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Freenode admin complaints

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May 24th, 2015
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  1. <tomaw> Speaking of which, has anyone recently had a discussion with you about the suitability of this channel on freenode?
  2. <OhHayCutie> lol
  3. <OhHayCutie> fat people
  4. <OhHayCutie>
  5. <@HomerSimpsonXron> depends on what you mean tomaw
  6. <@HomerSimpsonXron> oh hey thomas
  7. <@HomerSimpsonXron> <3
  8. <@HomerSimpsonXron> thomas used to be here a bit ago then left so I assumed we were fine.
  9. <@HomerSimpsonXron> We aren't doing anything illegal and aren't violating any rules of freenode
  10. <@HomerSimpsonXron> so I think we are fine but if you don't think so you can tell us why
  11. <tomaw> Okay. Why do you qualify for a primary channel?
  12. * SportyStrawberry (~androirc@unaffiliated/sportystrawberry) has joined #fatpeoplehate
  13. * ChanServ sets mode: +o SportyStrawberry
  14. * TheToucan (~TheToucan@ has joined #fatpeoplehate
  15. * TheToucan (~TheToucan@ Quit (Changing host)
  16. * TheToucan (~TheToucan@unaffiliated/thetoucan) has joined #fatpeoplehate
  17. <tomaw> And why don't you fit
  18. <J-J> What you guys mean about freenode suitability?
  19. <TheToucan> Oh hey tomaw how're you today?
  20. <TheMedic89> ''e do NOT tolerate discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or sexual preference and run with a zero-tolerance policy for libel and defamation. '' Nothing that we do btw
  21. <tomaw> J-J: freenode is an irc network with specific goals in mind and being a dick to any subset of people isn't part of that
  22. <@HomerSimpsonXron> Web media projects, geographically-based interest groups, FOSS support groups and informal education/reference groups.
  23. <@HomerSimpsonXron> it falls under this catagory
  24. <@HomerSimpsonXron> in your primary group
  25. <hamhunter> but fatties are technically subhuman , so ...
  26. <@HomerSimpsonXron> we are against obesity tomaw
  27. <@HomerSimpsonXron> not people
  28. <@HomerSimpsonXron> so can you please point to where we are doing anything unlawful?
  29. * HomerSimpsonXron sets mode: +v thomas
  30. * HomerSimpsonXron sets mode: +v tomaw
  31. <@HomerSimpsonXron> guys we are going to limit chat for a bit so we and the freenode guys can chat
  32. * HomerSimpsonXron sets mode: +m
  33. <@HomerSimpsonXron> casci we have chat limited right now
  34. <@HomerSimpsonXron> so you gotta wait to actually chat with people.
  35. <@HomerSimpsonXron> tomaw and thomas can you guys show us what rules we are violating?
  36. <@HomerSimpsonXron> and why we don't fall under a primary channel?
  37. * TheToucan changes topic to 'Chat is currently limitted to voiced and OP users, while we have discussion with Freenode.'
  38. <+tomaw> Sun 19:47:42 < ~hamhunter> but fatties are technically subhuman , so ...
  39. <+tomaw> Sun 19:47:45 < ~TheMedic89> lel
  40. <@HomerSimpsonXron> they are a dumb user
  41. <@HomerSimpsonXron> aren''t an operator of the channel
  42. <+tomaw> I am sure you'll be willing to remove such dumb users
  43. <@HomerSimpsonXron> Of course however I don't see how that goes against the general freenode policies if the channel itself isn't violating anything
  44. <@coup_de_shitlord> tomaw: Much like the freenode staffers, we can only act on things we notice or are reported to us.
  45. <@TheToucan> tomaw if need be, I saw it as more of a joke under the context
  46. <@HomerSimpsonXron> so are you saying our users can't make stupid jokes about obesity tomaw?
  47. <@coup_de_shitlord> tomaw: If you notice we're doing anything wrong please tell us so we can correct it right away.
  48. <+tomaw> Sun 19:18:54 <@HomerSimpsonXron> <3
  49. <@HomerSimpsonXron> it is a link to a FPH post I don't see how that violates anything
  50. <@coup_de_shitlord> tomaw: Could you show me the rules we need to comply with? We can make it happen, just need to know what is and isn't acceptable here
  51. <+tomaw> coup_de_shitlord: you need to not do and no think you can little lawyer out of it
  52. <+tomaw> there's some on topic stuff above that too
  53. <@HomerSimpsonXron> we don''t do any of that
  54. <@coup_de_shitlord> tomaw: Based off my observations the rights of no protected classes in the UK are being violated, nor is any speech, derogatory or not, directed at such without action taken
  55. <@TheToucan> tomaw would you point to where in the Off Topic Use section you believe we are in violation of?
  56. <@coup_de_shitlord> Of course if you see something I may have missed, please let me know
  57. <@coup_de_shitlord> Note that UK law means that speech against people for the following are prohibited: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation
  58. <@coup_de_shitlord> Additionally, if observed here, we will take action against it.
  59. <@HomerSimpsonXron> thomas tomaw still here?
  60. <@SportyStrawberry> Also note that we have banned users for attacking those protected groups before
  61. <@SportyStrawberry> Primarily homophobes and racists
  62. <+tomaw> If I allowed your channel to exist for another week and then reviewed the usage do you think you'd need to refer to the wording of policies to encourage me to continue to allow it?
  63. <@HomerSimpsonXron> no.
  64. <@HomerSimpsonXron> Unless I am reading your statement wrong
  65. <@coup_de_shitlord> tomaw, we want to deal with this civically and fix any behavior that is prohibited by freenoe and UK law.
  66. <@coup_de_shitlord> Freenode
  67. <+tomaw> One week it is then.
  68. <@HomerSimpsonXron> k. that's fine.
  69. <@HomerSimpsonXron> as we said
  70. <@HomerSimpsonXron> We don't violate anything.
  71. <@HomerSimpsonXron> Is this discussion over so I can unmoderate the channel?
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