SVTFOE: As Long as I Want You Ch. 1

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  1. Star vs the Forces of Evil: As Long as I want You
  2. Written by WriteFriend
  3. Edited by Editanon
  4. Ch. 1
  9.         This was it. No more planning, unnecessary steps, and no more freaking nodding. The day Marco Diaz became a man. Or at the very least swallowed his pride, stopped being a coward and actually asked his dream girl, Jackie Lynn Thomas, out. The past few weeks have been an eye-opening experience for the love-struck safe kid. However, thanks to one of Star's many misadventures, he realized that he's been letting his opportunities slip right past him. To think, ten years of being in love with a girl that you can't even approach without having a stroke. It just didn't seem right. It was beneath him to be one of those so called "Beta Males", especially kicking monster ass for as long as he had been. Marco observed Jackie from a distance as she spoke with Janna and Hope, more than likely discussing one of Janna's latest antics from as far as he could tell. His tension steadily grew as he noticed their discussion lasted much longer than the norm. It was Friday afternoon, typically kids would want to be out and about instead of wasting extra time in the halls.  Marco couldn't deny he was nervous, he was really hoping to ask her when she was alone. Unfortunately she's had company since their last class, and the prolonged conversation certainly wasn't helping. He was so focused on his target that he didn't hear Star sneak up behind him.
  11. Star pounced on Marco from behind, and held onto him as if she was ready for a piggyback ride. "Wheeeeeee, onward to adventure Marco!" Star shouted with glee. "Or home. Ya know. whatever works."
  13. "St-Star, Star...your choking me!" gasped Marco between breaths as he stumbled around with the overly excited princess on his back, Star had been grabbing to his neck to hold on.
  15. "Whoops, sorry!" She said with a sly chuckle as she let go of him. "But seriously. Let's go home. I've been waiting for you to stop creeping on Jackie for like, 20 minutes."
  17. "Has it really only been 20?" Marco asked before returning his attention to Jackie. "Felt like longer" He added before tailing off.
  19. Star put her arm around Marco's shoulder as he watched Jackie, Star was used to this routine but today Marco was dragging it out. Star looked Marco in the eye, she could almost see something that wasn't there before: actual determination. Star felt lucky to show up when she did.
  21. "Marco is almost there. He just needs one final push to get him going." Star thought.
  23. "Marco, follow the advice that weird bearded guy on your computer screams about and just do it."
  25. Marco didn't say anything at first, he just kept staring. " I am Star. I'm finally gonna go for it today." he replied.
  27. "WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?", Star shouted in surprise.
  29. "Shhhh! Keep your voice down Star, she might hear you! And yes. I am. Why are you so shocked?" Marco asked.
  31. "It's just that we've been down this road so many times already. You stare at her, I stare at you staring at her and then I tell you to just get it over with. Then yooouuu tell meeee to stop 'rushing ahead of your plan'" Star paused before continuing. "It just came as a surprise when you said that you were gonna go talk to her instead of wimping out like you usually do."
  33. Star was right. Marco knew how pathetic he'd seemed but hearing it described to him only drove the point home. Star gave him a pat on the back for re-assurance and tried to give him a literal shove, but Marco didn't budge.
  35. "Marco please, I'm trying to help you here. For the love of all that is Mewni go ask her out already!" Star said trying to push him harder, but Marco wasn't moving.
  37. Star sighed and let go. "Marco. Saying you're gonna do it and actually doing it are two completely different things. So either ask her out or take me home, buddy. It's hot and I'm seeing those buzzardy whatchacallits circling overhead."
  39. Marco started to tremble a little. "Its just that-"
  41. "What? What now? Marco, enough with the excuses. They just get more unbelievable each time. Remember last week when you said you can't ask her out because you got the job as the lead singer in a Foghat cover band?"
  43. Marco coughed his throat and turned away from Star's gaze.
  45. "Even when I try to help you on your own terms WITHOUT magic you refuse;  let me evaluate your wardrobe? Thaaaat's a negative. Tell you what to say using one of those blueteeth microphone thingies? Nope! Want me to dress up like her so you can get a practice run at least without fainting? Yep, still remember your little freak out when I asked to try that one."
  47. Marco grabbed onto her shoulders, "Alright Star, I get it. I'm a loser".
  49. Star eyes went from annoyed to sad. "Aww Marco. You're totally not. I didn't mean to snap at you like that, I'm sorry."
  51. Marco let go of her, "It's okay. I deserved it though. What I was going to say is that she's busy with Janna and Hope and I wanted to do this in private, but I just don't think it's going to happen today." Marco glanced back a Jackie with a bit of sadness in his eyes. She was still with the other girls. "Especially Janna, I don't even want to think of how she'd ruin it for me if she was within even earshot."
  53. Star looked at the group in the distance, she could feel the gerbil that is her brain get on its exercise wheel and begin to spin it.
  55. "Hehe. So cute with its beady little black eyes." Star mumbled to herself still imagining her mind gerbil.
  57. "What?" Marco asked confused.
  59. "Oh yeah, nothing" replied Star. "Just thinking out loud."
  61. "Marco tapped Star on her shoulder and began to grab his backpack.
  63. "C'mon Star. I'll walk you home, I can hear those buzzards now too," Marco said calmly motioning Star to follow him. To his surprise it was now Star who wasn't moving; "Alright, fine. I'll give you a piggyback ride, lets just go."
  65. "IF Jackie was alone... You'd ask her out this second right?" Star asked.
  67. "Yeah. But she's not. And I don't really feel like waiting around anymore. It's unfair to you so maybe I'll give it another shot on Monday. Who knows, maybe it'll only take another ten more years." He said in a sarcastic yet disappointed tone.
  69. Star looked at Marco in the eye again. "You know, you're so lucky to have me that I don't even want to know where'd you be now without my help!" Star exclaimed as she ran down the sidewalk to where Jackie, Janna, and Hope were.
  71. "Star wait!" Marco shouted, but it was too late.
  73. Marco saw from the distance as Star began to talk to the three girls. He had no idea what they were saying, however, but that didn't mean Marco didn't know what Star was doing. He braced himself, as Star was trying to separate Jackie from Janna and Hope. Marco comically noted how the best wing-man he could have was, in fact, a girl. After a few short minutes Star, Janna, and Hope headed off in one direction, leaving Jackie behind. How Star managed these things Marco would never know. As they left, Star turned to look at Marco one more time and gave him a wink and a smile while nodding her head in Jackie's direction. Marco got the message loud and clear.
  75. Marco started walking towards Jackie with his heart racing like crazy but was somehow not scared. Knowing a friend like Star was willing to put this much faith in him certainly helped with the nerves. However Marco also knew that he'd come close like this before. But things were going to be different this time. With each passing step Marco came closer to his destiny and this time would embrace it. Jackie was adjusting her helmet straps getting ready to hop on her skateboard and leave when Marco finally made it to her. Marco took a deep breath. This was it.
  77. "Marco! Hey!" Jackie was the one who spoke first. "You just missed Star she took Janna and-"
  79. "Actually, I wasn't looking for Star. I was looking for you." Marco said, surprisingly in a confident tone.
  81. Jackie raised her eyebrow, clearly intrigued. "Well, here I am." she said with a nervous chuckle. "What's up?"
  83. Marco looked at her. He could have sworn she blushed for a second too, Marco certainly was.
  85. "This- might a sound little weird. And forward. But..."  Marco paused again searching for the right words. Hell, he'd made further today then he has in the entire decade he knew He. Everything from here should be a cake walk. "But the thing is. We've known each other since we were in kindergarten. Alright, alright. Maybe we weren't besties or anything, I'll admit." Marco said adding air quotes to "know".
  87. Jackie nodded as Marco spoke before chiming in. "Yeah, huh? I see what you mean. It really seems like we've known each other for a while and yet, not at all."
  89. "What I'm trying to say here is, maybe we could change that? Hang out sometime and get to know each other?" To his shock, it was getting surprisingly more comfortable as he spoke to her. If this kept up, Marco might actually be able to carry a conversation with her as well as he could with Star.
  91. Jackie gave him a little smile. "Are... Are you asking me out, Marco?"
  93. "What? Nonono I just meant like-" He had to stop himself before he blew it. He took a deep breath and cut loose.
  95. "No more beating around the bush. Yeah Jackie, I'm asking you out. I think you're one of the coolest, most down to Earth girls I have ever laid eyes upon and. Not to mention the prettiest."
  97.  Marco quickly clutched his chest. To his comfort he found his heart didn't explode out of him like a chestburster from Alien.
  99. "Let's be completely honest. When a guy asks a girl out, he'll tell her it's because of her personality and how he wants to get to know her.  I want to do that too. But cards on the table, no secrets I also think you're drop dead gorgeous."
  101. Jackie was silent, she was very clearly blushing when Marco complimented her looks. She certainly thought Marco was cute himself. Giving her such a complement right upfront? Never in a million years did she think he would tell her how attractive he thought she was, much less be open about it.
  103. "When I see you in the hall in the morning before class- I often have wondered what you thought of me.  When we would nod to each other, I thought I'd be ready for the answer but I didn't think it be this." Jackie said rubbing the back of her neck nervously.
  105. "Jackie I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that. I understand if you say no, honest." Marco added.
  107. "Don't be sorry, I like your answer. Since you want things out in the open, I think you're- wait I guess gorgeous works only for girls doesn't it? I'll say handsome then." Jackie said with a nervous smile.
  109. Marco simply could not believe what he'd just heard. An asteroid could destroy the city right now and would still be elated.
  111. "Great! So do you still want to get to know me...and stuff?" Marco asked.
  113. "Yes" replied Jackie with a nod and a smile.
  115. "So it's a date then? Officially I mean?" Marco said trying to no break into a dance.
  117. "It's a date, Diaz. I look forward to knowing more the man behind the hoodie." Jackie said trying to cover her blushing cheeks with her hands.
  119. "Cool! So...tomorrow night then? Give me your address and I can pick you up on my bike if you want." Marco realized that sounded lame as he said it. "Would totally take you in my dad's sweet ride, but I kinda can't drive yet."
  121. Jackie giggled a little. "Fine by me Marco. If you want, maybe you can tow me on your bike while I ride my board. I've always wanted to try that with someone."
  123. "Oh totally, downhill all the way right?"
  125. Jackie giggled again. "Wow, and to think people called you the safe kid! Even I wouldn't go downhill in the middle of the night on my board, you really are mysterious."
  127. "There's a lot more to me then you think Jackie".
  129. "I can totally see that, save some of it for tomorrow night." Jackie said grabbing Marco's hand.
  131. "Oh-uhm sorry. You got a pen on you?" she asked. Marco reached into his hoodie and grabbed one.
  133. Jackie wrote her address and phone number on his hand, truth be told Marco has stalked her for so long he already knew.  Maybe that wasn't the right factoid to end the conversation with. Jackie brushed her hair to the side, she was still blushing as was Marco.
  135. "See you tomorrow." She said, placing her foot on her skateboard.
  137. "Yeah, tomorrow." Marco repeated with a look of accomplishment on his face.
  139. Marco turned and headed back the way he came to go home as Jackie rode off on her skateboard. Both teenagers let out a sigh of relief. They weren't prepared for what had happened but were both happy about how things played out. Jackie looked back at Marco, who at looked back at her as they waved goodbye to each other.
  141. Marco knew things would be different now.
  143. Hopefully Star is ready for those changes too.
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