MagiReco Main Story 9 - Sana

Sep 3rd, 2018
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  1. Sana
  3. 9.2 Sana 1
  4. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  5. Sana: "The feathers noticed me!? Even though I'm hiding myself!?"
  7. 9.2.1 (from 9.1.1 Iroha 1)
  8. [in a dark corner in Hotel Fendthope]
  9. Sana: "pant... pant... pant..."
  10. "Ah..."
  11. [in a hallway, we see two black feathers, one with short green hair and one with a brown braid]
  12. brown braid black feather: "Futaba Sana was here!?"
  13. short green black feather: "She's not over here!"
  14. brown black feather: "Tch... She might have gone to another floor... Let's split up again and search!"
  15. "We've gotta find her, for the sake of our release!"
  16. short green black feather: "Yes!"
  17. [back to Sana]
  18. Sana: "sigh..."
  19. (There are more feathers left in their base than I expected...)
  20. (And I wonder how they know I'm here even when I should be hidden...)
  21. "I mustn't be afraid..."
  22. "Iroha-san might be having a much tougher time than I am!"
  23. "I've gotta find Iroha-san quickly..."
  24. [she searches with her magic]
  25. Sana: "..."
  26. "I can't sense her magic here..."
  27. (And recently I haven't been able to sense the feathers' magic either...)
  28. (Maybe the building itself is built to suppress magic?)
  29. (And that could be why they can see me...)
  30. black feather (offscreen): "Tamaki Iroha is this way?"
  31. white feather (offscreen): "Magius has her confined there."
  32. Sana: (Black feathers' voices...)
  33. (I think I heard them say Tamaki Iroha...)
  34. [in a hallway with a white feather with long lavender hair and a black feather with short pink hair]
  35. lavender white feather: "In the worst case, they want at least the soul gem, apparently."
  36. "But Alina-sama requested her body too."
  37. pink black feather: "I wonder what that means..."
  38. lavender white feather: "Who knows..."
  39. "I don't understand what the Magius are thinking..."
  40. [Sana listening from a dark corner]
  41. Sana: (Those people know where Iroha-san is?)
  42. [back in the hallway]
  43. lavender white feather: "There is something I do know, though."
  44. "All we can do now is work with all our strength until release."
  45. "Recall the reason why we were left here as guards."
  46. pink black feather: "Yes..."
  47. [back with Sana]
  48. Sana: (I think I can make out their conversation now...)
  49. [back to the feathers]
  50. Sana (offscreen): "Umm, excuse me, could one of you come please!"
  51. lavender white feather: "Hm, who could it be?"
  52. pink black feather: "I'm going to check on it. Please go on ahead."
  53. [in the dark corner]
  54. pink black feather: "Did something happen?"
  55. [Sana appears]
  56. Sana: "Yes..."
  57. pink black feather: "!?"
  58. "You're...!"
  59. [Sana hits her with her shield]
  60. Sana: "Yah!"
  61. [battle]
  62. [in the dark corner]
  63. pink black feather: "...kuh..."
  64. Sana: "I have you now!"
  65. "Please tell me where Iroha-san is!"
  66. pink black feather: "I have nothing to say to someone working against release..."
  67. Sana: "You still believe in Magius?"
  68. "Even though all of you feathers got drawn into a rumor..."
  69. pink black feather: "That is indeed true."
  70. "However, for the Feathers remaining in the base, your persuasion is meaningless."
  71. "Even if we are just being used by Magius, we can push forward towards release."
  72. "That alone, the goal of release, is what we've sworn loyalty towards."
  73. Sana: "No way..."
  74. pink black feather: "What I desire is my own future. For that, I will continue to fight..."
  75. Sana: "..."
  76. "I'm sorry!"
  77. [she hits the feather again]
  78. pink black feather: "Guh..."
  79. [the black feather collapses, and then Sana takes her robe]
  80. Sana: "Now that this has happened, I just need to follow that person from before..."
  81. TO: 9.3.1 (Sana 2)
  83. 9.3 Sana 2
  84. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  85. Sana: "I need to follow that feather from before! I'm sure up ahead, Iroha-san is..."
  87. 9.3.1 (from 9.2.1 Sana 1)
  88. [in a basement hallway in Hotel Fendthope, we see the lavender-haired white feather and Sana in a black robe]
  89. Sana: "..."
  90. lavender white feather: "..."
  91. Sana: (I didn't realize there was an entrance to the basement...)
  92. lavender white feather: "So, you..."
  93. Sana: "Pya?!"
  94. "Y-yes!"
  95. lavender white feather: "Was the person who called you before alright?"
  96. Sana: "U-umm, yes..."
  97. "She seemed to have seen Futaba Sana but when we checked it seemed to be a mistake..."
  98. lavender white feather: "I see... I hope she stays alert..."
  99. Sana: "I'm sorry..."
  100. lavender white feather: "You're not the one who should apologize."
  101. Sana: "Umm..."
  102. lavender white feather: "What?"
  103. Sana: "Iroha-sa...cough cough"
  104. "Tamaki Iroha... What is the reason we need to get her?"
  105. "Although it's obvious that we wouldn't know what Alina-sama is thinking..."
  106. "Is there anything you would guess?"
  107. lavender white feather: "All I can think of is to feed the Eve..."
  108. Sana: (To feed the Eve...)
  109. lavender white feather: "Ever since Tamaki Iroha appeared, the Magius's plan began to go awry."
  110. "Without worrying about saving all magical girls..."
  111. "She came and erased rumors and witches alike."
  112. "It would make sense that Alina-sama's anger is boiling over."
  113. Sana: "But, you were bringing misfortune to everyone by doing that..."
  114. lavender white feather: "What did you say?"
  115. Sana: "Ah, no, umm..."
  116. "Even if you bring misfortune to everyone, far more people would be saved..."
  117. "For her not to understand that..."
  118. lavender white feather: "Tamaki Iroha cannot turn a blind eye to the sacrifice of innocents, it seems."
  119. "To try to save everyone... A perfect example of easier said than done..."
  120. Sana: "..."
  121. [a long, black-haired black feather shows up]
  122. long black black feather: "No matter how much you ponder the Magius's intentions, you will never figure out anything."
  123. "No matter what they are trying to do to magical girls in Kamihama..."
  124. "No matter what they are doing bringing in Tamaki Iroha..."
  125. "Whatever it is in their heads, so all we can do is obey."
  126. "Sana: "Yes... That's right..."
  127. [in Iroha's cell, the lavender white feather appears]
  128. lavender white feather: "Tamaki Iroha, I've come to get you."
  129. Iroha: "..."
  130. Sana: (Iroha-san!)
  131. Iroha: "What will happen to me?"
  132. lavender white feather: "I don't know."
  133. "The Magius are the ones who requested you."
  134. Iroha: "..."
  135. lavender white feather: "How pitiful, only able to glare at us..."
  136. [we see mini-Kyubey]
  137. Iroha: "How can I get out of this situation..."
  138. mini-Kyubey choice: "Run and get away." or "You can't do anything..."
  139. mini-Kyubey: "Mo, mokyu..." (first choice)
  140. Iroha: "Even if they open the cell, the only way out is where they came from..."
  141. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyuu..." (second choice)
  142. Iroha: "That's right..."
  143. Iroha: "Even if they open the cell, the only way out is where they came from..."
  144. lavender white feather: "If you checked around you'd see there's no escape."
  145. "And there's nobody who will come to save you..."
  146. Iroha: "That part's not true."
  147. lavender white feather: "You sure are confident. Do you even know where you are?"
  148. Iroha: "The base of the Wings of Magius..."
  149. "So they'll come... In fact, I"m sure they're coming!"
  150. "Everyone definitely wants to stop your plan!"
  151. lavender white feather: "The more eloquently you speak, the more ridiculous and powerless you appear."
  152. Iroha: "..."
  153. Sana: "You're wrong... It's not ridiculous at all!"
  154. lavender white feather: "Wha!?"
  155. Iroha: "Huh?"
  156. Sana: "I'm here, Iroha-san!"
  157. "I want to stop the Magius's plan!"
  158. [she throws off the black feather robe]
  159. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  160. lavender white feather: "You infiltrated us!?"
  161. Sana: "Please wait! I will save you soon!"
  162. lavender white feather: "How clever of you..."
  163. TO: 9.4.1 (Sana 3)
  165. 9.4 Sana 3
  166. in an underground jail cell
  167. Sana: "I won't let them take Iroha-san... I won't let them feed her to the Eve!"
  169. 9.4.1 (from 9.3.1 Sana 2)
  170. [in the jail cell in the basement of Hotel Fendthope]
  171. lavender white feather: "Guh... Take the key... and tell everyone what's going on!"
  172. [she collapses]
  173. long black black feather: "Understood!"
  174. [she leaves]
  175. Sana: "pant... pant..."
  176. Iroha: "Sana-chan, are you alright!?"
  177. Sana: "I'm perfectly fine! Let's leave quickly, Iroha-san!"
  178. "I asked the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura to pass on a message..."
  179. "So Yachiyo-san and the others should be getting here soon!"
  180. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san... Thank you, Sana-chan!"
  181. "But, the key..."
  182. Sana: "You should be able to get out of a cell like this, no problems..."
  183. Iroha: "No, I don't have my soul gem."
  184. Sana: "Eh?!"
  185. Iroha: "So I can't transform..."
  186. Sana: "No way, they took your very soul..."
  187. Iroha: "So, Sana-chan, can you break open the cell?"
  188. "We've gotta hurry and get it back!"
  189. Sana: "I-I got it! I'll try my best!"
  190. "Please stay back!"
  191. Iroha: "Yeah!"
  192. Sana: "Let's go..."
  193. [she breaks open the cell]
  194. Sana: "Now, let's go, Iroha-san!"
  195. Iroha: "Thank you!"
  196. "!?"
  197. "Watch out, Sana-chan!"
  198. Sana: "Eh?"
  199. [she gets hit]
  200. Sana: "Kya!"
  201. [the space becomes rumor-ified, and a stuffed bear head thing shows up]
  202. bear head: |uobear(⌾×⌾)bearuo|
  203. Sana: "This rumor... came because I broke the cell?"
  204. Iroha: "If you go against the rumor, the rumor will appear..."
  205. "No way, is this building itself a rumor!?"
  206. bear head: |!!uob(⌾×⌾)bear!!|
  207. Iroha: "Ah..."
  208. [Sana shields Iroha]
  209. Sana: "It's okay!"
  210. "I'll be your shield, Iroha-san!"
  211. Iroha: "I'm sorry, Sana-chan. Thanks!"
  212. Sana: "No, this is in return for what you did for me, Iroha-san!"
  213. "We'll defeat this quickly, and go get your soul gem back!"
  214. [battle]
  215. [Sana defeats the rumor, which fades away]
  216. bear head: |!!ear(T×T)ear!!|
  217. Sana: "Iroha-san, let's go!"
  218. Iroha: "Yeah."
  219. Sana: "Do you know where they're keeping your soul gem?"
  220. Iroha: "Actually, I don't know..."
  221. Sana: "Then, we need to start by looking."
  222. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  223. "If Yachiyo-san and the others are coming, then do you think we should go outside and meet up?"
  224. "That might be a faster way to find it..."
  225. Sana: "And it would be safer than just the two of us searching..."
  226. "Ah."
  227. [flashback to the hallway with the lavender-haired white feather and the pink-haired black feather]
  228. lavender white feather: "In the worst case, they want at least the soul gem, apparently."
  229. [flashback to the basement hallway]
  230. lavender white feather: "All I can think of is to feed the Eve..."
  231. [back to the cell]
  232. Sana: "T-that's no good!"
  233. Iroha: "Eh!?"
  234. Sana: "That white feather from before said this..."
  235. "The Magius might feed you to the Eve..."
  236. Iroha: "Feed me to the... Eve!?"
  237. Sana: "Yeah, and in the worst case, they'd be fine with just your soul gem..."
  238. "If the feathers who came to your cell were coming here to take you..."
  239. "Then they might already be taking your soul gem to the Magius..."
  240. Iroha: "Oh no... but... If they feed only my soul gem to the Eve..."
  241. "Wait, no..."
  242. "A soul gem is a magical girl's soul, so that alone is enough..."
  243. "In that case, I'll..."
  244. mini-Kyubey choices: "Meet up with Yachiyo-san." or "Prioritize my soul gem."
  245. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyumokyu." (choice 1)
  246. Iroha: "But, Yachiyo-san will be..."
  247. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyu!" (choice 2)
  248. Iroha: "Yeah, there's no time to meet up!"
  249. Sana: "Yeah... Let's go search for the feathers!"
  250. Iroha: "But, Yachiyo-san will be..."
  251. Sana: "Inside here, searching with magic and telepathy don't work..."
  252. "I think it might be difficult to meet up..."
  253. Iroha: "And we don't have much time, either..."
  254. Sana: "Yeah. First, we'll prioritize your soul!"
  255. Iroha: "Sorry about this, but can you keep protecting me for the time being?"
  256. Sana: "Of course!"
  257. "Didn't I tell you already that I would be your shield?"
  258. [in a basement hallway, we see the long-haired black feather]
  259. long black black feather: "Tamaki Iroha has been taken away. Please send backup immediately!"
  260. "Also, Nanami Yachiyo is on her way to Fendthope!"
  261. "..."
  262. "That's right, send people around outside."
  263. TO: 9.5.1 (Sana 4)
  264. TO: 9.7.1 (Yachiyo 1)
  266. 9.5 Sana 4
  267. in a basement hallway
  268. Sana: "The true goal of the Magius? What do you mean, Iroha-san?"
  270. 9.5.1 (from 9.4.1 Sana 3)
  271. [in a basement hallway]
  272. Sana: "You mean, the goal of the Magius is..."
  273. Iroha: "To call in a witch called the Walpurgisnacht, apparently..."
  274. Sana: "I think neither the white feathers nor the black feathers know that..."
  275. "Even before, they seemed to be devoting their all to Magius..."
  276. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  277. "Everyone was calling it the witch to end all witches, but if they knew they were being used..."
  278. "What they're thinking..."
  279. "I just don't understand."
  280. "Why would they call a witch that could destroy the city?"
  281. Sana: "But, how are they going to use it?"
  282. Iroha: "I don't know..."
  283. "I don't know very much about the Walpurgisnacht..."
  284. "All I know is that it's dangerous, and that they're going to use its ultimate power to hatch the Eve."
  285. Sana: "Yeah..."
  286. "Um, if we get Touka-chan and Nemu-chan's memories back, maybe they'll stop it..."
  287. "Do you think that could happen?"
  288. Iroha: "It could."
  289. "If we can do that, I'd want to try."
  290. "But I don't know how I'd go about doing that either."
  291. "All we can do now is fight."
  292. "And then once we stop the Magius's plan, we need to prepare..."
  293. "For the battle against the ultimate witch..."
  294. [we see the long-haired black feather]
  295. long black black feather: "I've found them!"
  296. "Everyone, please come over here!"
  297. "They've already escaped!"
  298. [a black feather with a brown braid shows up]
  299. brown braid black feather: "That's Futaba Sana!"
  300. [and a short green-haired one]
  301. short green black feather: "We've finally found her!"
  302. Iroha: "That black feather was the one who took the key and ran."
  303. Sana: "And the ones who came as backup are the ones who were looking for me!"
  304. "Iroha-san, please get back!"
  305. "I'll open a way through them!"
  306. [battle]
  307. [in the basement hallway, the braided black feather attacks]
  308. brown braid black feather: "Yaah!"
  309. [it hits Sana]
  310. Sana: "Fuuah!"
  311. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  312. Sana: "I'm fine, I can keep going, so don't worry about me!"
  313. Iroha: "But!"
  314. long black black feather: "I have you!"
  315. Iroha: "Ah..."
  316. Sana (offscreen): Iroha-san!!"
  317. long black black feather: "Now, come with me and be captured quietly!"
  318. Iroha: "I'm not going to go with you knowing that I'm in danger!"
  319. [the feather attacks Iroha]
  320. long black black feather: "Then, I'll do this by force!"
  321. Iroha: "Yah!!"
  322. "!!"
  323. "Is this really okay!?"
  324. "Leaving your lives in the hands of Magius?"
  325. long black black feather: "!?"
  326. "What are you saying?"
  327. Iroha: "You're all leaving your lives in the hands of people who would sacrifice their allies..."
  328. "I understand the ideals the Wings of Magius hold, and they'd be great if they came true..."
  329. "But afterwards, how will you be treated?"
  330. long black black feather: "But even so, I bet on them."
  331. Iroha: "Even now, you still do? Because it would be a waste to leave now?"
  332. long black black feather: "That's right."
  333. "All the Feathers here have sworn to protect the release of magical girls even over the Magius."
  334. "And, equally..."
  335. "I believe in those who the person who protects the Feathers believes in."
  336. [An attack hits both of them]
  337. Iroha: "!!"
  338. Sana: "Iroha-san, over here!!"
  339. [screen wipe]
  340. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  341. Sana: "pant... pant... Let's run now!"
  342. Iroha: "Y-yeah!"
  343. "To think that just trying to get my soul gem back, the best I can do is run..."
  344. TO: 9.6.1 (Sana 5)
  346. 9.6 Sana 5
  347. in a basement hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  348. Sana: "Is there anywhere to hide? For now I need to protect Iroha-san..."
  350. 9.6.1 (from 9.5.1 Sana 4)
  351. [in the basement hallway, we see three black feathers]
  352. brown braid black feather: "Running won't help you anymore!"
  353. [screen wipe]
  354. Iroha: "kuh... pant... pant..."
  355. [screen wipe]
  356. long black black feather: "I've requested help in pursuing them!"
  357. "We'll definitely catch them this time..."
  358. [screen wipe]
  359. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  360. Sana: "Are you alright, Iroha-san?"
  361. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  362. long black black feather: "pant... pant... I've got you now."
  363. Sana: "What should we do... At this rate..."
  364. [the rest of the feathers catch up]
  365. long black black feather: "Prioritize capturing Tamaki Iroha!"
  366. short green black feather: "Yes, I'll support!"
  367. brown braid black feather: "Leave it to me!"
  368. ???: *In that case, maybe I'll support these ones...*
  369. long black black feather: "W-who are you!?"
  370. [it's Kyouko]
  371. Kyouko: "Jeez, once I made it outside, I saw feathers who turned into beasts."
  372. "Then, I thought that everything had calmed down, but now there's a fight inside the base."
  373. "There's never a dull day in this city!"
  374. Sana: "Um, you are...?"
  375. Iroha: "Sakura-san!?"
  376. Kyouko: "Huh, to think I'd see you again here."
  377. short green black feather: "You should be that feather who just joined..."
  378. "Help us catch Tamaki Iroha. Magius commanded it."
  379. Kyouko: "You people don't ever think for yourselves, do ya?"
  380. "It's always Magius this Magius that, like a broken record."
  381. short green black feather: "Wha..."
  382. Kyouko: "I became a feather because I was a bit curious..."
  383. "But they're all either empty inside, just making pretty sounds..."
  384. "Or they're the ones who cause misfortune and use the other ones."
  385. "Sorry, but it's just not my gig."
  386. "Or rather, it pisses me off."
  387. short green black feather: "You're betraying us?"
  388. Kyouko: "Do I really need to answer that?"
  389. Iroha: "Sakura-san..."
  390. Kyouko: "I'm not here to help you."
  391. "I'm just beating them up because I don't like them."
  392. "Let's go, shield girl! Help me out a bit here!"
  393. Sana: "Y-yes!"
  394. [battle]
  395. [in the hallway, Kyouko attacks and defeats the green haired black feather]
  396. Kyouko: "RYAAAAAH!!"
  397. short green black feather: "Gaah..."
  398. Kyouko: "Well, this is all of them for now."
  399. Iroha: "Thank you, Sakura-san."
  400. Kyouko: "You don't really need to thank me."
  401. Sana: "U-um..."
  402. "The feathers from before said that..."
  403. Kyouko: "Yeah, that was just like hands-on learning or something."
  404. "I didn't get along with them, so I just switched sides. That's all."
  405. Sana: "Then, you've been fighting alone this whole time?"
  406. Kyouko: "No, I only switched sides just now."
  407. "Up until now, I was searching for soul gems."
  408. Iroha: "Huh? Really!?"
  409. "You know, we're also searching for a soul gem."
  410. Kyouko: "Well that's pretty obvious."
  411. "You're running around with one of you not transformed."
  412. Iroha: "I guess so..."
  413. Sana: "And so, do you know?"
  414. "Where the soul gems are?"
  415. Kyouko: "Yeah, I knew."
  416. Iroha: "Knew?"
  417. Sana: "Past-tense?"
  418. Kyouko: "They already moved them somewhere."
  419. Sana: "I figured that's what happened..."
  420. "..."
  421. "Do you know where the Magius are?"
  422. Kyouko: "Sure, but what's this about?"
  423. Sana: "The feathers were taking the soul gems according to orders from the Magius."
  424. "So I think that's where Iroha-san's is being taken..."
  425. Kyouko: "And so that's what this escape drama is about."
  426. "I see now..."
  427. "They're planning on dealing with you and Mifuyu and the flute sisters all together..."
  428. Iroha: "Mifuyu-san?"
  429. Kyouko: "While I was going around outside, she apparently opposed them."
  430. "But it seems she got captured."
  431. Iroha: "I see..."
  432. Kyouko: "But, even I don't know..."
  433. "Where those Magius are hiding."
  434. "I guess we have to ask these feathers..."
  435. Iroha: "I... see?"
  436. Sana: "Iroha-san?"
  437. Iroha: "Huh? Sa... na..."
  438. [she collapses]
  439. Iroha: "Iroha-san!!"
  440. Kyouko: "This is bad..."
  441. Sana: "Iroha-san! Iroha-san!"
  442. Iroha (offscreen): "..."
  443. Sana: "Huh... huh?"
  444. "What do we do? She's not breathing!"
  445. [the background becomes rumor-ified, and something attacks Kyouko and Sana]
  446. Kyouko: "Guh!"
  447. Sana: "Pyah!"
  448. brown braid black feather: "Sigh... Now, you won't be able to resist..."
  449. "I've got you now."
  450. [she leaves with Iroha]
  451. Kyouko: "Oh no!"
  452. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  453. [a gate closes]
  454. Sana: "No way!"
  455. Kyouko: "Dammit!"
  456. "I guess we just have to smash our way through to follow them."
  457. Sana: "..."
  458. "What's going on? Iroha-san... was dead!"
  459. Kyouko: "This isn't the time to be shocked!"
  460. Sana: "But!"
  461. Kyouko: "Her soul gem is too far from her body."
  462. "If they're closer then she'll be back to normal."
  463. Sana: "Is that... true?"
  464. Kyouko: "Why would I be lying?"
  465. Sana: "Then, Iroha-san's soul gem is getting farther..."
  466. Kyouko: "They probably took a detour so she would stop resisting..."
  467. "But where both her body and soul gem are headed is where Magius is."
  468. "Eventually she'll come back to life."
  469. Sana: "Because the soul gem is our soul..."
  470. Kyouko: "Exactly."
  471. "Come on, let's smash through these bulkheads and follow them!"
  472. "If we lose sight of them, we won't know where to find the Magius!"
  473. Sana: "Y-yes!"
  474. "As long as Iroha-san is alive, I'll be fine!"
  475. "No matter how many rumors appear, I'll get Iroha-san back!"
  476. Kyouko: "Yeah, that's the spirit! Come with me!"
  477. TO: 9.15.1 (Iroha 2)
  479. 9.18 Sana 6
  480. in an underground hallway
  481. Sana: "Soul gems are our lives... Iroha-san, please be alright..."
  483. 9.18.1 (from 9.14.1 Momoko 4)
  484. [in a rumorified underground hallway, we see a bear head thing]
  485. bear head: |uobear(⌾×⌾)bearuo|
  486. Kyouko: "How many of these bulkheads did the feathers put in!?"
  487. "It's going to take way too long to get to the surface..."
  488. Sana: "But if we find where the Magius are..."
  489. Kyouko: "We'll be able to move around in here?"
  490. "Give me a break. Even if we find them, there's only the two of us."
  491. "I'm not so kindhearted as to throw my life away for others."
  492. Sana: "Then I'll be alright fighting on my own!"
  493. Kyouko: "Heeeh?"
  494. "I like your guts."
  495. "But don't expect them to go down easily in their own base."
  496. [a bear head shows up]
  497. bear head: |!bear(#⌾×⌾#)ar!|
  498. Sana: "huh... Sakura-san! Now!"
  499. Kyouko: "Nice timing, Sana!"
  500. [she attacks]
  501. Kyouko: "I'll smash them all!!"
  502. [the bear head appears again]
  503. bear head: |!!ar(T×T)ar!!|
  504. [the rumor field disappears]
  505. Kyouko: "Alright, that was the last one."
  506. Sana: "Now we can get to the surface..."
  507. [in an aboveground hallway]
  508. Sana: "..."
  509. Kyouko: "We lost sight of them after all..."
  510. "What'll you do? Do you really want to look for the Magius?"
  511. Sana: "Please wait..."
  512. Kyouko: "Hm, what is it?"
  513. Sana: "Something's on the ground there..."
  514. [screen wipe]
  515. Sana: "Ah, it's Iroha-san's ribbon..."
  516. Kyouko: "Ribbon?"
  517. "Ahaha! She didn't do too bad after all."
  518. "She left us a nice clue to follow."
  519. Sana: "Which means that Iroha-san is up ahead!"
  520. Kyouko: "Yeah, somewhere over there. Let's go, Sana!"
  521. Sana: "Um... you're coming with me?"
  522. Kyouko: "I was going to run, but it's not that bad yet."
  523. "Once I feel it's too dangerous, then I'll figure something out."
  524. Sana: "Thank you very much..."
  525. Kyouko: "After all, we do have the same enemy."
  526. [screen wipe; we see the lavender haired white feather]
  527. lavender white feather: "That's Futaba Sana and the newbie..."
  528. [screen wipe back to Kyouko]
  529. Kyouko: "And we've been found already..."
  530. lavender white feather: "Give up on Tamaki Iroha."
  531. "It was reported that my comrades have already retrieved her."
  532. Kyouko: "Hehe, we knew that already!"
  533. [battle]
  534. [in battle]
  535. lavender white feather: "Kuh."
  536. "You still intend to go on?"
  537. Sana: "Yes, I will go anywhere it takes to save Iroha-san!"
  538. Kyouko: "In other words, we'll make you get out of our way!"
  539. Sana: "Yes!"
  540. TO: 9.21.1 (Momoko 6)
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