying here for a while since I don't even know how to get home, so I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully making some friends"
  128. >You didn't really know how to end the speech so you kept talking until your voice just sort of trailed off
  129. >"I hope you'll welcome me in your town and we can get along well.. so uhhmm.. yeah..."
  130. >Smooth Anon
  131. >It was going well until that point, now you just felt like an idiot as your face flushed red
  132. >Well, at least it was over now
  133. >Regardless of your shitty conclusion, the townsponies began to stomp their hooves in some sort of applause
  134. >The crowd began to disperse and talk amongst themselves again, content to let you be on your way
  135. >Several were making their way towards you, wanting to be the first to meet the new creature
  136. >You were amazed at how sociable and friendly these ponies were
  137. >There was a mare and a colt who you assumed to be her boyfriend... uhh coltfriend?
  138. >The slight language difference confused and irritated you
  139. >The colt was the first to speak as he introduced the both of them
  140. >"Hey, I'm Forest Trail and this is my marefriend, Summer Night"
  141. >The mare behind him smiled up at you from underneath a deep orange mane, the colour of sunset
  142. >She also had a purple coat, and the picture on her ass was of a setting sun
  143. >You could see why she was called Summer Night
  144. >You really needed to ask someone what the ass tattoos were all about
  145. >The colt also had an appearance that seemed to complement his name
  146. >A light brown coat, the colour of the earth, and a green mane and tail that had a natural hue like leaves from a tree
  147. >His ass stamp was of a path snaking through pine trees
  148. >You wondered why all the ponies you met had names that basically just described their appearance and personality
  149. >Before your thoughts trailed off too far, you heard the colt speak again
  150. >"So we were wondering... what actually are you?"
  151. >You thought it was a dumb question, then realised your species wasn't exactly native to this land
  152. >"Well, I'm a human"
  153. >"Or a Homo sapiens if you want it in fancy speak" You replied
  154. >"So Mr. Human, how did you get here?"
  155. >You could ask yourself the same thing
  156. >"Well, I just sort of woke up in the forest. Next thing I knew I was getting chased by these wolf things made of wood. I was out there for a few days before I found myself here and passed out"
  157. >The two ponies seemed fascinated by your story
  158. >Apparently being out there alone in the 'Everfree' as they called it was sort of a big deal
  159. >You didn't know, it just seemed like a fairly standard forest to you, except for some of the weird ass creatures in it
  160. >You had been hiking and exploring enough to know your way around a forest well enough
  161. >If you hadn't have been hunted by wolves you could have probably survived a lot better out there
  162. >"I reckon Rainbow Dash here saved me. From the sounds of things no one else would have dared to come near me, and I doubt few others would be strong enough to fly me all the way over to the hospital"
  163. >Rainbow was hovering in the air above your head, and you noticed her puff her chest out as you praised her, and she hovered a little closer to you
  164. >"Yeah, I guess that was pretty awesome of me. Good job I'm the strongest flyer in all of Equestria" She said casually
  165. >Forest Trail and Summer Night looked up at her
  166. >You thought you could see a flash of annoyance and doubt on their faces, though maybe you were wrong
  167. >Regardless, they didn't say anything to her
  168. >"Yeah so uhh, I guess we better get going then" The colt said
  169. >"See you around Anonymous" He said as they sauntered off
  170. >The group set off walking again, and you noticed that Rainbow seemed to be flying quite a bit closer to you than before, almost right next to your head
  171. >As the two ponies departed, your stomach let forth an earth shattering grumble
  172. >"Ooh goodness" Exclaimed Rarity, as many faces turned to you with mixed expressions of revulsion and awe
  173. >"Alrighty I guess it's time for food then" Applejack chuckled
  174. >"You read my mind..uuh, stomach" You replied, suddenly feeling the sharp pangs of hunger
  175. >Your stomach gurgled again as you grasped it
  176. >"So, what do you humies eat?" Pinkie Pie asked
  177. >"Well uhh, most stuff really I guess"
  178. >"Vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy and some fats and sugars" You replied
  179. >The ponies were immediately overcome with fear and disgust
  180. >"You eat meat?!" Rainbow yelled
  181. >"How barbaric!" Gasped Rarity
  182. >"A-are you going to eat us?" Squeaked Fluttershy as she shrank back behind her friends
  183. >"No no no, calm down! I'm not going to eat any of you, jeez!"
  184. >Why would you try and eat your new friends?
  185. >"Well, why not?" Rainbow demanded
  186. >"Cus we don't eat intelligent civilised creatures that can speak!"
  187. >As more clamour started up, the grumbles in your stomach intensified
  188. >Your tummy demanded food
  189. >"Alright damn! I didn't decide that humans need meat, it's just the way we are!"
  190. >"Now can we just go somewhere with food? Any food, I'm literally starving!"
  191. >Goddamn you hated vegans
  192. >All their preachy no meat bullshit
  193. >As if you would ever live without bacon
  194. >"Ok fine, we'll sort this out later" Twilight said
  195. >"Where do we want to go for lunch?"
  196. >"Oooh lets go to Sugarcube corner!" Pinkie squealed
  197. >"I bet Mr and Mrs Cake would just love to meet you!"
  198. >With no other suggestions, you all set off for Sugarcube Corner, with Pinkie bouncing in front leading the way
  199. >As you walked, a few more groups of ponies came up to meet you
  200. >Each scenario was pretty similar
  201. >You'd tell them your name, a bit about where you were from and your trip through the Everfree
  202. >Rainbow would always retell the part about how she dragged you off to the hospital and saved you
  203. >Sometimes she'd chime in with little parts of your own story that you had forgotten to repeat
  204. >It felt like some sort of duo act even though it was all about you
  205. >Each time you noticed a similar reaction in the ponies you were speaking to whenever Rainbow spoke
  206. >A flash of annoyance and exasperation
  207. >As though she was merely an annoying distraction from the spectacle before them
  208. >Each time you kept a straight face and ignored it, pretending that you didn't see it and pushing it to the back of your mind
  209. >But every time it happened it niggled at you more and more, though you didn't really know why
  210. >Maybe you were imagining it
  211. >Rainbow didn't seem to notice
  212. >Or she didn't care
  213. >Eventually you made it to Sugarcube corner
  214. >You were so hungry you could eat a horse
  215. >Ok Anon, remember never to say that expression out loud
  216. >The bell chimed gently as you all bustled into the small bakery
  217. >Immediately the sweet smell of pastry and sugary treats hit you like a solid wall, almost knocking you to your knees
  218. >Your stomach growled like a caged tiger trying to break free of your body
  219. >The concerned faces of Mr and Mrs Cake could be seen popping up from behind the counter as you hunched over
  220. >Pinkie bounced past you as she claimed a booth in the corner
  221. >"Hey Mr and Mrs Cake! This is Anon, the new human"
  222. >"We'll have one of everything please!" She yelled
  223. >"O-of course Pinkie" Stammered back Mr Cake, looking slightly bewildered
  224. >"On the house" Added Mrs Cake
  225. >You took your seat in the booth as your food was brought over
  226. >Since there was 7 of you, you had to pack in tight
  227. >Rainbow squeezed in right next to you, almost on your lap
  228. >As you made yourself comfortable, you saw plates of food being brought over to your table
  229. >Mostly cakes and pastries, all fresh and warm straight from the ovens
  230. >No sooner had your plate made touchdown you were stuffing your face
  231. >You had a stack of pancakes with syrup and mixed berries on top
  232. >You didn't even bother with cutlery, just ripped it apart with your hands and shoved it straight in your face
  233. >You finished the entire stack in about 10 seconds flat and moved straight on to the next one
  234. >Waffles and bananas
  235. >You demolished plate after plate, eating like a wild animal
  236. >As your hunger began to subside, you looked up from your plate that you were busy licking chocolate sauce off of
  237. >A group of horrified faces met your gaze
  238. >You noticed Rarity who you already guessed was a stickler for manners was sat with her jaw hung open and a piece of half chewed muffin inside it
  239. >"This is the best damn food I've ever eaten in my whole life" You grinned
  240. >The ponies burst into a fit of laughter as you reached for a glazed doughnut and carried on eating
  241. >"That is the fastest I've ever seen anyone eat anything and I've seen Pinkie and AJ face off in a pie eating contest!" Rainbow exclaimed, looking up at you with an expression of awe
  242. >"Hey cut me a break, I've been in a coma for 3 days!" You replied
  243. >More giggles from the ponies as they finally began to eat their own food, though with the use of far more table manners than you yourself were implementing
  244. >"So Anon, how are ya liking Ponyville so far?" Asked AJ
  245. >You were finally eating slow enough to speak in between mouthfuls
  246. >"Honestly this place is amazing" You replied
  247. >"It seems way too good to be true, like its some sort of utopia or something"
  248. >"It feels like I'm just waiting for someone to wake me up from this dream I'm having" You chuckled nervously
  249. >You really hoped that didn't happen
  250. >"Well we're glad you like it here Anon. You're welcome to stay here as long as you like" Said Twilight
  251. >From what you had seen this place seemed perfect
  252. >You might not even try and find a way back to earth
  253. >Just live out the rest of your days here in this cosy cartoon town
  254. >By now you were feeling quite full
  255. >It was a good job too, as it looked like the Cakes were struggling to keep up with your endless appetite
  256. >You grabbed your glass of water and chugged it down to wash your meal down
  257. >As you slammed the cup back down on the table, you let loose the loudest belch you had ever done and slumped back in satisfaction
  258. >Much to your surprise, your body's battle cry was echoed a few seconds later
  259. >Looking to your left, you saw Rainbow Dash letting forth another earth shattering burp
  261. >You were gobsmacked
  262. >Such a vulgar sound should not be able to come out of such a cute pony
  263. >As she finished her burp, she too sighed in relief, then looked up seeing all of the shocked expressions
  264. >Finally her eyes met yours, and you thought you saw fear flash across her eyes as she stared up at you
  265. >Then your face split into a massive ear-to-ear grin
  266. >"Holy crap Rainbow!" You exclaimed
  267. >"That was awesome!"
  268. >You fist/ hoof bumped to celebrate the accomplishment
  269. >"That's the loudest burp I've ever heard!"
  270. >"You aint seen nothing yet" She replied snarkily
  271. >You both broke down into a fit of laughter as the other 5 ponies just sort of shuffled awkwardly in their seats
  272. >You managed to hear one of the other customers waiting at the counter mutter something about "That disgusting mare"
  273. >You guess it was pretty gross
  274. >But hey, it was funny as hell
  275. >You both sat there with smug grins, revelling in the disapproving looks of your friends
  276. >They seemed to know better than to say anything about it though
  277. >gradually the small talk and chatter returned back to the group
  278. >You and Rainbow kept exchanging glances and giggling though
  279. >After a while, you all agreed that it was time to head back out and finish touring the town
  280. >You were glad the food was on the house
  281. >It wasn't like you had any pony currency to pay them with
  282. >Maybe you could offer to do some work for them at some point
  283. >You weren't much of a cook though
  284. >Setting off back into the town, you felt a lot more confident and energetic now that your belly was full
  285. >For the rest of the day, the six ponies showed you some of the main landmarks in Ponyville
  286. >There was the sprawling orchards of Sweet Apple Acres, where Applejack lived
  287. >A stark contrast to the huge fucking castle in the middle of town where Twilight lived, which you saw next
  288. >You also saw the school house which you thought looked extremely basic
  289. >Finally you saw Rarity's boutique and Fluttershy's secluded home
  290. >You were about to ask where Rainbow Dash's home was since you now knew where your other 5 friends lived
  291. >Hovering behind you, she grabbed your head before you could speak, and tilted it backwards to look up at the sky
  292. >"And I live up there..." She said proudly
  293. >"Woah..." You gasped in amazement
  294. >You say beautiful rainbows decorating what looked like homes in the sky made out of clouds
  295. >Not just homes
  296. >Mansions
  297. >And it looked like there were rainbow waterfalls cascading down from the sky
  298. >You had never seen anything so surreal
  299. >"What is that place?" You muttered, dumbstruck
  300. >"That's Cloudsdale, where all the most awesome Pegasi live" She explained
  301. >"Pretty aint it?"
  302. >"That's one of the craziest and coolest things I've ever seen" You grinned
  303. >You were unable to look away from the sight
  304. >That was until Dash's face suddenly appeared right infront of your own, startling you back to reality
  305. >"Heh, you haven't seen it up close" She said "Besides, wait until you see Canterlot of the Crystal Empire, they put this place to shame"
  306. >Rainbow's personality was growing on you
  307. >The way she didn't seem to care what other ponies thought of her manners
  308. >Her tomboyish attitude
  309. >Even her arrogance and tendency to brag you found amusing
  310. >She had spent the entire day showing you off as if you were some sort of zoo exhibit
  311. >"Hey everypony, come meet Anon, the new human!" She had been yelling as you walked
  312. >Even grabbing random strangers and forcing them to come meet you
  313. >When you were chatting to ponies you found that she seemed to do most of the talking
  314. >Introducing you and telling them all about you
  315. >You didn't really mind not being the one to talk
  316. >You never liked talking about yourself much anyways, and Rainbow seemed so proud to be showing you off you thought you might as well just roll with it
  317. >However, you did notice that the ponies who came to meet you seemed distinctly more uncomfortable whenever she spoke
  318. >Throughout the day many of them seemed impatient, trying to end the conversations as quickly as possible
  319. >Towards the end of your tour, instances of ponies coming up to chat had become noticeably fewer and further between, and you had a vague impression that ponies seemed to be avoiding you
  320. >Whatever, it was only natural to be uncomfortable around an alien species just wandering the town
  321. >You didn't pay the matter much mind
  322. >You had been walking all day looking around most of Ponyville
  323. >As the day was drawing to a close, you paused on a bridge that crossed a small river
  324. >Looking to the sky you saw a beautiful deep orange sunset, framing the rolling hills of Sweet Apple Acres and the forests surrounding Ponyville
  325. >You leaned on the stone wall to absorb the sight and the other ponies gave you some silence
  326. >After a few minutes just standing there, Twilight broke the silence
  327. >"Well Anon, we really enjoyed meeting you and showing you around today"
  328. >"We hope you liked Ponyville and you stay here for a while with us. There's plenty to see and do here in Equestria"
  329. >You turned around and gazed upon the town behind the 6 ponies, now lit by a brilliant orange aura from the sunset
  330. >"Yeah Twilight, I love it here" You replied
  331. >"I don't even know if I want to leave"
  332. >The ponies all grinned widely at that, obviously happy to accept you as a new resident
  333. >"Well, it's getting fairly late now" She said
  334. >"We should probably start heading home. It's been a tiring day"
  335. >The group all agreed, as they all needed to have food and go to bed
  336. >Each gave you a goodbye as they began to disperse
  337. >Rainbow Dash hung back a bit, sitting on the wall beside you as you turned back to the sunset
  338. >"So, are you just gonna stay here Anon?"
  339. >You continued looking at the sky as you spoke
  340. >"Yeah, for a bit I think. This sunset is just so captivating"
  341. >"Ok, well uhh... see ya later I guess" She said fairly awkwardly
  342. >"Yeah, catch you later Rainbow" You replied
  343. >"I can't wait to hang out with you again" You added
  344. >She looked down bashfully as you said that, then turned and flew away
  345. >You noticed her glance back at you a few times as she flew, until you couldn't see her any more
  346. >You stayed there staring at the sunset for another 10 minutes, just bouncing thoughts around your head and reflecting back on your day
  347. >"Well, time to be heading home" You said to yourself
  348. >Then you realised
  349. >You didn't have a home to go back to
  350. >Shit
  351. >Well this was a predicament
  352. >You didn't really know where to go from here
  353. >Maybe you'd check if there was a hotel or something that would let you sleep there for the night and work it off the next day
  354. >Maybe you could just sleep rough under a tree or on a bench or something
  355. >It wouldn't be the first time
  356. >You started walking through the town, noticing how quiet it had become already
  357. >Night had come fast and it was already becoming dark, with long shadows shrouding the streets
  358. >Honestly, the town seemed dead, especially compared to the vibrant life and activity you had become used to
  359. >You began to feel like nowhere would be open and were close to bedding down rough for the night
  360. >That was until you heard it
  361. >The sound of loud chattering and laughter
  362. >It sounded like it was coming from the next street over
  363. >As you made your way there, you saw the only illuminated building on the street
  364. >A light in the darkness
  365. >A pub
  366. >Well, it was time to go and sample the local nightlife
  367. >Pushing the door open, you felt a wave of familiarity hit you
  368. >Ponies packed around tabled drinking, chatting and laughing
  369. >You even smelled alcohol
  370. >You honestly didn't expect this place to have alcohol, but now you thought about it you could really go for a beer
  371. >You still didn't have any money though
  372. >As you walked up to the bar, the bartender stopped and stared at you, and a few heads swivelled round
  373. >The momentary surprise on their faces quickly gave way to warm smiles
  374. >"Hey, look who's here!" One of them yelled
  375. >They all gave you garbled greetings, surprised that you would be visiting their small tavern
  376. >Apparently drinking and staying out late were pretty big taboos in pony society
  377. >Most of the ponies here were outcasts to some degree, not shunned by society but looked down on by a lot of ponies
  378. >The type who weren't really bad but certainly weren't a good influence on your kids
  379. >"So what can I get for you?" The bartender asked
  380. >"Well I don't really have any money yet so uhhh..." You trailed off
  381. >"Hey don't worry about that!" he replied, cutting you off
  382. >"It's on the house" He smiled
  383. >"So, what'll it be?"
  384. >You liked how everything was on the house so far
  385. >It made you feel important
  386. >"You got any beer?" You asked
  387. >"Any particular brand?" He replied
  388. >"Nah just give me something you'd recommend" You said
  389. >He pulled out a tankard and filled it with beer, setting it on the bar top for you
  390. >You took a gulp and had to fight to swallow it
  391. >It was the weakest beer you had ever tasted
  392. >Might as well be pisswater
  393. >"Got anything stronger?" You gasped
  394. >The barkeep and ponies next to you looked up at you with concerned expressions
  395. >"How strong are we talking?" He asked, suspicion in his voice
  396. >"Around 5% or something ya know?" You casually replied
  397. >"You sure Anon? That stuff is usually just for the hardcore drinkers"
  398. >"Really?" You asked in disbelief, "That's just like average where I'm from"
  399. >How this shite he had given you was the average here was a mystery
  400. >It tasted awful
  401. >As the bar tender set you down a new drink, you gulped it down straight away
  402. >"Now that is what I'm talking about" You sighed as he poured you another
  403. >The ponies next to you were still staring
  404. >You grinned back smugly
  405. >It felt good knowing you could probably drink anypony in this entire world under the table and still only be tipsy
  406. >As the booze began to flow and your tongue loosened up a bit, you started chatting to the stallions at the bar with you
  407. >Mostly just basic stuff like names, families, jobs and what your two worlds were like
  408. >The pony you were mostly chatting to- Dumbbell- had a dark brown coat and very light brown mane, and was a pegasus
  409. >His conversation was alright, but you wouldn't really consider him for a drinking buddy
  410. >He came off as a bit of a douche, but you still put up with him while there were free drinks to be had
  411. >When you were drunk it wouldn't even matter anyways
  412. >Your mind started to wander as you felt the alcohol taking effect
  413. >"... so anyways, I bet you sure are glad to get away from that annoying rainbow haired bitch" You heard him say
  414. >Hold up, surely he didn't mean Rainbow Dash
  415. >"Wha?" You mumbled as your eyes refocused on him
  416. >"Oh come on Anon, you've been stuck with her all day. I can't even be near her for 5 whole minutes!" He exclaimed
  417. >You saw some of the other ponies at the bar snickering
  418. >"What are you on about?" You said in confusion
  419. >"She seemed cool to me, she was funny and seemed to really like me"
  420. >He started laughing
  421. >"You thought she was funny? Dude, she's the most annoying pony in town!"
  422. >He started on a rant about her as other ponies from all over the bar chipped in
  423. >"Her voice is so crackly and annoying"
  424. >"All she does is brag about herself"
  425. >"She just tries to show off and be better than everypony"
  426. >"She's rude"
  427. >"She has no manners at all"
  428. >You were glad Rainbow wasn't here to hear all this
  429. >These ponies were going to town on her
  430. >Ripping her to shreds
  431. >You were confused and slightly angry at what they were saying
  432. >She wasn't that bad
  433. >Sure she was a little rude and liked brag, but honestly you thought most of it was pretty cute and funny
  434. >"Not to mention her looks" He went on
  435. >"That disgusting unkempt mane that just hurts to look at"
  436. >"Her eye colour doesn't match her fur"
  437. >"And her body is just so skinny and small, and her muzzle is all fucked up"
  438. >The whole bar was chipping in
  439. >Seems like everypony here hated her
  440. >"Ugliest pony in all of Equestria!" You heard someone shout
  441. >You thought she was awesome though
  442. >She really seemed to like you
  443. >And with her more taboo sense of humour and rebellious attitude you felt you could relate to her a lot better than most of the other ponies here
  444. >Your head was spinning
  445. >Your brain had too much to process for how drunk you were by now
  446. >"Trust me dude, Rainbow's a loser" Dumbbell finished
  447. >"She was probably only clinging to you just to try and divert some of the attention to herself"
  448. >That one actually hurt
  449. >The friendship you felt was genuine and you just knew it
  450. >The two of you just clicked
  451. >And here this guy was implying she had used you
  452. >You felt your anger beginning to rise, and decided to leave before you did something you would regret
  453. >"I gotta go guys, I need some fresh air" You mumbled, your speech slurring a bit
  454. >"Yeah, catch you later Anon" Dumbbell replied
  455. >You shakily stood up and staggered out of the door into the cool night air
  456. >The chill was pleasant after the slightly stuffy atmosphere of the pub
  457. >It helped cool the anger that had been beginning to boil, and cleared your mind a bit of the alcohol induced haze
  458. >You started walking the streets until you found yourself on the outskirts of town
  459. >Then you remembered that during your time in the pub you had forgotten to find a place to stay
  460. >"Whelp, guess I'm sleeping rough" You muttered to yourself
  461. >Oh well, the night was warm enough and you certainly weren't going to freeze
  462. >You staggered over to a nearby apple tree, slumped against it, and promptly passed out
  464. >You heard distant voices
  465. >They sounded muffled, like they were underwater
  466. >They began to grow louder as if they were drawing closer, gaining more clarity the closer they came
  467. >"...Is he asleep?"
  468. >"I don't know, he might be hurt or somethin'"
  469. >Suddenly you were being shaken rather violently
  470. >"Anon? Anon?"
  471. >Your eyes shot open, limbs flailing trying to free yourself as you suddenly woke up
  472. >Rainbow Dash was shaking you, surprise on her face as she recoiled from your flailing limbs
  473. >Applejack was also stood off to the side, looking amused at the pair of you
  474. >As you relaxed you groaned, just now feeling the dry throat and throbbing headache that were a reminder of the previous night
  475. >"You alright Anon? You look a bit rough" Rainbow asked
  476. >"Uuuuugh" Was all you groaned in reply
  477. >Applejack and Rainbow Dash exchanged a concerned glance
  478. >"Have you been drinking?" Rainbow asked
  479. >If the hangover wasn't immediately obvious, the smell of booze on your clothes and breath were a dead giveaway
  480. >"Eeyup" You grunted, finally sitting up
  481. >"How much did ya have to drink?" Asked AJ
  482. >Her amused look was now replaced with one of disapproval
  483. >"More than I should've had" You mumbled
  484. >You really weren't in the mood for a lecture about the effects of drinking right now
  485. >You could already feel the effects
  486. >To your surprise however, they decided not to really pry the alcohol issue further
  487. >Instead, Applejack asked "So what're ya doin' in mah field?"
  488. >To be honest, you didn't really know where you were when you passed out
  489. >But then again you didn't have a home, so it wasn't really your fault
  490. >"Well, I don't have a home yet and I couldn't find anywhere to stay, so I just found a tree and slept under it"
  491. >The two ponies flushed bright red and looked at each other in panic
  492. >"How could we forget to find him somewhere to sleep?!"
  493. >"A-ah don't know, ah thought Twilight would have somethin' prearranged for him!"
  494. >"Oh Twilight is just gonna flip when she hears about this..."
  495. >You interrupted the two as they continued having a meltdown
  496. >"Hey guys! Chill!" You shouted, grabbing their attention
  497. >The pair both turned to you, however they were unable to look you in the eyes
  498. >Applejack removed her hat and stared at the dirt
  499. >"Aww shucks Anon, you must be real mad at us for abandoning you without a place to stay"
  500. >"We're truly sorry. We hope this don't make ya think bad of the whole town"
  501. >Well now they were making you feel guilty and you hadn't done anything wrong
  502. >"Hey it's fine, I'm not mad at any of you" You replied
  503. >"It's not like I have any money to pay rent anyways, or a job o get any money. I only just got here"
  504. >"Well we'll sort ya out Anon, you ain't gotta pay. Yer our guest" Said Applejack
  505. >"Yeah, Twilight's probably got a free room in that huge castle she lives in. I bet she'd let you stay with her!" Rainbow said excitedly
  506. >These ponies sure took hospitality to heart
  507. >Free food and drinks were one thing but a place to sleep seemed like a lot more
  508. >Add another thing to the growing list of reasons why you prefer this world and these ponies to your own
  509. >"Are you sure?" You asked, almost in disbelief
  510. >"I don't want to feel like a freeloader or anything. At least let me do some work to repay you"
  511. >"Hey, don't sweat it. We got you covered Anon" Rainbow replied
  512. >"We should probably go find Twilight and get this sorted" She added
  513. >You finally stood up since you had been sitting in the grass the entire time and stretched your aching limbs off, preparing for the walk back into Ponyville
  514. >"You two go find Twilight. Ah got a lotta work here needs doin'. See y'all later" Applejack said, turning back to where some empty buckets and a cart were laid
  515. >"Yeah, catch ya later AJ" Rainbow said as she took off into the air, hovering around your head again
  516. >And so you set off walking, making small talk as you went
  517. >"I can't believe you wound up passed out drunk on your first day" Rainbow laughed as you left Sweet Apple Acres
  518. >"Have you ever even drunk alcohol before? You gotta take it easy"
  519. >You rolled your eyes and grinned up at her
  520. >"Rainbow, I could probably drink more than anypony in this land if your standard is around 2%"
  521. >She narrowed her eyes as she stared you down, hovering right in front of your face
  522. >"I'll hold you to that Anon. No one out-drinks Rainbow Dash!"
  523. >Her competitive nature amused you
  524. >You guessed that normally she would win at most athletic or acrobatic competitions since she was so energetic and restless all the time
  525. >Probably wasn't used to losing in anything
  526. >But you felt confident you could beat her in this competition
  527. >"Alright Rainbow, you've got yourself a bet" You replied in a serious tone
  528. >She seemed surprised that you would actually take her on, but accepted the challenge wholeheartedly
  529. >"Heh, alright loser. I'll try not to humiliate you too hard" She chuckled, bashing your shoulder with a hoof
  530. >"You don't even know what you're in for" You replied, grinning
  531. >You carried on walking for a few minuted before a realisation came to you
  532. >You still hadn't washed properly yet
  533. >Gross
  534. >"Hey uhh Rainbow, you know anywhere I can get a wash to freshen up a bit? I haven't really been able to get a bath or shower yet" You asked awkwardly
  535. >"Well, we can't go busting into somepony's home..." She said, thinking aloud
  536. >You already kinda figured that one out
  537. >"And my house is in the clouds so you can't use my shower"
  538. >Again, Captain Obvious
  539. >"I guess we could detour and bathe in the lake?" She said finally
  540. >"There's no soap or anything but it'll still clean you up alright"
  541. >It was a warm day again with the sun beating down
  542. >Now that you thought about it, a dip in the lake sounded like exactly what you needed
  543. >"Alright Rainbow, lead the way" You smiled
  544. >You traipsed along a dirt path through some forest for about 15 minutes, Rainbow restricted to walking by the branches that stuck out everywhere
  545. >You yourself had to stoop since the path had been worn down by ponies who were much smaller than you
  546. >Eventually you emerged into a clearing and beheld the sight of a beautiful shimmering lake surrounded with grass banks and a few trees leaning into it
  547. >You made your way to the edge and sat down on one of the grassy banks
  548. >You began to strip off your clothes but stopped at your boxers, unsure if you were comfortable being completely nude around a new friend, and a female one at that
  549. >Grabbing a fairly smooth stone you began to soak your clothes, using the stone to help scrub the dirt off
  550. >"Aren't you gonna clean those too?" Rainbow asked, gesturing to your underwear
  551. >"A-are you sure?" You stuttered
  552. >"I'll be naked"
  553. >Your face flushed a little red with embarrassment
  554. >"Yeah, so is everypony else. What's the problem?"
  555. >You hadn't really thought about it that way
  556. >But yeah, you guess everypony was naked
  557. >Clothing being related to pride and decency obviously wouldn't apply to a species who never really wore clothes at all
  558. >"Alright, if you're comfortable with it" You said, pulling them off
  559. >You gave them a thorough wash and then laid them on the bank to dry next to the rest of your clothes
  560. >Finally it was time to wash yourself
  561. >You slowly waded into the lake, savouring the cool embrace of the water as it enveloped you
  562. >As it got to neck height, you shut your eyes and breathed a sigh of relief, feeling tranquil
  563. >This feeling was shattered by a sudden scream of "Cannonball!" before there was a huge splash right next to you
  564. >Clearing your vision of the deluge of water, you saw a rainbow maned head emerging from the water, laughing hysterically
  565. >As the surprise passed, you too started laughing at her antics
  566. >"Didn't know if you'd be joining me" You said
  567. >"Are you kidding me?" She replied
  568. >"You expect me to sit there and wait for you to clean yourself with the sun beating down on me?"
  569. >It wasn't that hot
  570. >You knew she just wanted an excuse to splash you
  571. >Smiling, you turned your attention back to washing yourself
  572. >You submerged your head and scrubbed your hair with your hands, feeling it coming untangled
  573. >Once you felt you were about as clean as you were going to get, you started to swim a few lengths in the lake
  574. >You still needed to build some of your strength back up after being unconscious in a hospital bed for 3 days
  575. >Suddenly Rainbow splashed up from beneath the water, right next to you
  576. >"Race ya!" She said before speeding off
  577. >You had no idea ponies could swim that fast
  578. >You tried in vain to catch up, but by the time you were even half way across the lake she was already turning round for her next lap
  579. >As she shot past you, she took in a gob full of water and spat it in your face, laughing merrily
  580. >You just kind of floundered around, watching in awe at her amazing speed
  581. >She eventually stopped at the bank of the lake and you swam over to her, deciding that it was time to get out
  582. >"How can you even move that fast?" You said as you climbed out of the water
  583. >"A little bit of practice and a whole lotta awesome!" She grinned back at you
  584. >"Besides, you haven't even seen how fast I can fly yet. I can do a sonic rainboom!" She bragged
  585. >"What's one of those?" You asked a little dumbly
  586. >She looked at you as if you were stupid
  587. >"It's when a pony flies so fast they break the sound barrier, causing a magical rainbow explosion across the sky, as far as the eye can see" she explained, her face lighting up as she told you
  588. >"That sounds amazing!" You exclaimed
  589. >"You gotta show me one some time"
  590. >"Can many ponies do those?" You asked
  591. >"Nope, I'm the only one. They were only legends until I managed to do one" She said proudly
  592. >"Woah, I guess that makes you like the best flyer in Equestria" You said
  593. >"Hehe yep, that's me!" She said enthusiastically
  594. >"So I bet that makes you some sort of celebrity or something. You must be real popular around here"
  595. >"Haha, yeah..." She chuckled somewhat nervously, rubbing the back of her head
  596. >You turned back to your clothes, seeing that they were now dry
  597. >Only problem was, you were still dripping wet
  598. >"Well, i guess we'll have to sit around for a while 'til I dry off" You said
  599. >"Naw don't worry Anon, i can use my famous 'Rain-blow Dry'!"
  600. >Before you could actually question what that was, she took off into the air
  601. >She began to whizz around you, faster than your eyes could even perceive
  602. >Rainbow was simply a multi hued blur as she sped around you
  603. >You felt the air blowing around you like a tornado, sucking the moisture off your skin and blowing you dry
  604. >You closed your eyes as trying to watch Rainbow was making you dizzy
  605. >You could only imagine how she felt
  606. >Then as soon as she had started, Rainbow stopped, skidding to a halt in front of you
  607. >"Pretty cool eh?" She smiled
  608. >You felt your body and ran a hand through your hair, realising that you were now totally dry
  609. >"How can you even do that without being sick?" Was all you could ask
  610. >Rainbow Dash just laughed in response to your question
  611. >You already knew the answer anyways
  612. >"Because I'm the best flyer in all of Equestria!" Was what she would say
  613. >You smiled at the thought
  614. >Finally you came to your senses, slipping back into your clean, dry clothes
  615. >Well, cleaner
  616. >They still needed a proper wash once you got the chance
  617. >"Well, lets go and find Twilight then", You said as you finished getting changed
  618. >"Sure thing" Rainbow replied as she started trotting off back towards Ponyville
  619. >Whilst you were walking, you noticed there were distinctly less ponies coming up to greet you than the previous day
  620. >Perhaps it was some sort of xenophobia, or maybe all the hype from your first day had died down
  621. >Some ponies did stop and say hello however, though your conversations were generally brief
  622. >It didn't matter though, you had to go find Twilight anyways
  623. >You eventually reached Twilight's castle a little after mid day
  624. >You were slightly hungry by now, but nothing like the previous day
  625. >You knocked upon the heavy oak doors of the castle and waited
  626. >Whilst you waited, you wondered how such a massive castle was only inhabited by one pony
  627. >Must feel fairly empty at times
  628. >Finally the door creaked open, and as you looked down you saw a weird purple and green reptile
  629. "Woah, what's that?!"
  630. >"Hey!" It replied
  631. >"I'm not a 'that'! I have a name you know?"
  632. >Your surprise increased at the realisation that it could speak
  633. >Rainbow chuckled at your dumbfounded look
  634. >"That's Spike, Twilight's assistant"
  635. >"He's a Dragon"
  636. >You looked down at her and realised that her face was perfectly serious
  637. >Surely she was pulling your leg
  638. "B'but dragons aren't real..."
  639. >"Well, you're looking at one. And I'm just a baby dragon" Spike replied
  640. >"Yeah you should see the adult ones, they're huge!" Laughed Rainbow
  641. "So can you guys actually breathe fire and stuff?"
  642. >You asked in awe
  643. >"Sure can!" Exclaimed Spike as he belched out a bright green fireball
  644. "Woah!"
  645. >You cried in surprise, recoiling from the heat as both Spike and Rainbow Dash laughed at you
  646. >Then you heard another voice shouting from inside the castle
  647. >"Spike! Who's at the door?"
  648. >Spike beckoned you inside, holding the door open
  649. >Rainbow Dash lead the way to the main hall, which had a large round table surrounded by seats which had each of your 6 friend's 'cutie marks' engraved on them
  650. >Rainbow Dash had taught you that those weird ass pictures were called cutie marks, and represented the special talent of that pony
  651. >Seemed freaky, but cool nonetheless
  652. "Hey Twilight"
  653. >You both greeted her as you entered the room
  654. >She looked up from the table with a large grin on her face
  655. >"Hey guys, what's up?" She asked
  656. >"well uhhh, the thing is..." Rainbow shuffled awkwardly
  657. >"We kinda forgot to find Anon a place to stay..."
  658. >Twilight's smile dropped instantly to a frown of concern
  659. >"So where did he sleep last night then?"
  660. >"Well he sort of slept under a tree in Applejack's field. We found him this morning"
  661. >Whilst it was nice that they cared so much about you, you didn't want them worrying so much and blaming themselves about something that wasn't their fault, nor would you expect from them
  662. >"Oh my gosh! How could I let that happen?" She started
  663. >"I'm so sorry Anon, I completely forgot"
  664. "hey don't worry about it Twilight. I couldn't ask for more than you've already given me"
  665. >"Well you need a place to stay Anon, we can't just let you go homeless!"
  666. >Well, they easily could
  667. >You wouldn't mind, it was warm enough to sleep outside for now and you could probably find a job before winter came
  668. >"We'll work on setting you up a permanent place to stay, but for now you can sleep in one of the spare rooms of the castle if you'd like?"
  669. >Well, they were quite insistent on providing you accommodation
  670. >And you didn't want to pass on a free opportunity to stay in a castle
  671. "Alright Twilight, if you're sure. Though I don't want to feel like a freeloader so is there any work you want done or anything?"
  672. >"Please Anon, don't worry. We'll get everything sorted for you, it's what friends do" She replied
  673. >You accepted her offer, though you still made a mental note to try and pay her back
  674. >"Hey Twilight, wanna go out for lunch with us?" Rainbow asked after you agreed
  675. >"Sorry, but I have some important research needs doing" She replied
  676. >"Just let yourself in when you get back. No need to knock" Twilight said as she turned to you
  677. >You both said goodbye to Twilight and Spike as you headed off back into Ponyville
  678. >Rather than sitting inside Sugarcube Corner again you decided that it would be better to walk and eat, so you bought some food off of one of the street vendors
  679. >Some salad filled baguettes with an apple pie for dessert which Rainbow somehow carried on her back even whilst she hovered
  680. >As you walked you got talking again
  681. >"So, where did you wind up drinking last night?" Rainbow asked
  682. "I can't quite remember, think it was called the 'Horse Shoe' or something"
  683. >"Oh the Rusty Horse Shoe?" Rainbow said with a slight giggle
  684. >"That's a pretty lousy place"
  685. >Eh, it wasn't the worst pub you'd ever been in
  686. >In fact it was pretty good compared to most of the pubs back on Earth
  687. "Well where do you drink then?"
  688. >You asked her
  689. >She looked at the ground with her face slightly flushed
  690. >"I uh, usually drink at home" She muttered
  691. "Huh, sounds kinda lonely. I took you for more of a social drinker"
  692. >She looked almost pained by your words
  693. >"I don't really have anypony to drink with"
  694. >You knew that feel
  695. "Well, maybe we should go for a drink some time"
  696. >You offered
  697. >She perked up at that suggestion and she smiled up at you
  698. >"Yeah, that sounds awesome!" She said happily
  699. >By now you were ready to eat the pie, so you sat down on a bench in the park
  700. >Without cutlery, you resorted to breaking the pie apart with your bare hands
  701. >At least it was a lot more precise than mushing it to bits with your hooves, which you assumed ponies would have to do without cutlery
  702. >Or just shoving your face in it
  703. "So where would you recommend if the Rusty Horse Shoe is too sleazy for you?"
  704. >Also the fact that the ponies there seemed to hate her, but you left that bit out
  705. >You still weren't convinced that the whole town felt that way about her
  706. >They simply couldn't
  707. >"Well, I don't really drink out, so I don't exactly know the best places. I'd have to ask around" She replied
  708. "Looking forward to it"
  709. >You smiled at her
  710. >Rainbow blushed a little and smiled back sheepishly
  711. >She looked into your eyes and shuffled a little on the bench
  712. >It looked like she wanted to say something, but she just stared until it felt a little awkward
  713. >Finally you broke the silence, deciding that it was time to change the topic
  714. "So where do you think I can get a job around here?"
  715. >Rainbow contemplated for a few seconds
  716. >"Well there's places hiring, but I think since you're not an average pony you deserve a more important job"
  717. >You thought about what sort of exclusive jobs a human could perform that a pony couldn't
  718. >"You guys have all sorts of weird technology right? Why don't you make some of it and sell it?" Rainbow asked
  719. "Most stuff we have requires specialist machinery to manufacture, you can't make it by hand"
  720. >You explained
  721. "Besides, I've always been shit at science and building things"
  722. >You both thought for a while longer tossing random professions around, though most of them were just jokes
  723. >Out of all of them giving massages seemed like the most reasonable, though other suggestions included 'reaching the high shelf for earth ponies' which made you both chuckle
  724. >"I don't know Anon, ask Twilight. She's the one with all the brains, she'll know what's best for you" Rainbow finally suggested
  725. "Yeah you're probably right. I mean she's at home right now doing 'research' instead of coming out to lunch"
  726. >You both laughed at that
  727. >"She's such an egghead!" chuckled Rainbow
  728. >You sat and talked for a few hours, time seeming to escape you
  729. >Eventually you looked up and realised that most of the vendors had packed up and the sun was already setting
  730. >You stood up and stretched out your body, cracking your back
  731. "Well Rainbow, I guess we'd better be going home now. It's getting pretty late"
  732. >"Yeah, I guess you're right" She said reluctantly
  733. >You didn't really want to go, and you guessed she didn't either, but Twilight might get worried about you
  734. "See ya later Rainbow. It was great hanging out all day with you again"
  735. >Rainbow blushed again
  736. >Before you could turn to leave, Rainbow flew over and gave you a big hug
  737. >You were surprised but returned the gesture, noting how soft her fur actually was
  738. >You guessed it was just a normal pony way of showing affection, so you let it be
  739. >"Thanks Anon, catch you later" She said as she released you
  740. >You then both went your separate ways
  741. >Once back at Twilight's, you opened the door and let yourself in
  742. >You called out just to make sure she knew it was you and not an intruder
  743. >You heard a cluttering somewhere down the corridor and Twilight's head poked out from one of the doors clad in safety goggles and a face mask
  744. >"Where've you been all day?" She asked
  745. "Just walking around town with Rainbow, we lost track of time"
  746. >Twilight giggled
  747. >"You and Rainbow seem like really good friends already. I'm glad you're settling in alright"
  748. "Yeah Twi, I love it here. And I think we click pretty well"
  749. >It was now concrete in your mind that you didn't want to leave this place
  750. >You missed some stuff from Earth, mostly your family and friends
  751. >But also eating meat and browsing the internet
  752. >Oh well, it was worth it
  753. "By the way Twi, where am I sleeping tonight?"
  754. >"Your room is 2 doors down from mine" She replied
  755. >"Any problems just wake me up, don't worry about disturbing me
  756. >You didn't imagine you'd have any serious problems sleeping in a room
  757. >"Oh and help yourself to food in the kitchen, there's plenty to go around.I probably won't be able to join you for dinner since I have so much work to do" Twilight said, glancing back into the lab
  758. "Sure thing Twilight, thanks for everything"
  759. >She smiled at you and then closed the door to return to her work
  760. >You decided to check out your room before getting anything to eat
  761. >There were 3 doors on either side of the corridor that had the bedrooms on
  762. >Twilight's was the closest on the right, so you counted 2 down from that
  763. >Pushing the door open, you gasped as you took in the sight of the room
  764. >The bed was huge and stacked with plump pillows
  765. >There was a dresser, wardrobe and bed side tables all made out of oak and ornately carved
  766. >The carpet was also thick and soft
  767. >Everything was so clean and pristine it looked perfect
  768. >It was safe to say you had never been in a bedroom so fancy
  769. >Stepping into the room, you saw a door on the left wall
  770. >You pushed it open and say a huge en suite bathroom, complete with toilet, sink and a shower!
  771. >You could hardly contain your excitement
  772. >Finally you could relax and have a nice hot shower
  773. >In the blink of an eye you had stripped off your ragged clothes and jumped in
  774. >The hot water cascading over your head and down your back felt like you were being touched by heaven
  775. >You grabbed the shampoo off the shelf and began to massage it into your scalp
  776. >You had never believed a shower could feel so good
  777. >As your body relaxed your thoughts began to drift
  778. >You reflected back on the 2 days you had been awake here now
  779. >How you already felt like you were very close friends with Rainbow Dash
  780. >You also thought of the hug she had given you
  781. >She didn't really seem like the most affectionate sort
  782. >And you hadn't been getting random hugs off anypony else
  783. >Maybe you hadn't experienced enough of pony society yet
  784. >Or maybe you were special to her
  785. >Who knows?
  786. >You stayed in the shower for a while longer just daydreaming before you finally got out
  787. >After drying yourself off with a towel you decided that it would be a shame to put your dirty clothes back on your fresh clean body
  788. >Wrapping the towel around yourself you set off to find Twilight and ask if she had a washing machine
  789. >On your way however you bumped into Spike
  790. "Hey Spike you got a washing machine or something round here?"
  791. >"A what?" He said bluntly
  792. "Y'know, something to wash clothes in?"
  793. >"Oh we just scrub stuff in a bucket with some soap in" He replied casually
  794. >So they still did it the old fashioned way
  795. >Crap
  796. >That sounded like too much effort
  797. >"I'd be happy to clean your clothes if you want though. Just this once"
  798. >Well that spared you some effort this time
  799. "Alright Spike, thanks a lot"
  800. >You smiled at him as you passed him a bundle of your dirty clothes
  801. >You then set off to the kitchen to grab something to eat before you went to bed
  802. >With the ingredients in the kitchen you were able to make a pretty decent stir fry for dinner with strawberries and ice cream for dessert
  803. >Eating by yourself seemed pretty lonely after spending your last few meals with your new friends
  804. >You finished quickly and let Twilight know that you were off to bed before you went
  805. >Somehow she was still deeply engrossed in some intense research, so your goodnight was brief
  806. >Crawling into bed, you realised what a refreshing relief it was to sleep in a soft warm bed rather than on the hard earth of a field
  807. >You were asleep mere moments after your head hit the pillow, the excitement of the past couple of days having taken their toll on you
  808. >You dreamed of Rainbow coloured ponies and bacon sandwiches
  809. >Your stomach grumbled while you slept
  811. >The next few days were relatively similar, though no less enjoyable
  812. >You woke up, had breakfast with Spike and Twilight and then hung out pretty much all day with Rainbow Dash
  813. >She never seemed to want to be separated from you
  814. >Not like you were complaining though
  815. >You had gotten to know her really well, and thought she was great to hang out with
  816. >She could be cocky and brag a lot, though the more time you spent with her the more she seemed to be affectionate and sensitive
  817. >Every evening before you both departed she would fly up and embrace you in a massive hug, which you always returned
  818. >Since you still didn't have a job, she always made sure to pay for your lunch and any snacks or activities you wanted to do throughout the day
  819. >Rainbow always tried her hardest to impress you
  820. >Mostly through buying you nice stuff and performing amazing aerial stunts that you loved to watch
  821. >To be honest, you were thoroughly impressed
  822. >You felt like royalty as she worked so hard to please you and bought you nice lunches
  823. >Every time you smiled, thanked her or simply complemented her she looked so proud of herself
  824. >And the same went for yourself
  825. >Every time she laughed or smiled you felt your heart flutter, and broke into a grin yourself
  826. >You still hadn't gone out for that pint you promised, but you would be sure to once you had the money of your own
  827. >It was the least you could do to even begin to repay the kindness and generosity she had shown you over the last week
  828. >And the whole 'saving your life' thing
  829. >You had visited your other friends, though they always seemed to be busy doing unmentioned things
  830. >Although Rarity did take your measurements for when you inevitably ordered new clothes in the future
  831. >And Pinkie Pie wanted to know your favourite icing in case of 'cake emergency'
  832. >Buttercream of course
  833. >However for the most part it was just you and Rainbow Dash
  834. >The weekend was coming up however, and all 6 had promised to hang out with you
  835. >They said they had something special planned, though wouldn't tell you what
  836. >Guess it was going to be a surprise
  837. >As Friday drew to a close you lay back on your bed and sighed as the tension left your body
  838. >As you drifted off to sleep you thought about what this 'special surprise' could be tomorrow
  839. >You honestly had no idea with these ponies
  840. >It could be anything
  841. >Finally, sleep took over your body and you drifted off into unconsciousness
  843. >You woke up gently, feeling well rested
  844. >It was going to be a good day, you could feel it
  845. >After a quick shower you slowly strolled to the kitchen, ready for your regular breakfast with Twilight and Spike
  846. >The kitchen was empty however, much to your surprise
  847. >You called out and with no response searched the castle
  848. >Still there was no sign of either of them
  849. >Whilst unusual, you didn't see a reason to be particularly concerned so you had a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast
  850. >Once finished you left to go and search for them
  851. >Rainbow Dash will probably have seen them whilst she was flying, so you figured you'd ask her
  852. >As if on queue she swooped out of the sky, landing right beside you
  853. "Hey Rainbow, you seen Twilight anywhere?"
  854. >A momentary flash of concern appeared in her eyes and her muzzle scrunched up in a rather adorable manner
  855. >"Nope" She quickly dismissed you
  856. >"Haven't seen her at all"
  857. "Huh, alright then"
  858. >You scratched the back of your head in bewilderment, both at the disappearance of Twilight and Spike and the strange way Rainbow was acting
  859. >Ah well, you were sure you'd find out later
  860. >"So uhh, want to go to the park for a bit?" Rainbow asked
  861. "I thought the others were meant to be hanging out with us today?"
  862. >"Nope, don't know what you're talking about. Just you and me again" Rainbow said nervously
  863. "Huh"
  864. >You were surprised and fairly disappointed, but still hanging with Rainbow Dash all day again was a positive prospect
  865. >It was still going to be a good day
  866. >As you entered the park you noticed that it was extremely quiet
  867. >Come to think about it so was the whole of Ponyville
  868. >You had only seen a couple of ponies scurrying about and there were a few old ponies at the park
  869. >It was absolutely dead
  870. "Where is everypony?"
  871. >You hadn't heard any mention of a holiday or large event going on
  872. >"N-nowhere. I don't know" Rainbow blurted
  873. >You wondered why she was being so evasive
  874. "Well there must be something going on?"
  875. >"Hey Anon, watch this!" Rainbow suddenly shouted as she took off into the air
  876. >She started performing some complex aerial stunts to catch your attention and distract you
  877. >You sat and watched her for a bit whilst you thought about the absence of Ponyville's entire population
  878. >Something weird was definitely going on
  879. >And Rainbow Dash definitely knew what it was
  880. >If it was anypony else you would probably be able to coax it out of them
  881. >But Rainbow could be stubborn as fuck when she wanted to be
  882. >Eventually she swooped down to land in front of you
  883. >She had a disheartened look on her face, obviously disappointed that her distraction attempt had failed
  884. >"Alright Anon this is boring. C'mon, I've got something to show you"
  885. "W-what?"
  886. >You asked surprised
  887. >"Can't tell ya, it'd ruin the surprise" She said as she set off walking
  888. >You followed closely behind, scratching the back of your head
  889. >Your confusion was comparable only to that of the day you woke up here
  890. >What the fuck was going on?
  891. >You followed her for what seemed like an eternity
  892. >All the way to the far side of town, bordering on the Everfree forest
  893. >She lead you up to a large, somewhat secluded house
  894. >The construction on it looked brand new
  895. >The paint shiny and the wood clean cut and unmarked
  896. >Looked like it was built just yesterday
  897. >Rainbow walked up the path and pushed the door open without so much as knocking, and disappeared inside
  898. >Shrugging, you followed her in
  899. >Blinding light and deafening noise suddenly assaulted your senses
  901. >You heard as you cracked your eyes open again
  902. >Your eyes then shot wide open at what you witnessed
  903. >There seemed to be the entirety of Ponyville crammed into the front room smiling at you
  904. >You stood there in complete shock staring back at them as Twilight stepped forwards
  905. >"So how do you like your new home Anon?" She asked
  906. "M-my home?"
  907. >Twilight giggled
  908. >"That's what I said. Welcome to Ponyville!"
  909. >You could hardly believe it
  910. >They'd actually bought you a house
  911. >Complete with furniture, carpets and freshly painted walls
  912. >They had gone all out for you
  913. >It was more than you could ever dream of, especially compared to your shitty little apartment you lived in back on Earth
  914. "I love it!"
  915. >You said in disbelief
  916. "I can't believe you guys have been this generous to me"
  917. >"Well what are we waiting for? Lets party!" Pinkie Pie screamed as she fired a cannon off in the air which detonated confetti all over the room
  918. >The gathered ponies cheered and then began socialising and dancing
  919. >You explored your new house, greeting everypony as you went
  920. >Most had gotten you housewarming presents
  921. >The largest gifts coming from your closest 6 friends
  922. >AJ and her family had apparently built the whole house themselves, with Fluttershy designing the gardens and exterior decoration
  923. >Rarity had sorted the paintwork and made you a whole new wardrobe of clothes
  924. >Pinkie Pie had ensured that your kitchen was fully stocked, as well as making a huge cake and treats which were now being enjoyed by the other guests
  925. >Rainbow Dash had chosen the furniture, apparently the expert in the group at comfort and "Chillaxin'"
  926. >Oh, she had also put a framed, signed photo of herself on your bed side table
  927. >"Time I told you what my present is" Twilight said
  928. >"Well, I sorted you a job"
  929. "Doing what?"
  930. >"Well if you accept you'll be writing up what you know of human history and society so that it may be studied and learned from at the universities"
  931. >A comfy job where you got paid to sit around writing what you know
  932. "Sounds excellent Twilight"
  933. >So now you had a house and a job
  934. >Only one thing left to do
  935. "Let's Drink!"
  936. >You yelled as you joined the party properly
  937. >On top of building you a fucking house, the Apples had also brought a few barrels of cider and the barkeep you met on the first night had brought kegs of beer
  938. >Granted most of it was fairly weak by human standards but at least that stopped you from making a mess of yourself infront of everypony
  939. >It'd help you stay in more of a merry state rather than getting totally shitfaced
  940. >You grabbed yourself a cup of beer and began to mingle with the crowd
  941. >There were party games the sort you would expect to see at a 5 year old's party, which you avoided
  942. >To be fair there were a few fillies and colts running around the place
  943. >Your time was mostly occupied with idle chatter, drinking and snacking
  944. >As the day turned into evening most of the younger ponies and families began to leave, with a more mature crowd remaining to carry on the party
  945. >The music picked up a bit and occasionally you found yourself dancing in your inebriated state
  946. >You were awful at dancing but what the hell
  947. >Not like anypony knew what human dancing looked like to judge you
  948. >Honestly all this dancing and childish fun made you feel like you were 16 again
  949. >You were having a pretty good time
  950. >You danced with quite a few ponies as you randomly gyrated your body around
  951. >If you were a little more sober it might have registered that some of the mares were flirting a bit with you
  952. >And if you were a little more drunk you might have reciprocated their advances
  953. >As it was they just made you feel somewhat uncomfortable, though not enough to ruin your groove
  954. >As you continued to throw your body around you realised that you hadn't spoken to Rainbow since you got here
  955. >In fact, all you saw of her was the back of her head as she hammered pints at the drinks table
  956. >And that was about 3 hours ago
  957. >Ah well, she was probably catching up with other friends
  958. >Or she got bored and bailed
  959. >You carried on drinking and dancing as the night grew late
  960. >Almost everypony had left and your house was a total mess
  961. >Your 6 friends minus Rainbow were the only ones left now
  962. >They all gave their goodbyes and apologised for the mess before they departed, leaving you alone in the silence of your new home
  963. >Well, almost silence
  964. >You could hear a noise like shuffling or heavy breathing or something coming from down the hall
  965. >Right where your bedroom was
  966. >Either one of the guests had stumbled in there or you were about to walk in on 2 ponies fucking
  967. "Time to find out"
  968. >You sighed under your breath as you pushed the door open
  969. >What you saw as you stepped into the room shocked you like a bucket of ice thrown over you
  970. >Curled up at the end of your bed was a familiar rainbow maned pony, her body shaking as it was wracked by sobs
  971. >She didn't notice that you had entered the room, even as you rushed to the side of the bed
  972. >There was a small puddle of puke next to the bed but you didn't have time to care about that right now
  973. >Gently you wrapped your arms around her shaking body, lifting her chin up to look into her eyes
  974. >Upon seeing you she jerked her head away, screwing her eyes up tight and huddling her body away from you
  975. >Her crying grew stronger and you felt your own heart breaking as you held her
  976. >"I'm sorry Anon, I'm sorry, please don't hate me..." She choked out between her heart rending sobs
  977. >You didn't know what to do
  978. >Your best friend was breaking down in front of you and you didn't know why
  979. >All you could think to do was hold her and whisper gently as you stroked her mane
  980. "Shhhhhh"
  981. >You hushed quietly as you hugged her
  982. "Come on Rainbow, it's alright, I'm here"
  983. >You tried to reassure her, though if it was working you couldn't tell
  984. >You were on the verge of crying yourself
  985. >Nothing so cute and innocent should be able to cry in such a wretched and pathetic way
  986. >You hugged her tighter as you yourself began to sniffle
  987. "Dashie please, come on, just tell me what's wrong. It's OK"
  988. >Your voice trembled and wavered a little as you spoke
  989. >Gradually her crying slowed to sniffling and she peeked an eye open at you
  990. >"Anon?"
  991. >You smiled at her as kindly as you could
  992. >"You don't need to worry about me Anon. I'm sorry. I-I'll go now" She sniffled
  993. >She tried to struggle free from your grasp but you weren't letting her go
  994. "No Rainbow, tell me what's wrong. I want to help you"
  995. >"Why do you care? Nopony else does"
  996. "Because you're my friend and it hurts to see you crying like this. I just want you to be happy"
  997. >She looked up at you with doubt in her teary eyes
  998. >"Do... do you actually like me Anon? You like hanging out with me?"
  999. >As if there was any doubt
  1000. "Course I like you Rainbow, you're my best friend. Why would I not want to hang out with you?"
  1001. >"B-b-because...."
  1002. >She started to hyperventilate as she spoke
  1003. >"Nopony likes meeeeee" She wailed as she stuffed her face into the sheets again
  1004. >The crying was back in full force as you tried desperately to calm her back down
  1005. "Sure they like you Dashie, you're awesome. What's not to like about you?"
  1006. >She looked at you with a scowl as tears streaked down her face
  1007. >"I'm dumb and annoying and self centred and rude..."
  1008. >She began listing off all of her self loathing
  1009. >"...And most of all, I'm the ugliest pony in all of Equestria" She finished as she broke down crying again
  1010. "Come on rainbow, you're not ugly at all"
  1011. >You tried to reassure her
  1012. >"Course I am!" She snapped
  1013. >"I'm small and skinny, my eye colour doesn't fit, and to top it off my rats nest of a mane is the ugliest colour ever. Fucking genetics..." She sniffled
  1014. >Honestly you didn't see anything wrong with those things
  1015. >Her smaller frame was cute, and her mane was the most amazing rainbow spectrum you had ever seen
  1016. >Her wide magenta eyes were so warm and full of love and energy that they captivated you whenever you gazed into them
  1017. "Rainbow Dash, you're not ugly. I-I think you're beautiful. The most beautiful pony I've ever met"
  1018. >Her eyes went wide and her jaw hung open
  1019. >She looked startled like a deer in the headlights
  1020. >Her mouth moved like she wanted to say something but no words came out
  1021. >Tears were streaming down her cheeks, with her mane messy and stuck to her face
  1022. >As she continued to try and work her mouth, you wrapped her in a tight embrace
  1023. >"Y-you better not be messing with me Anon, or I'll... I'll" She finally managed to speak until you cut her off
  1024. "I'd never hurt you like that Rainbow. I truly think you are beautiful"
  1025. >She buried her face into your neck and began to cry heavily again
  1026. >She was hugging you back as tight as she could, like she never wanted to let you go
  1027. >You laid back on the bed, laying next to each other as she still clung to you
  1028. >When her sobbing returned to sniffling again Rainbow finally spoke
  1029. >"Look, I'm sorry Anon. I guess I should probably clean up my mess and fly home now, thanks for everything." She said as she reluctantly tried to pry her body away from yours
  1030. "Oh no no Rainbow"
  1031. >You said as you pulled her back down
  1032. "I can't let you fly home, not in this state. I think you'd better stay the night"
  1033. >Rainbow Dash didn't even resist as she laid back down
  1034. >"But what about the puke?" She asked
  1035. "Don't worry I'll sort it"
  1036. >She tried to protest, saying that cleaning up after herself was the least she could do, but you pushed her back down on the bed
  1037. "Honestly it's fine, I gotta clean up the rest of this place at some point anyways, might as well start here"
  1038. >You left to go grab a bucket of hot water and a cloth to clean up
  1039. >When you returned you found Rainbow tucked up under the covers of your bed but still awake
  1040. >As you knelt down on the floor and started scrubbing you saw her head poking over the side of the bed watching you
  1041. >She apologised several times whilst you cleaned and almost started crying again at one point but you were able to keep her calm for the most part
  1042. >When you finished you chucked the gross puke water down the sink, cleaned yourself up and went back to bed
  1043. >"W- want me to go sleep on the couch Anon?" Rainbow asked
  1044. "Nah you're already comfy here, just budge up a little"
  1045. >She looked a little startled at the thought of sharing a bed but didn't complain
  1046. >As you climbed in next to her she snuggled up to your side
  1047. >You lay there for a bit idly stroking her mane and scratching behind her ears which seemed to relax her extremely well
  1048. >Suddenly, you felt a wave of fatigue washing over your body
  1049. >The party and emotional roller coaster of the day had really taken it out of you
  1050. >You were exhausted
  1051. >Glancing at the window, you saw the first light of dawn creeping through the cracks in the curtains
  1052. >Guess you were just gonna sleep all day then
  1053. >You pulled the duvet over you both and Rainbow wrapped a wing around you in a sort of hug/blanket
  1054. >"Thank's for everything Anon. I don't think anyone's ever been as nice to me as you have" She said as she snuggled up to you
  1055. "Any time Dashie, I'll always be here for you"
  1056. >You replied as you shut your eyes
  1057. "Goodnight Rainbow Dash"
  1058. >"Night Anon"
  1059. >As you drifted off to sleep wrapped in each others embrace, you thought you heard Rainbow whisper "I love you Anon"
  1060. >Then sleep took you away
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