Today I Danced with a Devil

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  1. It’s one of those days, where everything that can conceivably go wrong, does. They’re the kind of thing you hear about, or like when a friend sends you a mind-message about how shitty everything was at work. You don’t think it happens to you.
  3. But it does. All you’re left with is a haze and funk of pure frustration, without resolutions. Force-matter generator not working? Cabling dated and the shipping company no longer providers the wiring necessary to crimp new end points? Reset module fall into the heat shaft requiring four maintenance teams to safely open it for retrieval?
  5. It’s like a bad sitcom, starring you, except there’s no guest-star to drop a catch phrase and make it all better. So, you do the one thing you know to relieve some steam: jack the fuck off.
  7. Except screw that. You’re at your wits end. Days like these set you back so far in spirt you feel like starting a new life as an asteroid miner on Celliax 4.
  9. Fortunately, that particular set of insanity is reserved for another time. Instead, you’ve got other plans. Something you’ve juggled with in your head, but never had the gumption for. Strip club.
  11. Oh, but not any strip club. No no. You’ve ridden up in your Mark 33 Jump-Truck to a pillar of searing neon colors you didn’t know existed. The seductive arms of bright light reach into deep space, crowning a fat asteroid that hums with every form of life this side of Urlian.
  13. The title reads [Error: Translation Not Available]. You don’t recognize the sprawl of symbols etched over its entrance and, at the moment, you don’t particular care. Miner Basic passed enough and the only language that mattered was creds.
  14. You park, slink out, adjust to the grav and go in.
  16. Sensory overload doesn’t do the place justice. Your brain gets brewed with colors not meant for hominod optics and scents from fourteen kinds of drugs filter through your lungs. If you didn’t have those Tox-B-Gone implants, you’d be dead. Seats rise and fall on the dark floors with a discord of beat-dripping music filled with creatures straight out of a Geiger drug trip.
  17. That’s nice, but your eyes are elsewhere.
  19. Gaze adjusts, and it’s the girls that grab you (or who you want to grab). They’re a spectacle, like they should be. Beasts and slender figures with curves for days tossing their hips in gentle throws, letting flesh wobble in jubilation. Spotlights roam over them like so many greedy hands, dancing on stockings, piercings, bodies.
  21. You can already feel the day melting off. So you find a seat in this forest of debauchery, which doesn’t take long. But you’re alone, and you’re fresh meat, and they see it. They saw it the moment you went through the bouncers.
  23. Did she spy you with one of her bright, golden eyes? Or maybe she just smelled “hard day’s work” human amidst the poison funk of hunter-killers from across the Belt. It doesn’t matter. Before you settle in, before one of the shortstacks drifts by to offer you a platter of their finest hallucinogens, she’s on you. Well, not yet.
  25. You lean back into the ring-seat’s comfortable leathers, closing your eyes. The music pounds your ears for a while. You open your eyes. She’s there.
  27. “Now what’s a little speck like you doing in here?”
  29. The rumbly, feminine voice slips over you like fine silk.
  31. Your gaze hits a form several hands higher than you, easily. Hints of sinewy muscle dance through a supple, screaming pink scaly body with a bust easily twice the size of your skull. Wide hipped, thick thighed, a tail whipping about. All four eyes roaming over you like you’re tonight’s dinner accompanied by incandescent horns and a smile touched by satin glaze.
  32. She’s a literal titty monster. Your heart skips a beat or two hundred.
  34. You rub your eyes. Nope, she’s not a fever dream. She confirms this by leaning over the dancer table positioned between her and you, her fat, heavy breasts squishing into the flat of it – granted, they’re adorned with some concoction of leather and spikes.
  35. She props herself on shoulders, and you can make out her fat ass just ever so gently swaying from side to side.
  37. “Uh, well. . .”
  39. Great start, you think. She laughs. Or roars?
  41. “A brave speck, oh yes. Easy pickings for anyone here. Not safe, all on your own. Good way to get hurt, little speck.”
  43. Well now you’re perplexed. Was this a threat or, were you in danger? Ah, who cares, you think.
  45. “Ah, who cares,” you say. “Wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.”
  47. This amuses her, because her maw is tugged with a grin.
  49. “What a brave speck. What a brave man. But bravery only gets you so far.”
  50. You scratch your head. Was this a philosophy course? You failed that back in semis, you didn’t need a repeat in a place where alien hookers licked your balls.
  52. “I can stay with you, you know. Keep you safe, keep you entertained?”
  54. Her tail came to drape over her shoulder, linger in front of her lips, where she kissed it. One of her four eyes winked.
  55. Well, protection wasn’t exactly the kind of come on you expected, but she was creative, you had to admit. And. . . she was big. And muscly. And everything in the club – aside from the girls – looked like it could bifurcate you in fourteen different ways.
  56. You shrug. This is what you’re here for.
  58. “Dunno’ about brave, but definitely like the entertainment, miss, uh?”
  60. Satisfied with your decision, she leans closer, and her frothy, fat tits are within grabbing distance – aside from the terrifying spike-bra.
  62. A claw roams over your cheek, with a surprising gentleness. “Oh, you call me what you want. . .”
  64. You shudder, and the good kind, the kind that makes you think of draining your dick in some exotic entity instead of the absolute hellshow your day had been.
  66. Unfortunately, this makes you brain not work good when naming names.
  68. “Devil?” you mutter out. Oh, wonderful, brilliant name. Well, it would do. Calling the monstrous gal something like ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ didn’t exactly illicit thoughts of a pleasant outcome.
  70. Her predatory smile does not fade. Rather, she leans yet closer over the table, bending to lower to your height, granting cheek a warm, soft kiss. Nnf. It tingles, like her lips are laced with drugs, and you wonder where else they might go. . .
  72. Her nose flares, and gaze spots your crotch, which is doing its thing of ‘let me the fuck out of here now, please.’
  74. “Enjoying yourself?”
  76. You give an honest smile. “Starting to.”
  78. As if on cue, your ‘Devil’ shifts from the table, coming round to sit next to you on the ring couch. Her massive size is pronounced further here as she looks down, head starting to lower. Another hand, this one a bit more risky, goes for your crotch. So do those delicious tits and-
  80. “W-whao, hang on, uh!” The spikes. “You uh, can you uh take that off? It’s really… thorny.”
  82. You don’t mind the rest of her – the stockings,  heels, the body, but you do need your eyes for work.
  84. She rumbles in laughter, unfastening the top. “Ahh, I forget, men are not so fond, cocks are a little more sensitive, yes?”
  85. You didn’t want to know what that implied, but you nod. “Yeah.”
  87. She tossed the top, and her heavy, thick bust jostled free, heavy sacs tipped with dark nips accenting her strikingly pink scales. You had a mind to reach over and squeeze the damn things, if you could even lift them. But, you were distracted by the skillfull unfastening of your pants, as claws undid button and belt with practiced diligence.
  89. You had nothing to say, only everything to watch as the drag-, the de-, the dino. . . the fat assed interstellar stripper pulled you free, letting aroused cock spring into the club air. It felt good, like the hazy setting was ticking you from balls to tip. That was quickly replaced by Devil’s silky palm, embracing you in a gentle grip. She hissed in amusement.
  91. You leaned back, the couch feeling comfier than it ever had, and parts of you wanted to close your eyes and drink in this haze. But no, you had to see her.
  93. She wasn’t content to hasten you free. No, her head lowered, and her supple, hot lips came to quickly pressed upon your tip with another kiss. You tensed. NNF. That same tingling sensation ran through your loins, and with no condom to rob you of sensation, you were free to enjoy the sticky lips smacking against your needy cock.
  95. “Ggh, please do that again,” you say, because once isn’t enough. Her four eyes glance at you, then stay.
  97. “Ohh?”
  99. She repeats. Her soft, satin-glazed lips return to the end of your mast and wrap around the inches, pursing as she suckles upon it. Then presses them, your bulbous end pancaking against the seams of her lips. She tosses your cock in hand, letting it rub across her maw, smearing you with traces of black. Proof you’ve been kissed by a Devil.
  101. “Ohmm, yes little speck, yes. Did you think this was how your day might end? Seeing such a big creature like me submit to your precious malehood?”
  103. You were hot like a smoldering iron, and her words weren’t helping (or were they?). She continued to worship your inches, drape every bit of it with kisses as she leaned on the couch, forming marks where her lips met.
  105. “Mhmhmhm. I will make you a king here, little speck.”
  107. She shifted once more, and you could only huff in a sexual delirium. The dancer table automatically moved too, granting her more room, as the massive demon-dragon-alien positioned herself to all fours.
  109. While she was large enough that she might as well have been your height – even on knees – the message was clear. It was one thing to have a hooker do your bidding, but someone like this. . .
  111. You couldn’t even remember why you came into the club. Your entire universe was getting off to this demoness.
  113. She grinned, an expression that looked like death, and yet all it meant was her lips kissed you a few more times, before her tongue started to straddle the edge of your mast. A long, serptintine tongue pranced from her maw to sliver and coil about your inches, choking it with a warm wetness. You jerk, aching for more, the whole of your mast spasming in delight.
  115. Her tongue retracted, and she pressed her cheek into your length, rubbing the tip into the velvet scales. Then, her claws gripped you yet again, slapping her visage in submissive play, laughing as your wet flank stuck to her cheek and echoed with lewd little claps.
  116. “Don’t close your eyes, speck,” she said. “Watch me worship you. So many wanted me tonight, but now, I am only for you.”
  118. This was probably a lie to enhance the fantasy but, oh gods you didn’t care anymore. If you died nutting into some Devil in the guts of an asteroid strip club, then it was all worth it.
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