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GBG Episode 29.5: End of the Road

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  1. <Darkling> You're all now on the black rock island that is all that remains of the South Pole. The VTOLs are flying off into the distance, taking what survivors are left of Berlin to another base, hopefully still operation and safe. Your Aesir are sitting at the waters edge, facing out into the ocean, silent guardians waiting for the end.
  2. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja seems to be doing much the same, staring off into the distance. Every now and then she casts a particularly venomous look up at the sky.
  3. Rasia gazes up at Ein, the predatory Aesir looking taught and ready to strike, even dormant.
  4. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Wilhelm is looking around the small rocky island, spear in hand. "Oh yes, it's here..."
  5. <Darkling> On the island with you is Vaettir, the Vice-Comm, two armed soldiers, Lit and Danika who is still tending to him even though he is standing well enough on his own now.
  6. <Rasia> Ein certainly seems...more sinuous. Flowing. "Mn..." She finally turns away, looking over at Wilhelm and Lahja in turn.
  7. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Do you think it's alive, Wilhelm?" Lahja asks absently after making a rude gesture up at the sky.
  8. <Wilhelm_Faustus> No response. Maybe you should try a different name? He's tapping at the rocks with the tip of the spear, brow knit as he seemed to consider something.
  9. <Darkling> "What're you doing?" The Vice-Comm asks.
  10. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Thinking, thinking, thinking...though even this brain has its limits..."
  11. <Rasia> "..."
  12. <Darkling> The scientists stationed here have ventured outside finally as a group to see what is going on.
  13. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Well, that bunch we met last time is probably still here." Lahja says, looking over her shoulder afterward.
  14. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Tumbling down." He mutters, tapping of the stones ending. "No one knows to where the roots run...but we know where it grows." He snickers.
  15. Rasia frowwwns.
  16. <Darkling> The Vice-comm heads over to the scientists with Vaettir and begins speaking to them quietly.
  17. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I doubt they're talking about penis envy this time, so..." Lahja wanders over as well.
  18. <Rasia> Hesitantly, Rasia tags behind.
  19. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Who needs mortals? We know where it is, don't we?" His gaze turns toward Loki the Aesir, the machine rumbling. "No need to get up yet! Let them play." He looks to the side. "What? You have something to say now?"
  20. <Darkling> "~understand why you're here." Dolf is saying to the Vice-comm. He stops short staring at Wilhelm, mouth agape.
  21. <Rasia> Frowwwwwwn.
  22. <Rasia> "Wilhelm..."
  23. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He looks over his shoulder toward Rasia.
  24. <Wilhelm_Faustus> His gaze moves back to the stone. "Maybe if we pluck out our eye we'll gain the same knowledge Odin did back-- I don't care if you like your eyes."
  25. <Rasia> Her lips purse tight, but she doesn't say anything.
  26. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja looks to the Vice-comm and the scientists. She cracks a smile.
  27. <Darkling> "Why is that boy blue?" He asks.
  28. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "The same reason you're pink!"
  29. <Darkling> Well, he has no response to that.
  30. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Worrying who? Oooh, yes, you have a fondness for Fenrir don't you? We both do, though the things you've done with her...well..." He smirks, busying himself with etching runes into the stones.
  31. <Darkling> "Look," the Vice-Comm interjects. "We need use of the facility, and if you stand in the way you'll be shot."
  32. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Not very creative." He murmers.
  33. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Wilhelm has gradually undergone some changes that make him a better pilot." Lahja says with a smile.
  34. Rasia grumbles, averting her gaze with a burning face. "Hurry, find tree?"
  35. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "It's down here~" He taps a foot against a rock. "Tumbling down, tumbling down...maybe we'll find dark elves. Maybe he's one." He points to Dolf.
  36. <Darkling> "Eh.." Only Dolf is still standing in the way of the door, the others have gone inside again. "Alright."
  37. <Darkling> Dolf steps aside allowing them entrance.
  38. <Rasia> In we go?
  39. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja goes inside.
  40. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We'll stay outside, thank you!" He sits down.
  41. <Darkling> Things inside are just as they were last time you were here. Small, even more cramped with everyone that has made their way in, lots of computer equipment, and nothing overly interesting.
  42. <Rasia> "Come!" She barks back at him, rather fiesty all of a sudden.
  43. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He jumps, following after.
  44. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "I already told you where the tree is, no need to try and prove yourselves to us, our superior intellect is only natural." He says in a sing-song voice as he enters after Rasia.
  45. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I'm curious. With the Black Moon gone, what have you people been doing? That seemed like the focus of your work here."
  46. <Darkling> "Well, nobody really checked in on us, so we've just been keeping, uh, busy." There's a game of solitaire up on a desktop.
  47. <Darkling> "Why are you all here again?" Adele asks.
  48. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "By Odin's wrinkled sack..." He facepalms, trying not to giggle.
  49. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Because the Berlin dome was destroyed and there's some Aesir thing heading here intent on burning the place up if the myths are true."
  50. <Darkling> "But, why here?" She doesn't seem too fazed by all the unlikeliness of that.
  51. <Rasia> "Tree."
  52. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Have we had enough of this, yet? Even Baldr could lie better."
  53. <Darkling> "There's no trees on this blasted rock."
  54. <Darkling> "I think he means the power signature Dolf." She says.
  55. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Something special. Whatever it is that makes people so interested in this rock."
  56. <Darkling> "There's nothing there! We've done tests, drilled, sent probes, everything!"
  57. <Darkling> "Just some damn energy signature that we can't find!"
  58. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I bet you just weren't made to interact with it. Unlike someone else we know."
  59. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We bet we know what drilling you did out here."
  60. <Darkling> "...I..." Dolf seems too flabbergasted to talk anymore. He heads to the tiny kitchen.
  61. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Well we're tired of saying where Yggdrasil is when no one seems to be listening." He whistles, twirling his spear as he steps back outside.
  62. <Darkling> Vaettir follows him out.
  63. <Rasia> A low growl, and Rasia gives chase.
  64. <Darkling> Vaettir steps up behind Wilhelm, keeping back a few feet. "So, the tree is here you say."
  65. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Of course it is, they weren't put here for nothing." He sighs heavily.
  66. <Darkling> "Then, where is it? In the earth?"
  67. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "So, how did you come to notice this energy signature to begin with?" Lahja asks, remaining inside.
  68. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "It's below. Right...straight...down." He stops and turns to face Vaettir.
  69. <Darkling> "It was left over we think, from the Second Impact that is." Adele explains. "All that was left of the South Pole was this rock, and an energy signature. It's strong, but non-existent in a physical sense."
  70. <Darkling> "Straight down?" He looks to his feet. "They said they drilled down. I know they have, I've seen their results. They found nothing."
  71. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "It's there...but who's to say it's something they can find with equipment?"
  72. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Interesting. Has it ever shown any kind of a reaction to anything, like that moon radiation?"
  73. <Darkling> "We've never registered any dramatic changes in our readings. Whatever is creating it, just doesn't exist, and isn't affected by anything we can do."
  74. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja nods and begins pacing. "Have you ever had any ideas on what might work but haven't had the means to do it?"
  75. <Darkling> She looks thoughtful.
  76. <Darkling> "Can you find it?" Vaettir asks.
  77. <Darkling> "Well I proposed a more thorough excavation of everything below us, but that got shot down, and likely wouldn't result in anything anyways."
  78. <Darkling> "What we're reading down there would be something the size of a skyscraper, and our tests aren't that inaccurate to have missed something so large."
  79. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Of course we can."
  80. <Darkling> Vaettir looks to Rasia.
  81. Rasia chews her lip, looking helpless.
  82. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "And just between me and you, you never saw or heard of that missing duo Wilhelm got so worked up about the last time we were here, right?"
  83. <Darkling> "Just us here." She answers.
  84. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja nods. Then she waves and wanders off to the door, only sticking her head out. "Rasia? Can I borrow you for a few moments?"
  85. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Should we start digging, or wait to make smores as Surtr burns the world down around us?" He leans against the spear, watching Vaettir. "Would it be so bad to die knowing the world-- yes, I know you promised."
  86. <Rasia> "Rr?" The Israeli follows, perhaps only as an excuse to leave the room.
  87. <Darkling> Vaettir moves closer to Wilhelm, kneeling down to whisper in his ear.
  88. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja goes off to the bathroom of all places.
  89. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He whispers back with a smirk.
  90. <Rasia> It's a tad crowded, with Rasia in here as well.
  91. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "So, Rasia... I've got a completely crackpot idea." Lahja closes the door, lowering her tone. "But I want you to know something, and I want your opinion."
  92. <Rasia> "...ok." Lahja, with a weird idea? Surely Rasia's never seen this before.
  93. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "The last time Wilhelm and I were here he got a bit weird and said he'd dreamed of being speared to hang from a tree. I don't know if there's any significance or it's just a crazy dream, but best not to dismiss the prospect, right?"
  94. <Rasia> A solemn nod. She seems to believe it wholeheartedly, swallowing hard. "Yes. Will protect Wilhelm."
  95. <Wilhelm_Faustus> The boy starts to laugh loudly, but it isn't funny. He could almost be crying.
  96. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja nods. "I'm content to let the world burn. But what I want to know is, do you believe there's still enough of Wilhelm in there to salvage? Bear in mind that he's said that a lot of what went on with Ivy was supposedly to see what would happen with Wilhelm." Lahja's lips twitch. That was almost a combat smile.
  97. <Darkling> Vaettir face merely reflects Wilhelm's own sadness. For once the man isn't grinning.
  98. <Darkling> He stands, placing a hand on Wilhelm's shoulder.
  99. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Wilhelm stands up, toes curling briefly to grip at the black stone under ghis feet. "We won't accept this! Will we?!" His attention turns to the Aesir, already in motion as it starts to stand.
  100. <Rasia> "Still Wilhelm!" Strong hands give Lahja a brief shake. "Hhh...have to fight for Wilhelm. Un-til all gone."
  101. <Darkling> Vaettir takes a step back again.
  102. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja nods, seeming a bit disappointed. But after being shaken around a bit she puts on a smile. "Then good luck reclaiming your territory. If you need my help just ask, but for now I should pitch my idea to Wilhelm."
  103. <Rasia> "...ok." The Israeli lets up.
  104. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja walks out the bathroom door, and then outside.
  105. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Loki lets out a rumble from deep in its chest, coming onto the small island proper. "Only the weak accept fate, thats why the Aesir were doomed to die. They accepted it and were weak. But we're strong...the strongest there is."
  106. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja approaches Wilhelm, stopping halfway and then motioning for him to come closer.
  107. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We're busy." He motions to the moving Aesir, clenching its fist.
  108. <Darkling> Everyone else from inside has gathered near the door of the building to see what is going on.
  109. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja closes some of the distance. "If you're too busy I can just stare around waiting for the fireworks. Your call. I've only got two words for you anyway."
  110. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Wow that's manipulative, I like it." He turns and approaches, Loki continuing its work behind him. The Aesir brings its fist down into the black rock, making a nice crater.
  111. <Darkling> The small island shakes, a few people thrown off balance. "What the hell is he doing?" Dolf shouts.
  112. <Rasia> Rasia throws a glance to Ein.
  113. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "A good friend let me borrow a book a long ago. I read about the most interesting thing." She leans close to Wilhelm and whispers.
  114. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He cackles, leaning on the spear. "Maybe fate isn't so bad after all. Brilliant!"
  115. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja moves back and takes a bow. She looks rather pleased with herself as she moves off to Vier.
  116. <Darkling> "That idiot is going to kill us all. We don't have time for this!" It's the Vice-Comm. He strides out of the pack of on-lookers.
  117. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Seems he did some good telling you so much." He gives the spear a twirl and he moves to the crater.
  118. <Darkling> "You! You little shit, this is all your fault, and it's time to stop it all!" He has ill looking motives.
  119. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He turns, lifting an eyebrow. "What was that?"
  120. <Rasia> "!" Rasia starts her way over.
  121. <Darkling> He's got a gun out, firing near instantly.
  122. <Darkling> Vaettir drops to the ground, a flash of metal leaving his hand.
  123. <Rasia> "Ah--?"
  124. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja hits the ground, too.
  125. <Darkling> The Vice-Comm drops as well with a knife sticking of of his knee, cursing as the gun spills from his hand.
  126. <Wilhelm_Faustus> The boy glances to Vaettir before looking down at himself. The silver leaking out of his chest seemed to confuse him as he ran his fingertips through it.
  127. Rasia sprints for Wilhelm, her allegiance unquestionable.
  128. <Darkling> Vaettir's not moving.
  129. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He frowns, pointing his spear. One minute the Vice-Commander is there, the next he's a fire red mist settling onto the rocks.
  130. <Rasia> "--Wilhelm!"
  131. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja comes to a stand, moving to admire the stain.
  132. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We'll live for now, Rasia." He looks to her, then Vaettir. He kneels down, a hand resting on him. "Still with us?"
  133. <Darkling> A sly grin through half open eyes. "Do, what you have to.." a cough, some blood comes up as more seeps through his white suit. "The end is yo..." his body goes slack, eyes staring past you.
  134. <Rasia> "Rrrr." A wary gaze falls on the others in turn.
  135. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja moves toward the gun, then looks from Vaettir to Wilhelm. How very curious.
  136. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Someone to keep Frejya company." He closes the man's eyes, standing up. "We should tell you all something."
  137. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Yes?"
  138. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We...I lied about Yggdrasil. It can't stop Ragnarok, it only has the chance to alter its course...a chance Vaettir didn't believe in. The old men...SEELE had been lying to us from the start."
  139. <Rasia> "Alter...?"
  140. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Changing the world without burning it away."
  141. <Darkling> "He's mad." Dolf mutters.
  142. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He hefts the spear, turning back to the crater he made. Mad or not he had a purpose in mind. Blue hexagons gather and spin, generating heat before blasting a hole into the crater.
  143. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "The world is mad, the world is dead."
  144. <Darkling> The ground eats away before him, tunneling into the earth.
  145. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "The world is going to live on if we have anything to say about it."
  146. <Rasia> A firm nod.
  147. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He touches at the hole in his chest as he watches the ground crumble away.
  148. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja takes the gun with a sigh. Safety on. "If you feel that way I'll do what I can." she says absently whilst looking the gun over.
  149. <Darkling> Lit comes over with Danika's help. "I'm with you guys. Lead on."
  150. <Rasia> A hot hand touches Wilhelm's elbow, seeking out his free hand. "Protect Wilhelm."
  151. <Wilhelm_Faustus> His fingers lace with hers, lifting his spear in the other hand. "We need this hole to be a bit bigger, we'll need the Aesir."
  152. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Everyone into an Aesir, this island will need to go."
  153. <Rasia> "Ok." Off to Ein.
  154. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja looks up from her examination of the gun to watch the pair, then looks away, moving to Vier to pat the Aesir on the leg. "One more time."
  155. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He looks to the shack and its occupants. "Might want to start swimming." He smiles pleasantly.
  156. <Darkling> They don't seem to know what to make of that.
  157. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Don't forget Lit and his possible future wife!" He calls up to the Aesir.
  158. <Darkling> Now Danika looks at him like he's lost it.
  159. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He cackles, back to being the crazy blend of deity and boy he'd become as of late.
  160. <Darkling> The scientists and soldiers have moved back in the building seeking shelter.
  161. <Rasia> A soft frown as she settles into place in Ein's plug, the Aesir rumbling to life alongside a faint heat in Rasia's mind. A new closeness? No...command.
  162. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja sighs inside the plug, shaking her head. She closes her eyes afterward, looking relaxed enough to be asleep. Or dead.
  163. <Darkling> Lit and Danika await at the edge of the island, looking up at the three Aesir.
  164. <Rasia> So...now we dig?
  165. <Rasia> Rasia bows low, offering a big hand for the pair.
  166. <Darkling> They step on, Danika a bit reluctant to.
  167. <Rasia> "Plug?" She asks the other pilots. Lit was kept pretty safe then, too.
  168. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "It's probably the place to be for now."
  169. <Wilhelm_Faustus> The boy hovers above his Aesir's palm as it lifts him up and away from the ground, moving to the very edge of the island.
  170. <Rasia> In they go. Rasia transfers them very carefully to Ein's armor, and into the plug. Three people... This also means Rasia can't safely hurl herself in front of any lethal attacks to save Wilhelm. But I'm sure that won't come up.
  171. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He gathers Loki's massive AT Field, wrapping it to his liking before bringing it to bare against the island with a mighty shout!
  172. <Darkling> The center of the island blasts apart, the building obliterated, and the ground below breaks away under the pressure creating a long tunnel.
  173. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Time to find it then, and see whats what. Maybe a bit of Odin's blood still clings to the tree."
  174. <Darkling> A clear tunnel into the earth sits open before you.
  175. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Anyone have anything important to say before we do this?" Lahja says as Vier goes into the tunnel.
  176. Rasia looks back at Lit and Danika.
  177. <Darkling> Danika is keeping her head hidden against Lit, this is likely too much for her to handle.
  178. <Rasia> Ein crawls forward, massive talons enough to climb down the tunnel with raw grip. "Protect Wilhelm...protect Lit...protect...everyone."
  179. <Darkling> The tunnel isn't too long, ending in a bit of a cavern, at least one with enough room for all three Aesir to stand in.
  180. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Not enough room for a fight if it comes down to it."
  181. <Darkling> There is a palpable energy in the air.
  182. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "How strange... I don't usually feel like this."
  183. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We'll need to borrow everyone's AT Field to do this, if you don't mind.
  184. <Rasia> "Ok..." Ein turns its head, and Rasia extends her focus. It's a new sensation for her, since she wasn't a part of the previous group hug.
  185. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "... Alright." Lahja says after a pause, not all that happy with the idea.
  186. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He takes hold of the extra layers of AT Field, wraping himself in them before extending them outward. "According to proper calculations..."
  187. <Darkling> The world starts to bend around you.
  188. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "The Dirac Sea is actually related to Einstein's work on relativity. If only he'd known about the reality-bending power of the AT Field, eh?"
  189. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja looks on with interest. "If he could see us he'd be green with envy. As opposed to green with decay. But he's probably long past that stage by now."
  190. <Darkling> What light was in the tunnel blinks out.
  191. <Rasia> "Rrrr."
  192. <Darkling> Then light emerges, lines stop blurring, and you appear to be upside down. Gravity appears to be inverted as you're not falling into the yawning darkness below you. Sprouting from an unknown point around where the Aesir stand, a massive network of veins spin into a thick mass and then spindle away, branching off into the vast darkness.
  193. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "It's kind of pretty here."
  194. <Rasia> Ein lurches and widens its stance, digging talons into the ground reflexively.
  195. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "How lovely."
  196. <Darkling> That feeling of energy in the air is tenfold as strong, hair raising up off skin as if charged.
  197. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "But where do we go from here? We might as well make the most of our lead...." Vier looks about, focusing on the darkness below.
  198. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We follow the roots to the tree proper." Loki moves slowly, taking time to admire their surroundings.
  199. ========================
  200. <Darkling> You trudge on, following Wilhelm's lead, through the dark alien world. The veins of light pulse now an then, almost at the steady rate of a slow heartbeat. It may have been only minutes you've been here,but it feels like it could easily have been hours.
  201. Rasia bristles now and then, gripping her controls and jerking Ein's head this way and that, tail lashing at the air to work out the tension.
  202. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Wilhelm watched from his place in Loki's open palm, spear gripped loosely in one hand. Was there air in this place? Assuming there wasn't it seemed he didn't mind.
  203. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja seems a bit lost in it all, regarding the area with a pleased look. "This must be alive, too."
  204. <Darkling> You even might feel like you aren't alone. Something else could easily be here in the vast darkness.
  205. <Rasia> Not helping Rasia's nerves.
  206. <Darkling> The ground rumbles, not the first time it has done that.
  207. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier looks about often, periodically pointing a gun in a completely random direction. "Mythologically speaking, did anything ever live here? Like mythological termites?"
  208. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Nidhogg was often amidst the roots."
  209. <Rasia> "Bug?"
  210. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ""Nidhogg was actually a dragon."
  211. <Rasia> "Rrrr."
  212. <Darkling> You appear to be walking vertically down one of the glowing veins currently, something off in the distance seems to move, but with al lthe dark it is hard to tell.
  213. <Rasia> Ein snaps its jaws at the shadow, salivating and letting that barbed tongue hang.
  214. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier keeps close to Ein, taking a long look at that area where something might have moved.
  215. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Loki continues to move with a quiet confidence that they know exactly where they're going. Wilhelm has taken to sitting now, spear resting against his shoulder.
  216. <Darkling> Lit and Danika have been pretty silent the whole trip so far. Danika is staring out at the void wide eyed.
  217. <Rasia> Rasia draws a deep breath, stretching her arms and legs out. "How far?"
  218. <Darkling> "Where exactly are we going?" Lit voices.
  219. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "We're trying to find a tree. Or whatever passes for a tree here."
  220. <Darkling> "And.. how far?" He repeats Rasia's question.
  221. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Time and space are meaningless inside of a dirac sear. To be occupied by Yggdrasil, well..."
  222. <Darkling> "...alright." He says.
  223. <Rasia> "..." Her head sinks a bit. That wasn't much of an answer...
  224. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "If time and space are meaningless we might already be where we want to be. We just don't know it yet." Lahja says absently.
  225. <Darkling> You pass by a spot that looks familiar, although everything here does.
  226. <Rasia> "--..." Froooown.
  227. <Rasia> "Lost?"
  228. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Lost? Of course not. We've been here for a while now, the right spot that is. Lahja was correct." He smirks.
  229. Rasia growls. Ein simply stops, sitting.
  230. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier stops as well, looking about. "But now that we're here..."
  231. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We give the spear back to the tree." He stands and moves to the edge of Loki's hand, waiting a moment before stepping off to hover to the 'ground'.
  232. <Darkling> the gound lights up under your feet. Little patters of blue that fade back into black.
  233. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He holds the spear in both hands, looking it over one last time.
  234. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier looks down, then to Loki, then all around.
  235. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He raises the spear over his head before plunging it down into Yggdrasil.
  236. <Rasia> Ein leans in, clicking her teeth.
  237. <Darkling> There's a thunderous cracking noise and the spear turns the same icy blue as the rest of the roots surrounding you.
  238. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Here's hoping your information source is good."
  239. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "What's the worst that could happen?" He smirks, taking a few steps back.
  240. <Darkling> Wilhelm's own glow returns from a menacing red to a cool blue, matching the rest of his body.
  241. <Darkling> The ground rumbles, and grows steadily stronger, though it doesn't appear to be threatening in any way.
  242. <Darkling> The rumbling fade, and everything goes back to being still.
  243. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I could come up with some pretty awful things if you really want to know." The stillness seems to upset Lahja a bit, putting her more on edge.
  244. <Rasia> Ein moves a hand to shield Wilhelm, out of impulse.
  245. <Darkling> "What now?" Lit asks.
  246. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We leave Lit and Danika."
  247. Rasia frowns, looking back at them.
  248. <Darkling> "What?"
  249. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "This is where we leave you to eventually repopulate the Midgard if need be."
  250. <Darkling> They exchange glances..
  251. <Rasia> "Wilhelm sure? Safe place?"
  252. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "They'll be safer than us."
  253. <Rasia> Rasia pulls out of the saddle, fumbling for a handle and lying Ein down on its stomach to open the armor and slide the plug out halfway. "Okay." The Israeli crawls over to give Lit a big hug, sniffling.
  254. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "So long as they can dodge the dragon and whatever else might be down here."
  255. <Darkling> Lit hugs her back in his iron grip.
  256. <Rasia> "Rasia come back. Promise." Finally, she pops the hatch. They lose a bit of LCL in the pressure-release, but there's plenty to pilot with.
  257. <Darkling> "You better." He gives her hair a rustle and steps out.
  258. <Rasia> Even Danika gets a "Protect Lit." before she's let out. Once they're safely on the ground, Ein returns to battle-ready.
  259. <Darkling> The two of them walk over to Wilhelm's location by the spear.
  260. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We should thank you for keeping us safe until now, Skaldbjorn."
  261. Rasia wipes her eyes, watching carefully.
  262. <Darkling> Lit seems to hesitate, then kneels and takes the boy into a hug, whispering to him.
  263. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja stares at Lit and Wilhelm. Twitch.
  264. <Darkling> The hug is breif, and they step back from Wilhelm.
  265. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Yeah, he doesn't seem to be taking it well either the way he's standing still.
  266. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "If you don't hear back from us...well...either way this ends you probably won't." He walks backwards as Loki kneels down, stepping right up into its hand.
  267. <Darkling> He simply nods to that.
  268. <Rasia> "Safe!" Rasia yells, unwilling to use the g-word.
  269. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier looks away from Lit and Danika.
  270. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Time for us to leave and meet Surtr head on."
  271. <Rasia> The Israeli nods, Ein only turning around when it's backed far enough away to lose sight of them.
  272. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Vier moves along, the pilot looking almost disgusted.
  273. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Loki and Wilhelm go still, focusing on ejecting the three Aesir and their pilots from the dirac sea.
  274. <Darkling> The endless void of black and blue stards to fade, your view waving, then everything goes dark altogether.
  275. <Lahja_Ilvainen> How nice. Lahja takes a deep breath.
  276. <Darkling> Then the world is back in sight. you're standing in the pit Wilhelm blasted out of the earth. All around you the air is full of dark smoke and fires blaze all over. Overhead the sky is full of red and orange highlighted clouds. Standing at the lip of the pit is Surtr, body glowing red under its obsidian armour.
  277. <Rasia> Ein creeps forward, massive jaws hanging open in anticipation. "Prey."
  278. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Someone was busy."
  279. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Time to put our lives on the line for this crapsack world again."
  280. <Darkling> =========END==========
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