"Rarity & the Minotaur" ~Complete

Nov 28th, 2016
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  1. Rarity & the Minotaur
  2. --------------
  3. >Your week long trip to the Minotaur lands had been planned weeks in advance.
  4. >They say it has the most wonderful fabrics and exotic designs and you simply had to pay a visit to see for yourself.
  5. >You peer over the paperwork once again as you wait for the train.
  6. >"Brightheart residence" sounded like an odd hotel but you had had a travel agent from canterlot set it all up so perhaps it was some kind of cozy bed and breakfast?
  7. >A cool breeze makes you shiver and your glad you decided to wear a casual dress for the trip, not that you really had a choice.
  8. >It had only been about two days since Twilight's infernal machine had ruined your poor hindquarters and truth be told you were still very red back there.
  9. >The dress and even some nice white panties had been necessary to cover any embarrassing red spots still adorning your otherwise perfect white flanks.
  10. >The train pulls up and you and your 'small' amount of luggage climb aboard and move to your private room.
  11. >A quick attempt to sit in the seat is met by instant regret as your flanks still protest supporting your weight, you still blame Twilight.
  12. >It's of little consequence you have plenty of room to spread out and lay on your stomach in the private cabin.
  13. >A few quick naps later and the long ride is finally over, you were used to riding to canterlot and this was several times longer.
  14. >Leaving the train you are treated to the view of a foreign but not totally unfamiliar city.
  15. >While there are a few tall buildings most are low squat and clearly built for creatures taller and wider than yourself.
  16. >Minotaurs are naturally everywhere, you feel positively tiny by comparison but you know they are a friendly sort.
  17. >Lifting your luggage in your magic you set off at an easy canter towards the direction you were pointed to for your lodgings.
  18. >You are a bit worried as the buildings around you get more and more residential.
  19. >This is the right direction is it not?
  20. >Finally coming to the correct address it does indeed appear to be just a normal house simply jammed into a row of identical homes.
  21. >It certainly looks like no bed and breakfast you've ever seen but who are you to judge a book by its cover.
  22. >You approach and give the door a firm knock.
  23. >You hear some fumbling around inside and the door soon opens to reveal a small female Minotaur, roughly your size and if you had to guess a child.
  24. >She simply stares at you for a few seconds but as you being to open your mouth to introduce yourself she turns and positively screams down the hall.
  26. >From deeper in the house you hear a more mature voice respond just as loudly.
  28. >The volume temporary stuns you so you follow the child without complaint, surely the adult would know what was going on.
  29. >Leaving your luggage by the door you are lead into the living room which the more you look at this house the more it appears to just be a normal home and no hotel at all.
  30. >Perhaps they were simply renting a room, would have been nice of your travel agent to inform you of this but too late now you suppose.
  31. "Ah you must be little Rarity i trust you had a good trip?"
  32. >A large female Minotaur puts down her knitting needles and pulls down her reading classes to see you better.
  33. >"Oh yes how terribly rude of me i am Miss Rarity if you know that already thought i must be in the right place."
  34. >You put on your trademark easy smile and she smiles back.
  35. "What a polite little pony your mother has taught you well! Yes you may call me Mrs. Brightheart and this is my home we will love to have you staying with us for a time!"
  36. >The mother comment seems a bit odd but you figure its some kind of minotaur cultural thing.
  37. >"Well thank you Mrs. I am sure my mother would be delighted to hear that."
  38. "Yes yes and fear not i have done much research on pony customs you will not miss her while you are here i assure you!"
  39. >You have no idea what that is supposed to mean so you simply nod.
  40. "I have a little surprise for you up in your room to be sure, but hopefully we will not need it you seem very well behaved."
  41. >Well behaved?
  42. >"Ah um yes i am sure we will all get along splendidly, shall i?"
  43. >You gesture towards your luggage.
  44. "Ah yes little Emma will show you your room and i will be up shortly."
  45. >You nod and turn to float your luggage behind you again then follow the smaller Minotaur up the stairs.
  46. >The room is indeed a small bedroom in fact it looks like someone just moved out of it.
  47. "This was my sis's room but she just moved out hope you like it."
  48. >"Ah yes its lovely thank you dear."
  49. >You float in all your luggage and begin to stow it best you can in the tiny room, thats when you notice it.
  50. >A hairbrush.
  51. >A very Minotaur size hairbrush with a white pony painted on the back.
  52. >Was this the surprise? a gift? It is very nice you suppose but just looking at it is making your bottom throb. and what did she mean need it?
  53. >A few minutes later you hear your host loudly climbing the stairs, she pokes her head in.
  54. "Everything going well? Ah i see you found your gift! everyone said equestrian fillies would be familiar with it haha!"
  55. >"It's um its very nice but what did you mean by umm needing it?"
  56. >You feel like you should not ask but your curiosity is too strong.
  57. "Oh no need to be shy i know how equestrian mares deal with naughty fillies!"
  58. >She laughs and grabs the brush in her strong hand then smacks it against her palm a few times in a terrifying display of strength.
  59. >"Ha... ha... yes fillies right i know my little sister would be quite afraid of it if she saw it..."
  60. "Haha i am sure both sisters know what its like."
  61. >"Well umm yes many years ago but i am a bit grown out of things like that now..."
  62. "Oh are you?"
  63. >She walks further into the room and looms over your imposingly
  64. "Are your sure you are not lying to Mrs. Brightheart little filly?"
  65. >"I umm i think there has been a misunderstanding..."
  66. >You back away until your rump hits the opposite wall.
  67. >"I'm not a filly my sister is 8 but i am 22"
  68. "22???"
  69. >She pulls out a folded piece of paper from a pocket and reads it.
  70. "Miss Rarity we do not lie in this household."
  71. >She looks down at your sternly and turns the paper around to you, its in Minotaur, you cant read any of this.
  72. >"I um i can't read that but i assure you i am no foal Mrs."
  73. "It says right here you are 13 and though i am no expert on ponies you look the part to me as well!"
  74. >"What??? i assure you there has been a mistake i have not been 13 in quite a while!"
  75. "It seems to me more likely you are already missing your mothers lap and need a reminder in behavior young filly!"
  76. >She grabs your ear and pulls you over to the bed where she sits down.
  78. >Your question is quickly answered as she bodily picks you up and plants you across her lap just as your mother used too.
  79. "I did not think i would need to do this so soon but i see now why everyone says equestrian fillies are so naughty!"
  80. >You helplessly squirm as she lifts the back of your skirt revealing your white panties to the room.
  82. >She ignore you and quickly yanks down your panties then chuckles.
  83. "An adult mare with a spanked flank little Miss Rarity? Seems your mother sent you off this morning with a spanking and you already need another!"
  84. >Your face blushes as red as your flanks as she pins you down and starts to work on your backside.
  86. "I understand a red bottom when i see one and now i am going to make it even redder!"
  87. >You helplessly kick and squirm as the oversize brush lands on your prespanked bottom again and again!
  88. >This was a nightmare all over again!
  90. "We are just getting started Miss Rarity if theres one thing this mother knows its how to spank a brat!"
  92. "Again? So you admit you are a spanked filly?"
  93. >She continues to wear out your bottom, your kicking getting so bad your about to launch your panties across the room if you are not careful.
  95. "The princess herself had to teach you a lesson? I hope your other gave you another she must have been very busy!"
  97. "I understand a bratty little filly when i see one and as long as your staying in my house you will be disciplined like one do you understand?!?"
  98. >Your will to argue is dying fast as your flanks get hotter and hotter, the brush is clearly not designed with pony flanks in mind.
  100. >The brush abruptly stops and you collapse into a crying heap.
  101. "Good i expect you to be well behaved and a pony flank is not so different from a Minotaurs. There are many minotaurs around here who will not hesitate to discipline a bratty child so you had best prepare yourself."
  102. >Oh goodness what had you gotten yourself into? If you have to take another one of those you'll never sit again...
  103. >She picks you up and gives you a big hug, much to your surprise then places you back down on the floor.
  104. "I am sorry we had to do this Miss Rarity but you need to behave, i am just doing what is best for you."
  105. >You just nod too tired to argue and she leaves the room.
  106. "Dinner is in an hour come down when you are ready young lady."
  107. >You waddle over to the mirror and lift your dress, Sweet celestia its 'apple' red again as AJ would call it.
  108. >You spend the next hour trying to rub the soreness out but you know its to no avail, even dropping your dress back hurts and you havn't even tried putting your panties back on.
  109. >Its not like Mrs. Brightheart hasn't seen it now though so you figure you'll just go bare, you drop the panties and slip out of the dress then head downstairs for dinner.
  111. >Oops again?
  112. >You are snatched up so fast your head spins, next thing you know you are being held under one of her arms like a football.
  113. >"Wait i dont understand!"
  114. "You dont SPANK understand SPANK why little fillies SPANK should wear clothes?!? SPANK SPANK SPANK"
  116. "Do you like showing off your filly parts Miss Rarity?!? SPANK SPANK SPANK! I know your mother sent you here wearing panties and a dress and now your butt is naked??! Is this what mom would want??"
  118. >She continue angrily hand spanking your bottom as soon your waterworks start back up.
  119. "So big mature mares walk around with their bits on display for any stallion to see do they? What did i tell you about lying? Do you like being spanked young filly?!??"
  121. "Emma go get our guests clothes, i guess i have to dress her myself"
  122. >All you can do is cry as she disciplines you like a foal, this is even worse than twilights!
  123. >Her daughter returns with your clothes in hand and Mrs. Brightheart finally gives your glowing flanks a rest.
  124. "This is what fillies wear around her Miss Rarity."
  125. >You blush as she pulls your legs in each leg hold of your panties then pulls them up for you.
  126. >She then drops you to the floor and soon has you stand with your forlegs up so she can pull the dress down over you.
  127. "If i catch you naked again you will be given another session with your brush young filly do you understand?"
  128. >"*sniff* Yes ma'am..."
  129. >The looks at you for a second then takes you by the ear again and drags you to the dinner table.
  130. "Now sit and eat i swear if i have to spank you for a 3rd time you'll never sit again!"
  131. >All defiance has been drained from you, you simply nod your head whimper as you sit on the hard seat and eat your soup as you were told.
  132. >After dinner you find yourself sent directly to your room as additional punishment as well as given a bed time.
  133. >A bed time of 9:00...
  134. >She would be checking in on you then and if you were not asleep there would be trouble...
  135. >You can not imagine any more trouble applied to your flanks so you have every intention of complying, at least until you can clear this confusion up.
  136. >What were you going to do about this predicament you found yourself in?
  137. >It was clear Mrs. Brightheart had never seen an adult pony so you were not sure what you could do that would not get your flanks spanked for more lying.
  138. >Perhaps having your mother write a letter but that would raise far too many embarrassing questions and she might not even believe it.
  139. >As much as you hated the idea of cutting your trip short you could not be stuck here being treated like a filly for long.
  140. >You hear a knock on the door and your jailor pokes her head in
  141. "Now i am sorry we got off to this rough start Rarity but its really your own fault. Here is your uniform you have to be up for school tomorrow by 7 and ready to leave by 8. Emma will show you where to go. I expect you to be wearing this when you come down for breakfast any more naked flanks will get you more spankings."
  142. >She places what is undeniably a school filly uniform on your dresser, plaid skirt white blouse and frilly white panties.
  143. >Good lord she really does think you are a teenager, best to play along until you can escape.
  144. >"I umm yes ma'am i'll be sure to be ready by then."
  145. >She gives you a motherly smile and kisses your forehead causing you to blush.
  146. "Thats a good girl now sleep tight and i better not hear you staying up all night either."
  147. >She closes the door and you inspect the clothes, they will at least fit but if anyone sees you in these panties you'll die of embarrassment.
  148. >You'll simply have to escape back to Ponyville tomorrow as soon as you ditch Emma on your way to uhh school.
  150. >The next morning rolls around fast.
  151. >you did go to sleep when she requested you were honestly exhausted from both the trip and well the spankings if you had to be honest.
  152. >A quick mirror check reveals your rump just as red as yesterday, you had just began recovering from Twilight's machines spanking too.
  153. >You had dared to sleep in the nude because frankly you had not brought any pajamas with you, why would you need them?
  154. >Slipping into the uniform panties reveals them to be a bit too tight but you manage to fit your poor derriere none the less, the pressure does not help though.
  155. >The rest of the uniform fits better if still embarrassingly when you look at yourself in the mirror.
  156. >You can take it off on the train you suppose.
  157. >Descending the stairs you find yourself treated to a normal breakfast of sugary cereal, it would have to do.
  158. >You manage to leave the home without any further incident besides another goodbye kiss on the forehead from your 'foster mother'.
  159. >She really was well meaning but she did not know the first thing about ponies.
  160. >As soon as you are out of sight of the building you turn to Emma.
  161. >"Emma darling i'm really sorry to do this to you but this has all been a big mistake. Why don't you just run along to school and i'll go on my merry way?"
  162. "What? But mom said im responsible for getting you to school and in the right class."
  163. >"I'm sure your mother will understand when this whole mess is cleared up you just run along and dont worry about it alright?"
  164. >With that you quickly turn and trot towards the train station not giving the child a second look back.
  165. >After checking train times it seemed the next trip to Ponyville would be coming rather shortly, within the next half hour in fact.
  166. >You find a comfortable seat to not sit on with your bottom but on your stomach and wait.
  167. >What a dreadful trip this has been you would have that travel agents head when you got back
  169. >Celestia smite me.
  170. >As expected at this point you feel a tug on your ear, ow ow it still hurts.
  171. "Just what do you think you are doing young lady?!? Ditching school and now running away?!? I don't think so little filly! what will it take for you to learn???"
  172. >You find yourself in the quickly getting familiar position of bent over the Minotaur's lap.
  173. >"No no Mrs. Brightheart you really must stop!!!"
  174. "The only thing that needs to stop is your attitude little missy!"
  175. >You gasp as you feel her hand reach down towards the hem of your skirt and quickly lift it all the way up.
  176. >You just knew these embarrassing panties would come back to bite you somehow, you wiggle your tushy you an attempt to escape but probably just gave a nice show to anyone behind you.
  177. >Behind you being the center town unfortunately, the train station was something of a central hub where several streets met so it was full of many many minotaurs as well as a few griffons and even a zebra or two.
  178. >Well this would be humiliating, why wouldn't they be sexy panties instead of these childish things???
  179. >Your matron raises her hand and brings it down swiftly and firmly.
  180. >You manage to last a few minutes before your silence breaks and the squealing starts.
  182. "We discussed this last night young filly you most certainly are!"
  183. >She drives her point home with some hard smacks to your very filly looking rump causing the tears to start flowing again.
  185. >This only seems to upset the cow as she pulls something out of her bag, the hairbrush.
  186. "NO NO NOT THAT!"
  187. >As quickly as you can beg it lands on your panty covered seat and you scream in anguish.
  189. >"You SMACK are SMACK a SMACK naughty SMACK filly!"
  191. >Through the haze of pain and humiliation you hear a loud mechanical noise.
  192. >Oh of course the equestrian train has arrived.
  193. >While your being spanked right in front of it.
  194. >Lovely.
  195. >The painful discipline continues on your backside as the equestrian train disembarks, several mares and stallions of various ages see your flame.
  196. >A few young stallions even decide to wait to watch now isn't that great.
  198. >She takes a few seconds break from giving you the blistering of a lifetime to look at the other ponies, the ones just as tall and old as you.
  199. "Yes im sure you will be one day sweetie but for now you look plenty younger to me, paperwork does not lie afterall."
  200. >And like that your hope vanishes and she goes right back to pounding your flanks for a crowd of dozens.
  201. >You hang your head and accept your fate as a spanked filly for life, it had become clear some curse had been put on you and you'd never avoid red flanks now, when the pain mercifully stopped.
  202. "Now are you willing to admit you've been lying Rarity?"
  203. >You know you should for but some reason your last bit of pride makes you decide to simply stay silent.
  204. >After waiting a few moments she sighs.
  205. "I read the books but you equestrian foals are even more trouble than i expected."
  206. >And thats when it happens, you feel her finger hook into the back seat of your panties.
  207. >"Wait wait no you cant not here!"
  208. "Oh i can't teach you a lesson can i?"
  209. >As if to prove you wrong she yanks your panties down and pulls your tail up revealing everything to the onlookers.
  210. "Looks like i can young lady now i am going to spank your flanks til you confess!"
  211. >The prospect of confessing sounds better and better as the station of witnesses cringe as you bawl like a filly, the brush firmly applied over and over.
  212. >Mrs. Brightheart clearly plans to follow through on her word as after a solid 5 minutes your flanks are sill bouncing back and forth and you've kicked your panties half way across the station, sorry random zebra mare.
  214. >With your shameful confession the brutal bare bottom brushing stops though you swear your cheeks continue to bounce out of sheer habit at this point.
  215. >The random zebra mare is kind enough to return the panties you kicked half way across the train station, how lovely.
  216. >You whimper as Mrs. Brightheart puts panties on you for the second time in the past two days, and this time with a bunch of strangers watching.
  217. >Ow she even pulls them a bit too high talk about a wedgie!
  218. >Before your given a chance to fix your far too high panties shes pulled your skirt down and set you on your feet.
  219. "Glad we finally got you to accept that little lady now lets get you to school, you'll be lucky if you dont get spanked again for being late."
  220. >You gulp at the prospect of ANOTHER spanking but it simply does not surprise you anymore at this point, its just your life now.
  222. >You keep your head held low half in submission half in an attempt to avoid more ear pulling as you follow her to the school house.
  223. >Can't believe your going to to go school like some foal, last time you went to a school you were just picking up sweetie.
  224. >Mrs. Brightheart opens the door and steps inside holding the door for you as well.
  225. >The teacher looks up in surprise then her expression softens seeing you somewhat hiding behind your host.
  226. "Mrs. Keeneye i'd like you to meet Miss Rarity. We had a bit of trouble this morning but shes been well disciplined and wants to say how sorry she is for being late, isn't that right young filly?"
  227. >"Oh i um yes I am terribly sorry for the delay."
  228. "No harm done Miss Rarity being in a strange land can be hard, why dont you take a seat?"
  229. >Mrs. Brightheart gives you yet another kiss on the forehead, thats going to have to stop, and waves goodbye.
  230. >Blushing you take your seat hoping to simply lay low for the rest of the day til you can figure something else out.
  231. "Well Miss Rarity why don't you introduce yourself to the class?"
  232. >Or not.
  233. >You begrudgingly make you way back to the front of the classroom.
  234. >"Ah yes of course i am Miss Rarity of Ponyville pleasure to make your acquaintances."
  235. >A child in the front raises his hand.
  236. "If your from Ponyville does that mean you know Princess Twilight Sparkle?"
  237. >"Oh yes shes actually a very close personal friend of mine why i made her very coronation dress in fact.
  238. >Your new teacher looks at you strangely.
  239. "You mean you made her A dress right Rarity?"
  240. >"Well no i made her coronation dress the one she wore at her coronation."
  241. "Ah i see that just doesn't seem like something they would leave to a child."
  242. >"Oh that well i am well im not actually a child..."
  243. >One of the kids pipes up again.
  244. "What do you mean your not a kid your smaller than me!"
  245. >"Well yes but ponies are simply smaller than Minotaurs, i assure you i even have my own business back in ponyville."
  246. >Your teacher is looking suspicious at this point.
  247. "Rarity theres nothing wrong with telling a good story but making things up is wrong.
  248. >"Ugh i assure you i am not making anything up its called the Carousel Boutique and it is my business!"
  249. "Rarity we will not tell lies in this classroom now i know you've had a big change in your life but we tell the truth in this room"
  250. >"I swear why does no one believe me, and you of all people should be able to recognize an adult pony your a teacher for celestia's sake!"
  251. "I do not like your tone young lady you had best be on your best behavior or i will improve it for you!"
  252. >"Come on have you never met another pony?? Do we just all look the same to you?"
  253. "One more word out of you young lady and i will be forced to take action!"
  254. >"Don't you even have any pictures of ponies im clearly too large to be a foal!"
  255. >You squeak as you are picked up and rapidly bent over the front desk.
  256. "Thats it young lady it appears the stories are true about equestrian foals!"
  257. >With a strong hand on your back pining you down she quickly lifts your skirt revealing your panties.
  258. >"No no this can not keep happening to me i am a full grown mare!"
  259. >The crowd of children behind you are always snickering as you squirm and wiggle in a vain attempt to escape
  260. "Well it does not look like thats the case from back here little Miss! I now see what Mrs. Brightheart mean by she had already disciplined you and it seems to have done little good!"
  261. >You blushing hearing she can see how red you are even through your childish little panties, you must really look bad back there.
  262. "How did Mrs. Brightheart spank you Miss Rarity?"
  263. >"This is all a misunderstanding i assure you!"
  264. >Her firm minotaur hand lands across both your cheeks making you loudly squeal due to how sore you are already.
  265. "How did she do it Rarity did she use her hand?"
  266. >"OW she used a hairbrush!"
  267. "Already brushed and still acting this bratty you are really in for it now young filly."
  268. >Wiggling and blushing you are once again relieved of your panties in front of an eager crowd, the snickers and whisper intensify as they see the brush marks all over your exposed cheeks.
  269. >Mrs. Keeneye then reaches behind her desk and pulls out something that makes your heart skip a beat, a very large very strong looking cane.
  270. >The kind you had heart horror stories about in prep school the kind you knew left awful lines.
  271. "We will teach you a lesson young filly no matter how long it takes!"
  272. >She raises and cane and brings i down firmly on your bared hindquarters.
  273. >No lasting a few minutes this time the first one has you screaming!
  274. >It's like a line of fire being drawn across your horribly abused backside my god you'd do anything to avoid another.
  275. >Before you can even finish screaming the second one lands!
  276. >You thrash violently there has to be some relief pony flanks are not designed for this!
  277. >She continues to paint painful painful lines across your bottom as the class smirks giggles murmurs and ogles.
  278. >OWW some young bulls were getting a pony anatomy lesson today you guess EHHH!
  279. >The next few minutes are possibly the most miserable of your life.
  280. >Your new teacher offers no chance to change your mind, say your are sorry or for that matter even speak.
  281. >She simply continues slicing up your hiney spank after spank after spank.
  282. >You are screaming at the top of your lungs now and your kicks grow more and more feeble as exhaustion kicks in.
  283. >Your second spanking in a few hours and your boy is simply not up to the task of fighting anymore.
  284. >Your bottom bounces and your mouth cries as the lesson drags on for what feels like hours.
  285. >Mrs. Keeneyes takes the time to lecture you as well naturally.
  286. "You will respect your teachers! SWAT SWAT SWAT! You will not tell lies! SWAT SWAT SWAT! You will be spanked worse than this the next time this happens! SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT!"
  287. >You hope she does not mind a puddle of pony tears on her desk because there is no way you are not crying over this.
  289. "Let this be a lesson to everyone, this is what happens when we lie!"
  290. >She gives you a few more rapid cane strikes and finally stops.
  291. >Your bottom feels like you've been branded over and over and over, you are sure its covered in angry red lines.
  292. >A tiny squeak escapes your mouth as she yanks your panties back up, the building heat inside them really not helping your discomfort.
  293. "Now too your seat Rarity and if this happens again you will be right back up here having your flanks painted even redder do you understand?"
  294. >"Yes ma'am... i will do my best..."
  295. >As it ends up it takes your best just to sit in the seat, your first attempt literally made you yelp and interrupt the class again.
  296. >Your continued loud attempts to sit cause your teacher to sigh.
  297. "Rarity come here..."
  298. >Nervously you walk back to the front.
  299. >With a little motion of her finger you are directed to spin around, oh dear celestia what is she planning.
  300. >You are treated to some more embarrassment as she quickly lifts you skirt and yanks down your panties again.
  301. >You blush at the baring, does not one respect a mare's privacy around here?
  302. >You blush even more as she rubs your bottom with her the palm of her hand.
  303. "Rarity how many times have you been spanked since you got here?"
  304. >"I um well that is..."
  305. >You are facing the class of 20 something children all snickering at the teaching marehandeling your naked bottom.
  306. "Rarity!"
  307. >"4 Times ma'am!"
  308. "4 Spanks in the last 24 hours? Some kids..."
  309. >She mercifully covers your seat and gives you a firm pat.
  310. "Go to the nurse. You probably need an ice pack if not some lotion, it looks like your host mother has really had to spank you hard."
  311. >The rest of the class is just barley avoiding bursting into laughter and your embarrassment could not be worse.
  312. >Not needing to be in a room where the state of your derriere is the funnies thing in the world you quickly set off down the indicated hall to hopefully get some relief.
  314. >You find the nurses office soon enough.
  315. >She is of course a Minotaur, no surprise there you suppose.
  316. >You clear your throat to get her attention.
  317. "Oh hello little pony you must be the new exchange student."
  318. >"Yes ma'am i am, i was umm sent here by Mrs. Keeneye."
  319. "I see and what seems to be the trouble?"
  320. >She grabs your chin and begins inspecting you turning your head this way and that.
  321. "You seem quite flush dear do you feel like you are running a fever?"
  322. >Now you wish Mrs. Keeneye had sent you with some kind of note instead of having to explain you had a spanked bottom yourself.
  323. >"Oh no its um well..."
  324. >You swing your hindquarters around a bit and lightly gesture towards them with a nod of your head.
  325. >"I've had a few run ins with shall we say old fashion Minotaur discipline..."
  326. "Hahaha spanked are you? i have heard equestrial fillies get lots of those i hope we are keeping your bottom up to date here so far away from home!"
  327. >You blush
  328. >"Yes i assure you i've had more than enough..."
  329. >Yet again a Minotaur bodily picks you up and moves you.
  330. >You wish they'd at least ask, you'd be glad to move yourself.
  331. >You find yourself placed up on the examination bench and quickly find your bottom being bared again.
  332. >At this point the constant up and down of your panties seems more a bother for everyone involved, for once you regret clothes.
  333. "Wow you really have been misbehaving! How many spankings have you had young filly?"
  334. >"Four in the past 24 hours..."
  335. "You definitely need some ice and no more spankings! You really must behave these marks will last for a week at this point."
  336. >"Ugh a week? Yes ma'am...."
  337. >She puts a large hand on your forehead right below your horn.
  338. "You also feel very hot we will need to take your temperature just to be safe.
  339. >You simply nod, you know you have no fever but a quick thermostat in the mouth never killed anyone.
  340. >The nurse fumbles around for a bit looking for her thermometer when another minotaur child walks in.
  341. >The nurse notices her and addresses her
  342. "Henrietta do you need something?"
  343. "Mrs Keeneye sent me to make sure Rarity does not get lost or try to run away again."
  344. "Ah i see just give me a few minutes to get her patched up and you two can go your way."
  345. >The young minotaur walks up to you and takes on a predatory smile, she starts whispering to you
  346. "It sure was funny watching you get spanked like that! You kicked and cried like a little calf!"
  347. >"I umm well i couldn't help it..."
  348. "You poor little thing! Just remember i run stuff around here and if you don't want trouble you just do as i say got it!"
  349. >You are taken aback by her attitude change
  350. "Looks like ponies have weak butts so i'll spank you myself if i have to and believe me that looked fun!"
  351. >"No no i assure you that will not be necessary!"
  352. >She pats your head in a patronizing way.
  353. "See you can be a good girl! When your flanks are on display at least hahaha"
  354. >She painfully pinches one of your exposed cheeks causing you to yelp.
  355. >Before you can return the nurse returns with the thermometer.
  356. >Dear sweet Luna that is not a thermometer!!!
  357. >At over a foot long and 2 inches in diameter it's bigger than most your dildos.
  358. >It will barley fit in your mouth if at all.
  359. >To your horror instead of bringing it up to your mouth she pulls your panties further down and lifts your skirt higher.
  360. "Hmm i suppose ponies are smaller but we'll just have to make it work, spread your legs little Rarity this might be a bit tight."
  361. >"I... I... I... You want to... With that... Too big!!!"
  362. "Oh dont be silly it's no big deal its used on all the kids here now be a good filly and spread your legs"
  363. >Your new found bully decides to help
  364. "I'll hold her legs nurse don't worry"
  365. >You try to fight her but her vastly superior minotaur strength spreads your legs apart with ease
  366. >You blush as you feel the giant glass torture device touch squeeze between your cheeks
  367. "Now just relax Rarity it will make it easier"
  368. >Relaxing is the last thing you can do right now
  369. >The pressure builds and builds as the nurse pushes the thermometer harder and harder against your tense plot hole
  370. "Rarity i said relax!"
  371. >She gives you a sharp spank and you lost concentration long enough to get impaled by at least 6 inches of gigantic glass dildo.
  373. >Your bully snickers as the nurse just sighs
  374. "Rarity quit being difficult its just a tiny thermometer and its not even all the way in."
  375. >She leans forward putter her weight into shoving it deeper into your screaming bottom.
  376. >You've had anal before, thunderlane loves it, but this is 100x worse.
  377. >With no lube and a size larger than most pony stallions inch after brutal inch sinks painfully into your bottom.
  378. >"TOO BIG!!! PONY!!!! PLEASE!!!!"
  379. "Your doing fine sweetie its almost in its just your bottom."
  380. >With a final shove the last inch of the device somehow vanishes up your plot.
  381. >You've never felt so full in your life its like you're whole body has been impaled, you cant even squirm all you can think about is the gigantic glass penis dominating your insides.
  383. "Calm down it needs a few minutes to work, Henriette i have to go for a moment make sure she does not do anything silly."
  384. >The young minotaur nods her understanding then turns to you as soon as the nurse leaves.
  385. "You ponies sure can scream."
  386. >You whimper as she places a hand on the thermometer and wiggles it around moving your whole body with it.
  387. "So you like this thing huh? I've never heard someone freak out so much just from a thermometer"
  388. >She pulls the thermometer out a few inches then slams it back into you
  389. >Oh god shes fucking you with it! You might be turned on by this if you were not in a new level of pain from this and the spankings!
  391. "Awww what a good pony! But what i want is to have fun with your red little plot!"
  392. >She raises a hand and spanks you AHH!
  393. >After enduring a few more minutes of torment by your new bully the nurse finally returns.
  394. "Ok rarity that should be enough lets see what it says."
  395. >She grabs the top of the thermometer and pulls it up, with no firm grip on your back anymore your whole torso goes with it.
  396. "Rarity dont raise your hips just lay down."
  397. >"I am trying i assure you..."
  398. >She lifts the thermometer even high and higher, your bottom continues to go with it until you are literally hanging off the bench supported only by the gigantic class monster still 9 inches inside of you.
  399. >"Ow ow ow OW OWWWWW."
  400. "Ugh ponies"
  401. >Dropping you back to the desk and places a firm hand on the small of your back pinning you to the table and slowly withdraws the offending member.
  402. >It's like the sword in the stone you muse as your insides are gratefully returned to their normal positions, you sigh in relief.
  403. "Hmm it says your temp is normal so i guess your good to go."
  404. >Picking you back up and placing all four of your hooves back on the ground she pulls up your panties and fixes you skirt
  405. >To worries you how routine waiting for some minotaur to fix your panties is becoming that you dont even squirm.
  406. "Ah i almost forgot"
  407. >Lifting your skirt again and pulling the seat of your briefs back she pours a small bucket of ice cubes down the back of your panties.
  408. "There that should help with the swelling now get back to class."
  409. >You yelp at the extreme cold directly against your flanks but feel arguing would be unwise.
  410. >Henrietta snickers but makes no comment and beings to guide you back to the classroom.
  411. >You both make it back with no incident and the teacher directs you to take your seat.
  412. >Sitting on raw ice cubes is not very comfy and the melting giving you a pair of very wet panties only makes things more awkward.
  413. >As you stand to leave for the day you realize your entire bottom panties and skirt are soaked, you groan.
  414. >Perhaps Mrs. Brightheart had another uniform for you, you just hope shes in a good mood.
  416. >At last the long school day is over.
  417. >You stand around outside the school looking for Emma unsure if you can find your way home without her.
  418. >Instead you spy the exact opposite walking towards you, Henrietta.
  419. >"Darling hello i don't suppose you've seen Emma have you?"
  420. "Oh Emma Brightheart? yeah i think she was getting something from her gym locker. I feel bad about earlier to i'll show you come on."
  421. >Well that was quite a pleasant change of attitude.
  422. >You follow your now Ex bully down some stairs and through a few rather confusing halls.
  423. >She walks into an unmistakable locker room and points towards the far corner around some lockers.
  424. "I think shes still back there why don't you go check?"
  425. >"Of course thank you you've been a huge help Henrietta."
  426. >Quickly walking to the secluded row you turn to corner to find no Emma at all, perhaps she had already left.
  427. >You turn to see if you could catch her on her way out and bump right into Henrietta.
  428. >"Oh excuse me darling looks like we just missed her."
  429. "Nah she was probably never here, but now you and me are and no one can hear a thing!"
  430. >Uh oh.
  431. >You attempt to run but shes quick to grab you around the waist bringing both of you to the ground.
  432. "Oh no you don't my cute little filly we havn't even started the fun yet!"
  433. >The door opens and two more rather large minotaur children round the corner.
  434. "Help me hold her guys this'll be fun."
  435. >"What do you think your doing let me go?!?"
  436. >A quick slap to your rump answers your question and you go still instantly.
  437. "Haha you really are well trained one spank and your a good girl!"
  438. >You start struggling again but are overpowered by the 3 muscular children and find yourself dragged to a nearby storage room full of gym equipment.
  439. "Did you bring it?"
  440. "Yeah will this work?"
  441. >One of Henrietta henchwomen pulls out what you dreaded to see most, a hairbrush, one almost identical to Mrs. Brighthearts but with an undecorated back.
  442. "Get her over the horse and lets have some fun!"
  443. >They had little trouble bending you over the tall wooden horse.
  444. >They had even come prepared with straps to tie to the bottom restraining both your forehooves and waist.
  445. "Now now now Miss Rarity."
  446. >Henrietta walked around to look you in the face.
  447. "Do you know why your here?"
  448. >"No i do not please release me..."
  449. "Your here so we can show you whos boss number 1. But also that show you put on today with first the cane then all your squealing in the nurses office just makes you too cute for me to pass up!"
  450. >She walks around behind you and you feel a hand slip up under your skirt and start squeezing and massaging your cheeks.
  451. "These are just so soft and squishy its like you were made for this!"
  452. >She lifts the skirt and adjusts your panties a bit.
  453. "I hope you dont mind but i've gotta see just how tough pony butts are first hand!"
  454. >She swings her hand into your panty clad seat hard!
  455. >"Ow ow ow no please i've had a bad enough day please!"
  456. "Awww poor filly... Were just getting started!"
  457. >She gives you series of tough smacks sending your bottom to bouncing once again, the time with the ice had helped but it takes her mere moments to to hear you right back up.
  458. >"NO NO NO PLEASE!"
  459. "Isn't that cute? I told you this would be fun!"
  460. >Her friends agree with her and even take a few swats of their own, the tears start to come out once again.
  461. "Enough messing around though let's see some real spankings!"
  462. >You scream at the top of your lungs as the hairbrush lands!
  464. >And the nurse just told you to avoid more spankings!!!
  465. "Just wait til i get these panties down Rarity! SMACK SMACK! It'll only get worse!"
  466. >She continue pounding your frilly panties for several minutes, all composure is lost at this point and a new puddle of tears starts to form.
  467. "Aww crying from that? Try this then!"
  468. >Your panties are yanked down and the brush is applied harder than ever
  470. "No celestia here just more spankings rarity!"
  471. >Your bottom starts to get numb after another 5 brutal minutes of bottom bouncing spankings.
  472. >Your pathetic tears and begging go unheard as the bully spanks purely for her pleasure instead of your discipline.
  473. "Pony flanks are the best! SPANK SPANK SPANK! We'll have to do this every day Rarity! SPANK SPANK SPANK!"
  475. "Hmm anything? Call me mama! SPANK!"
  477. "Oh no sweetie naughty ponies get spankings you know that! haha! SPANK SPANK! And you've been naughty haven't you young filly!"
  479. "Hm well you better thank me for this discipline then little filly"
  481. "Aw your welcome little baby!"
  482. >The beating finally stops and she steps around into your view holding the brush up to you face.
  483. "Now thank Mr brush young lady."
  484. >With the way she keeps pushing it towards your mouth you guess what she wants.
  485. >You hate it but you lean forward and kiss the back of the brush, the part that had been meeting for flanks for several minutes too long.
  486. "Aww good girl!"
  487. >She vanishes back behind you and to your shock swings the brush right back into your flanks again!
  488. "Mr brushy wants to return the kiss Rarity! He loves you! SPANK SPANK SPANK!"
  490. >Finally finally finally she stops.
  491. "Aw so sweet we'll keep Mr Brush around for tomorrow dont worry sweetie"
  492. >She yanks your panties back up and give you a firm pat on the seat.
  493. "Now you better get home before Mrs. Brightheart thinks you ran off again, i know she'll spank a filly for that!"
  494. >At last released you shakily walk towards the door, after so much time being spanked your hind legs don't seem to work quite right.
  495. >Thankfully you find Emma looking for you in the school yard
  496. "There you are lets go home before you get us both spanked!"
  497. >You nod your head in agreement and set off at a quick trot to keep up with your host.
  499. >Emma sets a quick pace back home most likely attempting to get back as soon as possible to avoid her mothers ire
  500. >You two walk in the front door and hear Mrs. Brightheart in the kitchen.
  501. "I was wondering if you two were coming back. How was school?"
  502. >Emma answers first.
  503. "It was fine me and Rarity just had trouble finding each other after school."
  504. "And how was your day Rarity? No trouble?"
  505. >"Well only the slightest amount..."
  506. "Rarity...?"
  507. >"I had a friendly disagreement with the teacher..."
  508. >She walks over to you and motions with her finger for you to turn around.
  509. >Embarrassingly enough you do so and don't even flinch when you feel her exposing your bottom to the room, its become routine at this point.
  510. >Mrs Brightheart sighs when she sees the stats of your bottom.
  511. "Rarity what am i going to do with you? I was hoping the discipline i gave you this morning would be enough to keep you focused and you come home looking like this."
  512. >"Please Mrs. Brightheart Mrs. Keeneye got her point across most effectively i assure you..."
  513. "I'm sorry Rarity but the rule is spanked at school spanked at home. It's clear your in no condition to take a hard one though so i'll go easy on you."
  514. >You can't even say your surprised by this, you'd have done the same to sweetie truth be told.
  515. >Brightheart picks you up and deposits you over her lap rubbing your swollen bottom with her large hand.
  516. "She really wore you out sweetie i'm sorry your first few days in our land have been so painful but its really your own fault."
  517. >She starts to lightly pat you bottom, or maybe they are harder but your just so sore you can't feel much back there anymore.
  518. >Either way you grunt and squeal a bit but don't have to scream in agony like normal.
  519. >Unfortunately the absence of blinding pain lets you focus on the embarrassment instead, you are very aware of Emma silently watching your bottom burn from the kitchen.
  520. >It must be odd watching your mother discipline another filly but she seems to have no issue.
  521. >Your host mother keeps up a steady pace for what feels like a good while.
  522. >You have given up trying to keep time when these things happen as time seems to slow down when red flanks are involved.
  523. >Still your not screaming or crying just whimpering as Mrs Brightheart's hand is applied to every part of your upturned bruised and battered flanks.
  524. >You thought you heard a noise behind you but it happened at the same time as a few fast swats so you can't be sure, you decide to focus on your chastisement instead.
  525. >That is until your hear Emma from behind you and a very filly like squeak.
  526. >Craning your neck to look over your naughty flanks your embarrassment redoubles.
  527. >Emma is standing there with a young filly, probably about 13 with your same coat and mane colors.
  528. "Uhhhh mom this filly says shes the exchange student..."
  529. >Mrs Brightheart finally pulls her eyes away from your rump and looks over at the clearly smaller pony.
  530. >Then back down at you then back at her, then a few more times.
  531. "But then who...?"
  532. >"Well I did try to tell you..."
  533. >She gives your rump one last slap, perhaps out of reflex or for your smart remark you are not sure.
  534. >You just know it makes you blush even more knowing the filly is watching.
  535. >Finally she picks you up and puts you back down on the floor.
  536. >Your panties were lost a bit ago during some light kicking so you just pull the skirt down to cover your shame.
  537. >After a few awkward moments of massaging your flanks and no one saying a word Brightheart returns with some paperwork.
  538. "So your Miss sunny? Exchange student?"
  539. >The flustered filly nods, poor thing is probably traumatized from what she saw.
  540. "And Miss Rarity you are the house guest."
  541. >"Yes darling fully grown adult mare."
  542. "But your flanks were red as any brats when you got here?"
  543. >You blush, well thanks for telling the filly that!
  544. >"Yes well like i said a misunderstanding."
  545. "Oh Miss Rarity i feel so bad you must feel so abused."
  546. >"Well i'll not deny that..."
  547. >You trot over to a nearby mirror and raise your skirt.
  548. >Bright red bruised and swollen in spots.
  549. >Twilight would be proud.
  550. >"Could i perhaps get some ice?"
  551. "Yes yes of course this way!"
  552. >A few minutes later you were laying on the couch with an icepack on top of your flanks but under your skirt.
  553. >The filly and Emma had gone upstairs to unpack her stuff.
  554. >Brightheart herself looks horribly ashamed and continues to apologize to you.
  555. "Really i am so so sorry you just looked the part and acted just like how i expected a bratty filly to act and when i saw your flanks i was so sore..."
  556. >"I suppose its your fault most adults mares generally don't have spanked bottoms so you are forgiven. As long as you promise to never spank me again!"
  557. "No no i'm so sorry i can't believe a treated an adult like that you must be furious."
  558. >"At this point i am just relieved, if Miss sunny had not gotten here i suspect i'd still be across your lap getting my bare flank lesson."
  559. >She looks ashamed but nods.
  560. "And another light one before school to try to get you to behave, i am sorry i was just doing what i thought was best."
  561. >"I understand dear i really do i discipline my sister from time to time and i daresay its good for her too."
  562. >You share light conversation and laughs for a few more hours, now that shes not your nanny shes much easier to talk to.
  563. >"Well i suspect i should get to bed you have fillies to get up and off to school in the morning."
  564. "What will you do? I believe you came here for a vacation no?"
  565. >"It was supposed to be somewhat of a business venture, new fabrics and patterns and all but i'm not sure i can show my face after my little lesson at the train station yesterday."
  566. >You put on a pained smile remembering all the onlookers and Mrs Brightheart holding up your tail as she spanked your hiney into oblivion.
  567. >She has the good grace to look ashamed.
  568. "Yes you might get some unwanted looks."
  569. >"I shall probably return home tomorrow then, no harm done."
  570. "Of course i am sorry for ruining your trip please have a restful night Miss Rarity."
  571. >You try you really do but for some reason you just can't sleep.
  572. >Shes the one that should feel guilty but you feel bad about making her feel bad.
  573. >That and something in the pit of your stomach tell you the two of you left something unfinished.
  574. >You knock on her door an hour or so later.
  575. >It takes her a bit to wake up but she greets you at the door with sleepy eyes.
  576. "Rarity whats wrong..."
  577. >"I umm this may sound strange but can i talk to you for a moment?"
  578. >In the kitchen she tries to rub the sleep from her eyes.
  579. "So you can't sleep?"
  580. >"Well no i just have this feeling something has been left unfinished, its hanging over my head with this horrible sense of dread."
  581. "We have talked things out Rarity theres no air that still needs clearing you should sleep with a clear conscience."
  582. >"Well i..."
  583. >Oh my this was awkward.
  584. >"Well i was quite rude to the teacher today and you at times while i was here, Celestia knows you made me pay for it but this last time we were interrupted..."
  585. >She looks confused for a moment then chuckles.
  586. "Want to be done with it once and for all huh? Don't worry i know what you mean."
  587. >She stands and opens the back door leading you to her small back porch.
  588. "The girls are asleep and i would not want to wake them, would you consider clearing your conscience here?"
  589. >You blush but understand her concern.
  590. >"Yes yes this will be fine thank you for your understanding."
  591. >She walks up to you and looks at you as if asking permission.
  592. >"Yes go ahead it will not be the first time."
  593. >She reaches down and picks you up again, carries you over to a seat and sits down and places you on her lap.
  594. "This is nothing to be ashamed of Miss Rarity it was very mature of you to come to me with this in fact."
  595. >"Ah yes well you'll have to excuse me if i blush anyway darling."
  596. >She chuckles lowers your pajamas then panties, you can't believe you're doing this.
  597. "Do whatever you need"
  598. SMACK
  599. >It's not nearly as bad as any of your other spankings but it makes you blush even more.
  600. >"MMMMM i don't envy Emma growing up with such a firm mother."
  601. "She has learned to behave SPANK well most the time at least SMACK"
  602. >"Ow yes i can imagine."
  603. "Will you tell me about why you came to my house with a red flank Miss Rarity?" SMACK
  604. >"Ah ah must i?"
  605. SPANK
  606. "I think it would be best."
  607. >She does not tell you what you have to do but the firm hand on your bare flanks is good enough motivation, she could easily turn up the heat from friendly pats to real spanking at any moment.
  608. >"OH! My um my friend Twilight Sparkle it was her fault."
  609. "So you really do know SPANK her?"
  610. >"Oh YESS darling she is a close friend. But you can tell no one this we discovered she had some sorta of spanking machine in her house."
  611. "An equestrian SMACK princess has a machine to spank her SMACK?"
  612. >"Yes darling i swe OWW swear it its what reddened my flanks."
  613. "Rarity SPANK do i have to spank the truth out of you?"
  614. >Your heart skips a beat, not this again!
  615. "Rarity its ok if a stallion enjoys spanking his mare."
  616. >I will not risk her anger if she wants to think my stallion did this then fine.
  617. >"OW ah yes you've got me then my stallion wanted me to remember him before i left OW?"
  618. "See was that so hard? Perhaps he should spank you more often if you still lie like this."
  619. >Her light spankings get a bit harder and your chest tightens.
  620. >"Yes ma'am i'll be sure to tell him!"
  621. "Good girl."
  622. >She gives you several light swats as if clapping for you in some humiliating way.
  623. >"I've had a good disciplinarian the last two days after all."
  624. "Charmer. but that will not save you from the rest of your spanking young filly, i think you and i will be here for quite a bit longer."
  625. >"Ouch yes ma'am!"
  626. >She was right in fact you spent the next half hour over her lap getting light swats and talking about your life
  627. >All in all not unpleasant if a bit embarrassing.
  628. >Finally she gives your flank one last swat and picks you up before placing you back down on the deck.
  629. "I hope that got the message across young mare, if not im sure your stallion can pick up where i have left off."
  630. >"Ow ow yes ma'am you've done a wonderful job i am sure i can sleep soundly now thank you."
  631. "One more thing, was it true ponies usually wear nothing at all?"
  632. >"Oh yes most ponies are completely naked in their day to day lives, i only dress up because i enjoy it."
  633. "In that case one more rule, you must go to the train tomorrow in nothing but your coat."
  634. >You blush deep red at the very idea.
  635. >"No no i can't do that please i have a reputation to uphold back home."
  636. "You may change on the train but at the station your flanks will be bare just like a ponies should. Or would you rather get another lesson at the station again young mare?"
  637. >"No no! It's not like half the town has not seen it already, i'll wear my lesson proudly and say it was from Miss Brightheart if anyone asks."
  638. "Haha i knew you were a good filly. Now off to bed with you."
  639. >A light swat to your rump motivates you right up the stairs and quickly off to sleep.
  641. ----
  643. >The train station is just as embarrassing as expected but after literally hours screaming and crying in front of others simply standing here with a red rump isn't so bad.
  644. >The train arrives and you give Mrs Brightheart one last hug goodbye, with yet another kiss on the forehead but you forgive her this time, and board the train.
  645. >Thankfully you have a private cabin and plenty of time to put on a dress before arriving back home.
  646. >You disembark into the dusky afternoon and begin to collect your things.
  647. >Hearing another train behind you you notice the canterlot express pulling in, thank goodness you'd put on a dress!
  648. >You think nothing of it until you hear a familiar voice from behind you.
  649. "Rarity? I thought you'd be gone for another 5 days?"
  650. >Twilight sparkle disembarks the train with a noticeable hitch in her step.
  651. >"Twilight! Yes i was scheduled for longer but due to some unforeseen and painful circumstances i cut my trip short."
  652. "Painful? You don't mean?"
  653. >There is no one else on the platform so you life your dress high and show Twilight the state of your plot: bruises, hand prints, cane and brush marks the works.
  654. >"I would swear you had cursed me had i not known better."
  655. >Twilight gasps and reaches out to tenderly inspect your abused hiney.
  656. "Oh gosh Rarity what happened? This looks awful you might need to go to the doctor!"
  657. >"Hopefully i will manage i'd rather as few as possible know about this, lord knows half the minotaur lands already does."
  658. "Well just keep an eye on it, not that you could forget about it."
  659. >She looks left and right conspiratorially then casts a quick spell
  660. "Don't worry though your not the only one with rotten luck"
  661. >Twilight turns and exposes her own plot to you, you expected a bit of red left over from her machine spanking but you did not expect the hoof prints or... just what makes lines like that?
  662. >"Well well the naughty Twilight Sparkle does it again! Who was it this time? Judging by the size of those hoof prints it looks like the sun herself got after your backside darling!"
  663. "Celestia Luna and umm ambassador Lephenis..."
  664. >"Twilight an ambassador! Talk about taking one for equestria you simply must tell me what happened!"
  665. "Not here i'll tell you at the castle..."
  666. >"I'll stop by tomorrow and you'll tell me everything darling! Tata for now though!"
  667. "Fine but you gotta tell me what happened to you too, it looks like someone spanked you for days Rarity."
  668. >You blush at the reminder of just how bad your is but simply wave to her and head home
  669. >Jokes on her anyway she forgot to recast her little spell to cover her red plot.
  670. >Maybe thunderlane will see...
  672. End
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