Ashera: TK V1 Dev #10

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  1.  Ashera would walk once more into the Maplegrove. And would take a small seat as she would meditate once more. She would have quite the long months of constant focus and meditation. And even after the deed has been done. She would have things weighing on her mind...
  3. The vampires have continued their Onslaught, The enemies of order have taken both of her daughters from her... And the Krausite would be more than afraid to even see what the enemy has done to her daughter... Leaving her friend in fear....
  5. These would slowly weight on her mind. And she needed an escape from it. Or at least a way to assert these things within a positive manner. She would not continue on to live like this... She just can't as her people would be tortured like this... And not to mention she had lost to a vampire....
  7. She would slowly have to concentrate even more... She could not think naturally with all of these things just weighing on her head like this. She would begin to close hereyes. And before practicing to go into deep attunement. She would take a few deep relaxing breaths..
  9. Ashera would then feel her deep harmonic attunement, easing her emotions slowly, but carefully. She would slowly fall deep into her small sense of concentration.. Everything around her...Every single perception, would slowly begin to dull before her...
  10. (Ashera Ixis)
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. [07:44] Before she knew it. She was in her deep meditation once more. She would have to deal with the pain and loss of her daughter head on. And would have to strengthen her resolve once more. She had to keep true to herself...Else she isn't going to get anywhere.
  15. Ashera would feel another arcane vision coming forth once more.. She would be more than prepared to face what is ahead. The Krausite paladin would drift of to a future.. She would see that she and Anise would eventually draw swords once more. The undead would provide a lethal blow, killing her bother before her.
  17. She would see the daughter covered head to toe in armor. And the krausite paladin would draw her blade. She knew that the worst was yet to come. She knew that the fate of her daughter would rest within her hands....
  19. But in this calmed state. She would no longer feel the fear for the adversity that is yet to come. She knew that this fate was to come. It was up to her to bring her daughter peace and justice... Only she could do that act.
  21. During this meditation. She had slowly become to come to terms with the losses of Anise. And the acceptance of Aaliyah's death as well. She knows that despite her not beliving in Kraus. There is still a place in Avalon for her.. Ashera would continue to meditate deep within her mind... She had to be unwavering to maintain her abilities of the arcane...
  24. (Ashera Ixis)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [08:31] The next think unto her mind was the vampires... Their presence would bother her nonetheless. They are the main benefactor in huangzhou deaths in the recent years.. She could combat Lucien, though had lost the battle The second time....
  29. She knows that the vampires would show no sighs of relenting, and Ashera would also have to avenge the death of her old student. Shai Oshura. Though she had a downhill spiral recently. She couldn't blame her with the world she was put in...
  31. Ashera would once more feel the presence of life around her more frequently as she had sat down and meditated on this... She knew that the death of the vampires is coming, The act of relentlessly killing the people around them for dominion would not be tolerated.. On any account.
  33. Ashera would feel greatfull in her friend's forgiveness after that incident of seeing her daughter. She would feel visions of Huangzhou fighting the impending threat that is dawn. And she would fear the fate of the only true good. Fading,
  35. This sight would give the Krausite resolve. She is one of the very few people that can help defend the bastion that is Huangzhou. And potentially put an end to Sors Ulvoltex as his rein... She had to keep going.. For Aaliyah. For Anise... For everyone, and everything that needed to be protected. She would serve, until death..
  36. (Ashera Ixis)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [08:53] Ashera had been into meditation for eight hours in. Her will to continue on, and focus striving to maintain and preserve the good in this world runs deep within. She wanted to know more about the secrets of the world of Agartha. Because the secrets had helped her be at ease with her life in her internal journey..
  41. Ashera would control her Arcane. Feeling the strength from not only the energy around her. But the stars above... She understood her place in this world. People look towards her. But she still needs to do more....
  43. The Krausite paladin would still hope for the best... After she has lost and sacrificed so much to become what she is now... The nightmares and pain from that sacrifice would turn to slow and powerfull resolve.
  45. Ashera would slowly feel the arcane gather once more. The solid feeling of the arcane... Throughout her fingertips... She felt like the world would allow her this one chance... This will to explore even more than what she learned.
  47. And she would not let that chance slip through her fingers.. She would slowly move out of meditation. And Walk away from Maplegrove. And would walk out of there a new being. As if the arcane had given her new will to continue to self-sacrifice for the greater good...
  48. (Ashera Ixis)
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