Anon - [Nameless] [Meisa/others/drunk/suggestive/silly]

Jun 8th, 2019
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  1. Full tags: Meisa, Hexferry, Virgo, Golden Corral, Sepia, Waspy, Caramel, slice-of-life, alcohol, drunkenness, dancing, suggestive
  3. Prompt:
  4. I want Meisa to sing and dance to divinyls "I touch myself" while putting on a very lewd, unladylike dance show
  6. Aggregated replies:
  7. >Meisa never touched hard liquor since that day
  8. "Meisa please get down from the table..."
  9. >"No! Don't tell a lady what to do, especiahally when that lady is feeling so naughty and aliiivveeee~!"
  10. "Meisa please! You're humiliating yourself!'
  11. >*hic "You try having to be so perfect and each and every move and word needs to be calculated and precise! FUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU MOM! TONIGHT MEI-MEI IS GONNA BE HER OWN MARE! WOOOOOOOOOOO
  12. >Meisa then flashes her honey pot for all to see in all it's dainty splendor
  13. >"Take a good long look gentlemen! Momma wants to get some tonight!" said the inebriated mare while shaking her booty and slapping her bum with each word
  14. >all the while Hexferry tries to calm her down and Goldie cheers to keep doing it
  15. >Sepia joins Meisa in shaking her butt and slapping her booty cus she thinks its a game
  16. >Goldie goes full big sis mode and tries to drag her offstage
  17. >Caramel is just laughing
  18. >Virgo and Waspy are watching intently while recording with a video camera
  19. >Hexferry starts to squeak angrily as Caramel suggests she should join in on the fun as well
  20. >and shoots a glare at Virgo when he opens his mouth and says he agrees with Caramel
  21. >Meisa suddenly starts making out with Sepia
  22. >Goldie stops trying to get Sepia off of the table and stares in shock for a few minutes before yanking Sepia off of Meisa and giving Meisa an angry glare
  23. >Caramel lets out a whistle at Meisa's little stunt
  24. >Sepia is confused what Meisa was doing
  25. >Goldie makes up a lie about Meisa being drunk and trying out her CPR skills and then drags Sepia out out of the bar
  26. >Meisa licks her lips and notices how intensely Waspy and Virgo are now looking at her
  27. >asks lewdly if Waspy and Virgo want some "CPR" as well
  28. >Waspy moves his hooves to his crotch to hide something, Virgo just nods with wide eyes
  29. >Hexferry now yanks Meisa off of the table
  30. >Meisa starts to cuddle and nuzzle Hexferry who starts to blush madly
  31. >Caramel is about to say something but Hexferry silences her
  32. >but then lets out a surprised squeak when Meisa slaps her on her behind
  33. >A vein starts to throb on Hexferrys forehead when she hears Virgo yell out and ask if he's still getting some CPR while Waspy facehoofs
  34. >Meisa starts kissing Hexxy while she was busy being angry at Virgo
  35. >Hexxy freezes up as Meisa starts making love to Hexxy's neck which then leads to her mouth
  36. >rocksolid.jpg
  37. >Meisa is dropped by a stunned Hexxy while Caramel congratulates Meisa who gets up and awkwardly waddles to Virgo, trying to be sexy but failing
  38. >she gets to Virgo who has a really big grin on his face and hooves on his crotch
  39. >Meisa lolls her tongue out and trails her hoof along Virgo's chest and ches t fluff, saying how much she likes his figure and was always interested in testing him out for herself
  40. >Virgo's grin grows bigger from the praise
  41. >Meisa pulls him closer to her face with his fluff and sloppily makes out with him
  42. >Virgo looks euphoric as Meisa feels him up while she was busy eating his face
  43. >Meisa lets go of a now passed out Virgo who's soldier stands at attention
  44. >Meisa turns to the red faced Waspy and stalks over to him
  45. >Waspy gulps as she gets behind him and coos in his ear how much she thought he was cute and how adorable he gets when other ponies hug or nuzzle him
  46. >she starts feeling him as much as she did with Virgo and sniffs his mane, remarking how much it smells like honey and wax
  47. >she turns the now completely red-faced and limp Waspy to her face and gives him the tongue
  48. >Waspy melts completely and has become putty on Meisa's hooves
  49. >Waspy is set down much the same way as Virgo
  50. >Caramel raises a small sign with a "10/10 would fap to" on it
  51. >Hexxy is still still like a statue and when prodded, crumples under her own weight and slumps forward
  52. >Goldie is nowhere to be seen, as is Sepia
  53. >Tonic is also nowhere to be seen, but a few slapping noises in the backroom suggest his possible location
  55. >Outside the bar
  56. >A flustered Goldie is escorting Sepia home
  57. >Sepia constantly hounds Goldie about the CPR
  58. >She's naive enough to believe her but can't be certain it wasn't a kiss, like she read about in a book
  59. >She keeps asking if the gold one is sure
  60. >Goldie is desperately trying to avoid confessing the truth to what happened
  61. >The small moth is adamant and unwavering in her pursuit
  62. >It looks more and more like the 'big sister' is about to be cornered into an explanation
  63. >Sepia doesn't even know that lesbianism exists
  64. >Her knowledge of sex is limited to 'sole purpose of procreation'
  65. >Goldie tries to explain lesbianism to Sepia as somethign like being very good friends
  66. >Sepia asks if she and Goldie are lesbians
  67. >Goldie says no
  68. >Sepia is not pleased
  69. >Starts to loudly beg for goldie to be lesbians with her
  70. >Goldie is not sure how to get out from this one
  71. >Sepai remembers all of those lessons and tips she got from Caramel about "gettign alogn very well with someone"
  72. >Sepia is now flirting with Goldie without knowing what she's doing
  73. >while telling her to be lesbians with her
  75. >Next morning
  76. >Meisa wakes up with a killer hangover and in a big pile of moths consisting of herself, Virgo, Waspy, Tonic, Operator, Hexferry, Caramel, Lucid and Squeak
  77. >finds a video tape
  78. >watches tape
  79. >vows to never drink again
  81. Mentioned: Tonic, Operator, Lucid
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