Industrial Culture

Mar 20th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Special Action: Switch Industrial focus
  2. As an action, you can choose to switch your focus from war industry to production industry or the other way around.
  3. You gain access to the special actions, bonuses and building types under the industrial focus you currently posses.
  4. *At the beginning of the game, choose a focus as a free action.
  7. ===
  8. Production Industry
  9. ===
  10. * While your focus is on production industry, your ingenuity points for inventing buildings increases by +1
  12. * Special action: Steam Pipeline project
  13. You can upgrade a Tile with a "Pipeline" project if it is adjacent to a city tile or if it is adjacent to another region with a "Pipeline project" even if it is not in your territory. All of the connected pipeline tiles create a "Pipeline Route", each city that is connected by being adjacent to that route generates additional wealth that equals to 4 wealth multiplied by the total amount of cities connected to that route(up to +16 wealth). If you create a steam pipeline project in a territory that belongs to a different nation, you have to get their permission first (free action). Different nations may also destroy pipeline project on their tiles as a free action if it is within their territory.
  15. ♦ Build a Steam-Powered Mine
  16. * Wealth: +6
  17. * Terrain: Cliffs
  18. * Costs 70,000 gold to build
  19. * Restrictions: Steam-Powered Mines can only be built adjacent or on a tile with a pipeline project.
  21. ♦ Build a Logging Factory
  22. * Wealth: +7
  23. * Costs 65,000 gold
  24. * Restrictions: Can only be built on a "Forest" and adjacent to a tile with a pipeline project.
  25. * Destroys the forest tile it is on and a random adjacent "Forest" tile and converts it to "Plains" each end of turn . If there are no "Forest" tiles nearby, it doesn't generate wealth
  27. ===
  28. War Industry
  29. ===
  30. * While your focus is on war industry, you can upgrade elite armies as a free action at the same action where you create them (1d100 roll applies both for upgrading and creating the army)
  32. * New army type: "Steam-Powered Tanks"
  33. Steam powered tanks count as a siege unit with "Heavy Armor" trait. They cost 300 population and 80,000 gold. Steam-Powered Tanks armies have base 800 strength.
  35. * Special upgrade: Artillery base
  36. As an action, you can spend 40,000 gold and upgrade a fortified building with artillery.
  37. Whenever a war between you and another nation occurs on a tile adjacent to a castle with artillery, your finale damage would increase by +600.
  39. * New elite army trait: [Riflemen]
  40. Choose this trait instead of one of the weapon traits when you create your elite army. Pay additional 10,000 gold. This army starts with additional +100 strength, and gains 50% bonus when fighting under the cover of artillery.
  41. --
  43. Objectives:
  44. *"Rise of the industry": Have an Artillery base, a Riflemen army, Steam-powered tanks, and at least 1 of each of the special types of industrial buildings.
  45. *"Full Pipeline complex": All cities on the map are connected through your pipeline project
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