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  1. [spoiler][b][font=courier][color=#000]-- templesSecret [/color][color=#8B2500][TS][/color] [color=#000]began pestering crypticPuppeteer[/color] [color=#778899][CP][/color] [color=#000]at 7:05 -- [/color]
  3. [color=#8B2500]TS: hey![/color]
  4. [color=#778899]CP: What do you want?
  5. CP: Er, sorry. That probably sounded rude.
  6. CP: Hello.[/color]
  7. [color=#8B2500]TS: it's okay, i don't think i would have really cared anyway. i'm just so excited today![/color]
  8. [color=#778899]CP: Why is that?[/color]
  9. [color=#8B2500]TS: that's the best part! i don't even know yet. it's like a surprise. what am i excited for?? not even i know[/color]
  10. [color=#778899]CP: I'm supposed to be the cryptic one, not you. [/color]
  11. [color=#8B2500]TS: i suppose so! i guess i'm just glad because today everybody's supposed to be getting on pesterchum. i'm gonna ask dad to not go adventuring today, just to stay here and talk to you guys.
  12. TS: he didn't seem too sure about my not going, though... he might try to drag me along anyway![/color]
  13. [color=#778899]CP: I'm surprised that you want to talk to some of us.
  14. CP: Don't you get annoyed by anyone?[/color]
  15. [color=#8B2500]TS: i guess i do some of the time. but still, it's good to take a day and break out some of the classic games and just chat with friends!
  16. TS: i can't say i enjoy risking my life in that dusty old temple anyway
  17. TS: we've got basically all of the treasure in it![/color]
  18. [color=#778899]CP: All of it?[/color]
  19. [color=#8B2500]TS: all of it![/color]
  20. TS: at least, i'm pretty sure.[/color]
  21. [color=#778899]CP: I'm sure you've missed something.
  22. CP: Some secret passage or trapdoor.
  23. CP: But, I don't know anything about that place.[/color]
  24. [color=#8B2500]TS: well, i guess we might have missed something. but still, that can be done another day.
  25. TS: it's not like something's gonna just make the temple explode or something![/color]
  26. [color=#778899]CP: You're just going to end up jinxing yourself if you talk like that.
  27. CP: Or type, if you want to get technical.[/color]
  28. [color=#8B2500]TS: i don't really care to get so technical, thank you very much
  29. TS: but i think you're being silly. i doubt anything could make that temple fall before we extract the last drop of hypothetical treasure from it![/color]
  30. [color=#778899]CP: If you say so.
  31. CP: Don't you feel as though something strange is going to happen, though?[/color]
  32. [color=#8B2500]TS: i think you're just being a tad paranoid...[/color]
  33. [color=#778899]CP: Probably.
  34. CP: What is that temple like, anyway? I don't think you've ever told me about it.
  35. CP: Well, the details of it. You've mentioned it numerous times.[/color]
  36. [color=#8B2500]TS: it's basically a... i don't know how to describe it!
  37. TS: it's a big old building with a frog on it, with a whole bunch of rooms and traps and stuff inside.
  38. TS: and it's really dangerous, too. i set off a ton of traps every time i go in there.[/color]
  39. [color=#778899]CP: A frog? Who would build a temple like that?
  40. CP: Er, ignoring that. You ought to be more careful.
  41. CP: You'll probably be useful eventually, I don't want you getting hurt.[/color]
  42. [color=#8B2500]TS: that's probably true... i usually have my dad do most of the exploring, anyway. he's really good at not making traps go off.
  43. TS: also, i'm just going to ignore what you said about me being useful on account of not knowing what the heck you're even talking about.[/color]
  44. [color=#778899]CP: That's probably for the best.
  45. CP: Ignoring my comment, I mean.
  46. CP: And having your dad do the exploring, I guess.
  47. CP: What sort of things have you found in there? Treasure is an awfully vague term.[/color]
  48. [color=#8B2500]TS: all kinds of stuff... like, uh, ancient tablets with pictures on them and weapons and stuff.
  49. TS: so what is with you asking all of these questions today? it's like you've got something to do with my temple or something[/color]
  50. [color=#778899]CP: I'm fairly sure I don't have anything to do with the temple.
  51. CP: I'm just curious.
  52. CP: Your life sounds far more interesting than my own.[/color]
  53. [color=#8B2500]TS: i just meant you sound like you want some specific information out of me... like you're an investigator grilling a witness or something![/color]
  54. [color=#778899]CP: Perhaps I do.
  55. CP: I'm just not sure what I might want to know.[/color]
  56. [color=#8B2500]TS: weird...
  57. TS: well, uh, if you're busy being all cryptic and stuff when it comes to this topic, let's just change the subject!
  58. TS: any good new game releases i should know about?
  59. TS: it helps to know what most of you guys who are connected to the modern world are into[/color]
  60. [color=#778899]CP: You would be much better off asking FP about things like that.
  61. CP: There is Sburb, I suppose. It's supposed to be amazing.
  62. CP: I haven't actually heard many details about it, though.
  63. CP: I can't help but wonder why information is so scarce.[/color]
  64. [color=#8B2500]TS: i don't know... as well as you were grilling me earlier, you may as well make yourself a master investigator! maybe you could find out some secrets about this game.
  65. TS: on the subject of sburb, i signed up for the beta, but i don't really think i'm gonna get one. i doubt they could ship all the way out here.[/color]
  66. [color=#778899]CP: I signed up as well.
  67. CP: I wouldn't worry about that.
  68. CP: This game might have something to do with the strange feeling I've had recently.
  69. CP: It's probably just anticipation, though.[/color]
  70. [color=#8B2500]TS: all the more reason to stage an... investigation!
  71. TS: i'll even be your partner in crime... or investigation, as the case may be.[/color]
  72. [color=#778899]CP: The only person I could really think of asking about this would be FP.
  73. CP: But why would he know anything that I haven't been able to find?
  74. CP: I hope the Beta starts soon, I'm incredibly curious about this.[/color]
  75. [color=#8B2500]TS: i guess it'll start when it starts!
  76. TS: that sure is an obvious statement, right there
  77. TS: anyway, maybe you should message fp? i'm about to talk to bv, anyway[/color]
  78. [color=#778899]CP: Hm. I suppose that's the best course of action at the moment.
  79. CP: My talking to FP, I mean.
  80. CP: I'll speak to you later then, I suppose.[/color]
  81. [color=#8B2500]TS: ok, see you![/color]
  83. [color=#000]-- templesSecret [/color][color=#8B2500][TS][/color] [color=#000]ceased pestering crypticPuppeteer[/color] [color=#778899][CP][/color] [color=#000]at 7:23 --[/color][/font][/b][/spoiler]
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