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  1.     <div class="span-24">
  2.         <div id="footer">Copyright &copy; <a href="<?php bloginfo('home'); ?>"><strong><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></strong></a>  - <?php bloginfo('description'); ?></div>
  3.     <?php /*
  4.                     All links in the footer should remain intact.
  5.                     These links are all family friendly and will not hurt your site in any way.
  6.                     Warning! Your site may stop working if these links are edited or deleted
  8.                     You can buy this theme without footer links online at
  9.                 */ ?>
  10.     <div id="credits">Powered by <a href=""><strong>WordPress</strong></a> | Designed by: <a href="">free Drupal themes</a> | Thanks to <a href="">hostgator coupon</a> and <a href="">cheap hosting</a></div>
  11. </div>
  12. </div>
  13. </div>
  14. <?php
  15.          wp_footer();
  16.         echo get_theme_option("footer")  . "\n";
  17. ?>
  18. </body>
  19. </html>
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