Warren Character Sheet

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  1. **Name**: Warren
  2. **Gender**: Male
  3. **Age**: 19 (Actually 200)
  4. **Species**: Vampire
  5. **Occupation**: N/A (Popularly believed as a subjugate of Tati)  
  6. **Magic**: Warren is gifted with super human strength and speed like most vampires, albeit his are a little less powerful. He can go out in sunlight without risk of being terribly hurt, though there is a minor discomfort when he does. It is unknown why his powers are weaker or why he has more of an immunity to the sunlight, but it matters not to Warren.
  7. Warren is able to cast simple spells but they do come at the cost of using some kind of blood. Given that his heart no longer beats, the blood needs to come from either another human/mamono or an animal. Animal blood is less potent with magic casting, so it uses up more blood than using a humans/mamono. Though, he does carry some blood on him so he has some uses before he needs restock on blood.
  8. **Weapons**: Hardened claws that grow and shrink magically from his nails (does not require blood as it is more of a body thing)
  9. **Height**:5’8
  10. **Personality**: Warren is often laid back, or at least appears to be. He is quick to get himself into a fight just because he can (most likely to prove that he isn’t weaker than most vampires). He wouldn’t be the best person to come to for life advice as he doesn’t really care about it considering that he is immortal. Warren can be an asshole from time to time but just like with the fights it is mostly for show. He is kind in his own unconventional way, but most would still he that as him being an ass. Warren isn’t forward with his softer emotions, but those who get to know him tend to know the difference.  
  11. **Appearance**:(Reference image provided)
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