Dec 28th, 2021
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  1. "Enough! You've made your point perfectly clear as to what you are... Alaya." The entity in Rin's form doesn't act to correct you as you guess just what it is. "If you couldn't contact me, would you mind explaining what this all is?"
  3. "Oh, it's just a localized reconstruction of a city, you probably wouldn't care which. What you probably wanted to know is how we brought you here, and that one has quite a simple answer." The entity in Rin's body shifts once again, this time it becomes a mass of white energy in a vaguely human shape. "We couldn't simply allow you to endanger the entire planet, and more importantly, humanity, through your continued access of the Root... so we had to..." The humanoid chuckles. "Get a little forceful." The humanoid figure points to its head. "Right now, we're possessing your body." You tense up. "But not controlling it, no. We feel like if we tried it might end up going poorly for all of us. This direct form of control was simply the only means we had left of speaking with you, and we're honestly quite impressed. Against any 'human', if we attempted to possess them, they would lose all of their individuality in a single instant, yet not you..." The humanoid suddenly turns its back to you as it looks up at the sky.
  5. Part 17
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