Kassaz - Bare With Me (WIP)

Apr 22nd, 2015
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  1. >Celestia's sun hung high in the sky over the Manehattan cityscape.
  2. >Manehattan is home to more than its fair share of wealthy ponies, but, as we all know, money can't buy everything.
  3. >It can usually buy something equivalent, for the most part, though.
  4. >This is how one Bundle Joy made her living, helping ponies bring their own little foals into the world.
  5. >To tell the truth, she'd be more than happy to do it for nothing, but they didn't need to know that.
  6. >This is how she found herself currently rooming in a guest room of a wealthy couple's home.
  7. >They weren't the first couple that had requested she stay with them during the pregnancy.
  8. >Surrogates weren't involved in the same way a wife would be and that worried many couples.
  9. >There were horror stories circulating about families raising other stallion's foals because of disloyal surrogates.
  10. >Bundle didn't mind the extra precautions some couples would take, even though she'd never do something like that.
  11. >To start, she'd be inspected for little passengers.
  12. >After that, she'd be impregnated by the stallion. She loved it the most when the mare of the house stuck around for whatever reason.
  13. >Finally, she'd be kept under watch until they were certain it took.
  14. >Until they were certain her womb belonged to that stallion for the next 11 months.
  15. >It always felt so good when she was finally sure that she was carrying new life that she would nourish for as long as it needed.
  16. >It was always so exciting, especially when all of the precautions were taken.
  17. >It made her feel like she was carrying treasure with her and, in a way, she was.
  18. >The stallion had put triplets inside of her and she loved every moment of it.
  19. >As if they could tell they were being thought about, they started struggling against the womb that nourished them, sending little ripples along her taut skin.
  20. >It only took one of them delivering some choice kicks to wake up the others and start a struggle.
  21. "Shh little ones. Don't be so restless," she cooed at her rapidly shifting belly.
  22. >She started rubbing her massive middle and humming a gentle tune.
  23. >Eventually, her brood calmed down and went back to sleep, nestled snuggly inside of her.
  24. >She decided it was also time to go back to sleep and pulled her covers over herself.
  25. >Her body was more than suited for warm snuggles and sleeping; the heat radiating from her fecund roundness only helped her drift off into sleep.
  27. >She woke up to more kicking, right underneath her popped belly button to be exact.
  28. >It felt a little good more than anything, but it was still too distracting for her to fall asleep with.
  29. >She started rubbing her swollen middle and wondered what had upset them when her stomach rumbled loudly, irritating the foals further.
  30. "Don't worry sweeties. Mommy will go eat something."
  31. >She loved calling herself that, especially if the mare of the house was in earshot.
  32. >It's not like it wasn't true.
  33. >Pregnancy always brought out the Bundle Joy that loved to flaunt her fertility and hyperfemininity in front of other mares.
  34. >It didn't hurt to do it in front of stallions either.
  35. >Her stomach started growling again, upsetting the foals and breaking her out of her thoughts.
  36. >Getting out of bed this late in the pregnancy was always a chore, but she'd found the best way to do it a ways back.
  37. >She carefully got on all fours and checked herself in the mirror.
  38. >So far, so good. Her mane wasn't so bad and her tail wasn't too frazzled.
  39. >Turning around, she noticed her teats had started dribbling.
  40. >Looking back, the lower half of her bed was soaking. She just hadn't noticed.
  41. >She'll have to let one of the maids know to change the sheets.
  42. >That was another nicety of living with a wealthy couple.
  43. >Well, she can't really go to breakfast with leaking teats. That would just be rude.
  44. >Luckily, she had a special bra just for this occasion.
  45. >It was a bit of a struggle to get it on her frame, but she managed.
  46. >The thing was tight as Tartarus though.
  47. >She didn't care. She could tell this pregnancy was almost done anyways.
  48. >She could always just relieve herself of some of this milk later.
  49. >With that done, she started her waddle to the dining room.
  51. >The long and numerous halls had confused her when she first started living here, but by now she'd found her way around the building.
  52. >Her mouth was watering by the time she walked into the room and took a seat at the table.
  53. >She could smell waffles, syrup, tea, and so many other things; they all smelled so good.
  54. >The food was sent out shortly afterwards and Bundle didn't waste any time in stuffing her face.
  55. >She did wipe her face and continue more slowly when her clients walked in.
  56. >The mare sat next to her with her husband sitting across the table from them.
  57. >Bundle would be lying if she said she didn't love the attention she got from all of this.
  58. >It felt so nice to be valued and coddled. They always asked how she and the foals were doing and she always gave nice responses.
  59. >When she was done eating, Bundle sighed and let herself get more comfortable.
  60. >This was a bad idea, in hindsight, since she heard and felt a loud snap immediately after this.
  61. >She would have jumped out of her chair if she had been capable.
  62. >There was no need to see what had happened, as the stallion across from the two of them pulled a milk-soaked bra out of his lap.
  63. >It would have been funny to Bundle if she didn't have a stream of milk running down her legs.
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