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Mar 4th, 2020
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  1. Tonight between 10PM and Midnight (est) Microsoft will finalize the purchase of the entire gaming catalogue from Konami. The deal they've been working towards is so expensive for Microsoft that it will single handed fund a new manufacturing facility Konami has been wanting build to focus on new R&D for gambling devices. Microsoft will have to keep paying royalties back to Konami on all games that Konami originally released, including future remasters. Only new games, made from the ground up, will be fully profitable for Microsoft. Konami will also retain the rights to create new gambling hardware based on any previously adult (M-rated) themed game they've released. In the deal Microsoft will be able to select a team from potential layoff employees after the sale to help found a studio in Chou City. Konami will allow for the current "Xbox Games Studios Tokyo" as a satellite office for 12-18 months on the second floor of their current headquarters in Chou City while Microsoft finalizes their plans to move to, or construct, their own studio space.
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