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  2. How Magicians Transfer Souls to Avoid Karmic Debt
  5. Within secret societies, there are magicians.
  6. If it's an old secret society, there are very powerful magicians.
  7. They've been taught high levels of magic.
  8. Some magic is taught by the ETs.
  9. Dark entities can teach a magician.
  10. Even if they don't teach, they can steal information.
  11. What they've learned is to transmit the soul of one of their members into the body of another person.
  12. What we call re-incarnation.
  13. Why is this important?
  14. Let's go back to karma.
  15. 14:06
  16. You do bad things, you accumulate karmic debt.
  17. When you die, you have to pay the debt.
  18. You will reincarnate in a lesser life form, in a darker situation.
  19. How do you avoid that?
  20. You get a magician to transmit your soul into another body within this life time.
  21. That's magic.
  22. Very few people can do it but it can be done.
  23. Why is that useful?
  24. All of this accumulated debt doesn't have to be paid because they are transferring to another body.
  25. If they do it right, they can probably alleviate some debt using magic and then transmitting the soul.
  26. Why else is this important?
  27. 1)  These people are avoiding prosecution.
  28. They've been corrupting the world.
  29. They've been demoralising the world.
  30. They've harmed society.
  31. They've damaged the Earth.
  32. They polluted the Earth.
  33. They psychologically manipulated society and created hate and chaos.
  34. And they're not going to be prosecuted.
  35. They're avoiding prosecution.
  36. This means they're going to keep doing it in a new body.
  37. You think that person's gone but are they gone?
  38. If they've transferred out, the body dies but they're still alive.
  39. Which means they are still going to corrupt the world.
  40. They're still a threat but they look different.
  41. Nobody knows because nobody believes in magic.
  42. Nobody believes in the transmigration of the soul.
  43. Because science (these people created the institutions of science) hasn't proven it.
  44. 16:52
  45. 2)  If this secret society person is a male, they jump ship into a 6 year old girl.
  46. Because they are trying to escape.
  47. These people are trying to escape persecution.
  48. They know they're getting old and when they die, they're going to have to face judgment.
  49. But there's a loop[hole].
  50. If they jump ship, they can't catch them because they are still in this present reality.
  51. "Technically", they are still alive.
  52. "Technically" they didn't die because the soul is alive.
  53. Let's say the guy jumps into the body of a 6 year old girl.
  54. The 6 year old girl says, "I feel like I am a man."
  55. Have we heard that before?
  56. "I've always felt like I'm a man."
  57. "I'm a boy. I don't see myelf as a girl."
  58. Have we heard this before because this could be the underlying factor.
  59. Could be.  I don't know.
  60. I can't prove it but I know this science exists.
  61. I know this spell exists.
  62. I know magic is real.
  63. And I know these corrupt individuals are trying to get out.
  64. They're booming out.
  65. If you can't find the body you want, you jump into any body you can find.
  66. Find somebody.  Hey, there you go.
  67. They jump into this 6 year old girl
  68. They tell the other soul, "Get out."
  69. They convince them after a few years.
  70. Then there is a gender identity shift.
  71. Takes a number of years.
  72. So what do the secret society members have to do?
  73. They have to go into the society and have to say, "We have to accept transgender people."
  74. Because their members are coming in.
  75. No-one would ever connect those things.
  76. Our members are coming in and we're transferring all these people out.
  77. If they get persecuted,  they'll have a hard life.
  78. So we have to change politics.
  79. We need to use our other members to change politics.
  80. What's politically correct is bad to attack all of these people.
  81. They are doing this that nobody knows about.
  82. A woman; a high level corrupt soul vacates the body and goes into a 10 year old boy.
  83. She escapes.
  84. We don't know who it is but the boy says, "I woke up one day and I felt like I am a woman."
  85. Where does that come from?
  86. Can it be something else, some underlying thing?
  87. 20:33
  88. I am not saying in every situation, it is this because there can be other things.
  89. But in some situations, say 30% of the time, it can be these people trying to escape.
  90. They are trying to escape all that bad karma and they want to stay here so they can corrupt the world.
  91. So that they can make sure this place remains in chaos.
  92. 21:10
  93. There are other methods and spells - more advanced and too difficult to explain.
  94. But this we can understand.
  95. Transmigration.
  96. The magician selects a body and using magic and solstice and eclipse, the planetary alignments.
  97. And they've been transferring people.
  98. This shift to avoid prosecution.
  99. It's one way to avoid prosecution and another to re-incarnate.
  100. If I am an old man, a billionaire and I've corrupted the world and I'm going out and I have a lot of bad karma.
  101. What do I do?
  102. You transfer out.
  103. You find someone and you transfer out.
  104. In the past, what they do is transfer to somebody within the family.
  105. The grandfather would transfer into the body of the granddaughter because the granddaughter would inherit the fortune.
  106. The granddaughter would get older and then transfer into the body of the son.
  107. So the lineage, the bloodline continues, using some very ancient magic that technically is not supposed to exist, that scientifically is hard to explain.
  108. It's been going on for thousands of years.
  109. A lot of this stuff we can't see is part of the reason why the power structures remain.
  110. Because even if you catch these people, they may have already transferred out.
  111. Which means that eventually, they're going to come back.
  112. And they're not paying the bad karma.
  113. We don't know who they are but there are these clues.
  114. Clues like children who are suddenly doing something [strange].
  115. Again, it can be a new soul.
  116. It may not be this underhand situation.
  117. It may be a new soul coming in.
  118. There's many ways to explain it.
  119. We don't know.
  120. But we may have an underlying situation and unfortunately we don't have the science to explain that.
  121. .... In shamanism, this is possible.
  122. A lot of things are possible in shamanism because the spirit world is limitless and timeless so a lot of stuff can happen.
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