Misery Enjoys Company: A (Not So) Restful Interlude

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  3. >A warm wet feeling snaked its way inside you and made you yelp in surprise.
  4. >You jumped and ended up on the floor as you fell out of your chair, roused from your nap.
  5. >An energetic voice filled your ears.
  6. >”Wake up silly buns! Break is over!”
  7. >You looked at the clock on the break room’s wall.
  8. >5:30 AM
  9. >You looked up at the form above you.
  10. >Coldheart.
  11. >A rather cheerful pony despite her name.
  12. >You have no idea how she always came to work so… awake in the mornings.
  13. >Still though, you admired her drive.
  14. >She loved her work and loved coming to work.
  15. >Even at this Celestia forsaken hour.
  16. >That’s not to say you didn’t love your job either because you did.
  17. >You just weren’t as...
  18. >Nurse Coldheart was still regarding you with that same warm smile.
  19. >... enthusiastic about it.
  20. “Heh, sorry, I must have fallen asleep.”
  21. >”Hey now, don’t worry about it. And besides, Helpinghoof would have your flank if he knew you were dozing off.”
  22. >She was right, you knew.
  23. “Yeah. Thanks for waking me but was sticking your friggin tongue in my ear really necessary?
  24. >”No, not really. But it worked didn’t it?”
  25. >Of course it worked but that was besides the point!
  26. >...
  27. >You couldn’r really find it in you to be mad at her.
  28. “I guess so.” you replied evenly, taking the diplomatic route.
  29. “So, did you have a deep rest?”
  31. >No, no.
  32. >Calm it, girl.
  33. >She didn’t mean anything by it.
  34. “No, not really. I’m off the clock in about three hours so I should be fine.”
  35. >You wouldn’t be fine.
  36. >You swore you could hear your bed calling your name.
  37. >It’d be a miracle if you were able to stay awake for the whole three hours.
  38. >You eyed the coffee machine miserably.
  39. >There was no more coffee mix in the break room.
  40. >You let out a little yawn and eyed the clock then your food that you had yet to even touch.
  41. >Your break was over.
  42. >So much for enjoying your snack.
  43. >You packed all of it up and tossed it back into the refrigerator.
  44. >You could do this right?
  45. >There were only three hours left.
  47. >You couldn’t do this.
  48. >You were in the process of making sure vitals were stable, checked and logged.
  49. >You’ve just about completed your rounds but there were two problems.
  50. >It has only been about thirty minutes and your were dead tired.
  51. >Anyways, the next patient you were to check on was named Connie Amore according to her chart.
  52. >You pulled the clipboard off its hook and continued reading.
  53. >Just out of surgery for tonsillitis not too long ago.
  54. >She shouldn’t be awake from the anesthetics just yet so you forewent knocking and gently opened up the door.  
  55. >Looking at the machine, you started scribbling on the clipboard.
  56. >BP 122/85
  57. >Oxygen 91 percent.
  58. >Blah.
  59. >Blah.
  60. >Done.
  61. >Checked the cords on the bed and the machine.
  62. >Checked the IV.
  63. >Yada yada.
  64. >Rada rada.
  65. >Everything, like the last few rooms, were normal.
  66. >Which was good despite how it was making you cripplingly bored.
  67. >If things were normal that meant ponies were ok.
  68. >You’d rather be bored than to see a pony die from post op complications.
  69. >Another look at the patient reveal that her blanket had drifted downwards somehow.
  70. >A simple fix.
  71. >You pulled it up over the pink mass and made your way out of the room.
  72. >Next room you did the same thing.
  73. >And in the next one.
  74. >Things were normal, once again, in the next one.
  75. >After a few more rooms with a few more patients you were about to check the last one when a BP alarm went off somewhere down the hall.
  76. >You immediately turned tail and ran towards the source worried.
  77. >That low beeping meant that somepony’s blood pressure was either dangerously high or low.
  78. >When you finally reached the room you saw the door was open and the doctor on staff was already in dealing with with the unruly elderly pony in bed.
  79. >Doctor Hooves or something like that.
  80. >Regardless, the stallion waved you off while explaining the importance of not removing hospital equipment to the old mare.
  81. >You let out a sigh of relief.
  82. >At least you were awake now.
  83. >You made your way back to the the last room and took the clipboard off the wall into your hooves.
  84. >The patient's name was was Miss Eri.
  85. >Female, earth pony.
  86. >19.
  87. >Interesting.
  88. >As you continued to read down the chart the wider your eyes became.
  89. >A few lacerations, blunt force trauma, a concussion, multiple rib fractures.
  90. >The list went on and on.
  91. >What the heck happened to her to get her these injuries.
  92. >The most surprising of which was the reason this pony was in the post OP ward in the first place.
  93. >Apparently she had just gotten out of surgery for a full screfula drain.
  94. >You’ve only ever seen unicorns in here for that if you ever saw it at all.
  95. >The screfula is the organ responsible for storing and releasing magic within a pony’s body.
  96. >To think an earth pony could become so saturated with magic to warrant a full drain was nothing short of mind boggling.
  97. >Let alone all those other injures.
  98. >The patient was to be kept under anesthetics for about a day to keep her from injuring herself.
  99. >Since she was out, it didn’t warrant a knock.
  100. >But you did anyways for whatever reason.
  101. >Upon receiving no response, you entered.
  102. >On the bed lied said earth pony mare.
  103. >You winced.
  104. >You were a nurse and you’ve seen a lot of things.
  105. >Still though.
  106. >The young mare had a breathing tube in her throat and other wires and cords snaking down from the bed.
  107. >There were bruises that you could clearly see through the fur on her face and a large one around her neck.
  108. >She had a black eye that was slightly swollen.
  109. >The rest of her was concealed by the blanket.
  110. >The mare in the bed was absolutely gorgeous despite everything, however.
  111. >What the heck happened to her?
  112. >It was when you saw her the shape of one of the marks on her that things started to click.
  113. >You referred back to her clipboard.
  114. >Admitted by Ponyville PD.
  115. >Taken immediately for emergency surgery.
  116. >She’d received a rape kit?
  117. >Celestia above, what kind of ponies...
  118. >You looked at the sorry form in bed and shook your head.
  119. >Thanks to medicine and magic she'd be fine in a few days but just to think...
  120. >You took the clipboard and started to record the readings.
  121. >You really just didn’t want to think about what she must have went through...
  123. >Your eyes popped open to the sound of the intercom and an automated voice.
  124. >”Code Blue, fourth floor, room 460. Code Blue, fourth floor, room 460.”
  125. >You sighed.
  126. >Code Blue signalled to medical staff like yourself of a patient needing immediate attention usually due to cardio-respiratory failure.
  127. >Normally there’d be ward designation on the automated alert but considering where the room number put the emergency you could understand why it was omitted.
  128. >That would be the birthplace.
  129. >Some mother must be having complications.
  130. >Poor mare, whoever she was.
  131. >Fuck, you needed to stop falling asleep.
  132. >You grimaced and glanced at the clock behind your nurse’s station.
  133. >6:58 AM.
  134. >It was almost time to check vitals.
  135. >But the good news was you were out of here in about an hour.
  136. >You decided to get a head start on your rounds to make time move a little faster for you.
  137. >It killed about thirty minutes which was nice but it didn’t make you any less tired.
  138. >All you had to do was stay awake just a little longer for Heartmender to take over for you and you’d be fine.
  139. >You yawned into your hoof and sat back down in your chair behind the station.
  140. >Thirty minutes.
  141. >Just thirty minutes.
  142. >All you had to do...
  143. >Was stay...
  144. >Awake...
  145. >Don’t go to sleep...
  146. >Your eyes flutter and threaten to close on you entirely.
  147. >Just stay awake girl, you can do this.
  148. >Your eyes just closed on you anyways.
  149. >That was ok though...
  150. >As long as you stayed awake you were fine.
  151. >Your eyes resting couldn’t hurt right?
  152. >The intercom spoke again.
  153. >”Code Blue, second floor, Post OP, room 228. Code Blue, second floor, Post OP, room 228.”
  154. >You were already on your hooves and galloping down the hall.
  155. >As soon as you turned the next corner you could hear the alarms of various machines.
  156. >You reached the end of the hall and quickly glanced at the clipboard hanging just outside of the door.
  157. >Miss Eri.
  158. >Female, Earth Pony.
  159. >You threw the door open.
  160. >The window on the opposite end of the room was opened up, curtains billowing slightly in the breeze.
  161. >It wasn’t like that before.
  162. >And was that a flash of magic or was that a glint of light reflected of the window itself?
  163. >Putting that off for now, you moved to the earth pony in the bed who was practically blue beneath her fur.
  164. >Oh Luna, give you strength.
  165. >This wasn’t how you wanted to end your day.
  166. >Blood oxygen readings were zeroed.
  167. >The heart monitor which you heard beeping frantically has since stopped and was sounding an erie single tone.
  168. >Shit shit shit.
  169. >You used your training to reign in your panic.
  170. >You deftly pulled the breathing tube from the mares throat and noticed Dr. Hooves had joined you and was removing the restraints from over her chest.
  171. >With the sheet away Hooves stepped away and allowed you to do the honors.
  172. >There wasn’t time to argue with him right now so you went back to one of the first medical procedures you ever learned.
  173. >The one that earned you your cutie mark.
  174. >You hesitated, if for just a moment, when you saw some of the same scars on her now exposed forelegs that ran down yours as well.
  175. >No time for feelings right now.
  176. >You placed your hooves over her and started chest compressions.
  177. >One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand...
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