Prodo's tongue saves his ass.

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  1. [23:26] Kött Mori asks, "You're a long way from home, what brings you to Gahenna?"
  2. [23:27] Prodotis says, "You want the straight answer? Ores."
  3. [23:27] Prodotis says, "Need money and the job market in Crafthold is pretty dead right now."
  4. [23:27] Kia Mori says, "An honest man, Good ta' know."
  5. [23:28] Kött Mori asks, "Do you have any special skills?"
  6. [23:28] Prodotis says, "The war will be good business, but I need to be ready before it."
  7. [23:28] Kött Mori asks, "...A smith, perhaps?"
  8. [23:28] Kia Mori says, "You know ya' can't mine here without a permit, if you're not gehennian, hell ya' need one to be walkin' round here."
  9. [23:28] Prodotis says, "I can do this thing with my tongue that sends kitsunes in heat~"
  10. [23:30] Kött's ears perked at the sound of that.
  12. How did he know? Was it obvious? Kött, since that time with Aureus, he would never be the same.
  14. Those beautiful slendy Kitsune women with those luscious and bountiful ...
  17. Kött needed to control himself.
  18. Stay in character.
  21. He cleared his throat.
  23. "Erm... Uh... So ... How would you do that..? The uh... The tongue.
  26. Kött eagerly awaited an answer.
  27. (Kött Mori)
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. [23:32] Kia stood there with a blank expression on his face as Kiba softly growled towards the stranger but it was only to protect Kia, as dogs did..
  32. "Alright, yeah tell us how you can do that. It better be true or i'll have ta' kick your ass next time I see ya'." Kia was as interested as Kott was, though he already had his eyes on one girl for the time being..
  34. Even if he was a ladies man, he was loyal, even if they weren't together..
  35. (Kia Mori)
  36. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. [23:44] Kia Mori says, "warriors/hunters that will take jobs if its good"
  39. [23:47] The redhead stood six foot two with some pretty broad shoulders, he'd drive the buttspike of his halberd into the cave floor as he leaned against it, making himself more comfortable.
  41. He'd let out a chuckle as he'd shake his head. "Ah but my friends, that's what makes it a skill! It's like if you asked me to explain alchemy to you- you take a bunch of ingredients, throw them in a pot and boom ya got a potion." He'd say throwing a bunch of imaginary items in a cauldron.
  43. "But we know just because you boil some shrooms and crystal together, doesn't mean you're an alchemist. It's the same thing with my tongue technique, it's something you have to dedicate yourself to studying and training for years." There was a fiery passion as he spoke, perhaps a little too passionately about the topic at hand.
  44. (Prodotis)
  46. [00:04] Kött looked at Prodotis with such an amazement. Could he actually hold the secrets that he had been waiting for? The answer to perfectly attract Kitsunes? Ever since that time in Crafthold... And then the poster for the Spa, albeit extremely outdated...
  49. No...
  51. Can't be...
  53. An angel, perhaps? Godsend?
  55. Prodotis..
  57. He needed to learn his secret technique. His hidden spell. Kött had read about such powerful techniques in one of Maraki's books, The Wrath of Ancestors, the Demonic Guardian, and many others...
  59. But this... Perhaps hehad something beyond that?
  62. Kött looked at Prodotis in amazement.
  63. "Whoa..."
  65. "Is there a place you usually hang around? Crafthold, right?"
  67. Kött's childlike mind was blown with fantasies of voluptuous Kitsune women.
  69. (Kött Mori)
  70. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  72. [00:04] Kia still didn't know what was going on, nor did he really pay attention. The only thing he was paying attention to was the kaor lord, casually massacring it's own kind, or what was it's kind.
  74. "Alright so uh, we definitely missed our window to get ore so what do ya' wanna do now?" He'd say while rubbing Kiba's belly.
  78. (Kia Mori)
  79. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81. [00:09] There would be a twinkle in the mercenary's eye as he sees that he has Kott enthralled with his words. A hearty chuckle would soon follow.
  83. "Ah, I'd be happy to share my knowledge over a few drinks! And yeah, I'm often sitting about crafthold. I don't think I ever got your names?" He'd ask pointing a finger between the two of them.
  84. (Prodotis)
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. [00:10] Kött Mori says, "Kött! Kött Mori! "
  88. [00:10] Kött sounded perhaps a little too enthusastic about this as well.
  89. (Kött Mori)
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