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  1. Outset
  2. Forsaken Fortress 1
  3. Get 80 rupees from barrel game
  4. Get Wind Waker
  5. Do Zephos Skip
  6. Superswim to Greatfish (stop at N. Triangle on the way or go directly to Greatfish)
  7. Superswim to Windfall
  8.         -rescue Tingle
  9.         -get Bombs
  10. Call Tingle
  11. Superswim to Forest Haven
  12.         -Talk to Deku Tree
  13.         -Leave Forest Haven, hover to highest platform
  14.         -Jump into bulb, get Deku Leaf
  15.         -Enter FW with Tingle Balloon (set Wind West)
  16.         -Forbidden Woods (get 50 rupees with Tingle)
  17.         -Leave without save warping, get damaged by Octorock, enter Beedle
  18. Get Double Storage, Superswim to Outset
  19.         -Superswim to whirlpool, get Nayru's Pearl
  20. Superswim to S. Triangle, place pearl
  21. Superswim to E. Triangle, place Pearl
  22. Superswim to Dragon Roost
  23.         -Delivery Bag Skip
  24.         -Use Leaf over gap, Enter DRC
  25.         -Dragon Roost Cavern (Get 50 rupees with Tingle, do TAS route)
  26. Superswim to N. Triangle, place pearl
  27. Tower of the Gods (Tuner strats)
  28. Puzzle skip, get Master Sword, Hyrule Escape
  29. Sail to Northern Triangle to learn Ballad of Gales
  30. Warp to Windfall
  31. Superswim to FF2
  32. Hyrule 2
  33. Warp to Mother & Child
  34.         -get Fire and Ice Arrows
  35. Warp to Dragon Roost Island
  36. Superswim to Fire Mountain
  37.         -get power bracelets,
  38. Warp to FH
  39. Superswim to Ice Ring
  40.  - Get iron boots
  41. Superswim to headstone
  42.         -get Earth God's Lyric
  43. Warp to Dragon Roost
  44.         -get Medli
  45. Superswim to Gale Isle
  46.         -get Wind God's Aria
  47. Superswim to N. Fairy Isle
  48.         -get 5k bag
  49. Warp to S. Fairy
  50. Sail to Headstone
  51.         -Earth Temple
  52. Superswim to Islet of Steel
  53.         -get Triforce Chart
  54. Sail to Golden ship
  55.         -get Triforce Chart
  56. Warp to Forest Haven
  57.         -get Makar
  58. Superswim to Bird's Peak
  59.         -get Triforce Chart
  60. Warp to Windfall
  61. Superswim to Gale
  62.         -Wind Temple
  63. Superswim to Overlook
  64.         -get Triforce Chart
  65. WAIT FOR IT TO TURN DAY, then Warp to Outset
  66.         -get 5k bag
  67.         -complete Savage Labyrinth
  68. Sail to Diamond Steppe
  69.         -get Ghost Ship Chart
  70. Superswim to Stonewatcher
  71.         -get Triforce Chart
  72. Superswim to Private Oasis
  73.         -get Triforce Chart
  74. Superswim to Ghost Ship (Bomb Island)
  75.         -farm Ghost Ship
  76.         -get Triforce Chart
  77. Warp to Tingle Island
  78.         -Decipher Charts
  79. Superswim to Gale Island
  80.         -get Shard
  81. Warp to Outset
  82.         -get shard
  83. Warp to Greatfish
  84.         -get shard
  85. Set wind east
  86. Sail to Stonewatcher
  87.         -get shard
  88. Sail to S. Triangle
  89.         -get shard
  90. Warp to Dragon Roost
  91. Sail to Seven Star Isle
  92.         -get Shard
  93. Warp to Forest Haven
  94. Sail to Cliff Plateau
  95.         -get Shard
  96. Warp to S. Fairy
  97. Sail to Two Eye Reef
  98.         -get Shard
  99. Warp to Tower of the Gods
  100.         -beat the game
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