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  1. | Devices = [Topaz-2.7, Topaz-2.7, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam, Topaz-2.7, Nest Hello, Topaz-2.7, Backplate-5.4, Topaz-2.7, Topaz-2.7] | SN = [06AA01AC371508FM, 06AA01RC1918003C, 18b430d904a8, 64166642a7e5, 06AA01AC161602NG, 19AA01AE371807HP, 06AA01RC1918003C, 09DA02AC24170VW2, 09AB01AC24170ZK4, 06AA01AC371508FM, 06AA01AC161602NG]
  2. | Devices = [Backplate-5.4, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam, Nest Cam, Nest Cam, Backplate-5.4, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam, Nest Cam] | SN = [09DA02AC49170LV9, 09AB01AC501701JE, 18b430d5ff8e, 18b430586c87, 18b43058cbd8, 6416664ae6dc, 09DA02AC49170HR8, 09AB01AC21180WQK, 18b430d76906, 18b430d8bc3a, 6416664aa669, 18b430d7ace1, 64166649e355, 18b43059e91a]
  3.! | Devices = [Nest Cam Outdoor] | SN = [64166645e8d3]
  4. | Devices = [Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam, Nest Cam Outdoor] | SN = [18b4305c9de7, 18b430db5a01, 18b4305f9f6b, 18b430da7a20]
  5. | Devices = [Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Nest Cam, Topaz-2.7, Topaz-2.7, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Nest Hello, Nest Cam Outdoor, Topaz-2.7, Backplate-5.4, Nest Cam, Topaz-2.7, Nest Cam, Backplate-5.4, Nest Cam, KR1] | SN = [17AA01AC061802JK, 18b43067c244, 06CA01AC291607JQ, 06CA01AC291607JQ, 17AA01AC061801D2, 19AA01AE05180R6R, 6416663f3ed4, 06CA01AC281609P4, 09DA02AC01180GPN, 09AB01AC011809XQ, 18b43069207d, 06CA01AC281609P4, 18b430672a29, 09DA02AC1818041M, 09AB01AC06180FKY, 18b43059e18e, 22AA01AC0918004K]
  6. | Devices = [Nest Hello, Nest Cam IQ, Backplate-2.21, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Backplate-2.21, Topaz-2.7, Topaz-2.7] | SN = [19AA01AE29180U1P, 14AA01AC3118034L, 02BA04AC501402SJ, 02AA01AC471403PH, 64166681338b, 18b4306576da, 02BA04AC471406VZ, 02AA01AC491402W8, 06AA01AC27150253, 06AA01AC27150253]
  7. | Devices = [Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Backplate-5.4, Backplate-5.4, Backplate-5.4] | SN = [6416664393f4, 6416663fd3d5, 09DA02AC2218042W, 09AA01AC10180G5C, 09DA02AC2218071K, 09AC01AC22180PN3, 09DA02AC0918095S, 09AC01AC22180PP3]
  8.! | Devices = [Topaz-2.7, Topaz-2.7, Topaz-2.7, Backplate-5.3, Topaz-2.7, Nest Cam Outdoor] | SN = [06AA01AC23150MAR, 06AA01AC25150KWM, 06AA01AC23150MAR, 09DA01AC36150CVH, 09AA01AC381500BQ, 06AA01AC25150KWM, 18b430d99242]
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