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  1. Okway, osay ou'veyay ademay itway isthay arfay andway usedway
  2. egostay otay etgay isthay ilefay. Ouyay ouldshay avehay
  3. eitherway oundfay away ecoderday orway areway ustjay aturallynay
  4.  ableway otay eadray isthay, eitherway ayway ellway oneday.
  5. Ownay orfay ethay extnay artpay ofway ethay adventureway. Indfay
  6.  ouryay ayway otay away Edditray userway alledcay egosolverstay
  7. . Omfray erethay ontinuecay isthay epicway icturepay amegay.
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