Over QMR 28 [Typeset]

Nov 14th, 2017
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  1. OVER QMR 28 Part 2 Translation
  2. From
  4. Starting Page 12:
  6. >[Good Morning--]
  7. >[Aren't you still half asleep? (literally: aren't you still dazed?)]
  9. >Uu....
  10. >I'm so hungry...
  11. >Let's start eating.
  12. >No no, we have to wait a little longer.
  13. >[Here, drink some water.]
  14. >Ehh---
  15. >[It's overflowing!]
  17. >Meals should be eaten together with everyone!
  18. >Gurgle--?
  19. >Sorry...I'm hungry too...
  20. >Haha~ That's proof that you're alive! Don't worry 'bout it!
  21. >Everyone's at their limits. I'm going to go and see what's going on.
  22. >I'll go too!
  23. >Then I'll come along~
  25. >They didn't come back....
  26. >What could have happened...
  27. >We should have a bite first after all, huh?
  28. >Sneaking a bite is forbidden~
  29. >But at this rate, when the Admiral comes | our stomachs will be greeting him before we will (literally: our stomachs will be growling)
  30. >Uu....
  31. >That's forbidden too! Absolutely forbidden!
  32. >That's right...that's why we should eat, just a little... | so our stomachs won't be rumbling in front of the Admiral.
  33. >Right...this is a maiden's emergency. It can't be helped.
  35. >Shigure surely will forgive us after all.
  36. >Is that so?
  37. >No, she definitely would...
  38. >[When did she get here?]
  39. >[Roughly from the "They didn't come back..." part.]
  40. >[Sorry...]
  41. >Sorry for my lateness, I'll start cooking right away.
  42. >Umm...where are the others?
  43. >Everyone else is helping the Admiral prepare.
  44. >Oh, | why don't you two help me test the flavor?
  45. >Shiggy~
  46. >[Thanks~]
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