MGE Side III Studio Paralyzer

May 2nd, 2020
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  1. Can you hear my voice?
  2. As expected, this place is always exciting.
  3. The band playing on stage now is “Passion Jewel”, their Siren leader is from Matori, and she turned “kawaii” into a numbingly violent sound, it seems she’s a song maiden getting a lot of attention in Saida right now.
  4. This “Studio = Paralyzer” is where talented up-and-coming bands gather, it’s said to be the hottest place in Saida.
  5. This is a shop you should always check.
  7. And take a look at your feet.
  8. Those glittering things spread all over the floor, extending from the stage to the seats like aisles, are all “thunderstones”.
  9. These aisles shine and change colors in response to the song and tone of the band playing on stage, so it looks like a stage production.
  10. As expected of using “kawaii” as a weapon, it’s now shining pink… ah, now to match the leader’s pose, the light is making a heart symbol.
  11. As I thought, this band does quite well.
  12. You can do a stage production like this, but if a diva or song maiden with extraordinary power decides to do it, I think she’ll probably be able to make lightning spring from all over the floor, making all of the guests extremely tingly. I’m sure that would become a serious problem.
  14. The manager here is the former diva, the Thunderbird “Olguna”.
  15. The staff are even members of Mrs. Olguna’s legendary band, “Olgünil”, so this place is irresistible for old fans.
  16. Mrs. Olguna is an extreme person, or perhaps I should say she’s a person that is always seeking stimulation, so she figured if she taught all sorts of things to Big Sis Levin, who had just come to this city, then she could retire and try and see just how long she can continue to fuck her husband, and after that she began raising other song maidens to overthrow Big Sis. It seems that’s why she created this place.
  18. So, earlier I said Saida welcomes beginners and inexperienced people, but this shop is different.
  19. It’ll be bad if you play a lukewarm live. Especially for men.
  20. Look, it seems those guests are all looking at you with glaring eyes.
  21. If, for example, you were to stand on this stage alone, and they approve of your ability, you will be respected as a great performer, and welcomed with respect.
  22. However, if you aren’t, then you will only be treated as “just a male” at this shop. You already know what will happen then.
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